Grocery Cart With Wheels

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Standard grocery store shopping carts aren’t suitable for everyone. Seniors, people with disabilities, or those who enjoy walking to and from the store can all benefit from the ergonomic features and lightweight design of a portable grocery cart with wheels. These carts offer ample space to fit items ranging from produce to cleaning supplies. They are also highly versatile, allowing you to transport sporting equipment, camping gear, or picnic food. Find the pefect grocery cart with wheels on our list. 

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Updated 18/11/2022
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Shopping Cart With Wheels

Shopping Cart With Wheels


What We Like: ADA-compliant, stair-climbing feature

What We Don’t Like: No shelves included

Not So Great For: Separating products in the cart

Perfect For: Easy transportation

Despite its small footprint, this ADA-compliant shopping cart has a spacious interior, making it a versatile choice for multiple settings, including flea markets, grocery stores, and malls. It can even be used to transport laundry or other items, and with an adjustable height feature, tall individuals can hold the handle comfortably without reaching or bending.

It’s designed to take anywhere, even up and down stairs. The three swivel wheels allow the cart to glide up and down stairs effortlessly. It’s collapsible and portable to make transportation and storage easy. With a detachable waterproof cloth bag, you can even use it on rainy days without worrying about damage.

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Small Shopping Cart With Wheels

Small Shopping Cart With Wheels


What We Like: Spacious basket, durable

What We Don’t Like: No compartments for smaller items

Not So Great For: Smaller items

Perfect For: Groceries, heavy items

This steel frame grocery cart with wheels is an excellent durable option for everyday grocery shopping and transportation needs. The spacious basket can carry up to 100 lbs. of products while being a lightweight cart. Use it for groceries, gardening, camping, or transporting laundry.

The ergonomic foam handle is comfortable and allows for easy cart control. The large rear wheels allow the cart to handle bumpy sidewalks or uneven terrain smoothly. It folds flat to fit in the trunk of your car, the garage, or under your bed.

$61.48 $150

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High Capacity Folding Shopping Cart

High Capacity Folding Shopping Cart


What We Like: Collapsible, features cup holders

What We Don’t Like: Difficult to clean

Not So Great For: Going up and down stairs

Perfect For: Beach days and sporting events

This folding cart features built-in cup holders, a 150 lb. weight capacity, and wheels intended for uneven ground and sand. It’s perfect for assisting a busy parent in transporting kids' toys for a beach day, for a walk in the park, or for attending sporting events.

Shopping carts with wheels can also help transport groceries from your car to your house with ease. The collapsible feature ensures you can fit it easily in your vehicle’s trunk, and it only takes seconds to fold or unfold. It is reliably constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame and durable polyester fabric for long-lasting use.

$77.19 $118.99

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Stair Climbing Grocery Carrier With Wheels

Stair Climbing Grocery Carrier With Wheels


What We Like: Stair-climbing feature

What We Don’t Like: Assembly required

Not So Great For: Transporting laundry

Perfect For: Groceries and weather protection

This stair-climbing grocery cart is made of aluminum and polyester materials. The detachable waterproof cloth bag will keep your items protected on rainy days. This prevents your groceries from getting ruined due to the weather.

The tri-wheel design allows the cart to go up and down stairs easily. The cart also has an adjustable height feature, so you can find the setting that is comfortable for you. It’s perfect for grocery shopping or transporting heavier items throughout your home, preventing injuries from straining or lifting.

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Foldable Shopping Cart With Removable Bag

Foldable Shopping Cart With Removable Bag


What We Like: Non-slip, shockproof wheels

What We Don’t Like: One large compartment

Not So Great For: Transporting school supplies

Perfect For: Large grocery orders

If you’re looking for durable grocery carts with wheels, this large cart has a 120 lb. carrying capacity and features a cloth lining with PVC waterproof coating. A top cover is included for security while you shop or transport items. The top cover and liner can be washed easily.

The non-slip, shockproof wheels help you easily transport heavy grocery or laundry loads across multiple floor surfaces. The comfortable L-shaped handles minimize the strain of pushing the cart and can be folded for easy storage. This cart is an excellent option for large grocery loads, laundry loads, or moving heavy items without injury.

$79.98 $175.99

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Small Folding Shopping Cart

Small Folding Shopping Cart


What We Like: Durable and compact

What We Don’t Like: Small carrying capacity

Not So Great For: Large shopping trips

Perfect For: Personal items, books, files

This folding two-wheel utility cart features a plastic crate and a durable handle. The pull handle is made of aluminum, making it rust-proof and flexible for long-term use. Its collapsible design allows for easy storage and is a great size for everyday use.

This utility cart is an ideal portable carrier for classroom supplies, files, books, or personal items. It can also be a portable toolbox to help you complete home projects. It eliminates the strain a book bag or backpack can cause, making transporting your personal items easier.

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Shopping Cart Trolley Grape

Shopping with this functional trolley will be a real pleasure. It features a spacious bag equipped in a removable water resistant part. You can easily adjust the height of a solid handle. The bag comes in a pretty, purple color.

Small folding shopping cart

When you go shopping and you no longer have the power to tear the grids full of heavy water bottles - you can go with a new small folding shopping cart, on wheels. Long metal handle makes walking easier,besides that - solid wheels and a basket in olive color.

SCF Stair Climbing Cart 3 Tri-Wheel Folding Shopping Senior's Handcart - Rolling Utility - Lightweight Urban Traveller

Reisenthel Foldable Trolley

Make sure you have the perfect way of doing the shopping, whether it's for grocery or other needed things with this amazing trolley that sports not only the convenient, foldable structure but also the elegant design.

Narita Super Shopping Cart

Narita Super Shopping Cart

Practical and super lightweight stroller / shopping cart is the perfect solution during daily activities. Capacious basket, fits shopping, and more, plus a solid wheels and handle what it has, is to facilitate transportation. The whole is maintained in pleasant colors.

Folding shopping bag with wheels

A perfect choice for all the people that have trouble with their back or simply cannot lift heavy weight - this utility cart will allow them to do the shopping or transport their belongings with maximum ease.

66 lbs Capacity Folding Shopping Cart

66 lbs Capacity Folding Shopping Cart

This folding shopping cart is the perfect way of getting the extra practicality, while going shopping or doing some other responsibilities. It offers wheels for easier mobility and the structure is strong and durable.

Portable shopping trolley

MaxiCart 300 by Narita Trading The MaxiCart 300 makes any carrying job easier on you!  This folding shopping cart features a heavy gauge steel construction for durability and swiveling front wheels with heavy duty ball bearings.  With front-loading capa

Small folding shopping cart 5

Shopping cart mounted on metal frame and covered with fabric. Includes capacious compartment and extra pocket for storing needed stuff. It folds flat for easy storage. Functional gadget for each home.

Narita Deluxe Hooded Carrier Liner

Narita Deluxe Hooded Carrier Liner

If your shopping cart needs to have its liner changed, this one may be the one you are looking for. It features carrying straps and a hood, and has water-proof qualities. You can attach it to frame with Velcro-like fasteners.

Rolling Utility Cart (Set of 4)

Rolling Utility Cart (Set of 4)

Cool practical rolling cart constructed of thinner and thicker vertical and horizontal rods of white-coated steel. Its grip is covered in black plastic. Front wheels are smaller than back ones. This cart can be folded for storage.

Rolling shopping carts folding

Thanks to this functional shopping cart, you can now easily transport your groceries using the capacious bag and smooth caster wheels. The foldable frame is made of powder-coated lattice wire, offering a convenient handle, lime green bag, and 66 lbs. capacity.

Roadrunner Folding Grocery Shopping Cart 2 Wheel Version

This Folding Grocery Shopping Cart with 2 Wheels is characterized by a rolling design that also features a large zippered front pocket, an easy to fold metal frame, and a removable bag. A perfect choice for carrying groceries.

Shopping rolling cart

Handy and functional approach to a rolling shopping cart with an easy to store foldable frame. The rolling cart is made out of aluminum with a fabric compartment inside made in yellow color for storing groceries.

Pack and roll folding shopping cart

From today, you can shop in a good style-with a durable, lightweight aluminum, rolling shopping cart/basket, with 360-degree swivels - for easy control. The insulated gray insert has a large capacity, closes with a zipper and has a comfortable carrying handle.

Rolling Shopping Cart

Rolling Shopping Cart

Pretty convenient standing bag for shopping. It has a metal and plastic frame, a 2-bar handle, 1 large drape lid pocket and 1 small zippered pocket as well as 2 wheels. This rectangular bag is made of durable red fabric with black edgings.

Portable rolling shopping cart

A very functional and durable shopping cart. It is a high quality product that has got a metal frame. It is durable and collapsible, so the storage of this cart is problem-free and space-saving. The maximum weight capacity is 20 lbs.

42" Rolling Shopping Cart with Geometric Handle

42" Rolling Shopping Cart with Geometric Handle

For anyone in need of a comfortable way of carrying their grocery or purchases during the trips shopping, this shopping cart will help you easily convey things over short distances and offers you the added convince with the wheels for easier mobility.

Solid Rolling Shopping Tote

Solid Rolling Shopping Tote

This rugged rolling shopping tote is a great way for convenient shopping. Capacious bag accommodate all the little things, and handy handle and wheels facilitate their transportation.

Small folding shopping cart 66 lb capacity

Small Folding Shopping Cart - 66 lb Capacity

Folding Shopping Cart - Versacart Utility Cart - Transport Up to 120 Pounds (Water-Resistant Heavy Duty Canvas)

Folding shopping cart. Ideal for people with motoric problems and the elderly who want to remain independent in terms of shopping. The cart is lined with durable material, so it can carry even heavy objects.

Folding shopping cart with wheels

folding portable shopping cart car luggage trailer bag small cart

Shopping pull cart

21% Off was $32.99, now is $25.99! Stair Climbing Rolling Folding Shopping Grocery Laundry Utility Cart

Folding shopping carts with swivel wheels 2021 1

Folding Shopping Carts with Swivel Wheels 2021