Olive Oil And Vinegar Cruet

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Oil and vinegar is a staple of many authentic Italian restaurants, but usually they are in two separate bottles. But not if they are in a cruet. And this collection of olive oil and vinegar cruets is interesting, exciting, and will inspire you to cook more Italian food, just to use them. The only two issues now, is which one to get, and what dish to make first.

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Updated 07/12/2022
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Classic Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

Classic Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

Holding 17 ounces and measuring 12” high, this classic cruet is the perfect addition to your dining table, kitchen counter, or pantry. The darkened glass limits the amount of light that can touch your oil, and the deluxe cap prevents dripping.

Designer Advice:

With a small footprint of 2” by 2” this rich olive colored glass cruet offers a classic silhouette and should be any kitchen staple. It’s perfect for holding and dispensing a variety of oils including vinegar, olive oil, or a vinaigrette.  

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Sleek Stainless Steel Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Sleek Stainless Steel Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Made from stainless steel and covered in a sleek golden finish, this unique looking cruet is the perfect way to store your valuable cooking oils or salad vinaigrettes. The handle allows easy use, while the spout prevents drips and spills.

Designer Advice:

With a highly unique style and silhouette, this 10” tall cruet can be a conversation piece just as much as a useful addition to your kitchen. The large 5” diameter base prevents the cruet from being tipped over, even when bumped.

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Teardrop Shaped Vinegar Cruet

Teardrop Shaped Vinegar Cruet

Standing 13.5” tall, this elegant teardrop shaped glass cruet holds 14 ounces of your favorite oils, vinegars, or vinaigrettes. It is dishwasher safe and features a dripless spout to precisely deliver your favorite liquid into your meals.  

Designer Advice:

Perfect for a kitchen that enjoys a touch of elegance and delicate glasswork, this stylish cruet is perfect for the table or pantry. It features a 3” diameter base and has a 3.6” diameter bottle for your favorite oils.  

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Recycled Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Recycled Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Available in both clear and rich green colors, this stylish 9” recycled glass cruet features a raised olive branch motif to add texture and style. It holds just over 16 ounces of vinegar, olive oil, or other liquids and features a removable spout.  

Designer Advice:

This cylindrical cruet has a classic bottle shape, but features textured raised motifs on the side. It’s perfect for use as a versatile oil storage and dispenser, or can be used for purely decorative purposes in your kitchen as well.

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Set of 2 Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dispenser

Set of 2 Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dispenser

As a set of two white ceramic stoneware bottles with raised texture, these olive oil and vinegar dispensers look great on your table or kitchen counter. Measuring 10” tall and coming complete with a wooden holder to keep them neat and orderly.  

Designer Advice:

Perfect for a rustic or modern kitchen, this pair of cruets has a simple charm that looks great in any kitchen. They’re perfect for dispensing oil you use often, or can be used as a storage option in the pantry.

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Olive Oil And Vinegar Cruet

Buying Guide

To choose the right type of olive oil and vinegar cruets, you must find a set that’s both the right size for you and involves a reliable material.

When it comes to size, be realistic about how often you actually use their content and how much room you can leave for them on your table.

As for materials, the best type of olive oil and vinegar cruets is made of glass when it comes to aesthetics since you actually get to see the condiments. However, keep in mind that glass speeds up the oxidation process, so we only recommend it if you’re planning on storing them behind a cupboard.

Alternatively, you can find olive oil and vinegar cruets in more contemporary stainless-steel designs, traditional ceramic, or elegant copper.

In order to avoid any transference of bacteria, it’s a good idea to clean your olive oil and vinegar cruet every time you refill it. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a time-intensive process: With hot water and 2-3 drops of a mild detergent, rinse out the cruet until the water runs clear (with no bubbles). This will also help if you’re using one cruet for multiple types of oils or different flavors of vinegars!

Yes! As long as the ambient temperature in your home is not too hot, room temperature should be fine for the majority of olive oils and vinegars—and the insulated design of most cruets should keep your condiments cooler in any case.

If you’re worried about heat, check with the information on the packaging on your vinegar and olive oil, or pop them in the fridge while they’re not in active use.

Best Ideas

Olive oil and vinegar cruet 2

We walk in the southern Italian olive fields or hot Sicily ones. From there, from the hands of an old grandmothers, comes the best traditional olive oil. It must be stored in a convenient way, thus glass vinegar and olive oil cruet was created.

Olive oil and vinegar cruet 12

An eye-pleasing set of innovative cruets for vinegar and olive oil. Everything essential you need for your salad - and decorous hallmarks are extra bonus here! These chic cruets are handblown, in line with age-old craftsmanship.

Olive oil and vinegar cruet 6

What a creative way to store your oil and vinegar! Not only does it save you storage space, it looks just gorgeous! Beautiful, unique ball design, bound to entertain your guests while they are using it!

Classic Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set

Classic Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set

Made with class and slightest attention to details, this Oil & Vinegar Bottle Set consists of 1 decorative holder, and 2 white bottles. The whole Set is designed of aluminum and ceramic, enhancing kitchens, restaurants and dining rooms.

Crescent oil and vinegar cruet literally gasped

Crescent Oil and Vinegar Cruet....literally gasped!

Olive oil and vinegar cruet 19

Keep your vinegar and oil separate but together in this clever double spouted cruet. The central spiral keeps the substances from mixing, but you can easily dispense just the right amount of each with a splash from the correct no-drip spout.

Oil and vinegar cruet set 9

Durable and decorative oil and vinegar cruets. These glass cruets are durable and they include some decorative accents. They also include metal tips and round supports finished in very stylish gold color.

Latta olive oil cruet oil and vinegar dispensers

Latta Olive Oil Cruet oil-and-vinegar-dispensers

Ceramic olive oil cruet stoneware oil

Ceramic olive oil cruet stoneware oil

This olive oil and vinegar cruet enchants with its beautiful stoneware finishing, full of intricate, subtle details. It will embellish all living room areas, constituting a glamorous addition to your meals.

Olive wood oil and vinegar cruet set

Olive Wood Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set

Stoneware 2 Piece EVOO & Vinegar Dispensing Bottle Set

Stoneware 2 Piece EVOO & Vinegar Dispensing Bottle Set

It is a set of two bottles of cooking, which perfectly suits the administration vinegar. Bottles are red. They are equipped with a special dispenser and the handle, which is not only practical, but also decorative, ornate.

Olive oil and vinegar cruet 15

Oil & Vinegar Cruet by Norpro...I have three different olive oil cruets, but I would sure like an Oil & Vinegar combo cruet like this one! :)

Olive oil and vinegar cruet 18

Ichendorf's Double Walled Oil/Vinegar Carafe. These double-walled pourers from Ichendorf are hand blown to the highest standard of Italian glassmaking. We love the visual shape of liquid suspended inside the glass.

Hand painted olive oil dispenser

Handmade Pottery Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set by BluSail, $42.00

Look at this zulilyfind oil vinegar 8 oz cruet set

Look at this #zulilyfind! Oil & Vinegar 8-Oz. Cruet Set by Home Essentials and Beyond #zulilyfinds

Combined oil and vinegar bottles

Weiner Dog Oil & Vinegar Set ~ These handmade Oil and Vinegar bottles by Global Amici are both distinctly shaped like wiener dogs— with the “tail” of both “animals” acting as the corked bottleneck. The set comes with a funnel that you can insert

Combined olive oil and balsamic vinegar dispenser

Lemon Infused Olive Oil – One of my Gluten-free Pantry Staples | Blog | Simply Gluten Free

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar container

A pair of elegant and vintage cruets for storing oil and vinegar. They are made of high quality ceramics in a pure white color with subtle, etched signs. They will be a nice accent of the kitchen countertop and they have non-spill tips.

Rachael Ray Stoneware 2-Piece EVOO Oil and Vinegar Dispensing Bottle Set, White

Balsamic vinegar and olive oil container

Olive Oil Vinegar Cruet Soap Dispenser by JenniferBurkePottery

Olive oil and vinegar cruet 8

Olive Oil Vinegar Cruet Soap Dispenser by JenniferBurkePottery, $30.00

Olive oil and vinegar cruet 17

Modern Olive Oil or Vinegar Cruets by misunrie

Decorative oil and vinegar bottles 2

Set of 2 bottles for olive oil and vinegar. It is made of glass and fitted with metal dispensers. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Oil and vinegar cruet set 5

Oil and vinegar cruets suitable for kitchen use. These elements of equipment are not only durable, but they also decorate indoors thanks to their blue floral themes on white background. They are resistant to microwaves and dishwashers.