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It is said that meditation is best done from an elevated place. With that, we offer our collection of meditation chairs. Comfortable for long meditation periods, these handsome models will provide comfort, balance, and the ability to align your chi without worrying about how much you paid. Very affordable and with many options available, clear your mind in one of our meditation chairs.

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Updated 02/03/2023
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Best Versatile Use Chair
Highly versatile meditation chair with back support

Highly versatile meditation chair with back support

Wade Logan®

Perfect For: Open spaces near windows

What We Like: Versatile seat for meditation, reading, or gaming

This meditation chair is perfect for anyone looking for improved comfort during their practice. It has a low-to-the-ground design with a weight capacity of 297 pounds and is made of durable faux leather. The 16" seat height allows for comfortable sitting with legs crossed in a meditation pose, and it also has storage for meditation supplies. Get the most out of your meditation practice with this versatile chair.

$172.99 $252.99

Designer Advice:

Choose a spot in your home that is quiet, peaceful and calming. Place the chair in an area with natural light and a pleasant view. Take the room's existing decor into account and choose a chair that will blend in. Consider placing a small table next to the chair to hold any items you may need during your meditation session.

What Users Say:

I use this for meditation. Very comfortable. Very easy to put together!

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Best Rolling Meditation Seat
Relaxing meditation seat on wheels

Relaxing meditation seat on wheels


Perfect For: Meditation practices or home spaces

What We Like: Extra seat padding

This meditation seat is the perfect addition to your meditation practice or relaxing space. It's made from quality faux leather, has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, and is on wheels so you can move it around easily. The seat height of 26" allows you to sit comfortably with your legs crossed in a meditation pose so you can relax in comfort and style.

Designer Advice:

To maximize comfortable relaxation, place the meditation chair in a quiet corner of the room, free of distractions and clutter. Consider the natural light in the room and place the chair in an area that benefits from it. Choose a color scheme and fabric that complements the existing decor and provides a calming atmosphere.

What Users Say:

When I do sit cross legged, the chair helps me sit in a nice posture. Overall I'm happy I bought it.

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Alexia Meditation Seat

Alexia Meditation Seat

Alexia Meditation Seat

What we like: Vegan leather upholstery options

What we don’t like: Design makes it hard to move around

This eye-catching meditation chair was created to promote correct spinal and chakra alignment. Its interior allows for correct weight distribution and proper support for the lower back, hips, knees, and feet when seated in Sukhasana.

The chair’s unique shape might make it hard to move around, but it is lightweight, at only 15 lbs., despite its bulky appearance. The piece is made of high-quality materials, including a heavy gauge metal frame and a high-density PU foam core.

It comes in a variety of different colors that would look great with any existing furniture you own. You can choose between genuine leather or vegan leather covers for the seat. 

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Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair


What we like: Suitable for people of all sizes

What we don’t like: High price tag

This rattan meditation chair is not only luxurious but very comfortable for meditating. Its seat cushion has a unique parabolic shape and big enough to fit larger people that might need a bit more space, making this the perfect lotus meditation chair.

The cushion cover is easily washable and filled with sustainable kapok material, so it’s an eco-friendly furniture choice. The raised backrest provides ample lower back support, also making it a good fit for taller people.

The elegant and modern design of this chair, combined with the quality natural materials, makes this chair an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room in your home; however, it is much more expensive than most conventional meditation chairs. 

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BonVIVO Easy III Floor Chair

BonVIVO Easy III Floor Chair

Bonstato Inc.

What we like: Universal use

What we don’t like: Thin padding

This foldable and easy-to-carry meditation chair with back support was designed to help you relax in any situation. It is lightweight and stylish, fitting easily into any room.

It provides good support for your upper and lower back and helps prevent slouching when meditating. Plus, it comes with five backrest reclining configurations, making it versatile and functional for meditating, watching TV, reading, gaming, or just sitting.

The padding on this meditation seat might be too thin for an extended meditation or yoga session, but with its stain-resistant polyurethane cover, it's a comfortable, sturdy chair perfect for most indoor or outdoor occasions.

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Friends of Meditation Chair

Friends of Meditation Chair

Friends of Meditation

What we like: Suitable for tall people

What we don’t like: No adjustable back support for lounging

Designed by a yoga instructor, this oversized chair fits people up to 6’ 2”, making it the best meditation chair for tall people.

It has longer leg support, making sitting with your legs crossed easier, and some additional cushioning for lumbar support. However, this chair’s backrest is not very durable as it doesn’t hold your weight well if you’re trying to lounge.

It comes with a convenient carry case so that you can take this meditation chair to your favorite relaxation spot, and it’s low maintenance with a brushed cotton zippered cover that can be removed and machine washed. 

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BirdRock Home Adjustable 14 Position Memory Foam Chair

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14 Position Memory Foam Chair

What we like: High-quality memory foam

What we don’t like: Not easy to carry around or store

This elegantly designed, contemporary chair is a great meditation furniture piece for any home or apartment. With good back support combined with 14 adjustable positions, this seat is not only fit for meditating but is also great for other leisure activities like gaming.

The memory foam used in this seat easily adapts to your body shape and allows you to sit comfortably for long periods. The seat is 6” thick, perfect for sitting comfortably on the floor.

Even though this meditation chair allows you to adjust to different positions, it doesn’t completely fold up, making it tricky to store.

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Friends of Meditation Vipassana Chair

Friends of Meditation Vipassana Chair

Friends of Meditation

What we like: Allows for correct meditation posture

What we don’t like: Not visually appealing

This chair is designed especially for meditation practice with great back support and hip elevation for correct posture and comfort.

This meditation chair with back support has a minimalistic design. However, it’s not the most visually appealing, nor does it easily coordinate with the furniture you might already own. Fortunately, as it completely folds, this chair is easy to store out-of-sight and has a carrying bar for simple transportation.

The Vipassana chair is made for meditation only and isn’t multipurpose or versatile, so trying to relax or lounge in it might be uncomfortable.

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Nomad Meditation Bench

Nomad Meditation Bench

Still Sitting

What we like: Extremely compact and lightweight

What we don’t like: Not versatile for many meditation poses

This low meditation chair is one of the lightest and easiest to carry. It folds completely flat and can easily fit a suitcase so that you can take it with you when you travel.

Its hammock-style seat is adjustable to fit your needs and increase your comfort. It comes in two sizes, depending on your height and weight. The medium Nomad bench fits smaller, more flexible people, while the large option is best suited for taller, heavy-built people.

The design of this bench was created to support your body and avoid bad posture and spinal pressure, which helps you maintain your balance while performing meditation poses.

The disadvantage of this comfortable meditation chair is its lack of versatility for different meditation poses. It only works well for the Seiza (kneeling) pose.

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BackJack Floor Chair

BackJack Floor Chair

BJ Industries

What we like: Provides neck support

What we don’t like: The backrest is rough

This versatile chair can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities in addition to meditation, like watching TV or camping. It is extremely light and can be easily disassembled for easy transportation and storage.

If you choose it as your outdoor meditation chair, you’ll find that it provides ample back support as well as a headrest for neck relief. Although this chair’s sturdy steel frame might be great for your posture, it may start to feel rough and uncomfortable over longer periods.

The BackJack Chair is a very affordable portable meditation chair, and the cotton cover comes in a huge selection of stunning colors, so you are sure to find one to coordinate with your home’s interior. 

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NNEWVANTE Adjustable Floor Chair

NNEWVANTE Adjustable Floor Chair


What we like: Simple but appealing design

What we don’t like: Short backrest

This simple, straightforward meditation floor chair is a great option for those looking to cover basic meditation needs. It has 5 different backrest positions, from 90º to 180º, which means you can use it to lay down.

This floor chair is lightweight, washable, highly portable, and versatile, allowing you to use it for different activities, indoors and outdoors, and travel.

This ergonomic meditation seat may be unsuitable for long periods of meditation. The backrest is short, which doesn’t offer any posture correction or upper back support. 

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WAYTRIM Adjustable Meditation Chair

WAYTRIM Adjustable Meditation Chair


What we like: Easy to clean and maintain

What we don’t like: Not great for sitting for long periods

Although not conventionally a meditation chair, this piece offers excellent back support for meditation; and it has 5 adjustable position settings, including the option to lay completely flat, which is great for stretching or savasana.

The cover is made of cotton and linen, making it easy to clean; however, it is an unsuitable outdoor meditation chair. Linen fibers tend to weaken when exposed to direct sunlight.

Another drawback of this meditation floor chair is that the filling is made of recycled cotton and not memory foam, which means that it isn’t great for sitting down for long periods because the material compresses.

$87.99 $83.13

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Meditation Chairs

Buying Guide

Sitting zazen, or seated meditation, is a central part of Zen Buddhism. Meditation has become a practice that reaches across denominations and can even be practiced with no religious implication at all. Introduced to the western world by the Transcendentalists and Theosophists, the goal of meditation is to rest the mind by emptying it of the hurrying, chattering thoughts that pervade our brains throughout most of the day.

There are several seated meditation postures. The most well known is the full lotus, sitting cross-legged, with the top of each foot resting on the opposite thigh. Beginners often use the half lotus, where one heel is pulled up to the crotch, and the other foot rests on the opposite thigh. Also acceptable, however, is to straddle a cushion that will hold one in kneeling position, or to sit on a small bench, with the legs in kneeling position, or to sit on a plain wooden chair as you normally would.

One thing that remains constant throughout all the seated poses is that the back is straight, the hands and arms relaxed, shoulders wide and chest uplifted for easy breathing.

Sitting directly on the ground is considered the best practice for Zen or transcendental meditation because it brings the meditator into direct contact with Earth. Since this is not an option for many of us – those who dwell in large cities, or in cold or wet climates where sitting directly on the Earth would be unpleasant at best, sitting on cushions, mats or chairs designed to support the meditator in the correct meditation posture are an acceptable substitute.

Meditation chairs are designed to help someone who is meditating to hold the meditation pose for an extended length of time without discomfort. Some of the chairs are designed for the cross-legged pose, supporting beginners as they move toward the full lotus position. Others are benches or cushions that are intended to help ease the potential strain while kneeling. Some have a back to help with that process of keeping the spine straight throughout a short or long meditation.

Meditation chairs come in a variety of styles and designs. Some are made of wicker, others are cushioned wood. Some are simply large, overstuffed cassocks, and no few are low benches designed to hold your weight while kneeling. If you enjoy sitting on the floor or at a low coffee table, meditation chairs might be just the seat you’ve been needing. The classic chairs support the cross-legged position, but there are other designs that simply encourage sitting upright with legs stretched out in front of you.

One amazing meditation chair is carved from a single piece of wood – something to meditate on, all by itself. No few, especially those made to be portable, resemble a stadium seat. Many are beautifully upholstered with embroidery and beads and can easily be a beautiful addition to your living room or atrium.

Best Ideas

The most comfortable meditation chair in history

The most comfortable meditation chair in history!

Meditation chair for upstairs

Meditation chair for upstairs.

Basho meditation chair

Basho Meditation Chair

Meditation chairs

This amazing chair is suitable for meditation and will provide you with the right amount of lumbar support, while the design makes for a beautiful addition to your home decor with its dark brown frame and vibrant red upholstery.

Meditation chairs 1

Marina Burini – Stylist and Co-Owner of Beautiful Dreamers at her Home and Store in Brooklyn « the selby

Lotus meditation chair

Spice up your home with Hindi accents, using this luxurious meditation chair. The chair is crafted from very sturdy wood, and designed to provide the best comfort in any sitting position. The frame is short and well-sculpted, also accommodated with set of white cushions for the best experience.

Meditation chairs

A lotus meditation chair is for every fan of meditation and relaxation. It features the wicker construction, which is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. The white padded seat is for enhanced comfort of use.

Muji pinning it again i sooo like that chair

MUJI (pinning it again... i sooo like that chair !! ♥)

Zen seating meditation chair makes proper sitting easy 1

Zen Seating: Meditation Chair Makes Proper Sitting Easy

Meditation chair 2

Meditation Chair

Meditation furniture

Looking for a meditation chair? This yoga chair is perfect for that purpose. Eco-friendly rattan will make every yoga session turn into a true connection with nature, and the comfortable shape will provide you with ultimate comfort. Meditate away!

Meditation floor chair back support

Arm chair mounted on wooden frame and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Seat is covered with richly decorated fabric and fitted with extra pillow.

Legless chair

Rustic design for a unique-looking meditation chair with a wide and long frame. The chair is made out of decoratively carved oak wood with a lint tint and is fitted with thick cushions, providing a comfortable finish.

Legless chairs

Rustic approach to a minimalistic garden chair made entirely out of light walnut wood with a ribcage-like structure of the back. The garden chair is fitted with a single, thick cushion to ensure the seating comfort.

Meditation chair 24

Meditation chair

Rattan meditation chair

Maybe it is not a perfect chair for work at you office, but when you decide to practice meditation at your home it will perfectly support your spine. Could be easily folded and hidden after the training.

Portable meditation chair

Eye-catching set consisting of a low wide chair, a cover and pillows. A frame is of thin rounded brown beech rods. The poly-filled cover and pillows are of cotton with a small colourful stripes in Aztec style and should be professionally cleaned.

Meditation chairs furniture

Meditation Chairs & Furniture

Zen by design the samurai meditation chair

Zen By Design - The Samurai Meditation Chair

Meditation chairs furniture zen by design

Meditation Chairs & Furniture - Zen By Design

Outdoor meditation chair

Meditation room needs a minimalist decor that provides an atmosphere of tranquility and pure focus with no unnecessary objects that could distract you. Here some low-back meditation stools with white padding are provided.

Meditation chairs an unlikely meditation ally 1

Meditation Chairs an Unlikely Meditation Ally

Folding Meditation Chair

Folding Meditation Chair

Compact and durable meditation chair designed for maximum comfort and versatility. Features solid, foldable steel frame, comfortable seat and back in quality cover, and lightweight construction for easy storage and transport.

For those who seek ultimate comfort and great posture the

For those who seek ultimate comfort and great posture, The Original YogaChair® is the perfect solution. - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at www.Fac