Unusual Chairs

Are you strange and unusual? Do people call you a weird person or an odd duck? Do you love things that are lot off menu, furniture wise? Then you will love these unusual chairs. This entire collection is filled with chairs that will make you cock your head to the side and try to imagine them in your home. Take a look at these unusual chairs and see what we mean.

Best Products

Portland 26" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

Portland 26" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion
This swivel bar stool has got an elegant and stylish design. It fits to classic and traditional dining room area. It has got an antique nickel finish and black leather upholstered seat.

Unusual chairs 1

Resembling a bit the inside of a shell, this fabulous outdoor chair will be an eye-catching accent for all for your garden or veranda. Beautifully stained wood looks not only solid, but also organic.

Unusual shaped chairs

This chair is surely one of the most creative ideas ever, since it sports the frame made from regular, durable wooden structure but the abacus on the seat and back, full of colors and charm and simply oozing whimsical appeal.

Unusual chairs 1

Oh man, that's awesome! Pink ball of wool deckchair -cool and very unusual club chair. I would love to have this in my garden. Red/ rapsberry pink wool looks very stylish and modern, I also like this creative and minimalistic style of it.

Unusual chairs 10

This unusual chair delights with its eclectic form, deeply rooted in the contemporary design convention. Inspired by the Verner Panton masterpiece, constitutes a great embodiment of his way of design.

Unusual chairs

Original and unique oversized chair that provides good level of comfort and decorates indoors thanks to its multi-color pattern. The chair offers a large seat with arms and backrest. Soft cushion assures relaxation.

Unusual chairs 17

Unique design for a natural, rustic chair made out of roots of a cedar tree. The chair’s structure twists and tangles along its frame and has a shiny polish, all finished with a tractor seat to make it comfortable to sit on.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are unusual chairs worth investing in?

Yes, unusual chairs are definitely worth investing in if you want to create an eye-catching and unique focal point in your home, impress your guests, and add visual interest to an otherwise characterless space. Besides, there are a myriad of designs available when it comes to unusual chairs. For instance, a novelty egg chair can instantly add a fun and quirky twist to a setting. If you’re a passionate traveler, a chair with a suitcase design might be right up your alley.

What type of unusual chair should I choose?

The right piece of furniture can transform your room and give your interior aesthetic a facelift. And what better functional accessory to add to your home than an unusual chair. Unusual chairs are quirky pieces that liven up your home, and there are a variety of designs to choose from.

Depending on the degree of your quirkiness, you may opt for a structural grassy chair, sharp hexagonal seat chair, a bubbly chair or a threaded mosaic chair, to name a few, and the list goes on.


Take a pew australian designers peter cook and becky northey

TAKE A PEW Australian designers Peter Cook and Becky Northey use the Pooktre method to shape trees into unusual structures such as this chair.

Worlds strangest furniture weird furniture animal furniture

World's Strangest Furniture - (weird furniture, animal furniture...)

Unusual chairs 18

Admit it - you wouldn't have thought that a chair like that is even possible, let alone that it can grace your household decor. This piece sports the transparent design that would make you wonder if it's even here and yet proves to be comfortable and look amazing!

Strange chairs

Wow, I absolutely adore these amazing garden benches. Made in a variety of designs, resembling either a butterfly, a peacock or a leaf. Very fresh and unique designs, bound to breathe life and invigorate your backyard.

Conservatory chairs 7

How unusual is this? Ouch Couch. Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio.| cactus plants cover this up-cycled chair.

Unusual chair designs

Novelty chairs recreating the exact shape and color of an egg (though in appropriately bigger size). Oval chairs in beige present white inner padding with yolk yellow seat. Very inspiring and refreshing!

Unique throne dining chairs luxury designer furniture

Unique throne dining chairs luxury designer furniture

Unusual chairs 13

Unusual design to a wooden folding chair which can be rolled up to take less space and be easily stored away. The chair is made out of light oak wood which provides it with a bright look, bound to fit in any garden.

Peacock chair designed by dror bershetrit 2009 wool rayon felt

peacock chair, designed by Dror Bershetrit, 2009. Wool & rayon felt, metal base. Made in Italy by Cappellini

Unusual chairs 11

Unusual Chair with Character

Hmmm reminds me of dinosaur bones or is it a

Hmmm. Reminds me of dinosaur bones or is it a bunch of wood hangers from my closet. Either way, I'll take it.

Unusual shaped chairs

Amusing innovative chairs in forms of classic coffee cups! They're made of material with a glossy cream finish. A chair has a unified body with a round tapered up base, a round tub seat, the same level back and arms. It features a lug at the back.

Unusual chairs 2

Bookworm Chair Dutch teams of Atelier010 realized this beautiful object soberly called “Bookworm Chair”. This chair has a unique shape that allows both sit comfortably, but also to store a large number of books. More images of this concept later in

Shaped chairs

texture - looks very soft, comfortable and smooth.

Some of these are over tjhe top bit some are

Some of these are over tjhe top, bit some are adorable. Remember one year when the kids were small and I could not afford to redo, or buy new and I actually covered a couch like this in scraps but did it as an overlay no complete upholstery job. it was re

Milan the city is a major world fashion and design

Milan...The city is a major world fashion and design capital.

Unusual chairs 1

In Russia, it was thought that it would be nice to sit with your deceased ancestor and they created an unusual skeleton antique rocking chair, made of wood carved in the form of an ancestral skeleton. The murk but interesting element from the XIX century.

Placentero chair

Placentero Chair

Modern relaxing chairs

You wouldn't have guessed that this sublime and extremely unusual chair comes from a suitcase that had its best days behind it. It adds chic and offers a refined look for your interior, elevating it immensely.

What in the what this is surely a conversation piece

what in the what?! This is surely a conversation piece!

Collection of weird unusual and unique chair and sofa designs

collection of weird unusual and unique chair and sofa designs

Unusual chairs

... subject most unusual chairs and stools most unusual chairs and stools

Contemporary unique chairs by martz edition

Contemporary Unique Chairs by Martz Edition

These cool tank chairs are very beautiful and attractive high

These Cool Tank Chairs are very beautiful and attractive. High ideas ...

I need to find this chair i can see myself

I need to find this chair, I can see myself perched in the middle, knitting away.

Unusual chairs

A truly inimitable armchair, which adds exquisite warmth and vibrancy to the space. Its colorful, beautiful upholstery creates a real feast for the eyes. It will compliment greatly your living rorm or bedroom.

Unusual chairs 16

"All Ages Swinging Chair Unusual TOYS Swing Chair Furniture Patio Kids Backyard" Not too hard to diy with an old mini-trampoline.

Funnel chair unique chair design 2

Funnel Chair-Unique Chair Design-2

Swings for inside the house

Metallic indoor porch swing large enough to accommodate two or three people at once. The swing comes with a rounded design and a unique southern vibe that brings farmhouse inspiration into any space. The seating is also padded for comfort and the hardware needed to install it is included in the package.

Chairs covers

Lovely DIY chair covers, which will enhance every interior with its rustic vibe. They are removable and washable, so you can clean and change them every season. Light, natural motives bring warmth and liveliness to the space.

Unique furniture design by phillips collection

Unique Furniture Design by Phillips Collection

Unusual chairs 8

/ Фото #6 - FELT FURNITURE - renew

Lounge chair elegant chair made from 152 layers of pine

lounge chair elegant chair made from 152 layers of pine

Unique chairs elegant by masanori umeda jpg


Astra Chair

Astra Chair

At one by charlotte kingsnorth

At One by Charlotte Kingsnorth

Chair chairs chair tied

chair, chairs, chair tied

Funky armchair 6

A cool garden art or really comfy seating, this unusual outdoor chair is definitely not something that you can just pass by unresponsively. Stands on solid, wooden legs.

Modern Dining Chair, Black, Outdoor and Indoor

Interesting dining chair with molded plastic seat and polished chrome legs. Features unique forest details on the back and seat. Stylish and very durable, this item is great for both indoor outdoor use.

Spray paint on vinyl color me impressed before after this

Spray Paint on vinyl? Color me impressed! Before & After: This Muted Chair Gets a Kick of Color in an Unusual Way

Counter height bench

If unusual furniture is your thing, check out this two seated bar stool. Beautifully upholstered, this chair is a spectacular addition to any home bar. The wide, wooden legs make sure you never lose your stability.

These 28 chairs prove that furniture can be art bored

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