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This will be something for all those who like gardens and plant stands. If you feel like you are one of such people, here’s a good chance to pick something for yourself. Actually, you will not be the first person who got interested in this site so it might be worth to spend some more time here.

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Our Picks

Vintage Tall Handmade Wooden Tiered

Vintage Tall Handmade Wooden Tiered

A good choice for all, who look for rustic accents to their interiors, this multi-tiered plant stand constitutes an eye-pleasing example of handmade wooden crafting. It measures 44.5" H, 17" W, 17" L.

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Going potty for plants

Going potty for plants:

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Three section plant stand

Three section plant stand

Plant stand with 6 shelves. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Dedicated to medium sized plants. Simple form and neutral design for each place.

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Unfinished Wood Plant Stand

Unfinished Wood Plant Stand

Standing tall, this Dignified Unfinished Wood Plant Stand is crafted from parawood for sturdiness and durability. The top of the stand can be used as a display of decorations, while the lower shelf is suitable for storing magazines.

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Indoor wooden plant stands 14

Wholesale Wooden Indoor Plant Stands

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Wooden indoor plant stand

Inside or outside? In between classrooms in sunny spot? These cool ndoor wooden plant stands are made from natural wood. Ledder shape allow you to keep different plants or decorations on different levels.

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Round Plant Stand

Round Plant Stand

It is a product that assures attractiveness and support for decorative plants. This stand has got a very solid construction based on wrought iron. It is good for both indoor and outdoor applications. The size of this stand is 18" H x 16" W x 16" D.

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Our shelf ladder is based based on a bookshelf design

Our Shelf Ladder is based Based on a bookshelf design. Our rustic wooden Shelf Ladder is not only suitable outdoors as a decorative stand for plant pots or as a useful additional storage unit for any potting shed or greenhouse but would look marvelous ind

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Handcrafted wooden plant stand

Handcrafted wooden plant stand

Durable wooden plant stand finished in natural color of wood. This handcrafted element stands on four legs and provides an X-shaped support for a planter box. This element assures good support and stability.

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Indoor wooden plant stands 8

Plant Ladder Stand | Confessions of a Garden Challenged Decorista | Atticmag | Kitchens ...

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Indoor Wooden Plant Stands

Buying Guide

If you want to showcase your outside-the-box thinking and creative approach to interior design, you can use your indoor wooden plant stands for other objects, too.

For example, books, candles, souvenirs, figurines and small statues, piled-up blankets, or even picture frames and artwork.

For larger stands, this could either be a selection of your favorite items or a themed display, such as one that you change depending on the season.

The best type of wood for an indoor wooden plant stand is one that’s durable, lightweight, and provides a firm base. The most commonly used woods for indoor plant stands are bamboo, oak, fir, or manufactured wood like plywood.

To pick the correct type of plant stand, consider how much wear and tear it will get or if your stand will be subjected to sun or weather. Stained and sealed wood stands last longer than untreated wood. To keep your plant stand dry, use pot plant tray liners to provide good drainage while keeping the moisture contained.

For a plant stand that performs double-duty, opt for models made from Cypress or Cedar. These woods have natural insect resistance that helps preserve the wood and minimizes pests on your plants.

Best Ideas

Congregation Quad Plant Stand

Congregation Quad Plant Stand

This interesting set of plant stand is the perfect solution to the terrace, garden or house. The metal structure is made so that it can be arranged as needed. Extensive containers accommodate up big pots of flowers.

Climbing Vines Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Climbing Vines Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

It is a multi-tiered plant stand that is a fantastic addition to your living room, bedroom, dining room and other. It has got a simple design and it fits to any style and décor. This is a very good choice.

Indoor wooden plant stands 3

Factory Second A-Frame Plant Stand this looks like it would be pretty simple to build but if you aren't crafty with wood you can buy it

Indoor wooden plant stands 1

In your garage for many years is an old ladder, no need for anyone. And you're just dreaming of a new shelf for flowers or books. Painted on a beautiful dark brown color,became an indoor wooden plant stand, with a set of shelves for colorful pots.

Indoor wooden plant stands 11

Indoor plant stand. When there is no more space to put new plants...

Plant ladders

bring in the green

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Turn an old ladder into a shelf add wooden planks

Turn an old ladder into a shelf - add wooden planks across the rungs like this

Indoor wooden plant stand 1

indoor wooden plant stand

Indoor wooden plant stands 6

vintage aqua painter's ladder

Indoor wooden plant stands 2

NEW Vertical Gardening Wood Planter Stand with Resin Garden Planters Plant Pots

Wooden plant ladder

Indoor plants in white pots. I'm so descriptive, aren't I?

Plant ladder stand

Organize your plant stand with this amazing ladder and create a really one of a kind and appealing spot in your own garden, full of color and flowers and beautifully accentuating the space around it.

Wooden plant shelves

Plant stand consisting of 3 open shelves in various sizes. Designed for small and medium sized plants. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.