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Every firearm and ammo expert knows that a sturdy, reliable reloading bench is one of the most critical pieces of equipment you can have in your arsenal. Not only can a good reloading table help you efficiently and safely store your gun paraphernalia, having somewhere you can reload empty shells and cartridges will save you a lot of money in the long run. Take a look at our selection of the best reloading benches available to outfit your garage, shed, or workshop.

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Updated 12/07/2023
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Heavy-Duty Adjustable Workbench with Swivel Casters

Heavy-Duty Adjustable Workbench with Swivel Casters


Perfect For: DIY projects, crafting, home improvement tasks, or alternative furniture uses

What We Like: Adjustable height, spacious surface, and integrated power strip

Experience the versatility of this heavy-duty adjustable workbench, featuring a hardwood top, metal frame, and swivel casters. The durable oak wood and cold-rolled steel construction ensures long-lasting wear resistance. With 11 different height settings, it's perfect for sitting or standing, making it suitable for individuals of all sizes. An integrated power strip with electrical outlets and USB ports keeps your workspace organized and charged. The workbench can also function as a computer desk, dining table, or storage furniture.

Designer Advice:

When you need a stable surface for an intense project, simply lock the swivel casters in place, and you're good to go. Don't forget to utilize the spacious work surface for multitasking projects or repurpose the workbench to suit your needs.

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Adjustable 72" Workbench with Drawer and Power Strip

Adjustable 72" Workbench with Drawer and Power Strip


Perfect For: Workshops, garages, offices, and homes

What We Like: Heavy-duty rubberwood top and 2000 lbs load capacity

This 72" adjustable workbench features a sturdy rubberwood top with waterproof and scratch-resistant coating, making it highly durable and suitable for heavy-duty projects. With a load capacity of 2000 lbs, the workbench has 5 adjustable height positions and includes a steel drawer, power strip, and pegboard. Ideal for various work environments, it can be used as a computer desk, multipurpose table, or DIY workstation, ensuring productivity and organization.

$439.99 $399.99

Designer Advice:

For maximum versatility, customize the pegboard layout according to your most-used tools and make sure to utilize the power strip for charging essential devices during projects.

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Adjustable Height Ammo Reloading Bench

Adjustable Height Ammo Reloading Bench


What we like: Shelf is positioned to leave room for a stool

What we don’t like: Stool and hooks for pegboard not included

Not so great for: People who want an all-inclusive package

Perfect for: Working on long term projects

With this adjustable height ammo reloading bench, you’ll be able to work in comfort for as long as you need, thanks to the handy stool space. With a robust back pegboard, a full-length lower shelf, and a large multi-ply birch worktop, everything you require will be within arm’s reach.

You can secure this bench to the floor or wall using the fastening hardware provided for even greater stability.

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Steel Reloading Work Bench

Steel Reloading Work Bench


What we like: Steel pegboard end panels for extra storage

What we don’t like: Only two shelves

Not so great for: Storing small parts

Perfect for: Quick assembly

This compact steel reloading work bench is a good pick if you need a small, durable option. With two 17” x 38” steel shelves and practical pegboard end panels, you’ll have the room to store all your most important equipment. The fiberboard top matches the shelf dimensions, so there is plenty of space to work.

The biggest benefit of this model is the quick and easy assembly. So you can set up a firearm repair, cleaning, and loading station in no time. However, you’ll need to purchase additional pegboard hooks, bins, and shelving to increase the storage space available and organize small parts.

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Wooden Workbench With Electrical Outlets

Wooden Workbench With Electrical Outlets

Tennsco Corp.

What we like: Contains eight built-in metal drawers

What we don’t like: No wheels make it difficult to move or relocate

Not so great for: Temporary workspaces

Perfect for: Heavy-duty projects that require electricity

This heavy-duty laboratory desk is a worthwhile investment if you spend a lot of time maintaining your firearms, reloading spent shells, and tinkering around with gun accessories. It features a smooth, clean wooden countertop supported by a sturdy metal frame. The eight built-in drawers are suitable for storing a variety of ammunition, helping you maintain an organized workspace.

The most practical aspect of this bench is the electrical outlets, allowing you to power up to eight separate tools. They are conveniently located at the front of the unit.

$1469.99 $1559.99

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Workbench and Wall Panel Storage Set

Workbench and Wall Panel Storage Set

WFX Utility™

Perfect For: Organizing your workshop or garage space

What We Like: Ample storage capacity and heavy-duty construction

This set includes a heavy-duty workbench and 3 wall panels, providing a practical storage solution for your workshop or garage. Boasting a 300 kg loading capacity, the workbench features 2 large shelves and adjustable feet to accommodate a variety of tools. Crafted from premium steel and chipboard, this workbench is sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. The tool panels, made from solid steel, can accommodate drills, pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches, and can be fixed together for added rigidity. It's an ideal addition to any workspace environment.

Designer Advice:

To make your workspace even more efficient, consider adding labeled bins or tool organizers to the workbench shelves for easy access and improved organization.

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Wooden Planting Workstation with Metal Tabletop

Wooden Planting Workstation with Metal Tabletop

Arlmont & Co.

Perfect For: Organizing and simplifying gardening tasks

What We Like: Spacious storage and sturdy construction

This wooden planting workstation boasts a rust-proof metal tabletop, complete with protective edges and three hooks for hanging gardening tools. The durable cedar wood bench ensures stability and longevity, while two open shelves provide ample storage space for pots, soil, and gardening accessories. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around your garden or patio as needed. The elegant, simple style suits any outdoor space and makes this workstation a practical and beautiful gardening assistant.

$162.99 $286.99

Designer Advice:

To maintain the workstation's longevity, consider applying a protective sealant or stain to the wood. Match the workstation with decorative outdoor planters and colorful gardening tools for an attractive, functional gardening space.

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Maker Table with Butcher Block Top and Storage Modules

Maker Table with Butcher Block Top and Storage Modules

Haskell Education

Perfect For: Crafters, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts

What We Like: Versatile storage options and heavy-duty construction

This Maker Table features a sturdy 42d x 84w butcher block top, perfect for all types of projects. Beneath the work surface, it provides an efficient storage system with 1 bin storage module, 1 single storage module with door, 1 double storage module with doors, and an additional bin storage module. The table is constructed from steel, ensuring long-lasting durability, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It also includes a power unit with an 8ft extension cord and industrial-grade locking casters for easy mobility.

$5499.99 $9348

Designer Advice:

Take full advantage of the storage modules by utilizing labeled bins or containers for individual tools and supplies, helping to maintain an organized and clutter-free workspace.

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Workbench with Butcher Block Top and Storage

Workbench with Butcher Block Top and Storage

Dotted Line™

Perfect For: Expanding workspace and storage in your garage

What We Like: Removable rolling casters and ample storage options

Maximize your garage's organization with this 72.4" W Workbench featuring a sturdy butcher block top made from engineered wood. The steel frame, finished in a two-toned gray and black, supports four textured doors that open to reveal four shelves for tools, gloves, and paint cans. A handy drawer provides additional storage for smaller items, like tape measures, screwdrivers, and rags. Designed to be mobile and secure, the workbench includes removable rolling casters with a locking feature to keep it stationary when needed. Assembly is required.

$699.99 $709.99

Designer Advice:

Pair this workbench with wall-mounted pegboards or storage cabinets for a complete garage organization solution, ensuring all tools and supplies are within easy reach.

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Spacious Science Table for Garage Workspace

Spacious Science Table for Garage Workspace

Dotted Line™

Perfect For: Expanding your garage workspace and managing projects

What We Like: Long design and chemical resistance

Upgrade your garage workspace with this spacious 72" science table, designed to accommodate your building projects. Its surface is crafted from engineered wood with a melamine finish, making it easy to clean and resistant to tarnishing. The black metal frame forms a rectangular silhouette, while the space-saving design allows room for two cabinets underneath. Being chemical resistant, this table can withstand acids, corrosion, stains, and moisture – perfect for any creative project you have in mind.

$232.99 $449

Designer Advice:

Pair this science table with comfortable stools or chairs for extended work sessions. Add overhead lighting and a pegboard to organize tools for a well-equipped workspace.

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Adjustable Reloading Stand

Adjustable Reloading Stand

Frankford Arsenal

What we like: The tabletop’s folding sides

What we don’t Like: No shelves

Not so great for: Permanent storage

Perfect for: Gun maintenance on-the-go, in the field, while camping

This versatile adjustable reloading stand is a good option if you take regular overnight hunting trips. It is easy to fold up and store without compromising on durability. The frame is manufactured from tube steel so you can use it with confidence. This stand can take the weight of both a reloading press and a powder measure simultaneously.

In addition to your tabletop, which can extend to 39” x 12”, this model includes two attachable side bins for the secure storage of smaller parts.

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Adjustable Heavy-duty Workbench

Adjustable Heavy-duty Workbench


Perfect For: Garage and workshop organization and a versatile work surface

What We Like: Easy assembly and highly customizable

This adjustable heavy-duty workbench boasts 1.2mm thick steel legs that can support up to 2000 lbs for demanding tasks. The workbench is exceptionally easy to assemble due to its quick-detachable leg structure, and it features an adjustable height solid wood work platform that can be set in 2-inch increments from 31.5 to 37.5 inches. This allows you to work comfortably while seated or standing. The workbench is further enhanced by its compatibility with pegboard, making your tool storage organized and easily accessible.

$320 $418

Designer Advice:

To maximize the workbench's potential, pair it with a steel pegboard for efficient tool organization and use adjustable feet to offset any floor unevenness in your workspace.

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Single-Faced Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf

Single-Faced Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf

Diversified Woodcrafts

Perfect For: Organizing and securing essentials in any room

What We Like: Locking doors and adjustable shelving

This versatile single-faced storage cabinet offers both practicality and style. Featuring a cabinet with doors and an adjustable shelf, it provides ample space for your belongings, while the locking doors ensure security. The doors are equipped with stylish pulls and are hung on five knuckle institutional hinges for added durability. Its adaptable design makes it suitable for various settings, including offices, bedrooms, and living areas, helping you stay organized with ease.

$1759.99 $3249

Designer Advice:

Pair this cabinet with contemporary furnishings and accent pieces in coordinating colors to create a cohesive space that's as functional as it is visually appealing.

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Garage Workbench with Rubberwood Top and Storage Shelf

Garage Workbench with Rubberwood Top and Storage Shelf

Whalen Furniture

Perfect For: Boosting productivity in your garage workspace

What We Like: Sturdy construction and ample storage space

Revamp your garage with this 5 ft. long workbench, designed with a solid rubberwood butcher block top that supports up to 300lbs for handling various tasks. The heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame ensures stability and durability, while the open bottom shelf offers substantial storage for larger tools. Easy to assemble, this workbench includes all necessary hardware, making it a practical addition to any home project area.

$629.99 $689.99

Designer Advice:

Organize your tools on the lower wire shelf and consider adding wall-mounted pegboards above the workbench to maximize storage and accessibility for an efficient workspace.

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Heavy-Duty Workbench with Storage and Lighting

Heavy-Duty Workbench with Storage and Lighting

The Twillery Co.®

Perfect For: Home garages or workshops with various tool operations

What We Like: Versatile use and ample storage options

The Poynter 48" workbench is a sturdy and reliable workstation, designed for heavy-duty use of up to 3,000 pounds. The solid wood top offers a comfortable working height, while the heavy-duty steel legs provide unwavering stability. Manage your tools efficiently with the pegboard and hooks, or use the large drawer to store miscellaneous items. Best of all, the built-in LED lighting strip allows for nighttime or dimly lit environments, confidently adapting to your needs.

$249.99 $599.99

Designer Advice:

Maximize the workbench's potential by adding a comfortable swivel chair for seating and protective rubber mats to help preserve the wooden surface from spills and scratches.

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Collapsible Adjustable Height Reloading Bench

Collapsible Adjustable Height Reloading Bench


What we like: The backsplash has a pegboard, providing extra hanging space for small tools.

What we don’t like: Relatively small worktop space

Not so great for: Gun enthusiasts looking for a long-term upgrade to their workspace

Perfect for: Small garages or workshops with limited space

If your workshop is packed with equipment and machinery, this collapsible bench is a space-efficient option. The front folding legs swing inward while the worktop is adjusted using the pin barrel hinges. This allows you to save valuable space in your garage when the bench isn’t in use.

The 3-door cabinet provides plenty of storage space and a back panel pegboard for easy access to hand tools. This unit can be moved on dual casters. Built-in brakes ensure the unit is stable wherever it is stored. The back legs can be adjusted to account for uneven floors.

$1218.16 $1188.44

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Compact Solid Wood Reloading Bench

Compact Solid Wood Reloading Bench


What we like: Compact design ensures it can fit into a small garage

What we don’t like: May not be big enough for heavy-duty equipment storage

Not so great for: Firearm professionals and frequent heavy-duty use

Perfect for: Occasional gun maintenance and DIY projects

This reloading bench may be small, but it packs a punch. Built from solid wood and heavy-gauge steel, it can support up to 1,500 lbs., ensuring it is durable enough for various tasks. It is a refurbished product that has been tested and certified to operate and appear as new.

This compact bench offers ample storage space with a steel back panel and a slide-out drawer. The angled supports connecting the bench and side panels contain circular holes for screwdrivers and other hand tools. This is the perfect option if you’re looking for a high-performing but affordable bench for a small space. 

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Adjustable Height Reloading Bench With Wall Panels

Adjustable Height Reloading Bench With Wall Panels

WFX Utility™

What we like: Perforated steel panels allow for seamless access to tools

What we don’t like: Only one of the steel storage sections can be locked

Not so great for: Permanently storing high-value equipment

Perfect for: Regular firearm maintenance and repair tasks

The four steel wall panels make this reloading bench a dream workstation for gun nuts. Built-in hooks ensure tools, parts, and machinery are within arm’s reach. This is a convenient feature that can save valuable time during your reloading and maintenance routines.

The steel frame is designed for heavy-duty use. With a 769 lb. weight capacity, this is a sturdy and durable unit, providing a secure platform for virtually all tasks. The bench contains six sliding drawers and one lockable panel. The center section is open, where you can position a seat for longer tasks. 

$1699.99 $555.99

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Portable Butcher Block Reloading Bench

Portable Butcher Block Reloading Bench

WFX Utility™

What we Like: Heavy-duty casters with locking mechanism

What we don’t like: Limited space underneath the worktop for seated projects

Not so great for: Everyday reloading and firearm maintenance

Perfect for: Ammunition and equipment storage

The mobile portable block bench is versatile if you need a multifunctional unit for occasional reloading tasks. It comes with seven drawers of various sizes to accommodate equipment, from shotgun cartridges to large power tools.

The wood top is small, meaning it may not be suitable for extensive reloading tasks. However, it is a versatile and multifunctional unit that provides additional storage space in your garage. The durable wheels allow easy mobility, while the locking mechanism gives the bench stability when it is not in use. 

$1039.99 $1019.99

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Reloading Benches

Buying Guide

Gun enthusiasts often require a place to create custom ammunition. This is especially true for American Civil War reenactors and other black powder enthusiasts. The reason for having a reloading bench is to keep all the components required to create custom ammunition in one place and organized so that it is easy to find the correct chemical components, as well as being able to sort the brass casings needed to contain the various elements. A sturdy bench is required for mechanical reloaders that can take some of the drudgeries out of repeated or precise specifications for certain guns.

Reloading benches can be used for other purposes besides creating ammunition. Any craft operation that requires multiple containers of small items, from fishing flies to delicate earrings can benefit from the organization and convenience of a loading bench. The pigeonhole storage design plus the sturdy bench make reloading benches a convenient location for any type of craft (although not a fully equipped one that’s already set up for reloading ammo) that has multiple small parts. The sturdy bench can easily support vises and other heavy equipment, although most reloading benches don’t have the width for tabletop looms.

If the bench will be used for reloading, the shallow shelves where boxes of cartridge casings, powders and more should be set up in a way that box labels can be prominently displayed. Since some of the items can be heavy, especially in aggregate, the shelving needs to be sturdy to withstand the weight. Wooden surfaces should be sealed for easy, thorough clean up.

The bench itself should be rugged and capable not only of holding the mechanical loading equipment, but also to support it while it’s in use. It should be properly braced so that it doesn’t sag to one side or the other, especially during use.

While butcher block wood can be quite beautiful, and it is nice to have that glowing wood beauty, the main purpose of sealing the surface is to make it easy to clean thoroughly between uses.

While not an essential part of the reloading bench itself, there are some things that are nice to have as part of the workspace setup. A pegboard with plenty of room for adjustable pegs makes an easy way to keep track of small tools and hanging bags of items. If you plan to spend many hours at the workbench, work stools with padded seats and supportive backs are a nice addendum – have at least two, in case you share your workspace with a buddy.

If you are in a location that makes it feasible, a small firing range that’s properly set up is another handy addition to your reloading bench. (Check city and local ordinances before considering this addition.) Having the firing range makes checking performance of your loads an easy step from your reloading bench. This can be especially handy if working with restoring black powder weapons.

Best Ideas

Reloading benches 2

This reloading bench offers plenty of space for your items and will keep you comfortable in your garage or in practically any space of your home. It comes with two ample cabinets and plenty of shelves.

Portable reloading bench plans

Table for workshop, garage and more. Construction is made of wood and mounted on wheels for easy movement. Includes drawers and open shelves in various sizes for storing tools and others needed accessories.

Goplus Adjustable Workbench, 48" 1500 Lbs Bamboo Top Garage Work Bench, Heavy-Duty Steel Work Table Hardwood Workstation, Easy Assembly

Goplus Adjustable Workbench, 48" 1500 Lbs Bamboo Top Garage Work Bench, Heavy-Duty Steel Work Table Hardwood Workstation, Easy Assembly

Create a permanent set-up for your hobby with this sturdy, versatile reloading bench. The 1.5” thick UV-cured bamboo table has an astonishing 1,500 lbs. loading capacity to accommodate presses and power tools. The tabletop sits atop a heavy-gauge steel frame that is fully height adjustable for an ergonomic workspace, while the leveling feet let you adjust the tilt of the table to suit any floor surface.

Building a reloading table

Antique-looking design for an old-fashioned workbench made to replace a reloading bench for gun fanatics. The workbench is made out of dark oak wood with a birch top surface and has a handy shelf on the top.

Reloading bench

Work table for garage, workshop and more. It is made of wood and fitted with a lot of open shelves for storing tools and other necessary accessories.

Reloading station

SecureIT Tactical Work, Weapons Teardown and Reloading Benches|As guns are as diverse as the people who own them, it is not uncommon for a gunsmith to specialize in a particular type of weapon, or to work with specific types of clients. A high degree of

Reloading cabinet plans

A contemporary workbench with a sturdy frame finished in grey and a thick rectangular brown top. It has a narrower bottom shelf and is equipped with an upper unit which rests on 4 supports on the tabletop. It has a shelf with built-in lighting.

Lets see your reloading bench 1

Let's See Your Reloading Bench -

Reloading table for sale

Practical garage workbenches made of sturdy wooden and metal materials finished in warm browns and greys. A workbench has a profiled top (with a recessed central part) and is equipped with drawers (with long bar pulls) on sides as well as outlets.

Reloading bench ideas

This reloading bench will be a real hit in your workshop, basement, or garage. The while is crafted of solid wood, with a large top, where you can easily place your blueprints, and 1 open shelf underneath the top, for storing tools, screws, etc.

Olympia Tools Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light, 82-802,Black

Olympia Tools Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light, 82-802,Black

Illuminating your work with 13W fluorescent lights, this reloading bench lets you enjoy your hobbies any time of day. The heavy-duty steel construction has a tough enamel finish for lasting durability. The under bench drawers are ideal for storing small items, while the full-width pegboard is perfect for tool organization.

Reloaders bench

Reloading Bench Options - The Firing Line Forums

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand with Adjustable Steel Frame Construction, Wood Surface Center and Storage Bins for Reloading

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand with Adjustable Steel Frame Construction, Wood Surface Center and Storage Bins for Reloading

Take your reloading bench with you when camping or hunting with this compact folding model. The height-adjustable frame lets you work sitting or standing, and the 1.5” tube frame is completely foldable for quick and easy storage or convenient portability. You can mount a press to the rugged central wooden panel, and the two side bins provide space for storing your gear.

Reloading bench plans pdf

Official Reloading Bench Picture Thread - Now with 100% more Pictures! - Mobile

Reloading bench blueprints

Small but neat bench

Tool benches 1

That way your whole work and your passion for creating your own ornaments or jewelry will be more organized and fruitful. This tool bench has all the necessary handles, retractable shelves and drawers. Despite its small square, it offers many possibilities.

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Reloading Benches

Questions & Answers

Depends what you need one for – do you want to make a design statement in an industrial interior, or are you actually in need of a place for reloading ammunition? Some smaller reloading benches can measure 3x3 feet, while fully equipped, spacious reloading benches can take much more space. Plate system is a great option to cut on the required space.

Consider a smaller alternative. Lee Precision Reloading Stand is a great example – it doesn’t take much space, can be placed in a corner and measures only 39 by 26 by 24 inches. Look up other creative alternatives to reloading benches and we’re sure you will find something appropriate!

Functionality is the prime concern when talking about a reloading bench. Consider the amount of storage space, as it’s crucial – you need enough of it to accommodate all utensils without cluttering the working surface. The amount of drawers and special compartments is the most important.

Vertical boards above reloading benches are a great solution – some come with a special panel pre-installed, but if the one that you want to get does not, nothing simpler than to make one yourself. It can be a simple pegboard, just install your reloading bench under the wall and then hang the board perpendicularly. Now you don’t have to look all around the workshop for your guns!

They usually come crafted from wood, for various reasons. It’s a good compromise between durability and weight – wood allows you to move your bench when needed, but also provides enough stability. Additionally, it’s pleasant to work on, as it’s softer than metal and working on it generates less noise.

Best Ideas