Striped Coffee Mugs

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Walk away for the plain Jane coffee mugs and add some color to your life, with these striped coffee mugs. These decorative mugs are just as useful as a regular mug, with a slight adjustment. The color an the outside of the mug will make you smile. There is something about an eclectic coffee mug that can brighten any day. See more in this extensive collection.

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Updated 20/10/2022
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Bright and Cheerful Striped Coffee Mugs

Bright and Cheerful Striped Coffee Mugs

Certified International

These beautiful hand-painted striped coffee mugs are crafted from quality ceramic, making them 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. The vivid, cheerful colors will put a smile on your face no matter how early in the morning it is.

$34.49 $43

Designer Advice:

With their vibrant colors and generous size, these beautiful striped coffee mugs are the perfect choice for brightening up your kitchen counter. They will look superb hanging on the coffee cup rack, sure to receive compliments from visitors to your home. The perfect choice for those wanting to add a splash of color to their interiors. 

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Eye catching Striped Coffee Mugs

Eye catching Striped Coffee Mugs

Certified International

These eye-catching bright and bold striped coffee mugs are just what you need to brighten up your space. Each mug in this set of four features beautiful vibrant hues of yellows, reds, greens, and blues on their durable ceramic base.

$35.87 $35.99

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Stylish Striped Coffee Mug

Stylish Striped Coffee Mug

kate spade new york

Created from durable ceramic porcelain china, this stylish Breton striped coffee mug features a simple and elegant navy blue stripe design beautifully contrasting against a white background. This designer mug will give your kitchen an effortlessly relaxed, sophisticated look.

Designer Advice:

With a stylish navy striped design, this designer coffee mug will work well with most color schemes in the kitchen and living room interiors while adding a touch of style and glamour to your space. It’s a versatile size at 12oz and will look great displayed on a cup holder under your kitchen counters.

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Contemporary Blue and Brown Striped Coffee Mug

Contemporary Blue and Brown Striped Coffee Mug


A simply beautiful yet contemporary Denby Stoneware hand-decorated striped coffee mugs with a textural design available in a choice for blue, brown, or green stripes. Each mug is beautifully unique and expertly glazed, giving it strength and enhanced durability.

$25 $35

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Elegant Black and White Striped Mugs

Elegant Black and White Striped Mugs

Wade Logan®

With delicate black and white patterns accented by a gold trim, this set of four striped coffee mugs will add a timelessly chic look to your kitchen. Created with 100% new bone china, making them a classic statement-making staple. 

$49.99 $37.99

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Vibrant Sedona Stripe Coffee Mugs

Vibrant Sedona Stripe Coffee Mugs

Ivy Bronx

With a colorful artistic Sedona stripe design, this beautifully vibrant ceramic coffee mug will make a great housewarming gift or be a practical yet attractive piece to add to your kitchen sideboard. 

Designer Advice:

Featuring a vibrant sedona stripe design, this striped coffee mug is crafted with quality smooth ceramic completed with a gorgeous high gloss finish. This vibrantly printed artistic mug is on the larger size at 20oz, perfect for those craving a large hot drink in the morning! The beautiful blue-green gives it a relaxed and airy coastal feel.

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Striped Coffee Mugs

Buying Guide

Matching striped coffee mugs to the rest of your china is simple; all you have to do is choose an element in your china pattern that coordinates with the colored stripes on the mug.

Striped coffee mugs are a great way to add some pizzazz to your kitchen for a low cost. They can be exciting and vibrant when you opt for multi-colored or hand painted mugs. For a contemporary, classy home, you can still incorporate striped mugs into your collection but with muted tones. Black and white horizontal stripes are interesting yet sophisticated.

If your china is primarily one solid color, like blue, search for striped mugs with a similar shade somewhere in their design. Matching specific elements of your dishware to the mug allows you to make a creative shopping decision that will still tie into what you already own.  

The average volume of a coffee mug is between 8 to 15 oz. Coffee mugs hold more liquid than a typical cup or a more formal teacup. Striped coffee mugs are a flashy addition to your kitchen and come in multiple sizes, sometimes capable of holding 20 to 25 oz. of liquid which is closer to the volume of a standard latte mug.

If you decide to take your morning coffee on the road after a few sips, you’ll notice that you have room to add more liquid when you transfer it from the mug to a travel mug. A standard travel mug or tumbler can hold 15 to 20 oz. of liquid.

Striped coffee mugs are whimsical, fun to look at, and always in style. The simplicity of the pattern means that you can match a striped mug to just about any aesthetic; for example, variegated stripes of different widths and spaces can lean more artistic and modern, whereas thick, stark stripes can lean nautical or traditional.

Opt for different-colored stripes to add to your home’s maximalist vibes, or use a more neutral or pastel palette to help enhance a peaceful, calm atmosphere.

Best Ideas

Striped coffee mugs

This picture shows coffee mugs with multi-color stripes and dots. These products are suitable for coffee, tea and other drinks. Their materials are durable, so these mugs are resistant to excessive wear or damage.

Half men striped coffee mug two and a half men

half men striped coffee mug two and a half men striped coffee mug ...

Rio Multistriped 14 oz. Mug (Set of 4)

Rio Multistriped 14 oz. Mug (Set of 4)

This pretty and simple mug is gonna perfectly match every kind of kitchen, no matter what is your preferred style. Check it out and enjoy its extremely intriguing look and extraordinary functionality!

Latitude 38 20 oz. Nautical Stripe Stoneware Jumbo Mug

Latitude 38 20 oz. Nautical Stripe Stoneware Jumbo Mug

Black and white striped coffee mugs

Striped coffee mugs + French press coffee

Tequila Sunrise 18 oz. Mug (Set of 4)

Tequila Sunrise 18 oz. Mug (Set of 4)

If you're looking for some extraordinary and practical decorations for your house, this unique and stylish mug set is gonna be an interesting option for you. Check it out and enjoy an original Mexican design!

Horizontal black stripes coffee mug

Horizontal Black Stripes Coffee Mug

mug_56663 InspirationzStore Stripe Patterns - Stylish Contemporary Stripes - Black and White striped pattern aka breton stripe - Mugs

Striped coffee mugs 9

Adorable tall this hand painted mug, great colors and it holds enough coffee for my rabid addiction!

I 39 m still thinking about the mug from the

I'm still thinking about the mug from the Common Place I used the other day. Favorite mug EVER

Vintage turquoise striped coffee cup mug by alsredesignvintage 6 00

Vintage Turquoise Striped Coffee Cup Mug by alsredesignvintage, $6.00

Origo 13.5 Oz. Coffee Mug

Origo 13.5 Oz. Coffee Mug

Striped coffee mugs 10

How many miles would I have to bike to burn the calories from the ice cream that would fill this cup? Good question!

Striped coffee mugs 4

Loop Stripe Coffee Mug

Striped coffee mugs 17

I like how wide the handle is and that the rim isn't completely even on the top.

Striped coffee mugs 22

Orange Striped Coffee Mug

Striped coffee mugs 18

Whimsical Paisley Deer Head Summer Pastel Stripes Coffee Mugs

Crate and barrel stripes mug 7 playful printed mugs

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Tabletops unlimited sedona stripe brown handle mug 7364726

Tabletops Unlimited SEDONA STRIPE Brown Handle Mug 7364726 ...

Set of 4 large coffee mugs porcelain striped 330ml

Set of 4 Large Coffee Mugs Porcelain Striped 330ml ...

Striped rainbow coffee mug with images mugs rainbow

Striped Rainbow Coffee Mug (With images) | Mugs, Rainbow ...

Coffee mug stripe home dining entertaining

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Set of 4 extra large coffee mugs stoneware striped brown

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Striped abstract design coffee mugs zazzle

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