Tartan Armchairs


Not your grandfather's armchair, these Tartan armchairs are super comfortable, come in many upholstery color patterns, but all are ultimately plaid. They are overstuffed to make them extra nice to sit in, and are wide so reading a story to a young one won't be a crowded experience. Take a look in this collection and pick your Tartan armchair.

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Our Picks

Classical and Grand Tartan Wingback Chairs

Classical and Grand Tartan Wingback Chairs

The famous tartan wingback chair features a tall back that flairs out creating movement in a room. They come with a luxurious sense compared to most plaid chairs.

Plaid wingback chairs make beautiful accent chairs. Place them in the corner of a study. They are also fabulous in living rooms with small, rounded side tables for your coffee cup.

The wingback provides a headrest for when you want to take a short cat nap in the middle of the day. If rustic is your style, opt for a tartan chair with wider built armrests for a heavy furniture finish. 

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Comfy Push back Recliner Tartan Armchair

Comfy Push back Recliner Tartan Armchair

A reclining push-back tartan armchair keeps the traditional grandfather chair appeal only with advanced mechanics allowing you to lean back and relax. Kick up your feet in comfort.

Push-back reclining plaid armchairs are made with one full-back cushion or two cushion sections to support your lower back. You also get the selection between armrests that are straight-edged contemporary or rounded country-cottage style.

These types of chairs normally sit lower to the ground. If you are tall and having your feet hang off the recliner is a pet peeve, then this isn’t a good chair for you.

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New Age Modern Contemporary Plaid Chairs

New Age Modern Contemporary Plaid Chairs

Lighter-built chairs like these new-age plaid chairs are versatile. They can be used in living rooms, dining rooms, sunrooms, offices, and practically anywhere else you’d like.

The thin metal legs generate an open and fresh appeal. Shiny metal frames bring an outstanding classiness to a modern or contemporary designed home.

Skinnier legs and frames add more space to a cramped or small room. Buy them solo as an accent chair for your reading room or purchase a pair for your living room.

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Warm Wooden Rustic Plaid Armchair

Warm Wooden Rustic Plaid Armchair

Displaying wood and natural elements adds finesse to a rustic living room. A rustic plaid armchair will also fit nicely in an office or recreation room.

These types of armchairs normally sit a couple of inches lower to the floor compared to plaid wingback armchairs and push-back recliner plaid chairs. They also don’t come with cushion armrests like all the other types of tartan chairs.

Bare armrests are less comfortable, but they are easier to wipe away spills. If you get bruised easily, then choosing a tartan armchair with cushioned armrests may be more suitable for you. 

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Sophisticated Dining Accent Tartan Chair
Maree 29'' Wide Armchair
Maree 29'' Wide Armchair
Maree 29'' Wide Armchair

Sophisticated Dining Accent Tartan Chair

Ophelia & Co.

Although these types of tartan chairs are built for dining rooms, no one says you can’t place them in a formal and still have them look lovely. Dainty swirls and feminine frames tie shabby chic to this seat!

These types of accent tartan armchairs also look stunning in farmhouse décor. You can find some designs that are even classier and better suited for Victorian elegance.

For a fresh and straightforward appeal, add a white dining table to the mix. As an empty white canvas, you can then place whatever colored placemats and centerpieces to match your house’s color theme.

$369.99 $419.99

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Tartan Armchairs

Buying Guide

Tartan armchairs have finally descended from the Scottish Highlands to bring us and the rest of the world some Scottish style. Tartan is a stunning and timeless pattern that looks great in any room. It even comes in several different styles.

Today, we'll talk about how you can bring home the best tartan armchair, which is the best way for you to make your home even cozier. Our buying guide will help you avoid costly mistakes and make the right buying decision.

Think about your room's layout. Then, pick a spot that you will allocate for the furniture piece. Measure this spot carefully and make room for any existing furniture. Your home's new addition should fit in the room comfortably. Leave enough space for you to move around the piece without having to squeeze yourself past it.

The simplest way you can figure out the size of your tartan armchair is by using a masking tape or newspaper in outlining the furniture's dimensions on the floor. Do so before you click that "buy" button on an online furniture store.

Of course, you need to consider the width of your doorframe as you wouldn't want to experience problems by the time the piece is delivered to your home.

Lastly, you must ensure that there's enough space in your room to position the armchair away from the radiator (if you have one), so you wouldn't feel the direct heat that's coming off of it. It's important that you leave a good distance between the radiator and the furniture piece as it'll guard against cracking or heat damage.

What types of armchair fillings are there?

There are three types of armchair fillings: foam, fiber, and feather.

  • Foam is the primary filling in most armchairs as it gives a firm experience while retaining the seat's shape. The downside to the material is that it doesn't give a very comfortable feeling when sat on.
  • As for fiber, you may already know that it's man-made or synthetic. It's much like a duvet's inner material, which offers medium comfort. The disadvantage of this type of filling is that it needs to be plumped up regularly.
  • Last but not the least is feather, which is the most luxurious, relaxed, and soft solution. Still, it would need constant plumping.

The filling that you choose for the seat will make a difference as to how much relaxation and enjoyment you can get from the armchair. Think about what you'll be using the chair for most. A soft armchair is great for curling up as you watch your favorite TV shows, while a firmer seat will be able to support your posture which is needed when you are entertaining guests and catching up on some reading.

You're now ready to dive headfirst into the marketplace! Keep what you've learned from our buying guide in mind and you'll find the right tartan armchair.

Best Ideas

Tartan wing back chair

A large and comfortable piece for bachelor pads, living rooms, and game rooms. Upholstered in a checkered fabric, the chair includes a wide back, rolled arms, a nicely padded seat, bun feet, and a nail head trim on the sides and the bottom.

Tartan armchairs 3

The beauty of this casual armchair lies in padding: thick wool with tartan pattern makes any place feel like home, and effortlessly suits your fav tartan plaid. For mobility, the piece was equipped with tiny golden casters on front.

Plaid wingback chair

This kind of chair is an element that features a durable frame with a seat based on a lower ring. Soft seat cushioning, comfortable arms and a padded backrest provide relaxation and support to any user.

Tartan armchairs 2

This traditional stylization of an armchair includes many interesting colors on its stylish pattern. A comfortable leather-wrapped seat cushion includes additional support in the form of arms and a high backrest.

Next chairs for sale

An armchair that features good level of softness in areas of arms, backrest and seat. Its durable wooden frame is resistant to wear and damage. The chair also includes wheels on its front legs for more convenient handling.

Plaid chairs

Trying to find the perfect, nicely finished and high quality chair? I love the tartan pattern, so I decide to but this cozy chair. It has a different shades of blue and very comfortable seating.

Tartan furniture

If you want to relax with class, feel free to try this comfy armchair and ottoman set. The chair has rolled arms, a slightly tilted back, flared rear legs, and bun feet in the front. Both pieces are upholstered in a fashionable, checkered fabric.

Penshurst electric riser wingback armchair lilac wilson tartan fabric chair

Penshurst electric riser wingback armchair lilac wilson tartan fabric chair

Wingback chair upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with checkered pattern. It is mounted on wooden frame. Ideal for watching TV, reading books and more. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Plaid club chair

Large armchair with a very comfortable seat cushion that is paired with a cushioned backrest. It features a durable wooden frame with decorative front legs that include wheels for improved mobility. Classic multi-color pattern is great for any decor.

Tartan armchairs 4

This wingback chair with an electric riser mechanism allows you to use the chair without making an effort during sitting down or getting up. The back of the chair fully supports your back, while the medium-firm cushions provide a nice bounce.

Tartan plaid

Tartan Plaid

Foxwood occasional armchair chatsworth tartan

Foxwood occasional armchair, Chatsworth tartan

Nathan wing armchair in blue tartan available now in store

Nathan Wing Armchair in blue tartan. Available now in store or online at www.curiosityinte.... Also available in plum tartan.

Tartan armchair 4

Add this armchair next to your fireplace, and enjoy fantastic and homelike atmosphere in the drawing room. The tartan arm chair has a rustic design and is upholstered by the linwood.

Plaid chair

The tartan armchair with red accents will help you to create the inviting cozy nook for napping and reading books. the high back provides the fantastic seating comfort. The wooden legs bring the solidity to your home.

Tartan sofas for sale

Cozy and comfortable setup for a rustic living room with a plushy and comfy armchair upholstered in a cotton fabric with a plaid pattern. The armchair comes with a matching ottoman footstool and nicely fits in with the animal skin rug.

Highlander tartan armchair

'Highlander' Tartan Armchair

Plaid wingback chairs

The lounge armchair not only provides unparalleled comfort but also has practical advantages. It can be used, among others, as a place to sleep for a guest. In this case, aesthetic upholstery of tartan armchair in the plaid cream&red grid. is also important

Armchair fire side chair in a red t artan fabric

Armchair Fire Side chair in a red t artan fabric ...

Tartan armchair

tartan armchair

Plaid armchair

Add comfort, style, beauty and elegance to your apartment with the vintage Tartan armchair by Hollys House. It features the grey, blue and red colors and wooden legs with casters.

Checked chair

Rustic approach to a highland-style armchair made out of dark oak wood with a black coat of paint, fitted with a thick and comfy plushy upholstery with a tartan pattern, made out of cotton fabric which gives it a smooth feel.

Bhs chairs

Would love to have made this for my dad, who played the bagpipes.

Tartan armchairs

Classic armchair. It isn't sophisticated, but it makes your interior more cozy and it is very comfortable. This chair is covered with checked, soft cloth. Due to little wheels, you can move armchair just in case.