Small Folding Shopping Cart

Bring your own with this small, folding, shopping cart to the store and save the hassle of wiping down the handles of those public carts. it is the best choice if you are susceptible to germs. And they fold easily, fit in tight spaces, and won't clog up your trunk, leaving valuable space for food. See all the choice carts in this collection.

Best Ideas

Narita Deluxe Hooded Carrier Liner

Narita Deluxe Hooded Carrier Liner
If your shopping cart needs to have its liner changed, this one may be the one you are looking for. It features carrying straps and a hood, and has water-proof qualities. You can attach it to frame with Velcro-like fasteners.

Rolling Utility Cart (Set of 4)

Rolling Utility Cart (Set of 4)
Cool practical rolling cart constructed of thinner and thicker vertical and horizontal rods of white-coated steel. Its grip is covered in black plastic. Front wheels are smaller than back ones. This cart can be folded for storage.

Ultra Compact Quik Cart

Ultra Compact Quik Cart
If you're looking for some stylish and practical ways to transport your equipment, this awesome quik cart may be the best solution. Check it out and enjoy the best quality and the highest functionality!

Narita Jumbo Shopping Cart

Narita Jumbo Shopping Cart
Functional and convenient design of this Jumbo Shopping Cart in Black Finish makes it a perfect choice for easy carrying of your groceries. The cart is foldable, equipped in 4 wheels for easy transport, and able to hold up to 100lbs of load.

Narita Super Shopping Cart

Narita Super Shopping Cart
Practical and super lightweight stroller / shopping cart is the perfect solution during daily activities. Capacious basket, fits shopping, and more, plus a solid wheels and handle what it has, is to facilitate transportation. The whole is maintained in pleasant colors.

66 lbs Capacity Folding Shopping Cart

66 lbs Capacity Folding Shopping Cart
This folding shopping cart is the perfect way of getting the extra practicality, while going shopping or doing some other responsibilities. It offers wheels for easier mobility and the structure is strong and durable.

Collapsible shopping cart

This red small folding cart will be your favourite companion. Featuring two-tier baskets, it would be great for convenience stores, liquor stores, pharmacies, and small grocery stores.

Small folding shopping cart with wheels

Two wheeled folding shopping cart with tartan pattern and a practical handle. The handle is metal but it's top is plastic so that it's more comfortable in use. It's possible to fold it and make it much smaller. The pattern is dark blue with a little bit of red.

Small folding shopping cart 2

Small and foldable shopping cart with four large rubber legs that can easily cut through any terrain. The cart also comes with an all-metal construction for outstanding load-bearing capacity and extra longevity. The metal design also makes the cart firmly weather-resistant.

Small folding shopping cart

When you go shopping and you no longer have the power to tear the grids full of heavy water bottles - you can go with a new small folding shopping cart, on wheels. Long metal handle makes walking easier,besides that - solid wheels and a basket in olive color.

Shopping Cart Trolley Grape

Shopping with this functional trolley will be a real pleasure. It features a spacious bag equipped in a removable water resistant part. You can easily adjust the height of a solid handle. The bag comes in a pretty, purple color.

Apartment grocery cart

Extra compact shopping cart featuring a nice and strong chrome-plated metal construction. The cart also comes with a polyester canopy to guard your shopping in tough weather and four all-purpose and all-terrain wheels to ease movement even on a full load.

Pull cart for shopping

Small shopping cart with practical wheels and metal compartments for different products. This useful element offers a folding frame, so it provides enhanced transportation and storage when not in use.

Grocery pull cart

Small-sized shopping cart with functional folding construction. This durable cart features two metal wire baskets for laundry or food products. This cart features folding construction that allows for space-saving storage.

Royal Collapsible Heavy-Duty Folding Office Cart with LID Mobile Utility Filing Cart LifeTime Warranty

Smart Cart Bigger Multi-Purpose Basket, Red

Practical and extremely portable shopping cart featuring a foldable design. The cart is also built using high quality and durable materials. You get easy to use wheels that should glide it through all terrains during your shopping outings or escapades.

Folding Shopping Cart - Versacart Utility Cart - Transport Up to 120 Pounds (Water-Resistant Heavy Duty Canvas)

Folding shopping cart. Ideal for people with motoric problems and the elderly who want to remain independent in terms of shopping. The cart is lined with durable material, so it can carry even heavy objects.

Reisenthel Foldable Trolley

Make sure you have the perfect way of doing the shopping, whether it's for grocery or other needed things with this amazing trolley that sports not only the convenient, foldable structure but also the elegant design.

Details about folding cart basket grocery small size silver shopping

Details about FOLDING CART Basket Grocery small size (silver) Shopping ...

Small folding shopping cart 1

Great solution for elderly people or someone with back problems. A handy little folding shopping cart, which is bound to help you immensely while doing groceries. No more hurting spine after carrying all those heavy bags!

Small folding shopping cart 5

Shopping cart mounted on metal frame and covered with fabric. Includes capacious compartment and extra pocket for storing needed stuff. It folds flat for easy storage. Functional gadget for each home.

Portable Shopping Cart Tote Bag with Wheel / Folding Single-shoulder Shopping Bag ~Green

Folding Shopping Cart Go Two Malibu

Small folding shopping cart 3

Extra large cart w/ matching liner. $20.39. Amazon. Can carry 150 lbs! Measurements wheels measure: FRONT 5" REAR 9 1/2 Dimensions: Large Basket Size: 24"h x 17"w x 14.5"d Cart Size: 41.75"h x 24"w x 21"d small basket 18" side to side Dimensions when fold