Large Ceramic Outdoor Planters

Large ceramic outdoor planters are a wonderful way to accent your flower garden. Put them anywhere, and their style and color illuminates the area in a bath of beauty, complimenting the flowers within. Tall or short, wide or narrow, these ceramic planters enhance an area in a way that can only be described as magical. Check out myriad of color and size options in this vast collection.

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Exteriorscapes contemporary patio seattle

Exteriorscapes contemporary patio seattle
It's time to enhance your patio, garden, or front of the house, using this delightful planter pot that is able to accommodate those larger plants, as well. Manufactured from quality materials, the planter can withstand weather conditions, and its weight is large enough to keep the planter in a fixed position.

3 succulent and white ceramic bird

3 succulent and white ceramic bird
Cute tiny succulents growing in sleek white ceramic pots, shaped as birds. Might do as everyday décor element, but I'd personally see them as table decorations during wedding reception! --> white --> dove theme --> 10/10!

Large ceramic outdoor planters

This large ceramic planter has a a finish with many shades of blue and artisan glaze for shiny effect. It's available in three sizes: large, medium and small to choose. It will be perfect for outdoor and indoor space.

Large ceramic outdoor planters 1

A stunning planter that sports the colorful finish of the structure and is more than enough for elevating the look of your setting, since it is just as suitable for the outdoor setting as it is for the indoors.

Tall ceramic planters

These beautifully crafted pots are the original decoration of the garden, but also the interior. Beautiful floral prints give them a unique style. They are innovative and very functional at the same time.

Black ceramic garden pots

Outdoor planter made of solid and stylish ceramic materials in blue color. It is resistant to excessive wear and mechanical damage caused by different factors. Blue finish of this element is suitable for different gardens and other outdoors.

Large ceramic outdoor planters

Set of 3 large jars for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect as vase or pot. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Adds elegance for each place.

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The use of large ceramic outdoor planters is an incredible way to add stunning focal points throughout a garden. In urban areas, gardens may be series of planters that are set up on roofs and terraces. Most people assume that ceramics must only be used indoors. However, they are not just a beauty to behold, but they're also made to last! As a matter of fact, they are less likely to crack during the winter season.

What are large ceramic outdoor planters made of?

Large ceramic outdoor planters are made from outdoor-ready clay that's been glazed, and then fired to high temperatures to make them tough and hardy. What we love most about large ceramic outdoor planters is the sheer breadth of styles and colors available. The effects vary including drip, multi-colored, and crackled. Because of ceramic planters, it's now so easy for you to incorporate stunning and elegant pieces into your garden – with or without flowering plants planted inside them.

How to find the best ceramic outdoor planters?

The easiest way for you to find a good ceramic outdoor planter is by keeping a few things in mind like the following:

  • Know Your Roots. It's important for you to familiarize the root system of the plants you'll be putting inside large ceramic outdoor planters. For those that have small root systems, you can opt for the planters that have short bases. Otherwise, you'll need planters that are deep to house complex root systems.
  • Sizes. Planters are like the shells of hermit crabs – they are just temporary hosts. You need, therefore, to consider several sizes of ceramic planters so you can easily upgrade to larger planters as your plants grow.
  • Financial Cost. Large ceramic outdoor planters can be cheap and cheerful or decorative and expensive. Set a budget for your planters, but still make the design and quality of your planters your priority.
  • Product Life. Think about your planter's longevity if you need. For short-term projects, you'd want an affordable ceramic planter. Looks won't be important as well as you'd just be disposing of it very soon. If you intend to use the pots for a long-time, the design features of large ceramic outdoor planters will matter. You'd also want to invest in extended durability as it means less consumption of resources.
  • Exposure. Do you plan to place the large planters in an area that will be exposed to the sun? Will they be under the sun all day? Also, how strong are the breezes in your area? Large ceramic outdoor planters dry out faster compared to garden soil, but certain exposures can exacerbate the situation. Choose the ceramic planters that are extra resilient to ensure you don't experience any breakage.
  • Watering. Will you be able to water your plants every day? If so, then you can skip this section. Otherwise, opt for a planter that has a reservoir or drip tray. You wouldn't want to stress out a plant from the lack of water as it may not be able to recover.

The old-fashioned, antique garden planters that are on display in temples and palaces are made of ceramic for a good reason: large ceramic outdoor planters can withstand the test of time and still look stunning. Enhance your garden's look today with the use of some of the best ceramic planters available!


Large outdoor planters

large outdoor planters

Large ceramic flower pots

A decorative large and tall garden urn for plants. It is made of ceramic in greyish tones with greenish accents looking like damp patches. This barrel-shaped urn is decorated with thin convex horizontal stripes around and has 4 small lugs.

Ceramic outdoor planters

Looking for a way to add some colour outside your door? Check out these peacock-colored ceramic pots. They make the otherwise bland exterior full of life and action. Even the peacock himself couldn't resist their charm!

Fine art hand made and hand picked for you

Fine Art - Hand Made and Hand Picked for You

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Weve got the best selection in pottery for your gardening

We've got the best selection in pottery for your gardening needs. And ...

Danube Planter

The cheap, but good-quality planter made of stoneware in a lovely bricky color. The product is environmentally friendly so it can be re-cycled. The traditional look will bring warmth to the interior or exterior of your home.

Garden patio pots window boxes baskets ceramic 1

Garden & Patio > Pots/ Window Boxes/ Baskets > Ceramic

Large ceramic planter pots

Large outdoor plant pot intended to little tree or large plant. It is made of copper and aged by patination, so it look very old-fashioned. This pot is a stylish decoration and it makes your garden more vintage and mysterious.

Large black ceramic planters

Outdoor planter made of ceramic with antique finish. Designed for large and medium sized plants. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Elegant design for the garden, patio and more.

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Vietnam tall glazed outdoor ceramic pots

Vietnam tall glazed outdoor ceramic pots

Ceramic planter 39 99

Ceramic Planter – $39.99

Ceramic plant pot holders

large f003 62d x 86h large f005 set 2 76d

Extra large old stone piecrust pots and planters please select

extra large old stone piecrust pots and planters please select an item ...

Large ceramic pots for outdoors

A large outdoor planter box, made out of stained ceramic which provides a traditional vibe. The outdoor planter is made to resemble two hands holding the plants, which gives the piece a funky, decorative appearance.

We accept secure payment online or order by phone or

We accept secure payment online or order by phone or fax if you prefer ...

Ceramic large planters

The oldest found ceramic products date back to 13,000 BC. This large ceramic outdoor planet is one of the few examples of products that look great in the "raw" form, i.e. without additional painting. Has a slightly beige shade, with a delicate ornament.

Outdoor ceramic pots

Big ceramic vases with rustic olive finish, green oxidized so that the jars look antique. Thanks to varied sizing, they can be used to create an interesting visual arrangement, especially when used as plant pots.

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Click the planters to view larger

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Large ceramic pots 6

please check the measurements of the large garden pots and planters ...

Large ceramic planter

A very functional, durable and unique stylization of planters. They look like lower parts of human faces. Each planter is finished in a natural, grey stone color, so it looks perfectly in different outdoor areas.

Colourful outdoor planters

Outdoor Planters, Ceramic Planters & Outdoor Cachepots | Pottery Barn large 19.5 diameter, 24 in high 67 lbs

Large arabesque cast stone planter traditional outdoor planters

... Large Arabesque Cast Stone Planter traditional-outdoor-planters

Discount ceramic planters

Ceramic bowl for plants. This durable and simple looking element is available in red, yellow, orange and green colors. This element is suitable for growing herbs and small plants indoors. It is good for commercial (flower shops) and home applications.

Large ceramic pots

High and Low: Ceramic Planters

Ceramic garden pots

This item is a high quality, solid planter finished in nice blue color. Its construction is based on solid materials that are resistant to mechanical damage and different weather conditions. It looks good with different types of plants.

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Large outdoor pots to small indoor pots we have plenty

... large outdoor pots to small indoor pots we have plenty to choose from

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Straight side bowl planter in gardening planters outdoor planters all

Straight Side Bowl Planter in Gardening PLANTERS Outdoor Planters All-Weather at Terrain (large)

Ceramic planters 2

Ceramic Planters

Vietnam vase large outdoor ceramic pots

Vietnam vase large outdoor ceramic pots

Ceramic planters large

Want these old jugs on my terrace

Large outdoor vase

garden hose stored in a large planter - much more attractive than those hose holder thingies

For natural green ceramic planter design pretty flowers stone wall

... for Natural Green Ceramic Planter Design Pretty Flowers Stone Wall

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Outdoor ceramic planters

Large Oval Dahlia Planter

Jonathan adler dora maar planter

Jonathan Adler dora maar planter