Best Hand Blown Glass Wine Glasses

If you fancy interesting lines and forms, have a look at my collection of hand blown glass wine glasses. With a set like this wine drinking gets a completely new dimension as many of the glasses simply stun with their unusual design. Browse below.

Hand blown glass wine glasses

Outlander: The Glassware. Hand blown glass goblets made for the series by Georgian Glassmakers in the UK

Hand blown glass wine glasses 5

The method of serving the wine has a huge impact on the taste of the drinker. Bordeaux hand blown wine glasses were made of hand blown strong glass, deliberately decorating them with intersecting colored lines at the bottom.

Hand blown glass wine glasses 1

A fantastic accessory for contemporary homes, this glass wine set oozes with detailed design and striking silhouette. Made in the 18th century, the set is captivating and highly-decorative, giving you true masterpieces that will be a real hit during important events.

Blown glass glasses

Wow! This wine glass can be used as a special gift for birthday or anniversary. It features the gold elephant hand and very unique look. so, if you need some extraordinary accent pieces, choose this one!

Hand blown glass wine glasses 7

Not fond of ordinary wine glasses? Apparently, wine glass might comprise a fine piece of modern art. This collection - 4 hand blown goblets - pleases eyes with gold accents and straight stems. Unique stemware #GiftIdea

Blown glass champagne flutes

Made from hand blown glass, this beautiful crystal wine glass represents the charm and splendour of the glamour style. Associated with the most refined parties, it will be a prestigious accent in any decor.

Hand blown glass wine glasses 1

Having a wonderful stained glass appearance, this set of 6 hand blow wine glasses delights with its 3 colours - green, blue, and gold. Each glass is handcrafted, making no items identical.

Neon peacock feather wine glasses set of

Neon Peacock Feather Wine Glasses Set Of
Trying to find something special for a birthday gift? Look on this 2-piece set. It includes hand blown glass wine glasses with neon peacock feather pattern. Everyone will be delight how beautiful these glasses are.

Hand blown glass wine glasses 2

A hand-blown glass of wine with a snail motif on the grass admires. The beauty of the artistry and the interesting color elements make the whole look phenomenal. Perfect for lovers of beautiful things.

Hand blown red wine glass stemware cup price

Hand Blown Red Wine Glass Stemware Cup Price

Green red wine goblet

Green Red Wine Goblet

Hand blown wine glasses

Small, but stylish and practical element of decor. This wine glass is a hand blown crystal glass element that is resistant to wear or damage. It also looks very attractive in dining rooms among other dining accessories.

Hand blown glass goblets

Make your parties more colorful with this elegant set of wine glasses. Each of those cuties is designed of hand-blown clear glass, perfect as glassware for events like birthdays and anniversaries, and as a stylish home decoration.

Hand blown glass wine glasses 6

Hand Blown Glassware: Beautiful Hand Blown Crystal Wine and Cocktail ...

Blown glass wine glasses

This elaborate wine goblet speaks to your inner vampire - a perfect gift for gothic buffs that love unique items. The opulent wine glass is graced with purple crystals, rosette style details and skulls motif.

Hand blown glass wine glasses 19

Hand Blown drinking glasses and wine glasses. Sold in Bucerias, Mexico; made near Guadalajara, Mexico.

Hand blown glass wine glasses 9

A truly magnificent accessory for important events such as anniversaries, banquets, Christmas parties, and weddings. Designed in the 1900's by Engilsh artisans, this set of 6 antique wine glasses is made of cranberry glass - gilded for extra appearance.

Art glass wine glasses lilac set 2 signed hand blown

... Art Glass Wine Glasses Lilac Set/2 Signed Hand Blown Romania New

Hand blown glass wine glasses 12

Hand blown glass wine glasses $22 each

Hand blown wine glass

Attractive hand blown wine glasses made of durable glass. They include black decorations that look like trees. They not only decorate indoors, but they are also very practical and perfect for serving different wines.

Hand blown goblets

"the Revolution Wine and Water Glass is created from a pure extrusion of hand-blown glass, combining two glasses into one. When in use, its contents appear to float, seeming to defy gravity. This distinctive design allows for flexibility in function holdi

Blown wine glasses

Guaranteed to start a good conversation. These hand-blown serving accoutrements date back to 17th century Europe, where they were known as Schnapps Pfeiffen. An especially enjoyable way to savor port, dessert wine or liqueurs.

Yurana hand blown 2 dragonflies wine glass

Yurana Hand Blown 2 Dragonflies Wine Glass

Stemless wine glass tumblers set of 4

Stemless Wine Glass Tumblers Set Of 4
Beautiful handmade wine glasses with lovely colored dots are a great way to get an enjoyable drink. Beautiful design impresses and will be a great home decoration of the bar. The set consists of four glasses.

Hand blown glass wine decanter set with

Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanter Set With
Manual glass making is unbelievable and the effects are unique. Here we have a hand blown glass wine glasses and also decanter. It seems like they have been brushed with turquoise color. Robust glass, looking at the same time as a work of art.

Stained glass wine glasses

Unique wine glass made of clear glass and finished with horse theme. Classic form and sophisticated style. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Mexican hand blown wine glasses

Every homemaker dreams about beautiful, outstanding crockery, which make her dining-room or kitchen more stylish. This unique set of chalices in different shapes and stained glass handle is must-have in your home.

Hand blown glass wine glasses 3

Hand painted glasses Set of 2 blown by CreationsdeFlorence, $57.00

3 art glass goblets goblets red orange swirl hand blown

3 Art Glass Goblets Goblets Red Orange Swirl Hand Blown Wine Glass
Add these beautiful glasses to your home and enjoy the hand blown structure that was created with meticulous care and the sublime, colorful finish of the glass that catches everyone's eye almost instantly.

Hand blown wine glasses 7

An eye-catching contemporary wine glass hand-blown of glass. It has a deep semi-oval bowl of clear glass. Its stem with a round foot is of opal glass. It's adorned with a quite realistic frog of glass in green shades with black and white eyes.

Brocade All-Purpose 27 Oz. Wine Glass

Brocade All-Purpose 27 Oz. Wine Glass

Pair of hand blown red glass goblets italy 1960s

Pair of Hand Blown red glass goblets Italy 1960's

Hand blown wine glasses 17

Wine glass made of colorful glass. Perfect for red and white wine. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and modern style.

Antiques moser hand blown gilded sapphire blue wine glass 1

Antiques Moser Hand Blown Gilded Sapphire Blue Wine glass

Are naturals modern glassware

Are Naturals Modern Glassware
Wine glasses in classic form. It is completely made of clear glass. Designed for red wine.

Summer sale 30 off hand blown wine

Summer Sale 30 Off Hand Blown Wine
Wine glass in modern form. It is made of colorful glass. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Art glass wine glasses

Hand blown glass miniature by Kiva Ford. For more information on my technique, and for other works, please see my profile!

Daphne 7.8 Oz. Gold Flute Glass (Set of 4)

Daphne 7.8 Oz. Gold Flute Glass (Set of 4)
Set of 4 high glasses of champagne with a gold finish. It is made of crystal glass. Golden finish with honeycomb theme. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Received the best recommendations from customers.

Glass blown wine glasses

Goblet, 19th century Italian, Venice (Murano) Glass

Hand blown wine glasses uk

Thanks to this astonishing octopus glass, your parties will be known through the entire neighborhood. The wine glass is designed of hand-blown glass, and offers a stylish and easy to clean addition for homes, offices, restaurants, pubs, and many more.

White wine glasses lead free crystal hand blown painted etched

WHITE WINE GLASSES Lead Free Crystal Hand Blown Painted Etched ...

Georgian style wine glasses

Beautiful hand blown glass lamp shade. Yellow color makes it perfect for creating a romantic, dramatic atmosphere in your house. Alternatively, you could use it outdoor. It will cast beautiful light reflexes, that’s for sure!

Handblown wine glasses

I want these for our toasting glasses!! Hand Blown Glass Goblet Cobalt Blue Twist

Champagne Flute

Champagne Flute
It is a fantastic champagne flute that is crafted of brilliant and beautiful clear glass. It has got a modern simplicity with extraordinary elegance. This flue is a fantastic choice. You need to have it.

Hand blown glass wine glasses 5

These are Vintage Demijohn's. Can scour eBay etc. to find! OR Pottery Barn has them, "Oversized Wine Bottles" in search:-)

Radiance Champagne Flute (Set of 4)

Radiance Champagne Flute (Set of 4)
If you looking for beautiful champagne glasses, you have to choose this 4-piece set. It includes four Radiance Champagne Flute. They are a fantastic addition to your kitchen and dining room area.

Spectra 11.5 Oz. Wine Glass

Spectra 11.5 Oz. Wine Glass

Hand blown glass wine glasses 16

Restoration Hardware. Handmade in the 1920s, these vintage bottles served wine in elegant fashion on French Deco dinner tables. We've repurposed them as elegant conversation pieces for the oenophile, each graced with its original hand-painted gilt cartou

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Hand Blown Dragonfly "Light Up" Wine Glass by Yurana Designs - WL102