Pool Lounge Chairs


For many of us, the ultimate in relaxation can only be found in the water, and pool lounge chairs help that feeling become a reality. For in the pool or out, these sweeping chair designs will give you the right position to lay back and take in the sun's glow, then dive into the clean, cool water of your favorite place to play. Your next pool lounge chair is in the collection. Come and see.

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Our Picks

Sunrise Sundance Pool Chaise Lounge (Set of 2)

Sunrise Sundance Pool Chaise Lounge (Set of 2)

Set of two elegant land functional chaise lounge chairs, offering solid and durable construction made of weatherproof materials, adjustable frame, and stylish, compact design. Very solid and functional item.

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Vallarta Wicker Lounge Chair

Vallarta Wicker Lounge Chair

Fantastically designed lounge chair made of wicker and rattan. Offers both great looks with smooth, gentle curves and comfortably profiled seat and back, combined to provide solid and reliable sunbathing chair.

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Teak Steamer Lounge Chair

Teak Steamer Lounge Chair

This folding lounge chair is made of steam bent teak wood in natural finish, which makes it resistant roe water and weather and very durable. It require no maintenance and can be fold for easier storage.

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Steamer Lounge Chair

Steamer Lounge Chair

A contemporary style outdoor chaise lounge, constructed of eucalyptus wood in gorgeous natural color. Folding and weather resistant. Very comfortable and durable, even more comfy if you add some cushions.

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Floating chaise lounge and table pool lounge pool furniture solutions

Floating Chaise Lounge and Table, Pool Lounge, Pool Furniture | Solutions

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Chaise lounge chairs outdoor pool outdoor chaise lounge 300 x

chaise lounge chairs outdoor pool Outdoor Chaise Lounge | 300 x 199 ...

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Pool lounge chair 3

Just a wavy shape and nothing more... This ergonomic pool lounge chair nails the essence of modern style at no cost to comfort. It just reflects the natural body lines. It's wrapped up in brown rattan.

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Best Choice Products® Outdoor Sun Lawn Beach Pool Chaise Lounge Chair Patio Furniture 73" White

This type of prodict is a chaise lounge chair made of solid materials that are resistant to weather conditions. It means that this product is perfect for patio and other outdoor applications. It is comfortable and aesthetic.

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Pool recliners loungers

Ideal for chilling out at the pool, this moulded fibreglass lounge chair constitutes will help you relax after the whole day. Well-profiled, white silhouette delights with its solid, durable finish.

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Firepits fountain ledge outdoor chairs paver pool pool chairs spa

... firepits fountain ledge outdoor chairs paver pool pool chairs spa sun

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Pool Lounge Chairs

Buying Guide

Ah, the perks of pool ownership. Recreation, relaxation or fitness, everything’s at your doorstep. And if you like to host parties, you have a destination as good as any. Certainly better than the claustrophobia and mundanity of an indoor shindig.

From the warm summers to the cool winters, everything gets amplified by the poolside provided you have the right décor to match. Especially, pool lounge chairs. These sturdier siblings of indoor chaise lounges perk up your poolside décor with aesthetics and functionality.

Be it a beach-inspired brunch nook for the family or a bohemian getaway for buddies, pool lounge chairs make it possible. Here’s some help for first timers shopping for these versatile furniture pieces.

Poolside lounge chairs must brave the elements. So, it’s important to select a material that can sustain the prevalent climatic conditions in the area. Before you make a purchasing decision, take the following things into consideration:

  • Does it rain and snow a lot? Pick solid wood as it tends to wear gracefully if sealed, protected and cared for.
  • Do you live in an area with hot and dry winds? Wrought iron can be a great pick. With zero risk of rusting, it can virtually last forever.
  • A lot of the premade poolside lounge chairs sold online are made of glued wood. These might be pocket-friendly and look stunning too. But they usually have the lifespan of a mayfly.

Materials like natural wicker or rattan can be used both outdoors and indoors. These are lightweight, available in a variety of finishes and are cheaper than solid wood.

When trying to figure out the best material for your pool lounge chairs, consider the weight of the chair. The functionality of your poolside chaise lounge would be severely limited if you cannot orient it to the sun when it moves across the sky as the day progresses. Wooden chairs can be reasonably easy to shift around the deck. But moving wrought iron chairs can be back-breaking work. As a workaround, you can consider poolside chaise lounges with lockable casters.

Cushions not only upscale the décor, but they also make the daylong more comfortable. Pick fabric color and finish that matches the rest of the furniture in the house. This makes the indoor and outdoor décor look seamless.

More importantly, look for a waterproof fill material for the cushions, like foam, that can withstand the onslaught that dripping-wet guests can subject it to. Removable and washable covers will be a boon as it makes spills the least of your worries.

Always consider the availability of space before you choose poolside décor. While you’d be tempted to maximize the utility of every available square inch on the patio by cramming as many chairs as possible, the idea is to create a cozy and comfortable seating arrangement.

Pick poolside lounges that leave room for other accent and utility pieces. Like a side table or a storage ottoman. If the arrangement looks crammed to you, it probably is. Reevaluate and redesign.

Best Ideas

Nardi Omega Stackable Lounge Chairs, Set of 2

This set of 2 outdoor lounge chairs in a white finish is characterized by resin construction, resistant to chip, peel and rust. Includes a taut synthetic seatback, recessed wheels, anti-skid feet pads, and provides an increased seat height.

Lounge chairs swimming

Lounge Chairs Swimming...

Terra Sol Sonoma Chaise Lounge, Chocolate

Relax in ultimate style with this modern-looking chaise lounge that also floats on the water! t features Durable all-weather construction and elegant rattan styling that will fit a variety of backyard settings. Folds down for portability and storage.

Machine age molded fiberglass pool lounge chairs

Machine Age | Molded Fiberglass Pool Lounge Chairs

Incredible pool lounge chairs 8

Incredible Pool Lounge Chairs 8

Barcelo maya palace deluxe

Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe

Pool lounge furniture

A dream lounging set for a relaxing time by the pool. This awesome aluminium construction constitutes a great, designer-looking contemporary proposition. Grab a drink, your favourite book and enjoy the uttermost comfort for long hours.

Calypso pool lounge chairs with adjustable sling

Calypso Pool Lounge Chairs with Adjustable Sling

The perfect chaise lounge chair for tanning on your inground

The perfect chaise lounge chair for tanning on your inground swimming pools sunshelf

Folding pool lounge chairs

Contemporary setup for a unique outdoor pool situated in a backyard, fitted with four sunbathing chairs made out of single piece of plastic, placed on stone surface and finished with a large TV display on the side.

Re pool chaise lounge chairs perfect dallas

RE: Pool Chaise Lounge Chairs - Perfect -Dallas

Harmonia Living Arbor 2 Piece Modern Outdoor Wicker Stackable Chaise Lounge Chairs with Teak Arms (SKU HL-AR-SLS)

Relax in ultimate style with this set of two stackable chaise lounge chairs. They are made from solid Grade A teak, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wicker and powder-coated aluminum. UV inhibitors prevent fading and cracking due to sun exposure.

Outdoor pool with seats and movie screen

Outdoor pool with seats and movie screen.

Deck chair webbing

Lounge with a friend or loved one sitting right next to you with this stylish double patio lounger known as the Loopita Bonita. Designed by Victor Aleman, this roller coaster like patio lounger is a functional piece of art and will classy up any backyard