Imperia Pasta Machine Attachments

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Make your own custom pasta with these new imperia pasta machine attachments. Never have to boil water again to make al dente pasta serviceable, when you can make your own, in so many styles you will need a new recipe book, and do so with your own flair. Make spinach farfalle, or tomato rigatoni. So many pasta options, so little time to cook them all. Dinner is served.

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Updated 06/02/2023
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Angel hair pasta attachment 

Angel hair pasta attachment 

What We Like: Makes great angle hair pasta consistently

What We Don't Like: Poorly designed plastic adapter

Not so good for: The now discontinued Villaware al dente model 177

Perfect for: Any pasta enthusiast

In the mood for some angel hair pasta? Get the size and texture right with this removable cutter head attachment for your Imperia machine. Expertly made by Italian masters from stainless steel, this cutter fits perfectly into the Imperial model 150.

In addition to allowing you to consistently make good quality angel hair pasta that takes sauces well, this attachment also makes a nice-quality capellini that is light in texture. It measures 2.76 x 2.76 x 1.97 inches with a weight of just 1.1 lbs.

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Imperia ravioli attachment

Imperia ravioli attachment


What We Like: It's simple and easy to use

What We Don't Like: The filling chute could be larger

Not so good for: Novice home cooks

Perfect for: Families that cook together

If you're ready to expand your pasta-making expertise, this 3-piece ravioli attachment to the Imperia pasta machine is the logical next step. It comes with a ravioli maker, pasta cutter, brush, and an easy-to-understand operation manual.

It'll help you make the perfect ravioli with ease, using whatever fillings you like. Its silver-finished stainless steel construction will blend seamlessly with other appliances in your kitchen or pantry, and it fits into the SP150 effortlessly. You'll find that it makes larger ravioli than other ravioli makers on the market, making it ideal for making homemade pasta with the kids, and it gets the job done faster.

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Tagliatelle cutter attachment

Tagliatelle cutter attachment


What We Like: Chrome stainless steel finish

What We Don't Like: There's nothing to dislike

Not so good for: Making thick tagliatelle

Perfect for: Italian restaurants

Make perfect tagliatelle every time with this gleaming stainless steel attachment. It measures 4 x 4 x 14 inches and comes with carbon steel cutters that make a flat tagliatelle noodle that measures 2 mm thick.

This attachment is excellent for making authentic Italian pasta at home or at a gourmet restaurant that prides itself on making authentic Italian dishes. It's made for the restaurant Imperia pasta machine models R220 and RM220.

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Imperia Pasta Machine Attachments

Buying Guide

Imperia pasta machine attachments are a must-have for any pasta machine, especially if you enjoy making a variety of pasta styles.

The Imperia Series attachments are diverse and allow you to make all your favorites. Some staples for popular pasta dishes include a Cavetelli attachment and a Ravioli pasta maker attachment, which will let you produce perfect sheets of fresh Ravioli in one go.

Another classic everyone will enjoy is the Imperia Round Spaghetti pasta machine attachment, so you can make the best spaghetti and meatballs your friends and family have ever had. Other common attachments include Fettucini, Tagliatelle, and Angel Hair.

Imperia pasta machine attachments provide easy, aesthetic ways to make the pasta of your dreams - both by hand and electrically. A manual option does take a little bit of elbow grease, but can be an immensely satisfying ritual that you can enjoy prior to a homemade Italian feast.

We recommend the electric option if you make pasta often or for a very large crowd, as that will save you time; however, there’s something very charming and traditional about a smaller, more manual option. If you make pasta rarely or for a smaller number of people, select a manual option to retain that sense of history.

For a well-stocked Italian kitchen, you’ll want to make sure you have the Imperia Series Milla Gnocchi Attachment as well. While not technically pasta, Gnocchi is an Italian staple that makes a great alternative to classic pasta dishes.

If you're contemplating whether investing in a pasta machine is worth it, then consider the fact that the only other alternatives are making pasta by hand or buying store-bought pasta. If you're not impressed by these alternatives, then let's look at the advantages of a pasta machine and Imperia pasta machine attachments.

Making pasta by hand leads to uneven thickness, and this may prolong the cooking time. Additionally, pasta machines will not cost you an arm and a leg, but considering that prep time to turn eggs and flour into cooked noodles is approximately 30 minutes, we think it's a worthwhile investment and an asset inside the kitchen. It also takes up very little storage space and you can dry pasta for later use.

Best Ideas

Imperia restaurant pasta machine

Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment | Williams-Sonoma...for cavatelli see others

Imperia Series Milla Gnocchi Attachment

Imperia Series Milla Gnocchi Attachment

Imperia attachments

CucinaPro Imperia Italian Pasta Maker Machine Attachments Chrome Steel Set

Imperia Series Ravioli Pasta Maker Attachment

Imperia Series Ravioli Pasta Maker Attachment

This practical and well made kitchen equipment is a wonderful machine for ravioli. Greatly simplifies the culinary feats. Robust construction, professional equipment will serve not only in homes but also in restaurants.

Imperia Series Angel Hair Pasta Maker Attachment

Imperia Series Angel Hair Pasta Maker Attachment

This practical and inconspicuous kitchen equipment is a wonderful machine for pasta. Spaghetti or pasta for soups and other dishes will be easy to make. Robust construction, professional equipment will serve not only in homes but also in restaurants.

Roma Express Electric Pasta Maker

Roma Express Electric Pasta Maker

An incredible set which includes an adjustable pasta wheel, pasta cutter, cleaning brush and of course, the pasta maker itself. The voltage is estimated at 90 watts (120 volts, 60 Hz). Made of heavy duty metal.

Pasta Fresh Series Cavetelli Maker

Pasta Fresh Series Cavetelli Maker

Pasta Maker

Pasta Maker

Surprise your guests with homemade pasta. Choose your ingredients and one of 5 shapes(spaghetti, fettuccini, lasagne, linguine/oriental noodle or rigatoni) and wait a few minutes for the machine to produce fresh pasta.

Imperia ravioli attachment

Now you can easily prepare the homemade pasta with this old-fashioned Italian-made machine that includes two pasta rollers - one for solid sheets and the other for fettuccine or linguine, making it versatile and immensely practical.

Fante's Great Aunt Gina's Pasta Machine - Pasta Maker with Ravioli & Angel Hair & Wavy Lasagna Attachments

Pasta machine that is able to prepare delicious, traditional, home-made pasta in short time. Its body is made of durable and attractive chromed steel. It also features a practical and stylish wooden handle.

Imperia Raviolimaker for Pasta Maker, 2-Ravioli Attachment

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, Red

Pasta machine with a very designer look. Making Pasta of various widths. It does primarily spaghetti and lasagna. Easy to clean, space-saving, stable, resistant to scratches. Necessary addition to any kitchen.

Imperia pasta machine attachments 4

Factors tо consider іn buying аn electric pasta maker - kitchenaid pasta attachment

CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Machine

Traditional pasta machine. Made of high-quality, glossy chrome-plated steel. You can make thin spaghetti and wide fettucini. Very neat shape. Additional tools to other kształów pasta are available separately.

Steel Pasta Maker

Steel Pasta Maker

Imperia Home Pasta Machine with Optional Attachments

Imperia electric sp150 pasta machine motor attachment

IMPERIA - Electric SP150 pasta machine motor attachment ...

Simplex cutters for the imperia pasta machine sp 150

Simplex cutters for the Imperia pasta machine SP 150

Cucina pro imperia pasta machine round spaghetti attachment

Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta Machine Round Spaghetti Attachment

Imperia pasta machine gnocchi attachment from cucinapro

Imperia Pasta Machine Gnocchi Attachment from CucinaPro

Imperia pasta machine attachments williams sonoma

Imperia Pasta Machine Attachments | Williams Sonoma

Imperia pasta machine attachment lasagnette walmart canada

Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment - Lasagnette | Walmart Canada

17 great imperia pasta machines 2019

17 Great Imperia Pasta Machines 2019

Imperia pasta machine attachments williams sonoma 7

Imperia Pasta Machine Attachments | Williams Sonoma