Floral Armchairs for Living Room

Welcome the natural beauty of the great outdoors into your home with a floral armchair. A timeless interior design staple, florals have been reimagined time and time again, inspiring a plethora of styles and designs. From classic nature-inspired damasks and fleur-de-lis, to modern abstract, impressionist-style or ditsy prints, there’s a floral to suit every space.

Flowers stand out above other patterns because they are extremely expressive and have a unique ability to capture emotion and set the mood for a space. For example, a pale pink impressionist-style rose print will feel delicate, feminine and whimsical, while a vibrant, abstract pattern is instantly dramatic and energizing. So, whether you’re feeling flower power or flower shy, here is some inspiration to help you find the right floral armchair to make you and your space bloom. 

Trailing Vine Floral Recliner Armchair

Trailing Vine Floral Recliner Armchair

Looking to add a subtle touch of pattern to your contemporary living room decor? Delicate trailing vine floral patterns tend to be softer, subtler and less busy-looking than other flower power-esque designs. And even more so in a muted color palette, like this white and blue toned upholstered recliner.

That’s right, comfort can be synonymous with style! Florals are an excellent complement to multipurpose furniture - like your favorite pushback recliner - as they distract from their functional design.

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Vibrant Velvet Floral Armchairs for Dining Table

Vibrant Velvet Floral Armchairs for Dining Table

Feeling brave? Bring your kitchen or dining space to life by injecting it with some bold floral dining chairs. Vibrant floral prints work wonders on simple modern chair designs, such as this barrel chair, leaving the pattern to do the talking. Pairing daring florals with velvet material further enriches the vivid color palette and captivates the senses, with its soft texture.

When using a bold floral pattern, make sure to pair it with a plain chair design. Busy, colorful florals work less well with elaborate chairs that have fussy scroll and tufted detailing. This is because they compete for attention and end up getting lost amongst each other. 


Small Floral Print Armchair

Small Floral Print Armchair

Keep things bright and airy with a small floral print, like blossoms or daisies. Teeny flowers are more delicate and subtle than large floral prints and bring a soothing feel to the space, making them suitable for a bedroom or living room. They also tend to suit small, light rooms as they don’t feel overpowering.

Bring small floral prints to life by extracting their dominant color and reinforcing it in a block of the same hue, such as with a plain cushion.

Floral Damask Armchair for Dining or Living Room

Floral Damask Armchair for Dining or Living Room

Add elegance and grace to your interior with damask florals. The age-old yet timeless design features flowers, scrolled leaves, botanicals, fruits and animals and imparts classic style to any space. For a sophisticated look, combine floral damask with a wooden Victorian-style armchair. The beautifully curved scroll arms and carved detailing complements the soft silhouettes of the leaf and floral damask design.

Damask florals can be ‘tonal’ or multicolored. Tonal damasks tend to suit reserved styled interiors, whereas multicolored damasks can be a great option if you want to make more of a statement, with vibrant contrasting tones. 

Lively Floral Accent Chair for Bedroom

Lively Floral Accent Chair for Bedroom

A vibrant floral armchair makes a great accent piece for contemporary bedroom decor. Flowers naturally brighten up and lighten the mood of a space, effortlessly infusing a sense of whimsy into any room, whether in printed or real-life form! And what better place to do so than in a master, guest or child’s bedroom?

Let the florals inspire the color scheme for a room. Pick out accent colors from the patterned fabric to replicate in cushions, rugs and other home accessories. For the walls, stick to a calming neutral to serve as a backdrop to the star of the show.

Abstract Floral Armchair with Ottoman

Abstract Floral Armchair with Ottoman

Abstract florals are lively representations of natural floral shapes and can be a good option for a modern, gender neutral space. Remember, florals are not just pretty blooms, they have stunning leaves, vines and branches too. You can avoid an overly feminine floral scheme by choosing a more general botanical pattern in gender-neutral hues, such as reds, greens and browns.

Floral armchairs with matching ottomans are an elegant way to reinforce and extend the pattern into the living room. Classic design, paired with abstract floral upholstery and solid wood finishes completes a traditional look that alludes to the natural world.

Blue Floral Barrel Chair

Blue Floral Barrel Chair

Wondering how to include a floral motif in a pared-back interior? A subtle pop of large-scale floral on the back of an armchair can add just the right amount of character, without being too invasive. Even the smallest amount of floral pattern can bring depth and richness to an otherwise neutral space.

In order to achieve a cohesive look, make sure to place florals in splashes around the room, whether in printed cushions, artwork, or better, in a vase! 

Pink Floral Chesterfield Chair

Pink Floral Chesterfield Chair

Looking for an accent furniture piece that breaks with tradition? Modern floral prints with an abstract, sketched look make a bold statement against iconic chair designs such as this Chesterfield chair. Contemporary flair challenges classic design with rich, colorful hues of fuchsia, cream and teal.

Transparent acrylic legs make a trendy finishing touch to a modern floral chair. The barely-there look keeps your attention firmly on the floral upholstery. 

Impressionist Style Floral Accent Club Chair

Impressionist Style Floral Accent Club Chair

Use painterly floral prints for a laid-back chic decor. Taking inspiration from great impressionist artists, such as Monet, these contemporary florals make a unique accent to an otherwise plain decor. Large, striking designs look their best on larger pieces of furniture, such as a big, cozy club chair.

The trick to contemporary floral prints is to keep the rest of the room print-free and introduce texture or simple, geometric pattern instead. This keeps the room feeling balanced and ensures that the floral fabric remains the main feature.

Maximalist Floral Wingback Chair

Maximalist Floral Wingback Chair

Are you one for the ‘more is more’ kind of decor? Then why not introduce floral maximalism into your interior for more pattern, more color and more texture? And why limit yourself to one floral print when you could have various? Try mixing floral prints of different sizes, styles and textures, for a stylishly quirky and casually coordinated look. Take this grand wingback chair as an example. It’s generous size makes room for a vintage floral velvet print, flocked teal velvet brocade on the sides and back and a violet velvet boucle on the loose cushion.

For an eclectic look, combine florals with other patterns such as checks, geometrics, stripes or animal print. It’s important to find a common link that brings them together, such as color, to avoid the room feeling random and overwhelming. 

Our advice Buying Guide

Floral armchairs can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The “Floral” appellation refers to the print upholstery design and can include everything from stylized fleur-de-lis patterns to cabbage roses or daisies. The designs can include trailing vines or can be simple blossoms scattered across the fabric pattern. In each case, the chairs present a slightly informal appearance, reminiscent of afternoon tea delicate single blooms in a vase, or even baskets of cut flowers from your garden.

How to style with floral patterned armchairs?

Floral patterned upholstered chairs go well with solid colored couches, or they could be part of a set and the couch could have a matching pattern. A floral pattern when repeated too often can make a room seem too busy. To combat this “busy, busy” feeling, team floral patterned furniture with solid colored pillows or throws and single color drapes and wall treatments. If the floral design focuses on a single flower, you might add a vase or wall hanging that features that flower, but be careful of overdoing a single floral theme.

What floral designs work best for armchairs?

If you like elegance, you might enjoy a fleur-de-lis pattern or gracefully twining vines. If you want something a little more informal and fun, you might focus on daisies. Somewhere between elegant and fun are designs such as roses or little periwinkles. Color is also an important factor when selecting floral patterns. Flowers come in so many different natural colors you have plenty to choose from.

How to coordinate florals with other prints?

It takes a deft designer to coordinate varied prints. One way to do it is to have similar patterns that are different colors. Another way is to combine furnishings where one item has small, dainty designs and another has a large bold design. Color is again a factor in creating a system of print designs that will go well together and not clash. Separating the different prints with a solid colored piece of furniture such as a wood table or a bright plastic shelving unit can make a difference, as well. It isn’t easy to place two large print pieces with different patterns in one room and still pull the room together as a whole.

How to match wallpaper to floral patterned furniture?

This is another decorating mode that requires some thought. A busy floral wallpaper and floral seating is likely to simply be Too Much for any room. But a solution that can be used is a solid, neutral color for the wall such as white, beige, or even pastels, topped with a frieze that matches the floral design in the furnishings. If the only furniture that has the floral pattern is one or two armchairs, it will be easy to develop a pleasant, tasteful theme. If there is also a matching couch, the wall treatment will need to be approached carefully.


Gobelin armchair plymouth pink

Gobelin armchair plymouth pink
Just to bring a delicious drop of fancy Bohemian style, place a multicolor accent chair in a strategical spot of an interior. This puffy, squat arm chair is beautifully upholstered with pink and blue velvet, it has floral pattern and red legs!

Damask Wingback Chair by Serta Upholstery

Damask Wingback Chair by Serta Upholstery
A very solid wingback chair that features a durable frame made of hardwood. Its seat and backrest spaces are filled with PUR foam that increases the level of comfort and relaxation. The chair has got the size of 45" H x 31" W x 34" D.

Danely Accent Arm Chair

Danely Accent Arm Chair
Accent chair upholstered with pleasant to the touch material and finished with floral theme. It is mounted on wooden legs. Ideal as additional place to sit or place for relaxation in all kinds of interior.

Floral armchairs 1

A very comfortable armchair with an overpadded seat and back, upholstered in a quality floral-patterned fabric. The chair has a hardwood frame with beautifully turned front- and flared rear legs.

Floral chair

The delightful combination of solid construction on the slender legs of the wheels and the beautiful upholstery of the floral upholstery makes this fabulous armchair delight in detail. Large armchair delights and captivates.

Floral armchairs

The beautiful upholstery in the flowers of this beautiful chair makes the whole design a romantic and very atmospheric fashion. The Shabby styling is stylish and very versatile and combines with the convenience of use creates a unique piece of furniture.

Floral arm chair

Pink roses on a white fabric stand for subtleness and delicacy. This lovely upholstery constitutes a great proposition for shabby chic or cottage decors. The Norfolk Rose fabric will definitely add charm and warmth to any space.

Floral living room chairs

Valentino or Givenchy - they are just one of many designers who willingly reach for floral designs when creating their creations. An inspiration of their shows influenced the bright upholstery of this wing-back floral armchair, full of colorful flowers.

Shabby chic very pretty but personally i could never live

Shabby Chic...very pretty but personally I could never live with the floral print on a chair! LOL

Occasional armchairs 8

Floral armchairs bring a lot of joy and freshness to a bright,spacious living room,becoming an element creating its style and atmosphere. These strong accented flowers in the odors of dark green and red are a great contrast to the light base of the upholstery.

10 floral armchairs for cozy living room 3

10 Floral Armchairs for cozy living room

Floral armchair

A comfortable addition for contemporary interiors, this gorgeous armchair is going to make your room to pop with style. It features adorable floral upholstery, and a sturdy wood frame with beautifully turned legs.

French style armchairs 2

With this gorgeous armchair, your home will be sprakling with Victorian sophistication. It stands on a beautifully curved frame, holding a back, seat and armpads upholstered in a quality fabric with striking floral pattern.

Found on 2981

Found on

A delightful mix of patterns on the chair pillow and

A delightful mix of patterns on the chair, pillow and wall.

Pink armchairs 2

for the bedroom, a comfortable reading chair, a table for books, and a window for light, plus a lamp for evening. I like an ottoman but not a chaise. Might consider a plump and cozy loveseat...

Sure Fit Chloe Wing Chair Slipcover, Red

This fashionable slipcover is made of 53% polyester and 47% cotton, suitable for almost any type of wing chairs. The slipcover is elastic, covered with a beautiful floral pattern, and easy to install. Machine-washable; cold water, gentle cycle.

Sure Fit Stretch Olivia 1-Piece Chair Slipcover, White

It is a beautiful one piece slipcover for your chair that has got a pretty pattern with flowers and white finish. It is made of 94 percent polyester and 6 percent spandex. It is very easy to care for.

Floral wingback chair

A glorious choice for dining rooms, living rooms, and sun rooms. The chair has a beautifully distressed wood frame leaf hand-carvings and turned legs. The seat is padded, and upholstered in a floral-patterned fabric, with a matching back.

Floral fabric mix why dont we do something like this

Floral fabric mix - why don't we do something like this for your two twin blue chairs? I have gobs of good sized pieces of floral drapery and uphol fabrics

Chintz chair

This floral armchair fits ideally into flowery interiors. If you like to embellish the room with various bouquets, they will correspond greatly to each other, creating a very gentle, soft appeal.

This chair i love the bright fabric with the classic

this chair...i love the bright fabric with the classic lines! i'm sure it would be A. really easy find and B. really cheap to reupholster!

COASTER 460407 Floral Barrel Back Accent Chair

Barrel back accent chair upholstered with floral fabric printed with leaves in varied orange, rusty and green hues, on light backround with brown undertones. The wooden legs are tapered. Autumnal accent in your home.

Subtle sweetness balance a selection of dainty pieces with cleaner

Subtle sweetness: Balance a selection of dainty pieces with cleaner ones for a more updated take on the romantic look. And don't go overboard on the decorative embellishments — a gently curving slipper chair or a simple white-painted iron bed convey the

Woolen floral armchair

Woolen floral armchair

Floral armchair 10

Floral armchair

Floral armchairs 3

Embellished with a floral motive, this wingback chair will distinguish any living room space. Its vibrant flowers correspond perfectly well to the salmon pink upholstery. The chair stands on solid, wooden legs.

Floral armchair from homebase

Floral armchair from Homebase

Turquoise yellow and gray living room thomas paul hedge fabric

Turquoise Yellow and Gray Living Room + Thomas Paul Hedge Fabric + chevron rug Designpardeux



Coaster Home Furnishings 902140 Floral Pattern Contemporary Armless Accent Chair, Grey

With the charming and elegant floral pattern of the upholstery and the modern looks of the design this accent chair will make for a nice addition to your household, while the wide structure provides ample support for your back.

The only thing i like about this is the yellow

The only thing I like about this, is the yellow chair! Every time I see a yellow chair with a similar pattern, I keep thinking that I have to have one when I have my own place! It would just help brighten up a room!

Sure Fit Amelia 1-Piece Chair Slipcover with Cording, Blue

It is a one piece chair slipcover with cording has got a mixed pattern with flowers and other. It has got a blue and white colors. It is made of cotton and polyester and it adds comfort, style and beauty to any home.

Loving this floral armchair

Loving this floral armchair

Coaster Home Furnishings 460406 Bird Pattern Fabric Accent Barrel Chair, Black and White

Fine accent chair with barrel shaped back. The body is upholstered with an eye-catching fabric featuring black pattern (twigs with leaves and birds) on a white background. The contrast makes the piece visually attractive.

Roseville Blue Floral Club Chair

This lovely club chair stands on a sturdy hardwood frame with tapered legs and an espresso finish. The chair features padded arms and plush cushions, with the whole upholstered in blue floral fabric.

Chiltern floral armchair

Chiltern : Floral Armchair

Handy Living BF340C-PVB55-103 Sasha Chair, Blue Modern Floral

The seat area, which ideally suited not only as a piece of furniture to relax, but also as a decoration of the living room. It is low, but it is a very cavernous and comfortable. It is soft. It has a very nice cushions, decorated with bright flowers.

Armchair colmar floral

Armchair Colmar - Floral

angelo:HOME Bradstreet Antique Floral Bird Chair with Antique Finish

A chic antique wooden chair with a natural finish. It has turned tapered front legs and angular back ones. Its thick deep rectangular seat and wide rectangular fullback are covered in off-white fabric with lovely colourful bird and floral patterns.

Saint Bailey Antique Oak Wood Accent Chair

This kind of chair is a product that brings an antique style into the house. Its construction is based on a frame made of solid wood. The seat is high, large and equipped with a soft cushion. The chair has also got a supportive backrest.

Flower chairs

Contemporary Marie Floral Occasional Chair contemporary-armchairs

Floral armchair 12

Floral Armchair

4D Concepts Versize Accent Chair

It can be difficult to choose a chair that would complement your existing decor and be complemented by the guests! Don't be afraid of printed fabrics, they can do all the talking. This accent chair has a swirly leaves print on it.

Dominique_armchair_blue jpg


Flower print sofa

Now you can decorate your living room with blooming floral patterns by using this fashionable sofa. It's very comfortable and soft, with removable seat cushions, a low profile back, wide rolled arms and a stylish skirt.

Diy reupholstered chair i would use floral fabric obviously

DIY reupholstered chair. I would use floral fabric, obviously.

Top 7 floral armchairs for any living room cute furniture

Top 7 Floral Armchairs For Any Living Room – Cute Furniture

Linon floral arm chair and pillow gray fabric 18 inch

Linon Floral Arm Chair and Pillow, Gray Fabric, 18 inch ...

Statement floral armchairs a key part of any summer

Statement floral armchairs - a key part of any summer ...