Reloading Benches

Reloading benches aren't just for firearms enthusiasts who like to load their own rounds. With its versatile design, plenty of nooks for smaller items, and a wide work surface, reloading benches cater to professionals, DIY weekenders, and even hobbyists. Similar to a regular workbench, these more specific reloading benches offer drawers, shelving and a sturdy design.

Best Products

Gun reloading bench

This efficient workbench uses a simple design, yet it still is quite effective. The whole is crafted of wood, and features a large top, an open shelf, and fixed stretchers to hold all the pieces firmly together.

Reloading benches 2

This reloading bench offers plenty of space for your items and will keep you comfortable in your garage or in practically any space of your home. It comes with two ample cabinets and plenty of shelves.

Reloading bench

Work table for garage, workshop and more. It is made of wood and fitted with a lot of open shelves for storing tools and other necessary accessories.

Reloading benches 1

If you need some fresh ideas to build something interesting, we suggest the simple workbench with plywood construction. It help you to make a smooth and sturdy surface. Excellent product for garage or basement.

Reloading tables

This reloading/work bench is very solid, and it doesn't take a talented handyman to set it up. The 2x4 foot 3-layer bench is designed to work with a 29" bar stool, and can be a great addition for workshops, kitchens, basements, and garages.

Reloading benches 3

Be it a reloading bench or a sports bench you need, this big, spacious one right here is sure to meet your needs. Made from high-quality wood, it's capacious enough to take whatever you throw at it. With this bench, you won't ever have to worry about garage storage space!

Reloading workbench

This gun room is spacious enough to serve as a workshop. It provides ample of storage area with its wall cabinets, a reloading bench and plenty of working surfaces; the floor is tiled for easy maintenance.

Our advice Buying Guide

Gun enthusiasts often require a place to create custom ammunition. This is especially true for American Civil War reenactors and other black powder enthusiasts. The reason for having a reloading bench is to keep all the components required to create custom ammunition in one place and organized so that it is easy to find the correct chemical components, as well as being able to sort the brass casings needed to contain the various elements. A sturdy bench is required for mechanical reloaders that can take some of the drudgeries out of repeated or precise specifications for certain guns.

What are the different uses of reloading benches?

Reloading benches can be used for other purposes besides creating ammunition. Any craft operation that requires multiple containers of small items, from fishing flies to delicate earrings can benefit from the organization and convenience of a loading bench. The pigeonhole storage design plus the sturdy bench make reloading benches a convenient location for any type of craft (although not a fully equipped one that’s already set up for reloading ammo) that has multiple small parts. The sturdy bench can easily support vises and other heavy equipment, although most reloading benches don’t have the width for tabletop looms.

What features to look for in reloading benches?

If the bench will be used for reloading, the shallow shelves where boxes of cartridge casings, powders and more should be set up in a way that box labels can be prominently displayed. Since some of the items can be heavy, especially in aggregate, the shelving needs to be sturdy to withstand the weight. Wooden surfaces should be sealed for easy, thorough clean up.

The bench itself should be rugged and capable not only of holding the mechanical loading equipment, but also to support it while it’s in use. It should be properly braced so that it doesn’t sag to one side or the other, especially during use.

While butcher block wood can be quite beautiful, and it is nice to have that glowing wood beauty, the main purpose of sealing the surface is to make it easy to clean thoroughly between uses.

What extra accessories can be bought with reloading benches?

While not an essential part of the reloading bench itself, there are some things that are nice to have as part of the workspace setup. A pegboard with plenty of room for adjustable pegs makes an easy way to keep track of small tools and hanging bags of items. If you plan to spend many hours at the workbench, work stools with padded seats and supportive backs are a nice addendum – have at least two, in case you share your workspace with a buddy.

If you are in a location that makes it feasible, a small firing range that’s properly set up is another handy addition to your reloading bench. (Check city and local ordinances before considering this addition.) Having the firing range makes checking performance of your loads an easy step from your reloading bench. This can be especially handy if working with restoring black powder weapons.


Reloading bench pictures

Very practical and durable workbench made of wood. It includes a functional top and a lower shelf for storage tasks. It also includes a special rack for hanging different tools, elements and accessories.

Reloading bench designs

Lets see your workbench - Page 17 - The Garage Journal Board

Reloading table ideas

A very original stylization of a room for passionates of weapon. This gun room includes shelves for ammunition and different types of weapon. It also includes a bench for reloading and mainteance of different guns.

Diy reloading bench 1

Interesting and creative DIY setup for a homemade shooting range, made with the use of plywood and a vice to hold the gun in place. Perfect for shooting enthusiasts provides a safe and fun way to entertain your guests.

Reloading table

A functional piece for workshops, basements, and garages. This reloading bench is made of wood, and offers many space for storage that is hidden behind a pair of doors. It also has a large top, and 2 capacious drawers for additional storing.

Reloading bench for sale

This type of bench is must-have in every workshop. This simple piece of furniture is made of oak wood. Bench has desktop (it can be work area), big shelf and three cases with little shelves to storage tools.

Lets see your reloading bench 1

Let's See Your Reloading Bench -

Portable reloading bench 1

With this reloading bench, your workshop is going to look as professional as it can get. The bench comes with its own lighting, a large top for installing power tools, and an open space for storage situated under the tabletop.

Portable reloading bench plans

Table for workshop, garage and more. Construction is made of wood and mounted on wheels for easy movement. Includes drawers and open shelves in various sizes for storing tools and others needed accessories.

Reloading benches 2

Reloading Benches

Reloading benches pictures

Just finished my reloading bench..... - Firearms

Best reloading bench plans

This solid wood bench is a great combination of functionality, simplicity and a beautiful look. Practical shelf under the seat will check as a storage of shoes, and comfortable seat allows you to rest.

Reloading table for sale

Practical garage workbenches made of sturdy wooden and metal materials finished in warm browns and greys. A workbench has a profiled top (with a recessed central part) and is equipped with drawers (with long bar pulls) on sides as well as outlets.

Reloading cabinet plans

A contemporary workbench with a sturdy frame finished in grey and a thick rectangular brown top. It has a narrower bottom shelf and is equipped with an upper unit which rests on 4 supports on the tabletop. It has a shelf with built-in lighting.

Reloading bench ideas

This reloading bench will be a real hit in your workshop, basement, or garage. The while is crafted of solid wood, with a large top, where you can easily place your blueprints, and 1 open shelf underneath the top, for storing tools, screws, etc.

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Reloading station

SecureIT Tactical Work, Weapons Teardown and Reloading Benches|As guns are as diverse as the people who own them, it is not uncommon for a gunsmith to specialize in a particular type of weapon, or to work with specific types of clients. A high degree of

Small reloading bench

Post Your Reloading Bench Pictures - Page 7 - LongRangeHunting Online Magazine

Building a reloading table

Antique-looking design for an old-fashioned workbench made to replace a reloading bench for gun fanatics. The workbench is made out of dark oak wood with a birch top surface and has a handy shelf on the top.

Shotshell reloading bench

Official Reloading Bench Picture Thread - Now with 100% more Pictures! - Page 66 -

Workbench 4


Is one of the better spaces from that 36 pages

... is one of the better spaces from that 36 pages of reloading rooms

Great bench love the cubbies

great bench, love the cubbies

Portable reloading bench

A very functional and reliable reloading bench that is solid. Its metal frame is durable and finished in black color. Wooden working top of this bench provides sufficient space and very functional tools.

Reloading bench plans pdf

Official Reloading Bench Picture Thread - Now with 100% more Pictures! - Mobile

Reloading bench blueprints

Small but neat bench

Just finished reloading bench the michigan sportsman forums

Just finished reloading bench..... - The Michigan Sportsman Forums

Offical reloading bench picture thread

Offical Reloading Bench Picture Thread

Reloading bench shelves

Official Reloading Bench Picture Thread - Now with 100% more Pictures! - Mobile

Reloaders bench

Reloading Bench Options - The Firing Line Forums

Reloading bench design

Work table made of wood. Includes a lot of open shelves and compartments in various sizes for storing needed stuff. Great solution for workshop, garage and more.

Reloading benches for sale

Reloading Bench Strength -- The different tools can be removed from bench and stored on shelf below.

Tool benches 1

That way your whole work and your passion for creating your own ornaments or jewelry will be more organized and fruitful. This tool bench has all the necessary handles, retractable shelves and drawers. Despite its small square, it offers many possibilities.

Re show us your reloading set up

Re: Show us your Reloading set up

Tool benches

Ideal for a jewellery workshop, this tool workbench constitutes a practical proposition to enhance such kinds of spaces with new quality. Featuring countless hangers, hooks, racks, holders etc., it creates a very-well equipped production centre.

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Ammo reloading bench

Image detail for -Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture – ASR Custom Woodworking

How to build a reloading table

This element can play the role of a small kitchen island or work table. Its wooden construction holds the weight of tools, accessories and other items. Lower part of this bench features a practical open shelf.

Reloading table plans

The Gun Room Picture Thread - Page 17 -

Reloading stand plans

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How to build a reloading bench

reloading bench plans | Official Reloading Bench Picture Thread - Now with 100% more Pictures ...

Reloading bench 2

This kind of element is a simple, solid and functional bench that can serve as a working station or reloading bench (weapons). Its wooden construction looks very simple and provides plenty of storage space.

SmartReloader SR2500 Reloading Digital Powder Scale 110V/220V

This digital scale offers such types of measurements as grams (g), grains (gn), pounds (lb), ounces (oz,) and Troy ounces (ozt). The whole piece is powered by 6 AAA batteries or the AC adapter, while offering maximum capacity of 162 g/2.500 gn.

OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

Does a reloading bench need a lot of space?
Depends what you need one for – do you want to make a design statement in an industrial interior, or are you actually in need of a place for reloading ammunition? Some smaller reloading benches can measure 3x3 feet, while fully equipped, spacious reloading benches can take much more space. Plate system is a great option to cut on the required space.
What if my space can’t accommodate a standard reloading bench?
Consider a smaller alternative. Lee Precision Reloading Stand is a great example – it doesn’t take much space, can be placed in a corner and measures only 39 by 26 by 24 inches. Look up other creative alternatives to reloading benches and we’re sure you will find something appropriate!
What to pay attention to when buying myself a reloading bench?
Functionality is the prime concern when talking about a reloading bench. Consider the amount of storage space, as it’s crucial – you need enough of it to accommodate all utensils without cluttering the working surface. The amount of drawers and special compartments is the most important.
What can I do to use the space to its full potential?
Vertical boards above reloading benches are a great solution – some come with a special panel pre-installed, but if the one that you want to get does not, nothing simpler than to make one yourself. It can be a simple pegboard, just install your reloading bench under the wall and then hang the board perpendicularly. Now you don’t have to look all around the workshop for your guns!
Which is the best material for a reloading bench?
They usually come crafted from wood, for various reasons. It’s a good compromise between durability and weight – wood allows you to move your bench when needed, but also provides enough stability. Additionally, it’s pleasant to work on, as it’s softer than metal and working on it generates less noise.