Hand Blown Wine Decanter

Hand blown glass is so intricate and beautiful because every piece is one of a kind. They are often like diamonds where no two are exactly alike. And for wine decanters which are really difficult to make under normal circumstances, having a hand-blown wine decanter will surely set you apart because you can be sure noone has one that is exactly the same as the one you have. Take a look at this collection for more.

Best Ideas

Vintage Hand Blown Wine Decanter

Vintage Hand Blown Wine Decanter
The excellent execution of this hand-blown wine decanter delights. The whole is functional and beautifully presented as a decoration too. Beautiful cork with interesting twine adds a unique style. Green and red coincide with the phenomenon.

Vintage Hand Blown Large Green Glass Wine Decanter Jug Carafe Ice Chamber Pocket

Vintage Hand Blown Large Green Glass Wine Decanter Jug Carafe Ice Chamber Pocket
As practical as decorative; this wine decanter is characterized by hand-blow design in shape of a beautiful jug carafe. The decanter is made of green glass, and is equipped with an ice chamber pocket.

Hand blown glass wine decanter set with

Hand blown glass wine decanter set with
Manual glass making is unbelievable and the effects are unique. Here we have a hand blown glass wine glasses and also decanter. It seems like they have been brushed with turquoise color. Robust glass, looking at the same time as a work of art.

Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanter Set With

Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanter Set With
Hand blown glass wine decanter with wine glasses. They feature some decorative elements finished in blue color with a splash of gold, so this decoration looks like the sun hitting the water. These elements are not only attractive, but also very durable.

Wellington Wine Decanter

Wellington Wine Decanter
Elegant wine decanter with rich decoration. It is completely made of clear glass. Should be wash just by hand. Includes an airtight lid. Perfect gift idea and more.

Daphne Gold Wine Decanter

Daphne Gold Wine Decanter
This beautiful, very elegant wine decanter is not only stylish addition but also a functional one. Made of thick, high quality glass with a decorative gold pattern at the bottom, this decanter will look great into ant interior.

Hand blown wine decanter 2

If you love to be surrounded by fancy decorations, then, this one can be a perfect choice for your kitchen. Straight from the 60's, this hand-blown of opaline glass Italian wine cooler bottle decanter is easy to clean and spiced up with a fancy cork.

Vintage wine decanters

A practical hand blown wine decanter made of solid, transparent glass. Its metal handle features an attractive wine grapes stylization. Glass surface is smooth and stylish. Round base of this decanter assures stability on flat surfaces.

Vintage 1970s princess house hand blown italian porron wine decanter

Vintage 1970s Princess House Hand Blown Italian Porron Wine Decanter Cooler Jug

Italian wine decanter bottle green hand blown corn husk stoppers

... Italian Wine Decanter Bottle Green Hand Blown Corn Husk Stoppers

Hand blown wine decanter 1

Italian hand blown wine decanter with ice by FranklinStVintage

Antique wine decanters

Wine decanter made of durable and attractive hand blown glass. Green color of this element looks very natural and attractive in any decor. Each decanter of this type includes some natural accents and decorations.

Hand blown bottle wine decanter carafe

A vintage green hand blown glass wine decanter that includes a cooler, wine bottle, and carafe plug, and stopper. It works both as a functional and unique decorative piece to have in your home. It’s a perfect hand blown vintage decanter for every wine connoisseur.

Antique wine carafe

Bring back the swinging 60s charm to your home with this unique vintage wine decanter. It is made of attractive and durable green glass. The color looks quite natural and blends perfectly with your home’s natural accents and decorations. It has a stylish cork and stopper.

Blown glass wine decanter

Handmade wine decanter executed from lead free crystal glass and then painted by hand. Colorful (red, yellow, blue and gold) abstract motif inspired by stained glass windows draws eyes to this decorative and functional piece.

Hand blown wine decanter 2

Hand Blown Wine Decanter

Toscanty hand blown glass wine decanter and glass set

Toscanty Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanter and Glass Set

Hand blown glass decanter

Swanz Decanter At his glass studio in Kentucky, American artisan Jonathan Swanz creates exceptionally beautiful and unusual pieces of decorative and functional glass like this sculpturally compelling, hand-blown wine decanter. Resembling a swan, its wi

Ships Decanter

Ships Decanter

Hand blown wine decanter 10

Coming from a limited edition, this hand blown wine decanter constitutes a perfect proposition for all wine enthusiasts. Its designer appeal shall appeal to all fans of modern design.

Hand blown wine decanter 20

Hand Blown Blue Glass Wine Decanter and 5 Glasses by LeeLynneGems, $40.00

Italian wine decanter

Whether coupled with a beautiful bottle, a lovely set of glasses or by itself, romantic couples will love this hand-blown decanter from Reidel

The coolest hand blown art glass wine decanters you will

The coolest hand-blown `art-glass` `wine-decanters` you will ever ...

Hand blown bottle wine decanter carafe 1

Hand Blown Bottle - Wine Decanter Carafe

Hand blown wine decanter 7

tilted wine decanter with ice pocket | recycled glass wine carafe with hand-blown ice pocket | Columbian glass -- yes love these!

Mouton rothschild wine decanter hand blown glass with etched insignia

Mouton-Rothschild Wine Decanter Hand Blown Glass With Etched Insignia ...

Vintage glass wine decanter

Glass, often is accompanied by a climate of magic. This vintage hand blown wine decanter makes every sip of spilled wine taste better. The turquoise color of the glass and the innocuous form, will attract eye of everyone.

Hand blown wine decanter 18

Hand blown glass wine decanter set

Vivid Wine Decanter

Vivid Wine Decanter

Murano hand blown cobalt blue gold 8 pc wine decanter

... Murano Hand Blown Cobalt Blue & Gold 8 PC Wine Decanter Glasses Italy

Chilled wine decanter vintage italian green glass carafe hand blown

Chilled Wine Decanter Vintage Italian Green Glass Carafe Hand Blown Glass

Frieling elegance handblown glass wine decanter

Frieling Elegance Handblown Glass Wine Decanter



Oenophilia Porto Sippers, Set of 12

Vintage wine decanter

Wine decanter made of glass. It is fitted with comfortable handle and finished with decorated curvature. It can bed used as vase. Handy gadget for each home.

Vintage wine carafe

Hand-blown crystal wine glasses are an excellent design and stylish drink serving style. The whole is presented phenomenally, beautifully decorated with fascinating details. The gilded elements delight.

Hand blown wine decanter 19

Rogaska Expert Duo Decanter | Winestuff Each Rogaska Expert Duo Decanter is mouth blown and shaped individually by hand

Italian wine carafe

hand blown glass wine decanter | ... Turquoise Blue Azure Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanter Set 6 pieces

Victoria Crystal Decanter

Victoria Crystal Decanter

Chantilly set of seven hand blown glass decanters

Chantilly Set of Seven Hand Blown Glass Decanters

Hand blown wine decanter 17

Toscany Wine Liquor Decanter Etched Floral with lid clear Hand Blown in Romania

Hand blown wine decanter 12

1920s Hand-Blown Wine Bottle @ Restoration HArdware $225

Hand blown glass wine decanter

Hand Painted Vintage Wine Decanter Hand Blown by RamblinRanch, $18.00

Hand blown wine decanter

The hand blown wine decanter could be an interesting addition into any home bar, or can be used as a gift idea. It's a stylish product, which has the decorative and useful function.

Italian glass decanter

A hand-blown wine decanter is a great way to serve your favorite drink. Beautiful design and gilded inscription on the bottle delight. Ideally suited for meetings with the closest ones and as an impressive decorative detail.

Soho Wine Decanter

Soho Wine Decanter

Wine decanter carafe 1 2 liter clear glass hand blown

Wine Decanter - Carafe, 1/2 Liter Clear Glass, Hand blown glass from ...

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Riedel Cornetto Mouth Blown Magnum 16 3/4"Wine Decanter

Beautiful hand blown glass wine decanters im in love

Beautiful Hand blown glass wine decanters... I'm in love!