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Table runners are usually primarily ornamental, although they can be used to protect the surface of fine dining tables or buffets. Placed down the center of a long table, hence the name “table runner” they can be used to visually anchor ornamental table settings, such as a primary table ornament that is flanked by coordinated smaller ornaments distributed down the table. Table runners can be made from a variety of materials, included brocades, embroidered fabric, knitted, crocheted or tatted lace, bamboo or rattan. Unlike placemats, washable is of somewhat lesser importance.

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Penkridge Knotted Tassel Table Runner

Penkridge Knotted Tassel Table Runner

Simplicity and refinement are the defining features of this table runner which comes in a cool ivory tone.

Woven from 100% cotton, this household fabric is hypoallergenic, durable and easy to wash.

Make the most of its neutral hue to adorn and protect your table of choice in dark or light colored woods.

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Troy Table Runner

Troy Table Runner

Featuring a checkered design in white and pink, this table runner can be used to create a setting reminiscent of a summer picnic.

Created from 100% cotton, it is also machine washable and is suitable for ironing, ensuring you will be able to keep it pristine with ease.

Take advantage of its durable design to maintain the appeal of your dining table by protecting it from possible stains or spills.

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Gupton Recycled Teak Table Runner

Gupton Recycled Teak Table Runner

Natural woven fibers provide this table runner with a special rustic touch.

The table linen which has been hand-woven from teak embodies its durability and resistance to moisture and mildew. It is also suitable for use with household items forged from iron and is especially stain resistant.

Make use of its unique allure to imbue your dining room with a hint of natural magic.

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Rockport Damask Design Table Runner

Rockport Damask Design Table Runner

The exquisite golden floral design against this table runner’s ivory background is brought to life by the richness of the fabric from which it has been woven.

Owing to the fact that it has been manufactured from 100% polyester, it is especially stain resistant and lightweight as well.

In addition to being machine washable, this household fabric also comes with excellent moisture wicking properties and is capable of withstanding minor spills.

Adorn with a white floral arrangement set in a pedestal vase in bronze or gold, accessorized with crystal, to create an especially luxurious ambience in your dining room.

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Manassas Table Runner

Manassas Table Runner

Light grey with edging in brilliant white, this table runner will add a hint of formality to a contemporary or modern setting.

The household fabric has been woven from polyester and as a result, is not only easy to clean but is also fast drying as well.

Place on a dark brown matte or polished surface and add white porcelain accessories to create a charming contrast.

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Wayfair Basics Poplin Table Runner

Wayfair Basics Poplin Table Runner

Reversible, iron safe and handmade, this table runner also features a serged edge providing it with an elegant finish.

The monochrome table linen which has been crafted from polyester is also especially durable and is machine washable in addition to possessing a resistance to wrinkles, stains and fading.

Place on your patio or dining table to add a hint of stabilizing color which will set the tone for its decor.

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Table Runner

Table Runner

A solid, neutral hue and an alluring tapered, tasseled design mean this table runner will instantly bestow a touch of classical refinement on any setting it is placed in.

Created from a cotton blend, it is machine washable and easy to maintain as a result.

Drape across a traditional table with a gleaming, pale natural finish to highlight the timeless elegance of its sleek form.

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Polson Table Runner

Polson Table Runner

Created from polyester, this table runner is especially easy to maintain due to its resistance to stains, wrinkling and shrinking.

Its full length abstract pattern in gold foil against a transparent backdrop makes it ideal for a casual setting indoors or outdoors.

Place on a table in the patio or in your garden and accessorize with candles to create an inviting atmosphere.

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Creeve Table Runner

Creeve Table Runner

Especially designed to last, this table runner comes with a textured appeal which makes it the ideal accessory for distressed wooden surfaces.

The table runner which has been created from 100% cotton is loom woven and machine stitched.

It is also especially durable and resistant to fraying due to its continuous weave which has resulted in rounded edges.

Place on an unvarnished wooden surface in medium to pale tones and adorn with a vase of wildflowers to create a rustic, springtime ambience.

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Penkridge Tasseled Table Runner

Penkridge Tasseled Table Runner

Alternating pale grey stripes with those of a more solid hue and exquisitely knotted tassels in darker tones ensure that this table runner will add a hint of understated glamour to its surroundings.

Particularly suitable for larger tables, it has been manufactured from 100% cotton.

Imbue your garden or sun room with a touch of its elegance and add a traditional outdoor lantern and a vase of ferns to suffuse the ambience with a delightful tropical allure.

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Best Table Runners

Buying Guide

There are various ways to dress up an ordinary table and create an aesthetically pleasing table setting. Table runners are a cost-effective way to protect and brighten up any surface, such as a dining or coffee table. In addition, you can find a wide variety of styles that could suit any occasion and home decor.

Table runners come in a broad range of materials, sizes, and colors. Although there is no particular rule for purchasing table runners, it's better to choose one that fits well with your table and home decor.

In this guide, you'll find tips to help you find the right table runner to completely transform your table's overall look.

  • Cotton has a classic style which makes it practical for dressing up your table in a simple yet elegant way. This fabric can withstand everyday use with minimal maintenance required and can easily be thrown in the washer.

  • Linen table runners have a rustic look and can neatly enhance your table setting. This fabric is a good option if you want an inviting and relaxed style for your casual gatherings. Additionally, linen is safe to use in the washing machine.

  • Table runners made of fabric blends have an artsy appearance. They're also available in unique styles: some trims are scalloped, fringed, and lacy. Blends of different materials such as linen-cotton are easy to care for and machine-washable.

"It is believed that certain fabrics and textures evoke and influence specific moods. So, ensure that your table runners impart that particular mood. For example, for formal occasions, like weddings, opt for silk, satin, polyester table runners. And natural fabrics like cotton and linen can suit casual occasions or can be ideal for everyday use."

The Home Centric

  • Twill and cotton are preferred for daily use and casual occasions since they're easy to maintain and aren't strikingly lavish.
  • A formal occasion would require a more chic table accessory such as a lace table runner. Posh fabrics such as silk and velvet can also provide an upscale look for your fancy dinners.

Your table runner's style will depend on your style and the overall vibe you're going for.

  • Whether you're hosting a casual or formal dinner, white table runners will never go out of style. White is also a classic option for those struggling to pick a color. Besides, you can easily match your table runner with white napkins to create a cohesive table setting.
  • If the color white is too basic for you, choose a table runner in a solid color or pattern.

    ➔ When thinking of a table runner color, match it with your existing decor or furniture to create a cohesive look. For instance, a gray table runner would look good with a gray carpet underneath the table.

    ➔ You can choose from a wide range of patterns such as lemons or flowers if you're into fun and lively table settings. A checkered table runner is casual and versatile for everyday use while still making a statement.

    ➔ Add a pop of color to your table by choosing a colorful table runner with stripes or shapes.

  • Those who enjoy hosting themed parties can spice up their table with seasonal table runners.

    ➔ For summer events, you can choose table runners with nautical themes or anything related to summer such as watermelons and ice lollies.

    ➔ Thanksgiving dinners would call for table runners with maple leaves.

"Consider getting a reversible table runner with a different fabric on either side (perhaps one side for fall and the other side for spring or one side for everyday and the other side for Christmas)."

Interior Design Info

  • A short table runner brings attention to the table's centerpiece while leaving room for placemats on all sides of the table.

  • Long table runners create a dramatic flair.

  • Check the width of your table and divide it by three to get the ideal table runner dimensions for your table.

    ➔ A table runner with a width of 20 inches would suit a 60in table.

  • For the length, it's totally up to you whether you want it to be short or long.

    ➔ If you want a long one, it should hang at least 6 inches at each end of the table. A 40-inch long table would require a 52-inch long table runner.

    ➔ Your table runner should never be longer than your tablecloth.

    ➔ If it's short, make sure a centerpiece such as a vase is placed on it.

The texture and material of the table runner could completely impact the overall appearance of your setting. Some materials fit specific types of tables and look out of place with other types of tables.

"To claim that runners can be only used for tables is utterly misleading. The tablecloth runner is ideal for accenting other types of furniture like a night stand, buffet, credenza, or a vanity table. If you have an unused wall, you can give it an update by hanging up our lace runner -- it will work for you whenever a Bohemian touch is needed"

Table Clothes Factory

  • Smooth and shiny fabrics such as silk, polyester, and satin look best on glass, lacquered wood, and glossy tables. These types of fabrics are ideal for formal dinners.

  • Natural fabrics such as twill and cotton match tables made of wood and metal.