Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair

If you have ever sat in a chaise lounge, you know how comfortable they can be. But no chaise lounge is as comfortable as our tufted chaise lounge chairs. These are padded, stuffed, and like sitting or laying on a perfect quilt. And they come in a myriad of fetching styles that will fit your home decor, or your personality, quite wonderfully. See collection for more.

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Kincaid Chaise

Kincaid Chaise
It is a Kincaid chaise that has got an amazing look. It is very comfortable and beautiful and perfect for your living room, bedroom, family room and more. It adds style and comfort to any room in your home.

Hugo Storage Lounge

Hugo Storage Lounge
It is a Hugo storage lounge that is available in two colors: grey and khaki. It looks very luxurious and will make your living room more elegant. If you looking for something with good taste you need to buy this storage lounge.

Baxton studio aphrodite tufted putty gray linen modern chaise lounge

Baxton studio aphrodite tufted putty gray linen modern chaise lounge
This chaise longue is an elegant product designed for prodiving comfort to its users. Its neutral colors match different kinds of decor. A soft polyurethane foam cushioning provides a good relaxation to its users.

Baxton studio aphrodite tufted putty gray linen modern chaise lounge

Baxton studio aphrodite tufted putty gray linen modern chaise lounge
A piece of furniture for people who love classic style in their houses. This lounge made of solid lien wood has got a large sitting space (16 inches high x 51.25 inches wide x 25 inches deep), so it is not only attractive, but also very comfortable.

Abbyson Living Carmen Fabric Chaise Lounge

Abbyson Living Carmen Fabric Chaise Lounge
It is a very comfortable chaise lounge that is based on a durable wooden frame. Its legs assure support and strength. Its soft and tufted surface is relaxing and looks very attractive in different types of decor.

Furniture Under $400 Hutton Chaise

Furniture Under $400 Hutton Chaise
This piece of furniture is a high quality chaise longue that features a solid construction. It stands on durable and decorative legs. Its sitting space is very soft and supported by a backrest. The whole area of this product is button-tufted.

Tufted chaise lounge chair

Chaise lounge chair with soft sitting space and backrest support. The whole sitting surface of this chaise lounge is button tufted and finished in neutral gray color, so it looks very attractive in any design.

Cuddle on couch

Finding a bed-is not an easy task. It must be very comfortable, but also fit into our interior. The same applies to the sofa, or chaise lounge chair, like this wonderful example of a gray tufted couch/chair with a quilted headrest and very wide frame and seat.

Chaise lounge tufted

Chaise lounge chair with soft construction that includes button tufting for higher aesthetic value. This bedroom chair is based on wooden turned legs. Its white finish perfectly completes any bedroom decor.

Tufted chaise lounge chair 1

Polka dot pillow + paisley wallpaper + antique chaise

Gray chaise lounge chair

Comfortable daybed that can also be used as a chaise lounge. It stands on a very solid wooden frame for enhanced stability. Its gray seat cushion is tufted for additional aesthetics. Soft cushions assure good comfort and relaxation.

Lucas studio inc interior design home in manhattan beach california

LUCAS STUDIO, INC. INTERIOR DESIGN Home in Manhattan Beach, California

Tufted chaise lounge chair 3

not usually a fan of this style, but I love the old fashioned crown molding on these walls

Pink settee

This chaise lounge would make a wonderful respite in the women's room. Fantastic velvet bedroom furniture, could also be used as very comfotrable, relaxing shezlong. We love its puffed structure! Hungry for relaxation? It's the best choice!

Tufted chesterfield chair 2

Cute silver Chesterfield chair with some hallmarks that point to the glamorous attitude: wide & round tufted seat, cuddly bucket back and contoured feet. Polyester/rayon upholstery covers the alder wood frame.

Tufted chaise lounge chair 1

Chaise, also love the screened prints, can easily make my own using two mirrors, painting them or using tacky glue to mount beautiful fabric

Tufted chaise lounge

Very elegant look for a comfortable, cosy lounge chair with a tufted, cushioned seat with an eco-friendly foam filling and textured with a cotton and linen blend. Comes in a nice, classy cream colour.

Tufted chaise lounge chair 1

MOTI Furniture Chaise Lounge | Wayfair $649

Contemporary chaise

♂ contemporary interior design space with unique home sitting furniture.

Tufted chaise lounge chair 2

need lounge chair <3

Chaise lounge antique

Can traditions be combined with modernity? Yes, in a grand style, along with the traditional figure of a tufted Victorian chaise lounge chair with a gilded frame, where modern lint is white upholstery - unparalleled in the ancient designs of this couch.

Tufted chaise lounge chair 5

Classic chaise longue upholstered with fabric and reinforced with the heads of nails. Seat is finished with decorative quilting. Great for watching TV, reading books and more. Neutral accent for each room.

Black and silver sofa


Tufted leather chaise

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