Tiered Pie Stand


Especially during the holidays, finding a way to display all the pie options without taking over the table can be difficult. This is a wonderful and artistic way to solve that problem and keep the pies in reach while leaving room for the main and side courses. The collection here will have you practising for the next pie making or eating contest for sure.

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Rustic wedding cake stand cupcake log

Rustic wedding cake stand cupcake log

Having said the sacramental "Yes, I do" the wedding party start! Perfect for this occassion would be rustic cake stand. For a rustical weddings, the wedding cake will ideally be presented on wooden, triple, circular stands.Stability adds a square wooden base.

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Tiered pie stand 18

This multi-tiered pie stand will be a perfect choice whenever organizing some glorious events. Ideal for weddings, baby showers or banquets. Can be filled with cupcakes and adorned with greenery.

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Cupcake stand rustic wedding wood

Cupcake stand rustic wedding wood

Rustic tiered pie stand with durable wooden construction. Its natural appearance perfectly suits outdoor tables for weddings and other occasions. Handmade product of this type includes a decorative carving in its lower area.

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Rustic chic wedding cake stand gold

Rustic chic wedding cake stand gold

Pie stand mounted on pedestal base with gold finish. Round top is made of wood. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Perfect for serving cakes, snacks and more.

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Tiered pie stand

Wedding Pie - There is a growing trend in the wedding industry to serve pie instead of cake at wedding receptions.  While this is a departure from the tradition of serving cake, it is not a new idea.  A recent blog post by Pie reports that in the 17th C

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Pie tier stand

A set of four antique-looking pie stands with three tiers each, making them a useful addition to a dining table or a countertop. The stands are made out of wrought iron, and each shelf has decorative round edges.

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Tiered pie stand 2

A unique pie stand for country birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Its durable construction is consisted of 6 splices of wood attached to the thick wood branches, forming an intricate silhouette - perfect for displaying various kinds of pies.

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Vintage 2 tier cake stand

Wedding Party Cupcake Stand Pie Candy Bar Display by thefunkyshack

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Tiered pie stand 12

High-quality multi-tier pie stand designed for both commercial and home-based use. Constructed from metal, the stand comes with three pie racks, with the bottom one being the largest and the top one the smallest. It’s finished in beautiful white too for that superb look.

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Tiered pie stand 19

Pie Stand, Cupcake Stand, Rustic, Vintage, Shabby Chic, distressed finish, Dessert Display

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Tiered Pie Stand

Buying Guide

Tiered pie stands are brilliant to use for presentation, so whether you’re entering a competition, selling your bakes or looking for something which provides more effective storage, you can consider these accessories. There are so many different styles available that you’re bound to fall in love with one of them, even if you’re not particularly looking to buy one at the moment. Here are some important points to consider when looking at tiered pie stands and thinking about which one you should buy.

There are so many different styles available that it’s difficult to choose the perfect one. Many people end up buying more than one since they can’t choose which one is best for them! Here are some popular styles that you will see when shopping around for pie stands.

  • Curved metal wires: There are normally 3-4 tiers on stand of this style, and it’s a simple design which requires minimal aftercare. The metal plates will keep your pies secure when they are positioned on them, and the curved wires join each one to the next. Sometimes you will see leafy decorations and other embellishments to brighten up this simple style.
  • Natural tree trunk style: A very popular design which looks perfectly at home in shabby chic and rustic cottages and homes. Rather than being positioned directly on top of each other, the tiered are often positioned in slightly different places to allow steam to evaporate without being blocked, and to allow easier viewing of the different pies. You can also cut the pies or cakes easier without having other tiers blocking your way.

There is no answer for which material is ‘best’ for tiered pie stands, but you can certainly decide which one works best for you. Here are some of the common materials that you are bound to see on your journey to finding the perfect pie stand.

  • Wood: As briefly mentioned previously when considering styles, wood is a popular material used for pie stands. While it can be difficult to clean afterwards, the effect is one which draws much attention and is therefore ideal for cake shops and bakeries which are attempting a particular style. You should never fully immerse wooden kitchen accessories into water, but rather lightly wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • Metal: Metal and chrome are materials which you will see a lot. They are used on their own in different ways, but are also seen combined with materials such as wood. The stark contrast of wood and metal positioned together can be striking, but isn’t for everyone.
  • Ceramic: Very easily cleaned and more homely than metal, ceramic is a popular material for tiered pie stands. The plates may even have some slight detail on them in the form of a floral pattern or even a bakery themed pattern such as cupcakes or pies.

Top tip: Don’t forget to consider how many pies or cakes you will need to display at any one time. This will be useful for deciding how many tiers you should purchase for the stand.

Best Ideas

Cake stands ideas

cake stands ideas

Tiered pie stand 1

An impressive set of three cake patties makes the cakes, and other pastries look great. Beautiful design on slender legs of different heights looks phenomenal, beautifully displaying desserts. The whole will be checked during various celebrations.

4 tiered rustic stand candles flowers

4 tiered rustic stand candles flowers

This rustic 4-tiered stand for candles, flowers, and other accent pieces, is handmade and very attractive. It features the brown color and solid hardwood ash construction. It's a great decoration for wedding table and other special occasions.

Hey i found this really awesome etsy listing at 1444

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Metal 3 tier kitchen organizer caddy

Metal 3 tier kitchen organizer caddy

Handmade kitchen organizer with 3 tiers, perfect for vintage and industrial decor style, dedicated for fruit or pie display. Three metal plates are affixed to a wooden central pillar made of rolling pin.

Tiered pie stand 3

Pie Tins repurposed with an old tool handle. Such a fun idea - and easy to find at the thrift store!

Tiered pie stand 20

6 Tier Square Custom Made Cupcake Stand by WoodworkingSolutions, $98.00

Wooden 3 tier stand

Wedding cake idea. Wood cake stand/s = perfect

Rustic wood 3 tier stand

The unique and highly successful tired pie stand is a spectacular style and functionality. The whole is stable and durable, which nicely expose the desserts. The perfect solution for all kinds of celebrations.

3-Tier Tiered Stand

3-Tier Tiered Stand

A 3-tier stand which is made from high-quality materials in order to provide sturdiness and strength. It also features a weathered finish and traditional design. It's mostly made of MDF wood.

3 Tiered Tiered Stand

3 Tiered Tiered Stand

If you're looking for some intriguing and practical solutions for your house, this amazing and stylish stand might be an interesting opportunity for you. Check it out and enjoy its perfect design and functionality!

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Pie or plate racks york 2 tiered

Pie or Plate Racks - York 2 Tiered

Wrought Iron Pie Stand/Rack Double Tier Hand Made

Add this iron pie stand/rack to your home and enjoy an attractive display solution for pies and other goodies. It will also work well in restaurants and cafes, while the amazing curves of the design catch everyone's eye.