Inflatable Chairs


These are silly and just plain fun. Inflatable chairs are something to add to a party or an outdoor event, when carrying seating isn't available. The hard plastic can hold a decent amount of personal weight, and the colors and styles are quite extensive, so you can get exactly what you want. We offer chairs and even inflatable couches. Who know those even existed?

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Our Picks

Inflatable Arm Chair

Inflatable Arm Chair

Amazing inflatable armchair offering durable construction made of, profiled, ergonomic seat, back and armrests for extra comfort, reinforced frame with cup holders, and solid design that will last for years to come.

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This inflatable chair is a timeless design of the décor. Beautiful color in the violet, comfortable seat with backrest and armrests fit perfectly. The armchair is large and super comfortable, straightforward to rest.

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Inflatable ChestAIRfield Chair

Inflatable ChestAIRfield Chair

Gorgeous inflatable armchair offering easy to inflate construction made of durable plastic in white finish, comfortable seat and back with supportive armrests, elegant style, and carry bag to facilitate transportation.

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ChestAIRfield 2 Person Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa

ChestAIRfield 2 Person Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa

Not every room features enough space to accommodate a sofa, but things get easier if you have an inflatable one - you can take it just everywhere with you, even to a camping. This one is pure white with stylish button-like details.

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Plush Beanbag Loveseat Zebra

Plush Beanbag Loveseat Zebra

Bean bag loveseat that provides very comfortable sitting space for two people. It offers a very nice black and white zebra pattern. The chair is filled with materials that assure softness, comfort and support.

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Blow up chair

This unique set of 2 inflatable items - a recliner combined with an ottoman is an eclectic proposition, which delight with its bold design - both the form of finishing and the eye-catching colour.

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Inflatable chair 12

A cool modern lightweight inflatable armchair crafted of durable transparent synthetic materials. It features very wide and thick both a seat, arms and a backrest. It has a pocketed construction for better rigidity.

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Inflatable chairs 3

These multicolored inflatable chairs are a perfect fit for home, garden, pool or beach. Beautiful color and durable material make resting pleasure. Interesting form, comfortable armrests, and backrest make a great unit.

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Inflatable furniture for adults

This inflatable chair will always come with rescue when you are running out of seating. Made of durable, phthalate-free PVC with reinforced seams, it is a comfortably curved armchair with a drink holder for luxe lounging.

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36" Inflatable Blow up Chair (Blue)

It is a fantastic inflatable blow up chair that has got a blue color and is perfect for your swimming pool and outdoor activities. This product is high quality and add comfort to any home.

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Inflatable Chairs

Buying Guide

Chairs are a necessity in any building; whether it’s an office, home, school or church, you are always going to see a chair of some sort. However, inflatable chairs, on the other hand, are a unique concept. They are fun, playful, light, fluffy and excessively comfortable! But before you make your purchase, here is some helpful information.

Inflatable chairs have got several benefits. Not only are they cheap and cheerful, but they are also very convenient. You can blow them up when you need extra chairs and deflate them when you don’t. When it comes to moving, they make a great travel companion because they are so easy to store.

  • Multipurpose: One of the many advantages of an inflatable chair is that you can take them anywhere you want. You can use then by the pool, in the gaming room and you can even take them on outdoor trips such as to the beach and camping.
  • Headrest: Inflatable chairs are built for comfort, but some are even more luxurious because they are designed with a built-in headrest for additional satisfaction.
  • Water resistant: Inflatable chairs are water resistant, which means you won’t have to worry if there is a spillage, you can wipe the chair off and keep sitting.
  • Colors: Inflatable chairs come in such a wide range of colors that finding one that matches the décor of your home will be an easy task.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to making your inflatable chair purchase because the designs are endless! They have definitely evolved over the years with many fun modern and eclectic styles:

  • Inflatable deluxe lounger: You can use this comfortable addition to your furniture at home, in a college dormitory or even in your office. It’s a two-piece set; the seat is perfectly contoured with a backrest for maximum comfort. You can get creative with the footstool and use it to prop your footsies up or as a side table for goodies while you are watching a movie.
  • Inflatable sofa bed: This is perfect for sleepovers, you can spend the evening huddled together on it watching movies, and then convert it into a sofa bed at night time.
  • Zero gravity inflatable chair: Wouldn’t it be great to relax in the middle of the pool with your drinks and snacks by your side? Which is just what the zero gravity inflatable chair allows you to do; with its unique geometric design you can lie back and relax, it also has a cute little side table attached.

Inflatable chairs are unique in many ways, and that includes materials; all of which are durable and easy to clean:

  • PVC
  • Plastic
  • Corduroy
  • Felt
  • Nylon

Best Ideas

Great big red inflatable chair

Great, big, red inflatable chair

Inflatable couch inflatable chair inflatable ottomon the best i always

inflatable couch. inflatable chair, inflatable ottomon. the best. i always wanted one of these!

Bestway Perdura Inflatable Air Chair

It is an inflatable air chair that has got a three air chamber construction, cup holder and great design that fits to any style and décor at your indoor and outdoor area. You will be impressed how great this air chair is.

Inflatable chair wholesale china inflatable chair

Inflatable Chair, Wholesale China Inflatable Chair

Cafe Chair

This inflatable cafe chair has a bright, saturated pink finish. It was crafted from a durable and sturdy materials and includes small cushion. Its top is covered with comfortable velour and can be fold flat for easy storage.

Big Blue Inflatable Chair with IPOD Connection & Speakers

This product is a very convenient solution for people who want to have simple, but functional solutions in their houses. It is an inflatable chair that is not very heavy and assures a space-saving storage.

Air Furniture Teen Chair

Surprise your little ones with this inflatable bean bag that is portable and lightweight, and very easy to inflate. Designed of 100% vinyl, the beanbag is also very durable and provides up to 176 lbs (80 kg) of weight capacity.

Inflatable lawn chair

An bubble inflatable chair - when guests come or you are partying to a crazy party on the patio with a swimming pool. It is no longer a boring transparent chair but it takes on a modern violet color, dizzying even those who have not drank anything yet.

Inflatable Beanie Chair - Perfect for Kids and Even Adults !!

A very original and comfortable product created for kids and adult users. This chair is an inflatable element that doesn't require plenty of storage space. Its construction assures comfort and support.

An inflatable chair with a wooden base that rethinks the

An inflatable chair with a wooden base that rethinks the entire idea of flat-packed furniture with new materials, making it look cool and comfortable.

Inflatable chairs 5

Inflatable chair in simple form. Designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Handy gadget for holidays. Suitable for floating on water.

Inflatable chair 13

Inflatable chair

Blow up chairs

Now you can kick back in style, with this striking, inflatable arm chair. Perfect for girls' rooms, and dorms, the blow up chair is very durable, has a wide back, a deep seat, and large arms with built-in cup holders.

Inflatable Colorful Cafe Chaise Lounge Chair w/ Ottoman Stool Footstool Chair Brown

This inflatable round shaped ottoman is portable and versatile, can be use in home or outside. It was fullu made of highest quality materials and is available in multiple color combinations. Can be use as a seat of table.