Wine Glass Carrier

If you're planning on having a romantic picnic with cheese and season meats, and perhaps some fruits, then of course you remembered the wine. But you're not gonna drink it out of the bottle. And wine glasses are so fragile. So, what will you do? How about take a look at our collection of wine glass carriers and select the right one too valet your wine glasses to your picnic unscathed?

Best Ideas

Wine Case

Wine Case
Carry your wine glasses with peace of mind thanks to this superb wine glass carrier. Constructed from durable long-lasting fabrics, the bag is designed to provide enough shock absorbent capacity that ensures your glasses don’t break on transit. It also comes with excellent stitching and a strong carrying handle.

Personalized wine bottle carrier

Personalized wine bottle carrier
Wine carrier for residential and commercial use. It consists of 4 compartments for bottles of wine and fitted with convenient handle. It is completely made of wood. Simple form and functional design.

Handmade wood wine bottle glass carrier

Handmade wood wine bottle glass carrier
A cool ingenious simple rustic style wine carrier of reclaimed wooden pallets with a mid-brown stained finish. It has a rectilinear openwork holder for 2 goblets and a bottle. A sturdy handle of rope is tied to tall vertical slats in the middle.

Handmade wood pallet wine bottle glass

Handmade wood pallet wine bottle glass
A simple, but impressive DIY project that presents a wine carrier. It was crafted from old wood pallets and slats that creat a three-section box. There is a place for a wine bottle and two glasses. A short piece of cord serves for a handle.

Stemless Wine Glass (Set of 4)

Stemless Wine Glass (Set of 4)
Set of four wine glasses made of clear glass. Additionally, the glasses feature contemporary shape and may be engraved. They're also dishwasher safe, which makes keeping them clean very easy, and hold up to 21 oz.

Jakob Wagner Baggy Wine Coat

Jakob Wagner Baggy Wine Coat
Baggy wine coat featuring casual, but stylish look. It features rubber bottom and makes carrying wine very easy. Thanks to it's flexibility it's much easier to carry than traditional bottles. Additionally, it's available in variety of colors.

Handcrafted wine bottle carrier and wine

Handcrafted wine bottle carrier and wine
This shall be a must-have accessory of every wine enthusiast. This bottle and glass carrier comes especially handy outdoors, when you're organizing a picnic or just a party in the garden. Made of pine, it can either be left "natural" or stained.

Picnic Plus Daventry Travel Case

Enclosed wine glass carrier with excellent shock absorbent technology to protect your delicate glasses. The holder comes with a bin-like rounded design and a strong carrying handle for easy portability. It’s also large enough to accommodate dozens of glasses at a go.

Ultimate Wine Glass Bag

Featuring adjustable dividers for better protection of your glasses, this wine glass carrier constitutes a perfect solution if you like to set off outdoors, i.e. for a family picnic. It smoothly fits four classic Bordeaux glasses.

Delamere wine glass carrier with 6 wine glasses

Delamere Wine Glass Carrier with 6 wine glasses

Riedel Wine Glass Travel Case

A lightweight travel case you can count on to safely carry your Riedel glasses in whenever you are traveling, dining out, or on vacation. The case comfortably fits 3 glasses and has secure dividers inside to protect your precious glasses. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and lock-ready zipper.

Black italian leather wine tote for two 4 piece set

Black Italian Leather Wine Tote for Two, 4-Piece Set Details:

True  by True Fabrications 2 Person 2 Bottle Insulated Wine Bag Includes 2 Wine Glasses, 2 Napkins, and 1 Corkscrew

Black and grey wine glass carrier. It comes with a black color strap for convenient carriage. The front side of the bag can be opened up, and closed, with the aid of a zipper. The insulated interior of the bag has a compartment to hold two wine bottles and two wine glasses.

Black leather wine carrier caddy bag

Black Leather Wine Carrier Caddy Bag

Black Leather Wine Carrier Caddy Bag w/ Two Glasses,Stopper/Opener -Nice Bar Set

Carry your wine and glasses everywhere you go with this nice bar set wine leather bag. It comes with two wine glasses, a wine bottle opener, and a larger compartment to stack in your favorite wine bottle. The black leather wine bag is also a perfect gift item.

Wine glass carrier 3

Do you like to be always prepared? That's a gift for this kind of people. Especially for a men, who likes to surprise woman. Wine glass carrier made of natural fabric in grey color - has a space for a bottle of favorite wine, and 2 glasses.

Personalize retirement gifts finding one without an effort and yet

Personalize Retirement Gifts – finding one without an effort and yet ...

Table accessories party wine glass carrier tray with support


Wine glass carriers

Wooden wine glass / bottle carriers. Made from very solid wood, so they woudl hold every kind of glass. Don't worry, nothing will break! Ideal for busy households or bars/restaurants/ or simply for wine lovers.

Glass carrier

Spiled out alcohol is a nightmare to every bartender. With this handy wine or glass carrier every bar job seems to be super easy. Consists of 8 holes within this wooden tray to carry small or big glasses.

How to choose a leather wine carrier

How to Choose a Leather Wine Carrier

Hand crafted wood wine glass holder ready to paint 4

Hand Crafted Wood Wine Glass Holder-Ready to Paint-4 glass

Wine glass carrier 17

Bicycle-Mounted Leather Wine Carrier with Opener | Gear & Gadgets Biking | Pedal Happy | Scoutmob Shoppe | Product Detail

Wine sherpa picnic bring this along holds your glasses and

Wine Sherpa - picnic? bring this along. Holds your glasses and your bottle.$30 plus shipping.

Wine glass carrier 8

Wine Time - wine bottle bags and wine glass covers!

Wine glass holder attachment small or large

Wine Glass Holder Attachment - Small Or Large

New York Two Bottle Carrier in Black

New York Two Bottle Carrier in Black

Wine Enthusiast Weekend Wine Bag

Wine glass carrier 7

PARTY Wine Glass Carrier with Collapsible Tray

Wine glass carrier 1

Wine Glass Holder Necklace - Set of 3

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Wine glass carrier

Wine Yoke - Hands-Free Wine Glass Holder

Home wine set wine glass holder stainless steel wine glass

Home » Wine Set » Wine Glass Holder » Stainless Steel Wine Glass ...

Wine glass carrier 12

Wine Carrier With Cork Opener by Meriwether of Montana |

Wine glass carrier

This clever wine glass carrier shows how can contemporary design can be beneficial for household goods. A simple, wooden construction comes particularly helpful, when we are serving wine for larger group of people.

Wine glass carrier 26

Fabric Friday: Chalkcloth!

Wicker wine bottle carrier

A simple, but wonderful idea for parties and gatherings! It's a simple tray for food and drinks with extra holes for wine glasses, which makes it a carrier too. It will save you time and energy as you will be able to take everything at a clip.

Wine glass carriers 1

Lanyard with rack destined to keeping glass of wine. This incredible gadget has very simple building, but it is very practic. Glass of wine is hang around your neck and you can be sure, that your drink is safe. It is quite useful for boozy party.

Wine glass carrier 10

I think the "slice-o-wood" at the bottom gives these centerpieces the touch it needed! I actually like this. it looks clean and strangely classy.

Wine glass carrier 25

Spider Wine Bottle Wine Glass Holder Caddy #wine #party

Wine glass tote

This handmade rack is a typical example of contemporary design in small household goods. It combines modern, simple style with maximum functionality, creating a surface for a wine bottle and four glasses.

Wine bottle and glass carrier

Tray fitted with wine glass holder. It is completely made of wood. Handy gadget for each home. Simple form and functional design.

Wine glass carrier

repurposed wine corks incorporated into a handmande basket make a fine wine carrier! basket carries two bottles of your favorite wine or one bottle of wine & two wine glasses. two fabric bottle or wine glass wraps included. beautiful basket Mom! contact m

Wine glass carrier 23

Leather Flask . Leather Wrapped Glass Bottle . Handcrafted Leather Crafts . Leather Accessory . Rustic Western Functional Art on Etsy, kr 459,84

Wine glass holder necklace set of 2

Wine Glass Holder Necklace - Set of 2

Wine glass carrier 15

Bottle to Wine Glass Carrier 4

Wine glass carrier 2

Some creative DIY ideas that include a simple wine and glass carrier made of a single piece of wood or a table lamp that features a mooring line as a base. A jar that is used as a glass or a simple sheet of fabric that can decorate your window.

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Wall wine rack wine and glass rack

Wall Wine Rack - Wine and Glass Rack

Wine rack with glass holder plans wine rack with glass

wine rack with glass holder plans wine rack with glass holder plans