Painted Room Divider

Looking for inspiration to create a stunning painted room divider? If you're feeling really artsy, you will love some of the ideas featured in the collection below. You can try your hand at painting a landscape on a huge canvas, for instance, or make a recycled wooden pallet room divider that you can easily hang things on. Have fun creating!

Painted room divider

Look on this rustic design at the living zone! The divider is made of unfinished pallets, which is a smart and cheap idea. The rectangular end table reminds me of the mid century style and has the orange frame.

Painted room dividers

Looking for a proper room divider? Look no further! Check out this painted room divider. It’s great for enhancing the character of an interior for it to feel just the way you want it. The wooden construction is light and warm, creating a cosy feeling.

Painted room divider

Make a recycled wooden pallet room divider that you can easily hang things on. | 27 Ways To Maximize Space With Room Dividers

Solid reclaimed wood room divider 1

Solid Reclaimed Wood Room Divider
Room divider made of solid reclaimed wood painted in many different color. It can be used as a dressing divider and it also plays the role of a nice interior decoration. This divider is also resistant to wear and damage.

Painted room divider 2

Some people said that mixing the textures in one interior is a mistake, but I think that it depends only on good planning. As you see the dark wood screens look gorgeous with the bleached bricks - the main role plays the good lighting.

Hand painted room divider

Designed in tropical style, the room divider is beautifully decorated with hot glued onto the front air plants. It can be easily mounted to a ceiling using two strong chains, stylishly dividing your space and giving you the privacy you need.

Decorative vinyl lattice panels

Vintage setup for a monochrome bedroom made in a white style. The bedroom is furnished with a daybed underneath an old-fashioned window with a room divider made out of refurbished planks with a tree painted on it.

Painted room divider 15

In life, you've certainly seen many types of painted room dividers, but you are a lover of minimalism and you want it to remain. So this white, simple two-part divider screen will meet your expectations. Two rectangular plates will give you privacy.

Painted screens room dividers

Room divider in modern form. It is made of glass and decorated with tree theme. Contemporary design for each place according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Decorative lattice panels garden

A beautiful traditional screen manufactured of metal with a painted brown finish. Three decorative tall rectangular panels feature a handmade openwork geometric design. Panels can be used indoor and outdoor.

Painted room divider

This room divider shines with sophisticated design and vintage charm. It's functional and beautiful, crafted of white-finished hardwood and consisted of 3 panels occupied with intricate tree branches, decorated with a stunning lighting system.

Carved room divider

Carved design of this captivating room divider makes the living room, or bedroom decor will gain a unique atmosphere. The beautiful finish of the wooden structure is impressive and very functional.

Plaid living room furniture

Impressive execution of this painted room divider is an excellent way to make the original interior design. The stylized atmosphere of a rural countryside impresses in every living room. Beautiful eye, cabinet, and other furniture create here a neat whole.

Painted room divider 18

Boho screen to die for! I <3 it, I want it!! Love the dark flower painting with all the light colors.

Painted cottage one of a kind room

Painted Cottage One Of A Kind Room
The Classical vintage room divider is an excellent way to have a fun interior design and functional element of every decor. Beautiful and solid construction with wooden panels is folded and lacquered. The perfect solution for the bedroom.

Painted room divider 1

A wonderful vintage room divider comprised of 4 rectangular panels with a worn wooden edges in browns. Panels are of mirrored Venetian glass with traces of fogging and splotching but featuring beautiful hand-painted birds and flowers designs.

If i ever have to do this again the different

If I ever have to do this again. The different shelving - love it Pawleys Island Posh: built-in bookshelves

Painted room divider 1

A creative way of obtaining a stylish room divider for contemporary homes. It's made of repurposed doors, each painted in different color, with the side doors also equipped with caster wheels for easy mobility.

Painted room divider 19

Room divider designed for mounting on the floor and ceiling. It is made of wood and decorated with sophisticated paintings. Adds freshness and modernity to each place.

Oriental Furniture Bubbling Brook Picture, 6-Feet Path of Life Nature Photography Room Divider, 4 Panels

Room divider available in two versions, one with four panels and one with six panels. The divider features appealing park theme, which was printed with high saturation ink. Additionally, the construction is very durable and lightweight.

Painted room divider

A unique room divider with a bold, geometrical form, perfect for enhancing modern and contemporary living rooms. It has a powder-coated steel frame and 4 open shelves crafted of solid walnut. And it's firmly attached to both ceiling and floor.

Painted room divider 3

A simple wall/divider with space for an electric fireplace or shelf makes the decor an interesting one. Attractive colors add to its originality, and at the same time, it becomes an interesting element of the decor.

Painted room divider 9

DIY Folding Screen — just buy two bi-folding closet doors at the hardware store, and decorate!

Painted room divider 6

A cool contemporary room divider modelled on a traditional folded bar chalk board. It's composed of 4 tall rectangular hinged panels of black painted wooden materials in simple white frames with short legs.

Painted room divider

Here at Retro Renovation, you know we love pegboard for its appropriateness, versatility, affordability, humility and utility in kitchens — but how about as a decorative feature in other rooms? Pam spotted Facebook follower Dennis’ original 1954 pegbo

Painted room divider

Great idea! Storage added to the divider wall. Maybe this would work with our "bathroom island".

Buffet tables for sale

O'verlays. Awesome for people who enjoy transforming furniture found on the street/at thrift stores/at yard sales.

Abstract wall art 13

Room divider that can be used as a headboard area in the bedroom. This element of design features a very nice painted pattern with a landscape. It is very useful and it also improves interior aesthetics.

Hand painted room dividers

Intricate design of this white-painted room divider exudes modern flavor and timeless elegance, making it perfect for contemporary homes. It's geometrical silhouette can dramatically change the appearance of your bathroom.

Painted room divider 10

An inexpensive, practical and stylish way to separate the children bedroom. Ideal, when you have two maturing children. To emphasize the effect, you can also paint different parts of the room variously.

Bamboo Bead SUNFLOWER Door Patio Porch Room Divider Wall Hanging Curtain Art

Painted room divider 4

The apparently sloppy painted room divider is an interesting and intriguing design element of any bedroom or living room. Simple design is folded so that it can be used in many ways. The perfect solution for a stylish interior.

Painted room divider 8

Love the reclaimed wood, who wouldn't want a barn door in their house?

Diy shelf out of crates from the craft store this

DIY shelf out of crates from the craft store... This is a great idea! Paint them to make them go with the color scheme of the room.

Laser cut metal screens

Room dividers do not have to be fancy – but why settle for something boring when you can choose an interesting and intriguing decoration instead? This metal, a geometrical room divider can easily become the focal point of your living room, if you give it the chance!

Painted room divider 11

Somewhere in a bunker's boudoir, there should be room for a painted room divider - to get a bit of privacy. In addition, he was personalized, hand-painted in a dandelion on a dark-blue background. The metal frame adds a modern look.

3 Panels Double sided painted Canvas room divider screen

Oriental Furniture Good Simple Inexpensive Durable Room Divider, 6-Feet Rattan Style Two Tone Woven Fiber Folding Screen Partition, 3 Panel

This 3-panel screen is totally opaque, so it provides maximum privacy, and no light is able to shine through. Though constructed of wooden panels, it is light in weight. The construction is completed with tough cord.

Painted room divider

Sliding French doors / barn doors. Maybe I could do something like this for my dining room doorway… :)

4-Panel Double Sided Painted Canvas Room Divider Screen, Caribbean Sea and Beach

78" x 54" Sri Lanka 3 Panel Room Divider

78" x 54" Sri Lanka 3 Panel Room Divider

Roundhill 3-Panel Double Sided Painted Canvas Room Divider Screen, Tree

Painted room divider

The luxurious combination of details, a slim coffee table, modern corner floating chairs and an impressive sofa make this unique and ultra modern living room a delight. Beautiful details, perfectly blend in the interior bring a cozy atmosphere.

Painted room divider 17

Incredibly creative solution!~Wooden hanging room divider in crazy shapes keeps the room spacy but makes it divided. Doesn't disturb air flow and looks extremely cool. Ideal for modern style apartments!

Pegboard display paint it black and use for bow display

Pegboard display - paint it black and use for bow display? Could u use it outside to create a screen for after the beach and a place to hang tools on the other side?

Room divider inexpensive painted room dividers

Room Divider - inexpensive painted room dividers

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Painted room divider 13

Perhaps a creatively cut & painted room divider is all a little girl needs for the perfect indoor playhouse....

Legacy Decor 4-panel Screen Room Divider Solid Wood

Painted room divider

Storage Divider In Bathroom To Conceal Toilet.