Orthopedic Armchairs

Do you have back problems and sometimes using a chair just doesn't feel quite right? That's because that chair wasn't designed for you, it was designed for everyone as a blanket concept, just like most medicine. But in this case, medicine is your friend. We have orthopedic armchairs that are specifically designed to the user and will help them with whatever issue they have when sitting. See collection for details.

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Treasury Item Mid Century Eames Era

Treasury Item Mid Century Eames Era
Do you want to go for a bit of retro appeal for your interior as well? With this armchair not only do you get that, coming from the old styled design, you will also get the full benefit of the orthopedic structure.

Sasha Arm Chair

Sasha Arm Chair
Fantastic looking recliner chair made of durable wood to provide solid support, ample padding for extra comfort, ergonomic back and armrests, and stylish frame designed for functionality and elegant looks.

Orthopedic armchairs

Orthopedic Armchairs

Orthopedic armchairs 6

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Leather Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair Fjords 215 Muldal Large Recliner Furniture Nordic Line Genuine Black Leather Cherry Wood

This reclining chair & matching ottoman set features genuine Fjords leather upholstery, laminated wood bases, and the Fjords Active Release System. The seat, back, arms and ottoman are filled with cast molded cold cure foam.

Orthopedic armchairs 4

Wing-Back-Fireside-Armchair-Small-Westoe-Orthopaedic-in-Stone-Dimple ...

Orthopedic armchairs


Orthopedic armchairs

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Orthopedic armchairs

Black bonded orthopaedic chair

Art deco chair 6

Art Deco Chair.

Orthopedic armchairs 25

Art Deco

Orthopedic armchairs 3

High Wing Back Orthopedic Armchair

Laptop table brochure laptop table info

Laptop Table Brochure - Laptop Table Info.

Human touch perfect chairs zero anti gravity recliners

Human Touch Perfect Chairs – Zero Anti Gravity Recliners

Orthopedic armchairs 3


Orthopedic arm chairs

Orthopedic Arm Chairs

Orthopedic armchairs 5


Orthopedic armchairs 6

Very comfortable armchair with a very soft seat paired with backrest and arms. The whole sitting space is covered with orthopedic balls. This chair is based on a durable wooden construction that assures resistance to wear.

Orthopedic armchairs 12


Orthopedic armchairs 2

Orthopedic Back Support Conforming Fleece Pillow - Chair, Car, Bed ...

Art deco chair 7

Art Deco chair.

Orthopedic armchairs 13

B&W chair

Orthopedic armchairs 32


Orthopedic armchairs 4

Hand-carved of hardwood; these chairs were apparently modeled after a rare 18th-century chair which sold for over $100,000 at a New York auction. By oral tradition, they were part of a set custom-ordered by actor Vincent Price. However, Price died before

Orthopedic armchairs 24

Arm chair in Scandinavian style. Frame is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Seat and back are covered with nice touch fabric. Includes extra pillow for added comfort. Ideal for watching TV, reading books and more.

K&H Furniture Pet Cover for Chair, Mocha

Have you ever experienced problems with your beloved pets climbing up the furniture and leaving a mess behind? If so, then this furniture cover is perfect for you - its easy to clean and protects the chair or sofa, while you're able to enjoy your time with your pets.

Orthopedic armchairs 1

An aesthetic traditional orthopaedic armchair with a wooden frame finished in mid brown. It has straight angular legs, flat pillowed arms, a square seat, a tall contoured button tufted wingback, fabric upholstery in mid pink tones.

Orthopedic armchair 1


Orthopedic armchairs 16

Love chair

Orthopedic armchairs 1

art deco chair vintage

Orthopedic armchair

Arm chair, designed by Hans Olsen, Denmark. 1950's

Orthopedic armchairs 2


Aeron Desk Chair, Basic, Color - Carbon, Small

It is a basic desk chair that has got an adjustable height, swivel function, standard carpet casters, graphite frame and blue with black upholstery. It is perfect for your office space and teenage room.

Orthopedic armchairs 7

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Orthopedic armchairs 14

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Orthopedic armchairs 15


Orthopedic armchairs 17

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Orthopedic armchairs 19

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Orthopedic armchairs 20

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Orthopedic armchairs 21


Orthopedic armchairs 23

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Orthopedic armchairs 26


Orthopedic armchairs 27

chair art

Orthopedic armchairs 28

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Orthopedic armchairs 29


Orthopedic armchairs 30

art deco

Orthopedic armchairs 31

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Example of our riser recliner chairs

Example Of Our Riser Recliner Chairs.

Orthopedic armchairs 5

Rocking Armchairs Canada