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In modern French design, the term chaise lounges refers to upholstered couches that are comfortable enough to support outstretched legs for a relaxing experience. If you’re looking to add a modern touch to your living room, try one of these contemporary chaise lounge chairs for size.

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Updated 27/07/2023
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Scrolled Arms Modern Chaise

Scrolled Arms Modern Chaise

Everly Quinn

What we like: The recessed backrest and scrolled arms are simply regal

What we don’t like: Not the easiest chaise lounge to install

Not so good for: Homes with a strict traditional decor theme

Perfect for: A modern minimalist space

Regal in its look yet modern in its construction, this stylish scrolled arm chaise sofa would look absolutely elegant in the corner of a modern living room. It’s also an excellent chaise lounge for the edge of your bed.

It’s available in a variety of attractive colors such as turmeric, green or light blush. With turmeric being the shade of the season, you can pay tribute to it with this chaise to create a warm and inviting feel for your space. Whatever color you choose, this chaise lounge is guaranteed to become the focal point in the room.

$549.99 $579.99

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Chaise Sofa Convertible Lounger

Chaise Sofa Convertible Lounger

Latitude Run®

Perfect For: Relaxing, reading, or accommodating overnight guests

What We Like: Versatility and built-in power outlets with USB ports

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and functionality with this chaise sofa convertible lounger that offers three distinct positions for your comfort. Sink into the chaise position supported by a wood frame and stainless-steel base, lounge with your body evenly elevated, or transform it into a bed for guests or much-needed naps. This stylish lounger features luxurious leather upholstery, high-density foam, a matching pillow, and convenient built-in power outlets with USB ports. Available in Java Burl.


Designer Advice:

Enhance the lounging experience by adding a plush throw blanket and a statement cushion in coordinating colors to elevate the cozy factor and complement your interior decor.

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Comfy Tufted Modern Chaise Longue

Comfy Tufted Modern Chaise Longue

Mercury Row®

What we like: Incredibly soft and plush

What we don’t like: Not as sturdy as it looks and can snap under pressure

Not so good for: A smaller living room

Perfect for: A living room with a muted color palette

Grey chaise lounges have been turning heads lately and this contemporary chaise is no different. It’s an attractive grey couch that feels as comfortable as it looks. It’s upholstered in soft fabric and looks plush and structured.

It’ll definitely give your living room an elegant feel especially when placed in the middle of the room and can also look chic in the corner of the room. If you like, you can place it in a living room with couches of the same fabric to create a cohesive aesthetic. Or you could have it upholstered in a soft suede fabric to match couches of the same fabric. 

$309.99 $499.99

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Chic Two-Armed Button-Tufted Chaise Lounge

Chic Two-Armed Button-Tufted Chaise Lounge

George Oliver

Perfect For: Elevating your living room or bedroom space

What We Like: The seamless design combining comfort and style

Transform your interior with this chic, two-armed chaise lounge, boasting a stylish bentwood structure and cozy button tufting. Its waffle stitching adds a contemporary touch, making it the perfect addition to any room. Stretch out and unwind in absolute relaxation without compromising on style. With its balanced combination of function and design, this chaise lounge creates a spectacular statement in your space.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with a plush throw blanket and some coordinating accent pillows to create a cozy reading nook or a focal point in your living room or bedroom.

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Sleek Scandinavian Chaise Lounge

Sleek Scandinavian Chaise Lounge

Gus* Modern

Perfect For: Adding sophistication in residential or commercial spaces

What We Like: The slim, tight back frame and elevated cylindrical steel legs

Elevate your interior design with this sleek, Scandinavian-inspired chaise lounge that showcases tailored elegance and minimalism. The slim, tight back frame and floating cushions create a striking visual, while cylindrical steel legs add an industrial flair. With a sturdy, steel-reinforced FSC®-Certified frame, this lounge provides lasting durability even in high-traffic settings - perfect for residential or commercial environments alike.


Designer Advice:

Pair this sophisticated chaise lounge with neutral-toned soft furnishings and pops of color for a contemporary, yet welcoming ambiance. Less is more when accessorizing this minimalist piece.

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Sleek Porcelain Table Lamp

Sleek Porcelain Table Lamp


Perfect For: Adding a touch of sophistication to any room

What We Like: The elegant design and energy-efficient LED bulb

This sleek porcelain table lamp features a beautiful curved body and a stylish linen shade that emits a soft, warm glow. The lamp is compatible with an energy-efficient LED bulb, helping you save on your energy bills while providing ample light for reading, working, or simply relaxing. Its timeless design suits a variety of decor styles, from traditional to contemporary, making it a versatile addition to any living space, bedroom, or home office.


Designer Advice:

Place this lamp on a wooden side table and pair it with a cozy reading chair in a corner to create a comfortable and well-lit reading nook.

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Glamorous Mid Century Modern Chaise

Glamorous Mid Century Modern Chaise

Willa Arlo™ Interiors

What we like: Stylish, elegant, and available in a wide variety of colors

What we don’t like: It may look too bulky in certain rooms

Not so good for: Smaller living room spaces

Perfect for: Being a focal feature in the room

This eye-catching chaise is a show stopper. It comes with a number of unique features such as a curved back with ribbed details and stainless steel legs that are perfect for a luxe living room.

This is the type of chaise lounge that needs to be seen so you’ll do well to place it in an area where you can show off all of these different elements that make it special. It’s also very comfortable and made to last from plush velvet with a solid wood frame.

$1299.99 $2066.1

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Indoor Chaise Lounge with Pillow

Indoor Chaise Lounge with Pillow

Everly Quinn

Perfect For: Enhancing comfort in your bedend, entryway, or living room

What We Like: Plush channel tufting and cozy material

Sink into sheer relaxation with this modern indoor chaise lounge, featuring a sturdy solid wood frame and elegant golden metallic sheen legs. The chunky boucle upholstery and plush channel tufting on all sides create an irresistibly soft and pillowy touch. This versatile chaise bench is perfect for adding a touch of luxury and comfort to your bedend, entryway, or living room while maintaining a sleek and contemporary feel.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with a chic throw blanket and some textured accent pillows to create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing lounging area in your space.

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Glam Velvet Chaise Lounge with Seashell Frame

Glam Velvet Chaise Lounge with Seashell Frame

Langley Street®

Perfect For: Adding a touch of luxury to living rooms or bedrooms

What We Like: The seashell-inspired frame and luxe velvet upholstery

Elevate your space with this glam chaise lounge featuring a seashell-inspired frame crafted from solid and engineered wood for a dramatic statement. The eye-catching frame sits atop sleek, splayed champagne gold finished legs, showcasing a mid-century silhouette. Wrapped in luxurious velvet upholstery, this chaise exudes a tactile feel, while channel tufting draws the eye. Thick foam padding ensures ultimate relaxation and the chaise is resistant to scratches, mildew, and tearing. It also supports up to 550 lbs.


Designer Advice:

Pair this chaise lounge with a plush faux fur blanket and metallic accent pillows to create a cozy, elegant reading nook you'll love spending time in.

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Brayden Studio®

Perfect For:

What We Like:

Indoor Herb Garden with LED Lights

Urban dwellers or those with limited outdoor gardening space.

Accelerated growth and energy efficiency provided by the LED grow lights.

This indoor herb garden features an intelligent LED lighting system designed to stimulate photosynthesis and promote rapid growth. It includes a compact planter tray with multiple plant pods, allowing you to grow a diverse array of herbs right within your home. The built-in timer ensures optimal light exposure, while its energy-saving design reduces electricity consumption. Perfect for beginner gardeners and culinary enthusiasts alike, this garden system brings fresh flavors conveniently to your fingertips.


Designer Advice:

Place the herb garden near a kitchen window for easy access, and group plants with similar water and light requirements together for the best results.

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Microfiber Leather Upholstered Chair

Microfiber Leather Upholstered Chair

Rosdorf Park

Perfect For: Adding comfort and style to any room

What We Like: Air permeability and softness of the microfiber leather

Enhance your living space with this microfiber leather upholstered chair, which features high-quality, soft, and comfortable microfiber leather that is also compact and breathable. This material is not easy to deform or fold, ensuring the chair retains its shape and structure over time. The elegant design and versatile style make it suitable for various room settings, be it a living room, bedroom, or office space.


Designer Advice:

Pair this chair with a cozy throw blanket and a patterned accent pillow for a touch of added style and comfort, perfectly complementing any room decor.

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Modern Chaise Lounge With Wooden Frame

Modern Chaise Lounge With Wooden Frame

House of Hampton®

What we like: A modern chaise lounge with a classic feel

What we don’t like: Only suitable for a very specific decor style

Not so good for: A sleek room with clean lines

Perfect for: A warm, homey living room or bedroom

This is the perfect chaise lounge if you are looking for a firmly structured sofa that’s also soft and comfortable. It’s got a traditional look which sets it apart from other contemporary chaise lounges, and it’s available in 11 different hues, including mustard yellow, soft charcoal, soft turquoise, and oatmeal linen.

It’ll definitely work well for a modern home with a traditional feel.

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Split-Level Backrest Petite Armchair

Split-Level Backrest Petite Armchair

Orren Ellis

Perfect For: Small spaces that require versatile seating options

What We Like: Unique and adaptable split-level backrest design

This compact armchair features a distinctive split-level backrest to accommodate various sitting postures, making it perfect for reading, resting, or binge-watching your favorite shows. Designed to maximize space efficiency, its soft, rounded edges create a cute and cozy look while preventing bumps and injuries. Reimagine tight areas of your home with this practical and pleasing piece.


Designer Advice:

Pair this petite armchair with a small side table and a floor lamp for a cozy, inviting reading nook in a small living room or bedroom corner.

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Armless Modern Chaise Lounge Chair

Armless Modern Chaise Lounge Chair

Wade Logan®

What we like: A simple yet inviting chaise lounge

What we don’t like: Not ideal for rooms that already have larger couches

Not so good for: A large space

Perfect for: Rooms with a fluffy rug as that’ll enhance the relaxing feel of the couch

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind an armless sofa, then you should definitely consider this chaise lounge.

Its frame is made from a combination of pine and poplar wood, with a stain-resistant polyester cover that is smooth to the touch. It commands attention without being overbearing and its undulating shape just spells relaxation.

You can get this chaise in contemporary colors such as gray, black, soft plum, and dark brown to name a few.

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Contemporary Chaise Lounge with Linen Slipcover

Contemporary Chaise Lounge with Linen Slipcover

Beachcrest Home™

Perfect For: Adding a pop of color to your bedroom or living room

What We Like: Chic flared armrest and versatile seating options

Brighten up your space with this contemporary chaise lounge that features a stylish flared armrest and a clean-lined silhouette. You'll enjoy the perfect level of support with the foam-filled seat, making it ideal for movie nights or a cozy reading nook. Choose from a range of vibrant solid colors for the linen slipcover, which showcases flanged seams for added aesthetic appeal. Measuring 48" long and 28" wide, this versatile lounge offers additional seating for game nights or a comfortable spot to relax and unwind.


Designer Advice:

Place the chaise lounge near a window for natural light and accessorize it with colorful throw pillows or a cozy blanket to create the perfect reading spot, or position it in the living room as extra seating for guests.

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Simple Chaise Lounge Modern

Simple Chaise Lounge Modern

Red Barrel Studio®

What we like: Its simple design

What we don’t like: It can be bulky and inconvenient for seat cushions

Not so good for: Compact rooms

Perfect for: People wanting comfort and a bigger sized chaise lounge

This modern-style couch is upholstered from a premium linen blend with a sturdy manufactured wood frame. The flared arms make this the perfect chaise to cozy up in with the book of your choice.

It’s versatile enough to be placed in any of the rooms in the house, including the study. You want to ensure that everything else in the room that you place this couch in is smaller or less bulky so this larger lounge sofa steals the spotlight and doesn’t make the room appear much smaller than it is.

$219.99 $319.99

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Modern Chaise Lounges

Buying Guide

While a modern chaise lounge may seem like a living room furniture piece, they're excellent additions to bedrooms, guest rooms, and home offices as well. Wherever you would like to feature style and comfort is an excellent place for these lounges. Not only are they a beautiful design element but they're functional as well. Because they're available in a broad range of designs, materials, and styles, they'll match any decor in your home.

When shopping for modern chaise lounges, there are many factors to consider. In addition to choosing one that fits your aesthetic and style, it's also essential to pick one that suits your needs for seating. The most popular seating options for these lounges include:

  • Chair chaise: what sets these apart is their distinctive shape, the seat contour that supports the legs, and plush cushioning.
  • Contemporary lounges: these lounges are optimal for modern designs as they feature geometric styles and typically have combinations of each of the elements from every decorating style.
  • French lounges: these lounges feature three subcategories including Merideian, Duchess brisee, and Recamier.
  • Sofa Bench-style Lounge: these modern chaise lounges typically have a similar look like a daybed. Some have high ends on either side.
  • Victorian Style: often referred to as fainting couches, these lounges feature opulent and ornate details in the woodwork and upholstery.

People use furniture for many reasons ranging from functional to design purposes. Therefore, you must think about why you're shopping for modern chaise lounges. If you're looking for these furniture pieces to help make the room more comfortable, then you'll be taking into consideration the size and materials. If your focus is more on purchasing the piece to add to the room's decor, then you'll be focusing on the piece's aesthetics and details.

It isn't uncommon to find modern chaise lounges featuring luxurious materials. Popular elements include high-quality upholstery, leather, metal, and wood.

  • Upholstery: for those who are looking for an authentic feel to their modern chaise lounges, your upholstery selection is critical. For example, traditional styles will include intricate brocade patterns, silk, and velvet.
  • Leather: it's possible to pair leather with a variety of design options. Not only does it offer a classic and sophisticated look but it's a high-quality and long-lasting option.
  • Wood: the structural support wood provides is invaluable. Selecting hardwoods including cherry, mahogany, oak is optimal. Popular wood options include ash, pine, and poplar.
  • Metal: when selecting modern chaise lounges, you'll find many metal options as well. The base and frame will feature antiqued, brushed, hammered, polished, or satin metal finishes.

What many who would like to purchase modern chaise lounges may not realize is they're not small pieces of furniture. Under most circumstances, their standard measurements are between five and six feet long. If they recline or will accommodate two people, they may require more space. Therefore, it critical to shop for pieces that won't overwhelm the space you have available. It's essential you allow enough wiggle room for an occasional table or area rug.

Best Ideas

Gold chaise lounge chair

A funky chaise lounge that will be the highlight of the room. It features cool upholstery with a tufted seat in a bright yellow color. It's supported on four low legs with wheels so you can easily move it around the house.

Mid century modern chaise lounge style adrian pearsall

Mid century modern chaise lounge style adrian pearsall

The unique and very stylish mid-century chaise lounge chair is a beautiful combination of unique style and style. The whole, made of wood, has a unique upholstery in shades of gray. Modern form captivates.

Chaise modern

French style is often characterized by elegance and luxury. Modern chaise lounges - they are a non-standard solution for refined decoction but also a place for a distinguished snooze. Bloody red upholstery, can not be unnoticed.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge

A comfortable and durable chaise lounge that has got a durable metal frame. Its sitting space is very soft and supported by a backrest with two pillows. The neutral black color of this product matches any decor.

Baxton studio aphrodite tufted putty gray linen modern chaise lounge

Baxton studio aphrodite tufted putty gray linen modern chaise lounge

A piece of furniture for people who love classic style in their houses. This lounge made of solid lien wood has got a large sitting space (16 inches high x 51.25 inches wide x 25 inches deep), so it is not only attractive, but also very comfortable.

Ludovica roberto palomba lama chaise zanotta design

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Lama chaise, Zanotta Design

Green sectional sofa with chaise

Furniture, Highly Regarded Soft Color Chaise Lounge Sofa Unique Design ...

Modern chaise

Unique chaise lounge as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors. Legs are made of brass. It is upholstered with high quality fabric and reinforced with solid seams.

Long chaise lounge

Joaquim Tenreiro 1947 adjustable rocking chaise longue

Gravity modern design chaise lounge sofa resmita desforma

أريكة GRAVITY modern design chaise-lounge/sofa - Resmita/Desforma ...

Contemporary chaise

The beautiful combination of solid construction, beautiful upholstery, and stylish stilettos makes this modern chaise lounge captivates. Linen cover is bright and very practical finishes the furniture.

Modern chaise lounges 1

With this mid-century modern chaise lounge, you are getting a comfortable piece of elegance for living rooms, bedrooms, and sun rooms. Beautifully shaped and comfy, the chaise lounge includes a rectangle cushion and a matching bolster pillow, while resting on flared wood legs.

Dunbar chaise lounge edward wormley

Dunbar chaise lounge edward wormley

This beautiful Dunbar chaise lounge is a true eye catcher. It features the Mid- Century modern design, wooden base, fabric upholstery and very comfortable seating. So, if you need a special piece o furniture for relaxation and comfort, try this one.

Contemporary chaise lounge sofa

Modern Chaise Lounge Chairs, Recamier for Chic Room Decor in Classic ...

Contemporary chaise lounge

A splendid piece for contemporary and modern interiors. This lovely chaise lounge is comfortable, well-balances, roomy enough, and stylish. It comes with a removable cushion, fashionable upholstery, 1 matching throw pillow, and tapered wood legs.

Modern chaise chairs

This would look great in my office!! Have to have it!! Cosmo Chaise Lounge $449.98

Baxton studio aphrodite tufted putty gray linen modern chaise lounge

Baxton studio aphrodite tufted putty gray linen modern chaise lounge

This chaise longue is an elegant product designed for prodiving comfort to its users. Its neutral colors match different kinds of decor. A soft polyurethane foam cushioning provides a good relaxation to its users.

Uma boa chaise te deixara restaurado

Uma boa chaise te deixará restaurado.

Modern lounge chaise

Inspiration Hollywood: 34 Stylish Interiors Sporting the Timeless Chaise Lounge Chair

Cheque chaise by stephen tierney

Cheque Chaise by Stephen Tierney

Commotion Chaise Lounge

Commotion Chaise Lounge

Gorgeous chaise lounge designed utilizing profiled frame made of solid wood, comfortable sinuous springs support in durable, stain resistant 100-percent polyester microfiber, and decorative pillow for added elegance.

Contemporary chaises

vintage inspired turquoise chaise // Writers Retreat by Kriste Michelini #turquoise #chaise #modern

Designer chaise lounge 4

Custom Designed Modern Chaise Lounge

Modern Contemporary Chaise Black

This kind of product is a chaise that has got a contemporary stylization. It is solid and resistant to excessive wear or damage. The seat, backrest and footrest areas are padded with soft and comfortable foam.