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Danish chairs are always an attractive option for any home. But Danish teak chairs properly exemplify the creative and constructive furniture stylings you would come to expect from the Danes. These are very lovely and well made. They come in many styles and colors. And we have your next set of Danish teak chairs in this extensive collection. Take a look and see

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Danish Mid Century Modern Selig Z Style Teak Lounge Chair Chairs 2 Armchairs

Danish Mid Century Modern Selig Z Style Teak Lounge Chair Chairs 2 Armchairs
This super modern and exquisitely styled, Z-shaped chair is a beautiful combination of functionality and style. Danish mid century style perfectly fits into contemporary style. Nice touch seat upholstery and wooden base.

Mid century modern danish teak chair

Mid century modern danish teak chair
Classic armchair for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch material and finished with solid seams. Frame is made of teak wood. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Pair of selig z chairs mid century

Pair of selig z chairs mid century
Modern Danish styling, a beautiful combination of woodwork and gray upholstery and comfortable of using is an excellent combination that can be found in these chairs. The stylish form impresses and is uniquely versatile.

Finn Juhl Easy Chair Fd133 1950s Vintage Retro Danish Modern Wegner Teak Early

Finn Juhl Easy Chair Fd133 1950s Vintage Retro Danish Modern Wegner Teak Early
A great piece for enhancing homes and offices, this arm chair is well-balanced and very comfortable. Its back and seat cushion is medium-firm and upholstered in a grayish fabric, resting on a sturdy wood frame with curved arms, fixed stretchers, and tapered legs.

Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Chair

Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Chair
A hand-rendered drawing from the mid-20th century. It shows a standing sideways armchair of natural teak wood. It has thin round legs, strong back sloped stretchers, flat arms and a wide low backrest. Cushions are covered in mustard yellow fabric.

2 danish modern lounge chairs george

2 danish modern lounge chairs george
Suitable for modern homes and offices, those 2 arm chairs feature a slightly tilted back design for extra comfort. The frame is made of wood, with straight arms and tapered legs, holding two, medium-firm, white fabric cushions.

Danish modern teak borge mogensen dining

Danish modern teak borge mogensen dining
This set of teak chairs embodies well the Scandinavian mid-century design. Its spirit, reflected by Borge Morgensen in these chairs represents simplicity, elegance and solid finishing.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to style a mid-century modern room with Danish teak chairs?

You can style a mid-century modern room with Danish teak chairs easily since they share common features while also balancing each other out.

Mid-century modern is characterized by clean lines and organic curves and designed for simplicity and functionality. Danish teak chairs, part of Danish modern design, are designed to emphasize form, function, and minimalism and can be complementary to practically any decor style.

Add one Danish teak chair to the corner of the room for additional seating without overwhelming the space, leaving it open and uncluttered. You can also add colorful elements to spruce up the space, such as teal or mustard yellow pillow or blanket.

You can create a chic mid-century modern dining room with Danish teak chairs and a matching dining table. For a pop of color, opt for upholstery in jewel tones to complement the teak’s warm undertones.

For these chairs to blend in seamlessly in the room, avoid using too many patterns and color ranges in the overall space, keeping it as simple as possible.

How can I protect and prolong the life of Danish teak chairs?

To protect and prolong the life of Danish teak chairs, regularly clean the teak frame with gentle soap and water, and be conscious of where you place them. If the Danish teak chairs come with padded upholstery, follow the instructions for protection and long-term use for that particular fabric.

Keep your teak chairs clean with regular washing using mild soap and water. Rinse with a soft cloth. Add a coat of sealer to the dry chairs for added protection and durability. While teak oils are available and add shine, they also are infused with chemicals that can affect the longevity of your chairs.

Where you position your Danish teak chairs is another way of protecting and prolonging their life. Harsh sunlight can alter the coloring of teak, turning it a dullish gray. Another factor in the environment is the level of humidity. To prolong the chair’s life, consider adding a humidifier to their room and keep levels between 50 and 55%.

What interior styles are ideal for danish teak chairs?

With their unique shapes and simple elegance, danish teak chairs are the perfect fit for modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and minimalist interior design schemes. However, you may also discover danish teak chairs with traditional and vintage forms, ideal for more formal and timeless settings. If you’re looking for an accent chair that makes a stunning focal point in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, a danish teak chair is a great choice.


Mid Century Modern Chair In The Style Of

Mid Century Modern Chair In The Style Of
Make your home more vintage-looking, thanks to this stylish chair - a perfect mix of mid-century design and modern appearance. The frame is crafted of sturdy wood, holding 2 medium-firm cushions.

Mid century sculptural 60s danish style

Mid century sculptural 60s danish style
This mid century chair is a real hit among the owners of minimalist houses. Made from walnut, this vintage chair is a subtle, cosy addition to any stylish interior. Comfortable upholstery makes it also plenty comfortable!

Retro Vintage Teak Mid Century Danish Style Dining Table Eames Era 50s 60s

Retro Vintage Teak Mid Century Danish Style Dining Table Eames Era 50s 60s
Dining chair mounted on teak wood frame. Seat is covered with soft fabric. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and careful execution.

Teak Dining Arm Chair

Teak Dining Arm Chair
A simple yet practical armchair with a contemporary design primarily made of wood. It also includes cushions to provide more convenience. Perfectly matches nowadays interiors and adds a bit more elegance to it.

Danish modern hansen teak bar stools

Danish modern hansen teak bar stools
These beautiful bar stools with backrests are a stylish detail to decorate any interior. The bright seat trim adds all the flavor and Danish feel. Solid teak construction is durable. Handy footrests look very elegant.

Ebay danish chairs

According to the Danish "hygge" luck philosophy, this original danish teak chair was created, a bit retro and a bit modern. Well-chosen raw materials such as teak wood and light upholstery emphasize the incredible shape that envelops the human figure.

The chair model pp503 by hans j wegner 1949 originally

The Chair (model PP503) by Hans J. Wegner, 1949. Originally manufactured by Johannes Hansen, Denmark

Hans j wegner for getama gedsted teak sofa couch model

HANS J. WEGNER for Getama Gedsted Teak Sofa / Couch Model: GE-270 on Etsy, $4,400.00

Jamo speakers would allow this modern danish living room to

Jamo speakers would allow this modern Danish living room to be the epitome of style and comfort.

Z chair mid century

This quite original dining chair is crafted of solid wood for durability, with rose wood, teak or ash construction. It features a well-profiled seat, a comfy back, and well-balanced legs with a nice spread for good stability.

Danish z chair

Straight from 1950s, this elegant chair has a sturdy frame, crafted of durable teak wood, along with arched rear legs, tapered front legs, and widened armrests for extra comfort. The seat and back is flawlessly-woven of papercord, making the whole much more inviting.

Danish teak chairs 12

Danish modern chair, for living room.

Danish teak chairs 6

Lounge chair upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and fitted with pillow on the back for added comfort. It is mounted on wooden base. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Erik kirkegaard danish teak desk side chair retro vintage


Danish teak chairs 11

Designed in the 1960's by Kai Kristensen, this teak chair embodies well the mid-century, Scandinavian style. Originating from Denmark, it delights with the typical combination of simplicity and solidness.

Danish teak chairs 5

RESERVED: Five Exquisite Niels Moller Chairs, Restored....sigh - they are sold but they are gorgeous...

Ole wanscher rocking chair

Ole Wanscher Rocking Chair

Danish chairs ebay

Characteristic for the mid-century Scandinavian design, this set of dining chairs is made from bright, teak wood. It comes from the 1960's and the workshop of Kai Kristiansen.

Finn juhl nv 45 teak and leather armchairs for niels

Finn Juhl, #NV-45 Teak and Leather Armchairs for Niels Vodder, 1945.

Danish arm chair with teak frame designed by grete jalk

Danish arm chair with teak frame - designed by Grete Jalk

Danish teak chairs 10

Aiyana - these could work with Danish modern, but are they too designy? Designlush - Infinity

Danish teak chairs 1

In the retro age, the magic word was ergonomics. It was meant to revolutionize the contemporary furniture industry, diversifying it with design projects. This is how a wooden danish teak chair was created with a profiled ladder backrest and light teak wood.

Teak furniture 16

Mid-Century Danish Modern Living Room full of great Teak Furniture!

Danish teak chairs 3

Danish Modern Teak Chairs by Anderstrup

Kurt ostervig scandinavian teak dining table 6 chairs circa 1960

Kurt Ostervig Scandinavian Teak Dining Table & 6 Chairs circa 1960 ...

Great inspiration for the chair i just purchased at a

Great inspiration for the chair I just purchased at a thrift store. I love the fabric.

Caravan Folding Beach Chair Fabric: Navy Blue

Folding beach chair made of natural wood, joined together with metal hardware. Navy blue canvas backrest cover adds to a stylish look and enhances comfort. Easy to take with anywhere for any outdoor activity.

Danish teak classics fine vintage danish modern furniture 3

Danish Teak Classics: Fine Vintage Danish Modern Furniture

Favorite like this item add it to your favorites to

Favorite Like this item? Add it to your favorites to revisit it later. Vintage Danish Teak Chairs $275

Vintage danish teak dining chairs

Vintage Danish teak dining chairs.

Danish wood chair

Made of durable teak wood, this 1 table and 4 chairs dining set is, especially, suitable for not so large interiors. Chairs can be entirely hidden underneath the table, giving your room the space it needs. Each chair has a black seat cushion, making your time with this set much more comfortable.

Chair seat reupholstery tutorial dans le townhouse blog 1

Chair seat reupholstery tutorial - Dans Le Townhouse blog

Danish teak chairs

Go for this stunning Danish teak arm chair for your interior to both complete its look with pure, refined and retro style and to add a bit of extra practical use to any dining space. It comes with the two-tone finish of rich brown frame and black leather seat and back.

Danish_teak_chairs_31 jpg


And well made though elegant pair of chairs black imitation

... and well-made though elegant pair of chairs. Black imitation leather

Danish teak rocking chair

If you love to take a benefit of a rocking motion, while resting in your favorite chair, than this functional rocker can be a great solution for your contemporary home. It offers a wooden frame with well-crafted rockers, and 2 comfy cushions upholstered in a gray fabric.

Mid century z chair

Danish design contributes to the best products of Scandinavian style. This teak wood dining chair in brown offers C-shaped backrest; both backrest and seat are padded with forest green textured fabric.

Mid century danish modern teak dining chair set


Danish teak chairs via

Danish Teak Chairs – via

Danish teak chairs 5

Danish Chair, 1957, by Arne Jacobsen

Danish teak chairs 15

Unusual Teak Arm Lounge Chair Danish Mid-Century Modern Eames era 1960s. @designerwallace

428 pr danish modern teak woven rush seat side chairs

428: PR Danish Modern Teak Woven Rush Seat Side Chairs

Danish teak chairs 16

Pair of Danish Teak Chairs