French Louis Xv Chairs

An incredible find and a definite must-have for the home, Louis XV chairs are stunning and add a royal feel to any room. They are hand crafted, look gorgeous, and will make your home feel classy and refined. They come in plenty of styles, but every single one shows an attention to elegance and refinement that only a Louis XV chair can. Take a look at this collection and see what we mean. You won’t be disappointed.

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Louis xv bergere chairs upcycled

Louis xv bergere chairs upcycled
If you’re looking for a great, antique set of furniture for you elegant and classy living room, take a look at these beautiful, upcycled armchairs with a very traditional design and unique, unusual upholstery.

Vintage french louis xv chair upcycled

Vintage french louis xv chair upcycled
An attractive and solid chair inspired by French Louis XV stylization. Its handmade wooden frame features a neutral white finish. Its organic cotton fabric includes a nice pattern with blue and white elements.

Gorgeous Pair Of French Chairs

Gorgeous Pair Of French Chairs
Tasteful chair in Louis XV style. Frame is made of wood with antique finish. Seat and back is upholstered with nice touch fabric. Perfect as dining chair or extra seating in any interior as needed.

Louis XV Fauteuil De Bureau Chair

Louis XV Fauteuil De Bureau Chair
Are you dreaming about perfect design in your house? Are you a fan of comfortable and stylish solutions? Then, check out this unique chair! This piece of furniture may perfectly match your expectations.

Louis XIV Mahogany End Table

Louis XIV Mahogany End Table
End table in the style of Louis XIV. The construction is made of high quality mahogany. Round table top is mounted on a carefully carving base. Made in Indonesia.

Soldvintage louis xiv style french arm

Soldvintage louis xiv style french arm
Everyone that has come into my home has commented my new arm chair. It has the vintage Louis XIV French style and white finish. I love the frame, because it is decorated by hand crafted details.

French Louis Armchair

French Louis Armchair
A solid and very comfortable element of furniture inspired by French stylizations. This armchair includes a durable and decorative wooden frame finished in neutral white color. Its soft seat is finished in grey color.

Our advice Buying Guide

Shopping for a unique furniture piece like a French Louis XV chair is always one of the most exciting parts of redecorating a home. A French Louis XV chair is among the antique furniture pieces that are still sought-after today as they can't help it but exude romance with their gilded finishes, sensuality with their curved wooden frames, and comfortability with their angled backrests that are perfect for relaxation.

We know a smart buyer like you would want to get the most value from your money especially from an exquisite piece like the French Louis XV chair. Luckily for you, we've compiled tips on how to buy this type of stylish seating. Check them out!

French Louis Xv Chairs: Why quality matters?

First and foremost, you would want to check a French Louis XV chair’s quality, regardless of whether it’s an antique or a reproduction. Of course, it’s a general rule to purchase furniture that offers the best quality in relation to what you can afford. However, you should also remember that this type of chair is worth investing into as it isn’t just an heirloom piece, but the right chair will also boost your home’s appeal tenfold!

How to make sure my French Louis XV Chair is in god condition?

Checking an item’s condition is imperative, most especially with a valuable piece of furniture. If you buy an antique French Louis XV chair, ask for a comprehensive condition report. It must write in detail any repairs, restoration, and damage. This way, you’re able to determine an item’s authenticity and guarantee that it’s not a replica.

For a reproduced unit, you definitely have to check its condition and make sure there are little to no imperfections when it arrives on your doorstep. After all, it’s a brand new chair!

When buying furniture online, it’s best to purchase from an established, reputable furniture dealer or manufacturer as that ensures you’ll get the piece that’s exactly what you expect.

How to pick the rigt size French Louis XV Chairs?

If the size of your chosen chair fits right into the room, then that’s great! But, you should also cut a template of the chair’s dimensions and place it on your flooring. This way, you’ll be able to visualize the item’s impact in your space. If it has the right scale and it’s in proportion to other furniture pieces within the room, then you can go ahead and make that purchase with a smile! Remember - always check the chair’s size first before you click the buy button! Measure what your space can allocate for a new stylish addition.

How to style with French Louis XV Chairs?

When getting a beautiful piece like a French Louis XV chair, it’s important that you know the design that you want to achieve. What do you want your space to convey? Placing a French chair in the room can seem romantic but it may make the room appear cluttered or old-fashioned. If you want a French Louis XV chair to fit seamlessly into your space, it must complement a room. Within a contemporary or modern style room, the chair will definitely look attractive most especially when it’s set against a corner or window.


Vintage louis xv chair newly upholstered

Vintage louis xv chair newly upholstered
Vintage chair that brings Louis XV stylization into the house. Its durable wooden frame includes four solid and stable legs. The chair also offers padded arms and a supportive backrest. Its sitting and back spaces are covered with fabric in pink and black color.

French louis xv chairs

This magnificent arm chair is upholstered in eighteenth-century Beauvais tapestry, with exquisite carvings all over the golden frame. The fabric is attached to the cushions and armrests by a flawless nail head trim.

Louis xv chair

Add a glamour and luxury touch to your dinette or drawing room with the pair of antique vintage French Louis XV armchairs. They are finished by the gold accents with gray cover on the back and cushioned seat.

French louis shabby chic chair

Accentuate your home palace with a decent accent chair - wanna get inspired by French royalties? This 18th century chair sips with gold, intricate carvings and boasts its fancy blue damask upholstery. An original Versailles chair from Louis XVI epoque.

Louis xv arm chair 6

The nineneeth century sofa. Really elegant and luxurious. The wooden elements had been covered with the gold lacquer what makes it looking more pompatic. The backrest and seat with the aureate upholstery is very comfortable.

Berger chair

Designed in vintage, Louis XV French style, this lovely arm chair is upholstered in a pink fabric that beautifully contrasts with the weathered and gorgeously carved, wood frame. The seat cushion is soft, well-padded, and brings much, much comfort.

Antique louis chair

We was looking for something exclusive to our living zone, and we found these two vintage gilt carved armchairs. They have got cushioned seats, French style and navy fabric upholstery.

French giltwood and beauvais tapestry fauteuil


French louis xv furniture

If you think that antique furniture is just bloated quilting, and old-fashioned patterns - look at this French Louis XV chair, whose wooden oak gilded frame combines with the colorful upholstery of the palm beach.Exotic flowers don't interfere to be dignified.

French louis dining chairs

Marry a shabby chic style with elaborate designs taken straight from Louis XV epoque? Why not! These French accent arm chairs create this unique quality perfectly. Gilt details fit rococo carvings just too well.

French louis xv chairs 1

I purchased this antique French Louis XV bench chair for my bedroom. It features the gold leaf finish and pink velvet upholstery. It's very comfy and suitable with the rich decor in the interior.

Louis xv chair 9

Artistic Louis XV stylization in the house. This comfortable chair features a durable wooden frame in gray finish. Seat and backrest cushions feature red decorations located on gray background, so this chair matches many stylizations.

Louis xv chair 4

Decorative Louis XV chair that looks very good in classic and antique home stylizations. It is supported by wooden frame in gold finish and with some decorative accents. Its seat, back and arm cushions are covered with green material.

Pair 2 french louis xv open arm chairs carved j6664


French antique louis xv hand carved needle point arm chair

French Antique Louis XV Hand Carved Needle Point Arm Chair

Vintage louis xv french style serpentine armchairs

Vintage Louis XV French style Serpentine Armchairs

French louis xv and xvi sofas

French Louis XV and XVI Sofas