Log Benches

Still a popular idea, log benches are a staple in most rural landscapes and meeting areas. While they might not be all that comfortable, they are sturdy, and can handle any weight put on them. Available in several ethically sourced wood options, these log benches will give your home a rustic look, and perhaps a new conversation starter. Check out the collection for styles.

Best Products

Glacier Country Half Log Bench

Glacier Country Half Log Bench
It is a country half log bench that5 is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has got a solid wood construction and amazing design. Everyone will tell you how beautiful this bench is.

Traditional Cedar Log Bench

Traditional Cedar Log Bench
A handmade wooden bench made from hand-peeled northern white cedar logs. It has a clear coat catalyzed lacquer finish that ensures durability. It matches all kinds of contemporary and warm-looking interiors.

Montana Half Log Bench

Montana Half Log Bench
This raw looking wooden bench is made of skin peeled half logs, fully crafted by hands and old fashion tools. It is available in few sizes and suitable for hall or bedroom. Unique and durable, will last long.

Rustic log bench

This type of bench is often used in mountain hotels and next to trails. This piece of outdoor furniture is inspired of nature - seat and back are made of halved tree's trunk, other elements are carved in other wood's pieces.

Outdoor log bench

A great idea for enhancing a park alley, garden, or backyard. This log bench is constructed of sturdy wood by using a chainsaw. It has two massive legs, and a well-polished seat and back embedded in both log halves.

Log benches 1

A sturdy set of four log benches for outdoor areas, suitable, especially to place them around a fire pit. Each bench is constructed of a long seat and two massive legs for maintaining proper stability.

Furniture made out of logs

Outdoor bench for the garden, patio, porch and more. It is made of high quality wood. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Our advice Buying Guide

Log-benches are unique pieces of garden furniture that provide a distinct style and quality in comparison to the average bench. If you are unsure of how to buy a log bench, here are a few suggestions to help you out.

What are the most popular styles of log benches?

The assumption is that you want your log-bench to be aesthetically pleasing; that’s good news because there are so many elegant and sophisticated designs to choose from, so many in fact that it’s impossible to mention all of them, but here are a few to give you an idea of what’s available on the market:

  • Straight: The straight log bench is available in all shapes and sizes, there is nothing fancy about it, it's appealing and practical and looks good in any well-maintained garden.
  • Curved: Curved log benches come in two styles, the classic look with a curved backrest, or a bench where the back and arms are completely curved. A curved bench provides an intimate feel to a garden.
  • Storage log bench: If you are wondering what a storage log bench looks like; imagine a storage sofa, one where the seat lifts up, and there is a space underneath. The same concept applies to a storage log-bench. If you don’t have a garden shed, you can store your garden tools in this spacious compartment.
  • Companion seats: This is an intimate seating arrangement for two people, the log-bench is made into two seats with a table in the middle. Some tables have a hole in the center for an umbrella.

What are the most popular finishes for log benches?

There are log-benches with a natural finish which means they have not had any work done to them after cutting. A painted finish requires a lot of work; the bench has to be sanded down and smoothed out to give the appearance of hardwood. If you are having a bespoke log-bench designed, you can choose how you would like it painted, or you can choose one that has already been painted.

How to select the perfect size log bench?

Log-benches are generally sold by capacity, and you will typically find that there are a few standard sizes. Here are some questions to think about when considering size:

  • How much space do you have available in your garden to accommodate a bench?
  • Would the space look better with several small benches or one long bench?
  • Will you be storing the bench during the winter months? If so you will need to consider storage and transportation arrangements.
  • Who will use the bench the most; children or adults?

What are the most popular bench accessories?

Log bench accessories are not essential, but they can provide extra comfort, add to the lifespan of the bench and keep it secure.

  • Cushions: Log benches are not soft, and if you are going to spend a long time sitting outside, cushions will provide something comfortable to keep your tush on.
  • Bench covers: Although when logs are outside, they are in their natural habitat, you want to protect it from the weather and other outdoor elements so that you and your guests have something nice to sit on.


Log bench 2

Improve your garden with this outdoor set of 1 log bench and 2 log chairs with a hollowed out seat. Each piece is crafted of a massive log, thus also very durable and easy to maintain.

Log benches

If you want a very durable seat for your outdoor area, then this wooden log bench will be a nice choice for you. Crafted of sturdy lumber, the bench rests on a pair of wooden logs, beautifully blending with the blooming landscape of your garden or backyard.

Log benches picnic tables 1

Log Benches & Picnic Tables

How to make a log bench

A great addition to complement the front of your beautiful cottage. Made of sturdy tree stumps and a thick, wooden plank, this heavy bench is very stable, extremely durable, and perfect for accentuating country decor.

Wood log bench

Constructed of cut tree stumps, this durable is going to brighten up you sun room or entryway with a touch of forest ambiance. The bench stands on two heavy legs that hold a smooth seat, covered in a clear lacquer finish.

Cedar log bench

Natural and unique design for a gorgeous garden bench made entirely out of a carved out log of an enormous tree with a polished, varnished finish. The garden bench is sure to provide a unique and unusual detail in any backyard.

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How to build log bench

Outdoor bench for residential and commercial use. Construction is made of wood. Back consists of vertically arranged strips. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Neutral and functional design for the garden, patio and more.



Log bench 16

Log bench

Gardendesign splitlogbench jpg


Diy wood chair

The Wooden garden chair is a perfect combination of interesting details and solid construction. Ideal for playgrounds or other interiors. The whole looks great in different places on the court. Interesting combination of elements delights.

Half log bench click to enlarge


Do cut down to make log bench and other pieces

... do? Cut down to make log bench and other pieces burn in cold winters



Patio furniture accessories

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Photo credit hollis bennett inside debbie churchs home architect braxton

Photo Credit: Hollis Bennett. Inside Debbie Church's home, Architect Braxton Dixon created the hanging coffee table from a solid piece of wood.

Half a tree in a table west end salvage can

"Half-a-Tree in a Table" West End Salvage can do this & MUCH more! Contact us! www.WestEndSalvage.com, or better yet- call: 515- 243-4405. Ask for Don (or Julie and reference this Pinterest pic. Thanks!)

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Log benches

Created of a durable piece of a wooden log, this bench has a cutout seat inside of the tree log, making it a perfect addition to outdoor areas. You can place it in your garden, larger backyard, or park alley.

Rustic locust picnic table custom made to your specifications this

Rustic locust picnic table. Custom made to your specifications. This log picnic table is made from durable locust logs.

Log benches log benches

log benches | Log Benches

Natural log benches bench natural cedar wood natural wood bench

natural log benches | Bench. Natural Cedar Wood. Natural Wood Bench. Cedar Wooden Bench ...

Reinforced gfrc concrete half log bench 2 150 1

Reinforced GFRC Concrete Half-Log Bench | $2,150

Cedarlooks 0100006 4-Feet Log Cedar Bench

This solid cedar bench is very durable, ensuring long years of carefree use while also providing resistance to weather conditions, decay, and insects. And when left untreated, it weathers to the silvery grey color.

Log bench seating

Log Bench... Seating

Carved wood bench

The Beautiful carved wooden bench is a stylish and very natural combination that is phenomenally prized in the garden. The whole is composed solidly durable and be perfect while relaxing in the fresh air.

Chalet a gstaad t lemaire

chalet à Gstaad - T. Lemaire

Rustic log benches

Rustic log benches.

Single log wine sipping bench

Single; Log Wine Sipping Bench

Log cabin breakfast nook

Log cabin breakfast nook.

Benches and i had him send me some pictures so

... benches and I had him send me some pictures so that we could show them

Char-Log 24-Inch by 18-Inch High End Table

Small end table featuring dark finish and sturdy as well as durable construction made of logs. It's design perfectly fits all casual interior. Thanks to the use of high quality materials it's a long lasting construction.

Cedarlooks 010006B Log High Back Bench

This solid cedar bench is very durable, ensuring long years of carefree use while also providing resistance to weather conditions, decay, and insects. And when left untreated, it weathers to the silvery grey color.

Full log park bench natures instruments

Full Log Park Bench | Nature's Instruments

Mesquite log bench furniture the patriot woodworker

mesquite log bench - Furniture - The Patriot Woodworker

Furnitologist rustic solid wood log bench

Furnitologist: Rustic Solid Wood Log Bench

Aspen heirloom half log bench

Aspen Heirloom Half-Log Bench

Furnitologist rustic solid wood log bench 1

Furnitologist: Rustic Solid Wood Log Bench

38231 split log bench gametime

38231 - Split Log Bench | GameTime

Handmade cedar log park bench by i saw it in

Handmade Cedar Log Park Bench by I Saw It In Minnesota ...