Plantation Arm Chair


For all of you decorating experts that trend towards the southern style, these plantation armchairs are the right tool for you to encapsulate the idea of a opulent manor home in the dixie lands. Sit back, watching lightning bugs on your front porch while you sip a nice, cold sweet tea, and relax. These chairs are comfortable and classic, befitting the needs of a hardworking southerner.

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British Plantation Arm Chair

British Plantation Arm Chair

Very pretty traditional chair with a frame of glossy-finished mahogany. A base has 2 bowed-up supports and turned crossbars. A backhand seat joins with rolled-down arms and a tall rectangular back. A firm seating surface is woven of water hyacinth.

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British plantation chair

British colonies inspired furniture around the world with their dramatic shape and history. Here is a rocking plantation arm chair made of hand-woven water hyacinth, bound in a mahogany frame and reinforced with additional panels.

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Pair Of Chinese Chippendale Asian Arm Chair Rattan Bamboo Wicker Ornate Thrones

Pair Of Chinese Chippendale Asian Arm Chair Rattan Bamboo Wicker Ornate Thrones

These two throne-like chairs are a real masterpice of wicker art. They are in Chippendale, Chinese style, which will bring the spirit of Asia to your home. They were handmade of rattan bamboo so they are 100% eco friendly.

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Plantation chairs outdoor

Indulge yourself with a few moments of laziness and simultaneously introduce some style to your lounge area - e.g. with a low seat plantation arm chair (w/ ottoman) characterized by large scroll arms, sloping seat and grass weave upholstery.

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Plantation chairs for sale

The beautiful plantation arm chair is a perfect solution for any stylish interior. Excellent wood-based construction and comfortable seat with high backrest and armrests delight and bring to the decor style and charm.

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Teak plantation chair

Antique plantation armchair with a superb countryside feel to it and sturdy construction. The chair comes with a high back design too and features a neat wooden frame. It’s finished in a woven center that offers excellent comfort when seating. It’s super great for outdoor use.

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1stdibs anglo indian teak plantation chair

1stdibs | Anglo-Indian Teak Plantation Chair

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Plantation chair

Plantation chair

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Anglo indian dutch style plantation chairs set of 2

Anglo-Indian, Dutch-style Plantation Chairs (set of 2)

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Vintage cane back chairs

This South Indian caned satinwood plater's chair is hand crafted, comfy and unique. I want to have it in my cozy nook in living zone. It's an original piece of furniture for interior and exterior use.

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Plantation Arm Chair

Buying Guide

Plantation arm chairs or Campeche chairs were manufactured in the Campeche region of the Yucatan Peninsula in the 18th and 19th century. They were highly favored in Latin America, the Caribbean, American South and even in the New England states. Thomas Jefferson had two “Campeachy” chairs at Monticello, and asked John Hemmings, one of his slaves, to make copies of them. James Madison owned a Mexican-made Campeche or plantation chair, which was described as “his favorite seat.” It is easy to see why the style is favored even today.

The scrolled wooden arms on some of the chairs, the use of wicker weave for seats and backs, and the relaxed shape of the chairs all point toward comfort. Not every “plantation” chair, however, is a Campeche chair or even an imitation. But most plantation chairs do focus on comfort.

  • British plantation chair

A classic example of the Campeche or plantation chair, the British plantation chair has scrolled arms, an arched wood base, and lathe turned connecting braces. The seat and back are dense wickerwork, in an over and under pattern across reeds that run from the top of the back to the front of the seat. The result is elegance combined with exceptional comfort.

  • Plantation Rocking Chair

No self-respecting veranda would be without at least one, and perhaps a pair of wicker rocking chairs. The plantation design rockers feature woven arms, back and seat with a cushion and perhaps a throw added for comfort. Although they can come in different colors, bright white was often the preferred color. The wicker weave over the wooden or bamboo framework has resilience. The motion of rocking would stir the air through the weave helping the seated person stay just a little bit cooler – a huge boon in the days before air conditioning, and not unappreciated in modern times.

  • British Colonial Plantation Chair

This chair is a bit more British and a little less plantation. It has an upright shape, rather than a lounging one, and the seat is fabric rather than wicker. The back is still openwork to allow airflow, and – in this case – is worked with a central carving of a cluster of three palm trees. The body of the chair is a mahogany replica of antique colonial plantation chairs. The effect is entirely beautiful, and you can easily envision Scarlett O’Hara seating herself in one of these.

  • Kubu Rattan Plantation Chair

The Kubu rattan plantation chair is a sort of meeting of styles. It is as if a parson’s chair and a Campeche chair were blended. The result is an upright chair that encourages good posture (no lounging here, folks) while utilizing the properties of Kubu rattan for the airy comfort of those seated in them. They are popular as dining room chairs, just as are parson’s chairs. The natural soft gray of the Kubu rattan creates an excellent backdrop for colorful cushions or throws. As with all the plantation chairs, style is combined with comfort for seating that is both lovely and practical.

Best Ideas

The planters chair or the easy chair is my all

The planter's chair or the easy chair is my all-time favourite. How can you not relax your tired torso on the curve of this piece of art & prop your legs on the arm rests?

Three Birds Casual Classic Armchair, Teak

Armchair made of solid and durable teak wood and featuring classic design with natural finish. The wood is resistant to salt water, chlorine and rain. The armchair is a great addition to almost any interior.

Plantation arm chair traditional chairs

Plantation arm chair traditional chairs

An elegant traditional wooden chair finished in warm brown. It has thin turned gently curved legs, spindle stretchers, arms with turned fronts. It features a natural cane seat and an openwork backrest with a wide vertical pierced and arched slat.

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Cebu plantation chair tobacco brown

Cebu Plantation Chair - Tobacco Brown

Ceylon mid 19th century anglo indian plantation chair made of

Ceylon mid 19th century Anglo-Indian plantation chair made of solid ebony with newly caned chevron patterned seat. Slightly curved pivoting leg rests tuck under arms.

Plantation chairs

Plantation Chairs

Stripes and shadows british colonial style plantation style

Stripes-and-Shadows: British Colonial Style/ Plantation Style

Plantation arm chair

Interestingly cut out plantation arm chair is an excellent combination of wood and mesh seat and backrest. The whole is phenomenal and impresses with details. Stylish decorations of the legs and armrests.

Plantation arm chair

This pair of 2 British plantation caned seat armchair. Gently curved silhouette constitutes a well-profiled proposition, ideal to assure a comfortable rest for your back.

Plantation arm chair 6

Plantation Arm Chair

Plantation leather arm chair sold

Plantation Leather Arm Chair SOLD

Settle into the slatted generous contours and gracefully scrolled arms

Settle into the slatted, generous contours and gracefully scrolled arms of our outdoor Plantation Chair, then complete your backyard getaway with the matching all-weather Ottoman, Side Table, and Coffee Table.

British Plantation Arm Chair

It is a beautiful arm chair that has got a solid wood construction and comfortable seat. This product is perfect for your everyday relax in living room or family room area.