Johnson Bros Dinnerware

For your family dinner that one time of year, or perhaps a super special occasion, you want something a little more elegant on your table, and for that, look no further than Johnson bros dinnerware. Resemblant of fine china and decorated with lavish landscapes and other attractive scenes, for your next executive dinner party, go with Johnson Bros.

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Friendly Village Dinnerware Collection

Friendly Village Dinnerware Collection
Charming traditional style 28-piece dinner set made of quality white earthenware. All pieces feature scalloped edges, leafy borders and beautiful winter village motifs in shades of green and brown. They are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Vintage set of white ironstone dishes

Vintage set of white ironstone dishes
Simple vintage set of dinnerware in white. Grooved cups come with bowls, dinner plates and dessert / sandwich plates - a complete china set. I've been seeking for such a retro Johnson Bros set for long.

Willow Blue Dinnerware Collection

Willow Blue Dinnerware Collection
This stylish and extremely elegant dinnerware set is the perfect solution for any home. Beautiful ceramic vessels were strikingly decorated with blue detailing, giving every meal luxurious character.

Johnson Brothers China His Majesty Made In England Cup Saucer Set

Johnson Brothers China His Majesty Made In England Cup Saucer Set
A beautiful traditional set of tableware consisting of a cup and a saucer (it has a wavy edge). They're manufactured of quality white glazed ceramic with charming turkeys and floral motifs in prevalent delicate reds, browns and beiges.

Johnson brothers turkey platter

Johnson Brothers dinnerware collection, 8 pcs. With English engravings of pastoral village scenes. The colour scheme includes soft green, muted red, elegant silver and dreamy blue. Made of fine earthenware, with intricate details.

Johnson brothers coaching scenes

Beautiful decorative tablescape for Christmas. It's composed a.o. of a model church, an amusing snowman, a long checked ribbon, green rosemary and thyme twigs. The entirety in prevalent pink, reddish and white tones matches tableware in same shades.

Johnson bros dinnerware

The unique set of dinnerware bros in the beautiful old Britain Castles is a great way to make a great table setting. Amazing details and stylish colors fascinate. The whole is perfect for every interior design.

Our advice Buying Guide

Why is Johnson Bros dinnerware special?

Johnson Bros dinnerware is special because this Staffordshire pottery was one of the first to introduce semi-porcelain tableware and export them to the US market and because they created some of the most popular and recognizable patterns in this industry.

Johnson Bros dinnerware is also special because they have started out all the way back in the 1890s, which makes their tableware perfect for a sophisticated or retro effect. Plus, because their production has recently been discontinued, all of their pieces are now even more prestigious and sought-after.

Basically, owning some Johnson Bros dinnerware can definitely be considered an elegant statement.

Is Johnson Bros dinnerware valuable?

Yes, Johnson Bros dinnerware has become even more valuable since their production was discontinued. This means that most of their existing pieces are now one of a kind and extremely rare.

Is Johnson Brothers china microwave safe?

While some retailers selling Johnson Brothers dinnerware claim that it is indeed microwave safe, we advise against using it for that purpose.

This is because some of their pieces contain lead, and lead plates aren’t microwave safe.

Unless you’re 100% positive that your specific Johnson Brothers dinnerware set doesn’t contain it, it’d probably be best to avoid chucking it into a hot microwave.


Johnson brothers white china patterns

Blue-white porcelain, it was the most popular in Islamic countries of the Middle East, but it is worth remembering that it comes from China and painted on the presented johnson bros dinnerware, they identify the rural life of Chinese people.

Johnson brothers turkey plates

"Harvest" pattern by Johnson Brothers.

My favorite plate of all time.

Johnson bros dinnerware 1

Highly-decorative and oozing with detailed hand-painting, this exquisite dinnerware will be a real hit during birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. The whole set is made of quality porcelain and adorned with gorgeous castle images.

Olde english countryside johnson bros ironstone

Johnson Brothers Florentine-Just discovered this old pattern. Love this.

Johnson brothers dinnerware

Made in the style of vintage johnson bros dinnerware is a beautiful combination of functionality and beauty of art. Delicious details with a turkey motif and attention to detail in every detail of the finishing touches.

Johnson brothers friendly village history

OMG Terra! I grew up with this! ...actually inherited an identical set from my Grandmother ... Rose Chintz by Johnson Bros. :)

Johnson brothers ironstone dinnerware

Red transferware...officially called Pink castles and are a Johnson Bros pattern, are not too expensive new, and can be found all over the place vintage...start your collection and even add some color with green ones, blue ones...etc

Johnson bros christmas dishes

Mine. Blue and white vintage english porcelain

Johnson brothers christmas dinnerware

Estelle's: Johnson Brothers, Transferware and Toile. This is the exact china that my grandmother has! Lots of good memories around the dinner table and these plates.

Johnson bros dinnerware regency white collection

Johnson Bros. Dinnerware, Regency White Collection

Johnson brothers holiday dinnerware

Johnson Brothers Holiday Dinnerware

Bar keepers friend to remove scratches in dishes sinks tub

Bar Keepers Friend to remove scratches in dishes, sinks, tub. Need to try this in the kids bathtub!

Found on estatesales net johnson bros dinnerware set

Found on EstateSales.NET: Johnson Bros. Dinnerware Set

Windsor ware johnson bros england

My favorite christmas item my johnson brother dishes my grandma had when I was little and now I keep buying nothing makes a table prettier!

Johnson bros christmas china

Friendly Village dishes. I don't have a whole set of these, but I use a few pieces to decorate my dining room.

Johnson brothers english china


Johnson brothers tableware 1

Johnson Brothers Fleurette 28-Piece Dinnerware Set

Johnson brothers christmas plates

Johnson Brothers Devonshire Brown Square Salad Plate | eBay

Johnson brothers blue denmark

Add this sublime tableware set and ensure that you can dine with class and style and enjoy tea or coffee with your friends or family. It will look splendid in your china cabinet as well, accentuating the decor.

Johnson brothers christmas china

Stylish dinnerware consisting of mugs and plates in various sizes. It is made of ceramic and decorated with floral theme. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Old Britain Castles Christmas Salad Plate (Set of 4)

Old Britain Castles Christmas Salad Plate (Set of 4)

Johnson brothers old britain castles pink 4

We are moving to the Royal Kingdom of Great Britain, in the historical times. Because on this beautiful, good quality porcelain - they are hand-painted medieval castles of England.In this case Johnson Bros, gave this set of porcelain white and raspberry tones.

Olde english countryside johnson bros

Johnson Brothers China Vintage Charm 16-Piece Dinnerware Set. $160.00 at Crystal

Johnson brothers blue denmark

Adorable set of this bowls with pink roses printings will make a special occasions from everyday meals. Very delicate lines of the bowl creates a romantic atmosphere in your dining room. Just magnificent.

Johnson brothers christmas china patterns

Charming dinner plates made of quality earthenware entirely painted in prevalent beiges and delicate browns with whitish accents. Rims are adorned with indented lines and oak leaves and acorns motifs, bottoms - with scenes of early American country.

Johnson brothers thanksgiving china

The traditional image on this turkey platter recreates a 'friendly village' at home that warms your table or hutch with country charm all year round. This turkey platter highlights a 19.5-inch

Johnson brothers wild turkey

Johnson Brothers China | Details about JOHNSON BROTHERS china YALE pattern DINNER PLATE

Johnson brothers tableware

Johnson Brothers Fleurette

Vignette design tablescape

Vignette design tablescape...

Johnson brothers old britain castles

The charming diner set beautifully painted with the captivating motif of the old Britain Castles delights. The table is gaining a unique climate for them, which makes it a pleasure. Sleek performance and functionality for every home.

Olde english countryside johnson brothers

A wonderful traditional set of tableware of white earthenware decorated with motifs typical for idyllic winter country scenery in prevalent restful greens, browns and beiges. Plates and bowls feature wavy edges, cups and jugs have classic handles.

Johnson brothers china his majesty

Original dinner plate decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. It is made of high quality material. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Johnson Bros. Devon Cottage Dinner Plates

Details about johnson brothers china wild rose green serving platter

Details about JOHNSON Brothers china WILD ROSE green SERVING PLATTER

Johnson brothers merry christmas dishes

Details about JOHNSON BROTHERS china PLAYTIME pttrn child's PLATE

Ive never seen this one before friendly village by johnson

I've never seen this one before - friendly village by Johnson Brothers Christmas platter

Johnson Bros. Old Britain Castles Pink Salad Plates

Laura ashley petite fleur ironstone johnson bros dinnerware

Laura Ashley Petite Fleur Ironstone Johnson Bros Dinnerware

Blog with lots of holiday decor table setting ideas repinned

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A wormy chestnut board is the base for the centerpiece

A wormy chestnut board is the base for the centerpiece of arborvitae, hydrangeas, hand painted pumpkins, pine cones and candles paired with Friendly Village from Far Above Rubies: Friendly Village Thanksgiving

Windsor ware johnson bros

Johnson Bros. Dinnerware, Vintage Charm 4-Pc. Place Setting

White ironstone dinnerware johnson brothers by

White Ironstone Dinnerware / Johnson Brothers / by ...

Johnson brothers willow blue 45 pc dinnerware set

Johnson Brothers Willow Blue 45 Pc. Dinnerware Set ...