Large Charcoal Barbecue Grills

Barbeques are fantastic. And having a large charcoal barbeque grill will make you the toast of the neighborhood. With a grill surface that can handle even the hungries crowd, and that sweet charcoal flavor, no one will go hungry with you as the master of this massive grill. Take a look at all the available large charcoal barbeque grill possibilities and pick one out for yourself.

Best Products

Vista Barbecue Charcoal Grill

Vista Barbecue Charcoal Grill
Are you a fan of original but practical solutions? Then, this amazing and modern grill would be a great option for you! Check it out now and enjoy a barbecue season in a very comfortable and stylish way.

800 Series American Gourmet Charcoal Grill

800 Series American Gourmet Charcoal Grill
Start the barbecue season with the most stylish and elegant grill! It's gonna bring you not only an amazing design, but also an extraordinary functionality. Check it out and enjoy the magical summertime!

Large charcoal barbecue grills 1

This large charcoal barbecue grill will enhance your garden parties. Its stainless steel front shelf gives you all of the space you need to for condiments, tools and other items. It features also 5 height adjustments for precise heat control.

Large charcoal barbecue grills 2

Extta big barbecue grill crafted from premium stainless steel, with strong metal legs reinforced by crossing X bars, equipped with lockable rolling casters. Nice quality for the price. Can still use it during this years' bbq season...

Large charcoal barbecue grills

This large charcoal grill will enhance your every barbecue, making this outdoor time an outdoor experience. It features an adjustable height grate, a shallow firebox, only 6" deep. The whole grill has the size of 60" X 24"

Large charcoal barbecue grills 1

large charcoal grill with adjustable grate height

Really really big grill the weber ranch kettle grill weber

really, really big grill. The Weber Ranch Kettle Grill – Weber

Our advice Buying Guide

Summer is the season for large charcoal barbecue grills – but don’t sell them short for winter cooking either. Requiring neither gas nor electricity, these grills are always ready to go as long as you have a supply of charcoal briquets for them. You might have to bundle up to watch over dinner, but it is one way to count on a hot meal even if the power goes out. Grills come in all sorts and sizes, from little Japanese Hibachis to the big ones that look as if they were made from a fifty-gallon barrel cut in half (and some of the originals were).

What are the most popular large charcoal barbecue grills available?

Foldable Grills and Narrow Grills on Legs

While they might not look like the round brazier type of grill often associated with suburbia, these little grills are perfect for hot dogs or for a hamburger for one or two people. They don’t take as much charcoal, and they can (where permitted) fit on a balcony or small patio. They can often be folded up and fitted into a backpack for hiking, eliminating the need to dig a firepit.

The Traditional Suburban Grill

Looking almost like an egg, these grills can be stored (when cold) in a garage and then trundled out for use. Some of them have two levels of grilling racks which fold back for easy access when the lid is opened, and then move back over the charcoal when the lid Is closed. Great for grilling everything from kabobs to steak, and always perfect for franks and burgers. Their primary drawback is that they are not good for items that require a longer cooking time.

The Really Big Grills

These are the ones that look like they were made from a barrel, turned on its side. Not so many years ago, and perhaps even a few today, really were made from barrels that were cut in half, lengthwise, using a cutting torch or welder. These can be set up for longer cooking times, and larger pieces of meat, such as a side of ribs. They are often the focal point of gatherings or even of a shade-tree business or two where the meat is as much smoked as it is grilled.

Stainless Steel Smoking Box

And speaking of smoking things – a smoking box is where you can store bits of real wood to be placed under the hood of the grill to spread that delicious hickory or cherry wood flavor so prized among people who barbeque, or those who eat barbequed meats.

To any of these grills, add a picnic table, ice to keep the lettuce crispy and the mayonnaise for the potato salad from going “off”, along with a few gallons of something cold and refreshing, and you have a gathering in the making – especially if you’ve got a big, shady tree to cover it all. Whether you are out watching fireworks for a patriotic celebration or raising a glass to the stacks of hay over in that new pole barn, you can’t go far wrong with a good grill.


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Large charcoal grills

This grill is for barbecue master. Made from solid metal will serve you for years. It has also one spit and two grates on different levels which allows you to barbecue three different meals at one time.

Large grills

The large charcoal barbecue grill, which could perfect for big family parties in the garden. Made of stainless steel, what easies cleaning and equipped with the wheels, what allows to move it quickly depending on your needs.

Charcoal bbq 6

Charcoal Bbq 6

Tow behind bbq grill rental

Tow Behind BBQ Grill Rental

Large charcoal barbecue grills 2

Large Charcoal Bbq Grills Large charcoal bbq with

Yoder adjustable charcoal grills 24 x 36 and 24 x

Yoder Adjustable Charcoal Grills – 24” x 36” and 24” x 48”

Large charcoal barbecue grills

The Grill that sets the standard in charcoal grilling throughout the ...

For wood pellet grills memphis grills mak grills savory bbq

for wood pellet grills memphis grills mak grills savory bbq recipes ...

Large charcoal barbecue grills 4

Weber Ranch Kettle Planning a barbecue banquet? You need the Weber Ranch kettle barbecue; capable of roasting up to 19 chickens at once, it’s everything you need to feed a crowd. This is a massive Weber barbecue, ideal for sports clubs, large famili

Boat bbq grills the company makes charcoal gas and combination

boat bbq grills the company makes charcoal gas and combination grills ...

Large charcoal bbq with lid

Practical and very solid barbecue grill with a solid stainless steel construction. This charcoal barbecue grill features two lower shelves for accessories and it also includes four wheels for better mobility.

Black Dog 28" Charcoal Grill

Black Dog 28" Charcoal Grill

Big bbq grills

Son Of Brisket Large Charcoal Grill

Landmann USA Landmann Bravo Premium Charcoal Grill and Smoker

Large charcoal bbq grills texas smokers bbq pits and bbq

Large Charcoal Bbq Grills Texas smokers bbq pits and bbq

Chicken cookers commercial bbq pits large charcoal grill trailers

Chicken Cookers - Commercial BBQ Pits - Large Charcoal Grill Trailers

Large barbecue grills

Barbecues Galore - Outdoor Cooking - CHARCOAL BARBECUES > BIG GREEN EGG > X-LARGE EGG

Large bbq grills

$349. The grill that has it all! An infrared burner to sear steaks and seal in moisture; the convenience of a three-burner gas grill that can cook 20 hamburgers at one time; a charcoal grill with an adjustable charcoal pan for temperature control and aut

Large charcoal barbecue grills 4

> Barbecues > Charcoal Barbecues > Landmann Large Oil Drum Charcoal ...

Alert meadow creek has changed the grates on all their

ALERT: Meadow Creek has changed the grates on all their models. Some ...

Barbecue grill charcoal grill campfire grill outdoor bbq 1

... Barbecue Grill / Charcoal Grill / Campfire Grill / Outdoor BBQ

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal Grill

Large charcoal bbq grills medina river backyard large

Large Charcoal Bbq Grills Medina river backyard large

Large charcoal barbecue grills 3

Home > Large Cajun Grill Charcoal Grill/Smoker Made by Percy Guidry ...

Large charcoal bbq grills for sale

large charcoal barbecue grill

For the really important question gas vs charcoal which is

... for the really important question... Gas vs Charcoal. Which is better

Large charcoal grill

New Outdoor Spit Rotisserie Roaster BBQ Grill Charcoal Steel Barbecue Pig Motor

Large charcoal grills for sale

A large round modern portable charcoal grill. Its metal base is built of 4 curved feet and a round shelf. A cooking grate is of steel wires. Its bowl and a flip up lid with a heatproof handle are made of black porcelain-enameled metal retaining heat.

Charcoal BBQ Grill

Charcoal BBQ Grill

Big barbecue grills

Primo Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill - Oval Large

Large kettle bbq

An excellent mid-sized quality grill providing 576 sq. in. of cooking area. The charcoal pan adjusts to multiple positions by crank handle. The large front panel allows for easy access to the charcoal. Large removable ash tray covers the entire bottom of

Big charcoal bbq

A large and circular mid-century charcoal grill with stainless steel exterior. It is movable on two wheels and has a small shelf at the base. from what's old in design is new again.

Large charcoal barbecue grills 10

‘the village pet store and charcoal grill’ by banksy, isn’t your typical pet store. #designboom

Large charcoal barbecue grills 8


Large charcoal barbecue grills

home grills charcoal barbeque grills and smokers large deluxe outdoor ...

Large barbecue grates

Weber 781001 26-3/4-Inch One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill. List Price: $349.00 Buy New: $299.00 You Save: 14% Deal by:

Big charcoal grills for sale

Bodum Fyrkat Large Charcoal Grill

Large charcoal barbecue grills 6

Jim Beam Basic JB0118 Wooden Grill Cleaning Brush with scraper by Style Asia. $3.12. Features a long ergonomic parawood handle for maximum comfort and safety. Flexible stainless-steel bristles won't scrape the enamel off your grill bars and are great for

Large barrel bbq

Charcoal Grill With Lid Large by Eva Solo

Large charcoal barbecue grills 12

Cooking on the Big Green Egg...Smoked pork ribs on mine this weekend...fall off the bone tender and juicy. ❤️❤️

Large coal bbq


Details about large portable foldable folding charcoal wood bbq grill

Details about Large Portable Foldable Folding Charcoal Wood BBQ Grill ...