Folding Shopping Bag With Wheels

It is the green thing to do to go to the store with your own shopping bags. These folding shopping bags with wheels have taken that concept, paired it with the idea of rolling luggage, and combined them to give a perfect place for all your shopping purchases. No need to carry all your bags. Just put them in these shopping bags with wheels, roll them home, then fold it up when done.

Best Products

Wheeled Shopping Trolley Grocery Bag Easy Carrier Cart With Folding Rest Seat

Wheeled Shopping Trolley Grocery Bag Easy Carrier Cart With Folding Rest Seat
Choose your favourite color from this pretty range of plaid printed shopping trolleys. Each trolley features two rolling casters, a detachable bag, a foldable handle, and - best of all - folding rest seat.

Polka Dot 19" Rolling Shopping Tote Bag

Polka Dot 19" Rolling Shopping Tote Bag
Useful shopping bag with lots of capacious pockets, covered with black polyester featuring white polka dots print. It is mobile thanks to lockable wheels and it features a convenient adjustable handle.

Smart Shopping Cart

Smart Shopping Cart
This lightweight and very practical smart shopping cart is the perfect solution for many occasions. Robust design makes the whole excels on a daily basis.It is folded so that takes up little space.

Shopping Tote

Shopping Tote
This functional and durable Shopping Tote Bag is designed of 70D nylon with PVC backing, making the whole very sturdy, and reliable even while carrying heavier loads. The bag has zippered top and 2 zippered pockets, a pair of convenient handles, and 4 swivel wheels base.

3 in 1 shopping cart backpack folding chair with wheels

3 in 1 shopping cart backpack folding chair with wheels
This is a multi-functional product that plays the role of a shopping cart, chair and bag. It features wheels that provide enhanced mobility. It is made of solid aluminum, nylon and plastic. It is able to hold up to 250 pounds.

New Folding Festival Grocery Shopping Trolley Luggage Bag With Wheels 4 Colours

New Folding Festival Grocery Shopping Trolley Luggage Bag With Wheels 4 Colours
Handy and compact design for a folding grocery shopping trolley with an extra-large luggage bag and wheels on the bottom to make it easier to move around, all fitted with a funky cover of dotted pink material.

66 lbs Capacity Folding Shopping Cart

66 lbs Capacity Folding Shopping Cart
This folding shopping cart is the perfect way of getting the extra practicality, while going shopping or doing some other responsibilities. It offers wheels for easier mobility and the structure is strong and durable.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you thought that your grandma was the only one who lugged a rolling shopping bag in the supermarket aisle, then you are in for a surprise. Shopping bags on wheels are quite the rage around the world. And rightly so.

With the gazillion different things that one picks up each time we venture out to shop, carrying a fully crammed shopping bag on the shoulders or by the handle is a recipe for pains and niggles.

Leave the farmers walk for the gym and roll the shopping bag out the store like a boss. When not in use, it neatly folds flat and can be tucked away in an inconspicuous corner of your home.

If this is the first time you are shopping for folding shopping bags with wheels, then here are a few things to keep in mind.

What are shopping bags with wheels crafted from?

Most folding shopping bags are made of 70D nylon or heavy duty polypropylene. These materials are thick, waterproof and are least likely to tear or fray. Having said that, some people swear by good old cotton bags even today. Shopping in a crowded store with a bag rolling behind you translates into jostles, scrapes and bumps. The bag will encounter everything from sharp edged metal frames to large shopping trolleys on the way. And anything flimsy won’t see the light of the next day.

How many wheels are optimal on a folding shopping cart?

You can pick from two-wheeled bags or four-wheeled ones. Four wheeled ones are generally fitted with swivel wheels which are easier to maneuver through tight places. But they are pricier than the two-wheeled models, which are not bad at all by the way.

Some newer bags are fitted to a trolley-styled utility cart with large caster wheels, which makes it effortless to carry even the heaviest shopping bag. The caveat is that the cart is generally not foldable and will require a separate storage space.

What to remember about when purchasing a folding shopping bag with wheels?

  • Aesthetics. The last thing you need is to be caught with a rolling shopping bag that looks like it was borrowed from an antique collector. Thankfully, folding shopping bags are available in a variety of styles, textures, prints and patterns. From bright colors to floral prints to subtler looking ones, you can easily find one that best suits your style.
  • Organization. Shopping bags are designed to serve as bottomless reservoirs. So, most bags will have just one main compartment where you can dump your stuff and an extra zippered compartment or two on the outside for your car keys or smartphone. If you are looking for a bag with multiple compartments, then you might be better off with a rolling tote bag or duffel bag than a plain shopping bag.
  • Handles. Rolling shopping bags feature thick and comfortable handles that make it easy to pull the bag even when it is packed to the brim. Look for handles with reinforced stitching at the connectors and the seams.
  • Folding style. What good is a folding bag if it takes an hour to figure out how to fold it? The folding mechanism must be a no-brainer and easy to use even for seniors who may find it extremely difficult to read finely printed instructions.


Santorini Rolling Shopping Tote

Santorini Rolling Shopping Tote
It is a rolling shopping tote that has got a giraffe pattern and two casters. This is a very helpful product. If you looking for a great shopping tote, you need to choose this one.

Folding Wheeled Black Funky Festival Shopping Trolley With Seat And Cool Bag

Folding Wheeled Black Funky Festival Shopping Trolley With Seat And Cool Bag
This trolley is a high quality product for anyone who wants to facilitate shopping activities. Its black fabric bag provides plenty of space and the whole frame is solid, metal and finished in black color.

Rolling Fabric Cart

Rolling Fabric Cart
If you're looking for super stylish and comfy opportunities for your shopping, then you should definitely consider this awesome cart. Its high functionality is gonna make your shopping much, much easier!

Narita Hooded Carrier Liner Jumbo

Narita Hooded Carrier Liner Jumbo
Hooded carrier which can be used as a carrying tote or a liner. Thanks to the use of high quality material, water repellent nylon, it has capacity of 150 pound. Additionally, there's adjustable shoulder strap.

Folding shopping bag with wheels 2

I was searching for a shopping bag for enhanced comfort of use. This one is pretty, folding and has a blue color. It can be used as a shopping trolley or handbag for traveling. It has enough space for clothes and other items.

Folding shopping bag with wheels

A perfect choice for all the people that have trouble with their back or simply cannot lift heavy weight - this utility cart will allow them to do the shopping or transport their belongings with maximum ease.

Folding shopping bag with wheels

A versatile, multi-function shopping bag that can also be used for travel. What's more to desire? Durable material makes it a practical, while attached wheels ensure ease of use. Available in green and orange colours.

Shopping rolling cart

Handy and functional approach to a rolling shopping cart with an easy to store foldable frame. The rolling cart is made out of aluminum with a fabric compartment inside made in yellow color for storing groceries.

Luggage carrier with wheels

Large bag with front pocket, wheels, metal rack and convenient handle. It is perfect for everyday grocery shopping or short trips around town. This bag is made of durable and water proof best quality cloth.

Bag on wheels

Have enough of carrying heavy bags full of groceries? Check this shopping bag with wheels that can also be quickly folded for easy storage. Made of black and fuchsia material, the bag is very strong, has a black carrying strap, and rolls smoothly using functional casters.

Hand bag with wheels

Rolser Jet LN Joy Shopping Trolley, Azul by ROLSER. $58.24. Takes up minimum space when folded. Two wheel schopping trolley; brand name: rolser. Light and modern; minimalist design. 100% polyester. High quality and solid; waterproof. Joy shopping trolley

The loreto shopping bag on wheels is finished in a

The Loreto shopping bag on wheels is finished in a designer PVC glossy fabric with stylish print. Fold flat easy store shopping bag/trolley with hard base. Single internal compartment with one zipped pocket to the front. Ergonomic space saving fold flat d

Shopping cart with seat

Shopping bag with a durable folding construction. It includes wheels for enhanced mobility. Multi-color walls of this bag include attractive themes. The whole bag is capacious and very practical for anyone.

Folding shopping bag with wheels

This functional item is a shopping bag that features a very useful folding construction. It also includes wheels for better mobility and transportation of goods. This durable bag is finished in a stylish black color.

Small wheeled tote bags

This catwalk shopping trolley can be a very practical companion of the everyday life. Now you don't have to struggle out from the supermarket with thousands of bags. Recommended especially for all elderly people.

Shopping bag carrier

This shopping bag is a functional item that provides plenty of space for many products. Its solid material is resistant to tear and weather conditions. It also includes a solid metal frame and practical wheels.

Wheels lightweight foldable portable shopping laundry trolley cart

Wheels Lightweight Foldable Portable Shopping Laundry Trolley Cart ...

Wheeled shopping totes

Folding shopping bag with wheels is a great helper in everyday business. Rugged construction on casters makes it easy to carry heavy shopping. The whole is wrapped, has a nice stand and handles.

The Big Eazy Rolling Shopping Tote

The Big Eazy Rolling Shopping Tote

Folding shopping bag with wheels 1

Folding shopping bag mounted on wheels for easy movement. It has comfortable handle and pocket closed by zipper. It folds flat for easy storage. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients.

Cosmopolitan Map Rolling Shopping Tote

Cosmopolitan Map Rolling Shopping Tote

Collapsible foldable shopping bag with wheels

Collapsible foldable shopping bag with wheels

Cosmopolitan City Rolling Shopping Tote

Cosmopolitan City Rolling Shopping Tote

Travel Folding Luggage Cart

2 wheel shopping trolley with adjustable handles

Folding shopping bag mounted on wheels for easy movement. It is made of thick fabric and decorated with checkered pattern. Includes wide compartment and additional pocket for storing money and others personal items.

Funky shopping bags on wheels

Thanks to this multipurpose cart, you don't have to carry your luggage, anymore. The cart is equipped with a set of mobile casters, a foldable bag with many pockets of different size, and a convenient handle to easily drag it anywhere you want to. Easy to fold and unfold.

Grocery dolly

The perfect shopping companion! Eight hooks carry bags of fresh produce and other groceries up to 70 pounds with ease. Rubber wheels roll smoothly on rough city streets, with a rubber stopper to keep the shopper upright. Folds up for compact transport and

Tote bag on wheels

biaggi Contempo Foldable 18" Wheeled Tote - Black - via! All Biaggi luggage is stored in it's own bag with handles. The storage bag can be used as an extra piece of luggage, a bag for shopping. This is a great bag for a weekend trip. http://www.

Rest-n-Roll STND-1 Deluxe Multipurpose Carrying Cart With Built-in Seat

Foldable shopping bag

We are shopping and immediately afraid of the weight of sugar, flour, and water. We can handle taking a tasteful folding shopping bag on pull-out wheels. It has a black color with floristic ornaments in shades of fuchsia.

Foldable shopping trolley bag wheels folding travel luggage from china

Foldable Shopping Trolley Bag Wheels Folding Travel Luggage from China

Waterproof shopping bag

welcome wagon cart in seafoam with leather wrapped handle. canvas bag has a fold over closure and doubles as a backpack with two leather straps. $490

Folding trolley with wheels

IKEA - KNALLA, Shopping bag with wheels, black, , The shopping bag and cart are easy to store since they fold flat.You can easily find your wallet, keys and mobile phone as the shopping bag has a detachable pocket and key hook inside.You can adjust the ha

New foldable grocery shopping bag with wheels cart trolley 6

NEW Foldable grocery shopping bag with wheels cart trolley

Black folding shopping bag with retractable wheels

Black Folding Shopping Bag with Retractable Wheels

84 results for folding shopping bag with wheels

84 results for folding shopping bag with wheels

Bags on wheels

Shopping bag made of thick fabric and decorated with polka dot theme. It is mounted on metal frame and fitted with wheels for easy movement. Suitable for daily use. Folds flat for easy storage.

Wheeled shopping bag

Laundry Express - Dorm Laundry Bag with Wheels - College Life Essentials for your Dorm Room

Home furniture diy luggage travel accessories luggage 2

Home, Furniture & DIY > Luggage & Travel Accessories > Luggage ...

Plastic totes with wheels

Travelon Black Wheeled Underseat Carry-on with Back-up Bag

Collapsible wheeled tote

Shopping trolley on two wheels, transforming to a tote bag, black with fashionable white flowers pattern and a double trim in hot pink. The bag has handles of course. The whole lightweight construction folds.

Folding trolley cart

A funny, reusable bag that will make your shopping a more pleasant experience. It features a theme of Mickey and Minnie Mouse so you can be sure your child will want to help you with the shopping. It's got wheels and it's easily foldable.