Metal Laundry Basket On Wheels

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Lugging a laundry basket across the house is taxing, especially if you have a lot of laundry to do. Laundromats do it right, with rolling metal laundry baskets. For your home, or maybe just for your trip to the laundromat, we give you a collection of metal laundry baskets. Now the strain of moving piles of laundry from one place to another is a thing of the past.

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Updated 01/08/2022
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Rolling metal laundry basket with tiers

Rolling metal laundry basket with tiers

Yamazaki Home

This metal laundry basket on wheels measures 27.4” x 15.7” x 11.4”. Its functional design includes thoughtful accents like the handles in a wood finish. This, combined with its white hue, makes it really easy to complement your room’s palette. 

Designer Advice:

Tiered baskets allow you to keep different types of clothes separated. Instead of having to sort white and colored garments when you do the laundry, it’ll be easier to do it as you go. These designs also help you make the most of tighter spaces. For example, because this model measures less than 12” in width, you can easily squeeze it in between the washing machine and another vertical surface.

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Hamper style metal laundry basket

Hamper style metal laundry basket


This wire laundry basket on wheels comes in two versatile finishes: black and white. The hand-written style label inspires a familiar and nostalgic vibe. Measuring only 25” x 18” x 12.75”, it’s spacious but narrow enough to fit in most places.

Designer Advice:

This type of design is a charming twist on the most common metal baskets. It maintains their wired look but includes a fabric element. This means that your dirty clothes won’t be in plain sight. So, if you’d rather keep a tidier and more minimalist feel, you’ll probably prefer them.

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Compact metal laundry basket

Compact metal laundry basket

Yamazaki Home

This metal laundry basket on wheels is stylish but space-saving. Only 24” x 18.7” x 11”, it can be placed virtually anywhere! However, it might be too small for families with kids. We mainly recommend it for couples and small households. 

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Eye catching metal laundry basket on wheels

Eye catching metal laundry basket on wheels

As well as the more traditional black and white finishes, you can find this basket in a decorative gold design. This can mirror your existing accents or introduce a glam touch. Choose between a small and medium size to really match your household’s needs. 

Designer Advice:

It’d be extremely unpractical to pick a basket that’s too small to store your dirty laundry until it’s time to wash it. At the same time, however, why waste precious space with a basket that’s much bigger than needed? Most of them tend to have a storage capacity of between 14 and 20 gallons. We only recommend larger options to families of four or more.

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Vintage laundry basket

Vintage laundry basket

17 Stories

This laundry basket with wheels is delightfully nostalgic. Measuring 26.5” x 24.75” x 15.5”, it’ll make a bold statement in your home. Its design is especially indicated for countryside-inspired, retro, or cottage interiors, but it could work in industrial rooms, too.

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Metal Laundry Basket On Wheels

Buying Guide

A metal laundry basket with wheels saves you from straining your back on laundry day, but you may be hesitant to invest in a laundry basket that’s at risk of rusting. While it might seem counterintuitive to put wet clothes in a metal basket, you can prevent your metal laundry basket from rusting by being diligent in how you care for it.

The good news is that most metal laundry baskets are made of stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rust, though not 100% rustproof. The durability of stainless steel means the time it takes to transfer your wet clothes from the washing machine to the clothesline, or the dryer isn’t enough exposure to cause rusting.

To increase your metal clothes basket’s longevity, avoid leaving damp or wet laundry sitting in it for long periods. After removing the wet clothes, immediately wipe the metal frame dry.

Plastic laundry baskets are known for cracking and being a pain to carry from one room to another when heavy. By the same token, wicker baskets absorb odors, are hard to clean, and can tear delicate clothes.

For this reason, a metal laundry basket is the best solution. It’s sturdy, stable, has a frame that’s easy to clean, and resistant to both odors and moisture. Best of all, it won't break on you!

You can also find metal laundry baskets that come equipped with caster wheels, making it easy to transfer your laundry from the washer to the dryer or transport them from your home to the Laundromat.

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Made of metal with a patina finish our skyler metal

Made of metal with a patina finish, our Skyler Metal Laundry Basket is an attractive solution for carrying loads to and from the washer. Featuring a rustic wood bottom, this stylish and versatile basket also makes a fun storage option anywhere in the home

Metal Laundry Basket with Casters

Metal Laundry Basket with Casters

If you're looking for a perfect and practical solutions for your bathroom or laundry room, check out this unique laundry basket with casters. You're gonna fall in love with its extraordinary functionality!

Metal basket on wheels

I would love to replace my ugly plastic laundry hamper with this Gymnasium Basket | Rejuvination

Laundry chute basket

blasted restoration hardware

Vintage metal basket

Standard Laundry Cart by R B Wire Products Inc. $122.00. The Standard Laundry Cart has a 2 1/2 Bushel Capacity and is the standard of the industry built for years of service. This laundry cart is used by the majority of America's coin laundries, on-premis

Metal laundry basket

Durable metal laundry basket with four legs equipped with wheels. This durable construction features an old-styled finish. Its legs feature additional horizontal supports made of metal, so the whole basket construction is very stable.

Metal laundry basket 6

saw this hamper at Crate and Barrel 's website.

Market basket table kind of love this for my living

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Laundry basket on wheels. This metal element features four durable legs with horizontal supports. Basket area is spacious and resistant to large weight, moisture and other negative factors associated with laundry.

Metal laundry basket 1

S/2 Metal Laundry Baskets w/ Wheels - small, 18.4"L x 12.5"W x 18.5"H; arge, 22.4"L x 14.5"W x 22.6"H $170- orig. 340

Wire laundry cart on wheels

laundry cart-just found one of I need the basket!

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