Antique Room Dividers

A lot of homes and offices are built with open floor plans. but dividing up the space is sometimes prudent. So, if you need to divide your home or office space into manageable parcels, perhaps a room divider is the way to go. but what style do you want? Might we suggest something in antiques. These are attractive with a more classic styling that will add a sophistication to your space.

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Painted cottage chic shabby aqua room

Painted cottage chic shabby aqua room
Splash your home with a touch of vintage flavor by deciding on this antique room divider. It's made of three wood panels in a distressed finish and with beautifully arched tops. Each piece is also decorated with a very old ornate, while standing on two short legs.

71" x 48" Folding 3 Panel Room Divider

71" x 48" Folding 3 Panel Room Divider
Finished in distressed wood, this folding, 3-paneled room divider constitutes a fabulous proposition directed to all, who love the vintage or rustic design. Folded out, it has the size of 71 x 48".

Red gold lacquered chinoiserie screen

Red gold lacquered chinoiserie screen
Opt for a piece that will bring tones of oriental charm into your household with this sublime room divider that sports the antique design and comes from a unique collection to ensure a significant boost of original appeal.

Saigon Folding Screen

Saigon Folding Screen
A stylish and functional piece, this Folding Screen in Brown Finish is going to grant you all the privacy you need. The frame is designed of Paulownia wood and Bamboo inserts, and thanks to double hinges you can bend the panels in either direction.

Victorian white room divider screen shabby chic 3 panel french

Victorian White Room Divider Screen Shabby Chic 3 Panel French Country Free SHIP | eBay

Painted room divider 1

A wonderful vintage room divider comprised of 4 rectangular panels with a worn wooden edges in browns. Panels are of mirrored Venetian glass with traces of fogging and splotching but featuring beautiful hand-painted birds and flowers designs.

Antique room dividers

An authentic rococo dressing screen for girls. Three width-varied panels have curved creamy-finished wooden frames with gilded both edges and floral carvings. Panels have down fabric inset with a colourful floral design and upper of clear glass.

Our advice Buying Guide

For those who have an interest in purchasing antique room dividers, you may have already done some preliminary research and discovered that there are a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles from which to choose. Therefore, it's critical to narrow down your search based on specific criteria to prevent yourself from becoming stressed out throughout the decorating process.

What are the Uses for Antique Room Dividers?

When choosing an antique room divider, ideally it should have more than one use. In addition to meeting your decorating needs, it should also serve as a window shade, a modesty screen, or as a way of defining space. You can also use room dividers as a way of hiding workspaces. Ideally, you want to serve as a decorative backdrop while being functional.

More often than not, individuals realize they could benefit from utilizing antique room divers. No matter if it's to help divide space in a loft apartment or add privacy to a master bedroom, there is an apparent need. When selecting any new furniture piece, it means striking a balance between personal taste and practical purpose.

What Color Room Divider Should You Choose?

Your room's decor should be complemented by your choice in a room divider. However, there are some exceptions when looking at this design suggestion. For example, when you choose light-weight and lighter colored room dividers, they could go into an urban, eclectic or casual decor. This doesn’t always have to be the case, though. Light colors and lightweight fabrics can transition easily into just about any design theme. When you utilize darker, more substantial fabrics, they complement traditional and formal interior designs.

How to Select the Right Antique Room Divider?

There are several things to take into consideration when selecting the right room divider for your interiors. For example, should you choose a lightweight material, or something more substantial? Ask yourself the following questions to help make your decision:

  • How tall should a room divider be? The best way to answer this question is by measuring your ceiling to determine if it's low or high. So, if you have an 8-foot high ceiling, it's best to purchase a room divider that's 7 foot, 4 inches tall.
  • How many panels do you need? The answer to this question depends on how wide the space where you're going to use the room divider is.
  • Do you want rice paper or solid panels? Answering this question is dependent upon the function of the room divider. If you choose a rice paper room divider, this option is best for allowing light to pass through.

When you answer these questions, as well as those related to how the antique-room-dividers are decorated, you'll lead yourself to the process of comparing prices. Ultimately, you'll have to ask yourself how much you want to spend.

How Much are Antique Room Dividers?

Depending on the materials you're going to select, as well as how large the antique room divider is going to be, prices are going to vary significantly. For example, you can find an antique room divider made from wood featuring glass panels for less than $250.00. However, if you're looking for something that's more elaborately designed, like one featuring mirrors and ornamental features, it could cost over $4,000.00.


Antique room dividers 1

Separrarte your room with style by using these antique room dividers with wooden construction and a weathered finish. They're in shape of an old vintage doors with small glass panels and beautifully turneed posts.

Antique room dividers

This stylish and beautifully made wood and wrought iron architectural gate is an excellent way to get the original interior design. Beautiful ornaments combined with the warmth of wood create a stylish whole.

Vintage divider

vintage divider

Mirrored room divider screen

This dressing screen features beautiful carvings and is finished in a soft lime wash. A fantastic addition to any rustic chateau-chic scheme. Folded out, it has an overall size of W 180 x H 208cm.

Antique room divider 1

Made in the antique style room divider is a combination of unique style and style. Rose roses perfectly dig into a stylish wardrobe or bedroom, where it will bring a unique atmosphere. Robust foldable design captivates.

Using 3 panel white wood stencil antique folding screens room

... Using 3 Panel White Wood Stencil Antique Folding Screens Room Divider

Dressing screens offer a unique display for murals and have

dressing screens offer a unique display for murals and have practical use, or rather, did have

Victorian room divider screen

Room divider with antique finish. Carefully carving frame is made of wood and fitted with round mirror. It has open shelves for display decoration and storing needed items. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Folding screen in six leaves in painted cloth paravent a

Folding screen in six leaves, in painted cloth. Paravent à six feuilles, en toile peinte, XVIIIe siècle

Antique room dividers 4

This project shows how you can transform your louvred doors into a beautiful beachy room screen, adding your interiors a warm, coastal appeal. Smoothly done, they maintain the original, rustic climate.

Victorian screens room dividers

Your cottage country decor won't be complete without a proper room divider that boasts of vintage accents. This one is made of a repurposed door, characterized by a weathered looks, 6 hollow windows and metal hardware.

Hand Carved Wooden Room Divider Screen with Antique Finish 72 x 80"

Vintage room divider

Transform your interior into a country cottage room, with this weathered, old-fashion room divider. Its vintage appearance is well-mixed with functionality, offering 4 hardwood door panels you can easily set thanks to working hinges.

Hanging room dividers

Put a little bit of creativity into your home, while using those distressed sliding doors. They look like a pair of heavy curtains, smoothly gliding on the top rail, which can be a nice change from the traditional entry.

Victorian room divider

Doors are boring – room dividers are the way to go. I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with these antique ones. They are perfect for traditional and rustic interiors. This one here has an especially rich finish, too!

French dressing screen

The antique French triple folding screen oil painted in the floral motive. It's not my aesthetic, but when someone decided to organize his space on the traditional way, it could be a part of the elegant bedroom.

Handmade room dividers

Make a splendid addition to your interior with this stunning wall that sports the different patterns with its charming and detailed carvings and will actually let you provide a more refined and original look with the light dispersing in various directions.

Country room dividers

It has been mentioned many times here about the usefulness of wooden boxes - such as those from the market where fruits are stored. Here they are an exquisite bookcase, which is also an antique room divider in a subtle way exposing the natural reclaimed wood.

Antique room dividers

A stunning and beautifully detailed antique sgtyled room divider that sports the beautiful and serene scene with flowers all around and nature that shines through the wooden structure of the piece.

Folding screen hand painted wood folding screen with floral design

This antique room divider enchants with its hand-painted wood folding screen. Embellished with floral pattern on an antique gold leaf background, it creates a very gentle, elegant appeal.

Vintage room divider screen

The Zhush: Home Tour: Fairfield County Chic

Antique room dividers 5

Great back drop or holiday display

Rustic antique white door used as back drop by table

rustic antique white door used as back drop by the hanging lantern,...

Antique room dividers 7

The old door, to which the greenish-blueish color was added, is a fantastic inspiration and a vintage element to create a unique antique room divider with white sides, also made of wood. Old hinges add character.

Chinese room dividers antique

chinese room dividers antique

Decor home decor room dividers vintage 4 panel room divider

... Decor » Home Decor » Room Dividers » Vintage 4-Panel Room Divider

Antique room dividers 6

A bit of mysticism and the mystery of great painting works - it will not harm the interior with the soul. Exceptionally in the form of a 3-part screen, an antique room divider with "An allegory of Spring and Summer" in a strong mahogany carved frame.

Antique dressing screen

Some interiors are hard to be arranged, but that’s when room dividers can save your day. Just look at this antique room divider. Together with bricks, it creates a cohesive design in this interior. Now it feels like a fancy restaurant in there!

Hand painted screens room dividers

A pretty nice idea to separate your indoor space by using this antique room divider that will improve your home with vintage country accents. It's crafted of durable wood in a weathered white finish, filling up your room with coziness and rustic charm.

Home ashville metal room divider screen 1

Home > Ashville Metal Room Divider Screen

Antique chinese carved gilt wood 4 panel folding screen room

Antique Chinese Carved Gilt Wood 4 Panel Folding Screen/room Divider ...

Legacy Decor 4-panel Screen Room Divider Solid Wood

Antique room dividers 2

Old door as room divider #Door, #Room

Antique room divider screens

Room Divider

Victorian room dividers

French door wall and antique columns for a unique outdoor sitting area (must be California where it "never rains". found on Velvet & Linen blog.

3 or 4 Panel Solid Wood Room Screen Divider Antique Walnut (3 Panels)

Victorian dressing screen

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Room divider idea instant foyer and i love a good

room divider idea - instant foyer. And I love a good foyer.

Antique room dividers 1

Display vintage finds in a unique way by making a rotating gallery. By hanging vintage pictures, such as these antique dog pictures, along a folding screen, you can change the display without adding holes to the walls. A folding screen also is a smart way

Doors have been adapted to serve as booth display pieces

doors have been adapted to serve as booth display pieces (with L brackets at the bottom making them easy to stay upright)

Antique screen

Antique french doors as wall decor - fill up that empty space! I love the idea of using the french doors :)

Moroccan screen vintage room divider

Moroccan Screen Vintage Room Divider

71"x 80" Tall Diamond Weave Fiber 5 Panel Room Divider

71"x 80" Tall Diamond Weave Fiber 5 Panel Room Divider