Chess Tables And Chairs

If you’re a chess enthusiast, you need a suitable table and chairs for you and your competitor. Whether for a friendly game or a serious match, a well-crafted table or set can make a world of difference to your comfort and concentration while playing the game. 

Chess tables and chairs vary in size, design, and comfort, providing various options for the dedicated chess player. These range from the minimalist and functional to the classic and luxurious — whatever suits your tastes the best. 

16” Manhattan Chess Table

16” Manhattan Chess Table

What we like: Simple, lightweight design 

What we don’t: Doesn’t include chairs

Whether you’re playing against yourself or with a friend, this simple and sleek chess table is a sophisticated addition to your games room. Made with a solid mango wood tabletop material supported by a metal base, this compact and functional piece can complement various décor choices due to its minimalist design. 

Suitable for chess or checkers, the tabletop has a classic black-and-white finish and features a drawer for storing chess pieces, game instructions, and other accessories.

At 17 lbs., this table is light and portable, allowing you to play wherever you want. It also makes for a quirky bedside or end table for the serious chess fan. 

28” Kase Chess & Backgammon Table

28” Kase Chess & Backgammon Table

What we like: Octagonal, manufactured-wood design is aesthetically pleasing

What we don’t: Higher price tag than other models

One of the most lavishly designed and luxurious chess tables, this model features a classic octagonal design and is made from durable manufactured wood.

The removable, reversible inset game board is suitable for chess, checkers, and backgammon, and the table includes a drawer for storing chess pieces, notepads, and timers. 

When not being used for chess, its rich, traditional appearance makes it an excellent occasional table for use in a reading nook or home office. 

28” Chess & Backgammon Table with Chairs

28” Chess & Backgammon Table with Chairs

What we like: A complete set — beautiful, mahogany-finished table and chairs

What we don’t: Challenging to assemble

This beautifully styled chess table and chairs set is finished in mahogany and made from solid poplar hardwood for a classic, authentic appearance. There are drawers on both sides of the table for storing chess pieces, and the set contains all the accessories you need to play chess, checkers, and backgammon. 

As a complete set, chairs are included and are softly padded and covered in vinyl upholstery for your comfort. The chairs also include wheels for convenient portability. To access the chess and checkers board, you remove the reversible top and backgammon surface. 

Assembly is required and can be a challenge for one person to install, but all the hardware you need is included, and it comes with an instructional pamphlet. 

Solid Wood 3 in 1 Chess Checkers Backgammon Board Game Combo Table

Solid Wood 3 in 1 Chess Checkers Backgammon Board Game Combo Table

What we like: Reversible chess board table top — chess on one side, backgammon on the other

What we don’t: Not a complete set — no chairs included

Although not a complete set, this solid-wood table has three-in-one functionality — you can use it for chess, checkers, or backgammon. The durable hardwood construction ensures a long lifespan with the proper care. 

The table’s dimensions are 18 × 18” in width and depth and 28.5” in height when fully assembled. The pedestal base makes this table an ideal choice for a compact gaming space or small outdoor patio. The game board, which is integrated into the table, is 14.5×14.5”, and the chessboard squares are 1.5” wide. 

Built with the game enthusiast in mind, this table includes a complete 32-piece natural-wood chess set, a 30-piece backgammon/checkers set, two pairs of dice, a doubling cube, and two brown wooden dice cups. You’ll also find complete sets of game instructions, for the experienced player and beginner alike. The game pieces and accessories are contained under the tabletop. 

13 × 13 Chess Table Finest Work Pure Rosewood & Maple Wood Chess Board Set Table for Picnic/Garden

13 × 13 Chess Table Finest Work Pure Rosewood & Maple Wood Chess Board Set Table for Picnic/Garden

What we like: Foldable design is suitable for playing chess in the park or garden

What we don’t: Color consistency can vary from one table to another

Chess is an excellent game to be enjoyed outdoors in the sunshine, but many tables don’t have the portability or the materials for outdoor use. For the chess player who prefers playing outside, in the garden, or during a picnic, this table delivers. Made from a combination of pure Indian rosewood and maple, this chess table has a built-in chess/checkers board and comes with a classic wooden chess-piece set. 

The chess table is foldable for convenient storage and transport and features a 13×13” tabletop. You’ll need to supply your own chess chairs separately. Opt for acacia or cedar wooden foldable chairs to complement the table's design. 

Our advice Buying Guide

Avid chess players often yearn for chess tables and chairs that can serve as their dedicated corner of the home to enjoy an exhilarating game on a quaint evening. The conundrum though is that when it comes to chess tables, it’s an uphill task to find one that ticks off all the boxes. It may be a great table, solid oak, bird’s eye maple, veneer finish.

But the ingrained board may be too small to accommodate your grandmaster-sized Jacques Staunton collectible set. Some players look for tables with reversible boards that can be used for other games like say, Backgammon or Cribbage. Rather than scouring antique shops for days or buying pig in the poke off the internet, it pays to know what you need before you shop for chess tables and chairs.

Here’s a small buying guide to help you get started.

How to select the right size chess tables and chairs?

If you have an ensemble collection of boards and sets of varying sizes (like in a club setting), then you might prefer a chess table that can be used with most of them, if not all. A 24” x 24” insert or slot for the boards would be amazing. It can easily accommodate most tournament grade chess sets. For a casual home user, an engraved or inlaid board might be a more desirable option. The caveat is that the larger the playing surface, the bigger the table. So, ensure that there’s enough room to accommodate a table that size along with the chairs.

What's the best material for chess tables and chairs?

The choice of material depends on whether you intend to place the table indoors or in the yard or patio.

  • For indoor use, nothing supersedes wood. It looks elegant and blends in with the rest of the décor. Rosewood and Mahogany are more commonly used for making chess tables. But exotic varieties like black walnut and white oak are not uncommon either. They do cost a pretty penny though.
  • For outdoor use, concrete chess tables with granite or terrazzo playing surfaces are quite popular due to their excellent weather resistance.

What are the benefits of multipurpose chess tables?

Multipurpose chess tables can transform in the blink of an eye to a serving table when you entertain or to a picnic table for a barbecue in the yard. Slide out holders for cups, serving trays and plates are a useful addition. You might also like some extra room on the sides for unexpected things that get parked on tables during parties.

What chess table designs are there to choose from?

From vintage colonial-styled tables with four legs to contemporary pedestal styled tables with a single leg, there’s no dearth of designs in chess tables and chairs, so you are limited only by your imagination.

It boils down to personal preferences, the décor in the room where it would be placed and your budget. If the location is an eclectic study, then a classic wooden chess table and chair set would probably be the best bet.

Closing thoughts

In the rare event that nothing catches your fancy, a chess table and chair set will make for a challenging woodworking project. Else, you have the option to get one custom made to your preferences.


Olive wood rustic chess table wooden

Olive wood rustic chess table wooden
Chess table in rustic style. It is completely made of wood. Pedestal base is finished with carefully made carvings. Elegant accent for any interior according to taste.

Heritage Antique Pedestal Game Table

Heritage Antique Pedestal Game Table
A magnificent piece for playing chess or checkers, and for decorating your game room, den, living room, or bachelor pad. This Pedestal Game Table features a polished top with round edges and chessboard, small drawers with embellishing pulls, and marvelously carved base.

Basement game room

Basement game room
An elegant traditional chess game table crafted of wood with a finish in browns. It's sturdy base is built of 4 S-curved feet and a thick straight hexagonal pillar. A quite thick octagonal box top with a chessboard hides drawers for chessmen.

Pub Chess and Checker Table

Pub Chess and Checker Table
A wonderful piece for playing chess or checkers. This Round Game Table characterizes solid Acacia wood construction, with pedestal base, 3 stylish legs, and round top with hand-painted chessboard. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Casino Royale Multi Game Table

Casino Royale Multi Game Table
A wonderful piece for playing chess or backgammon. This Multi Game Table in Honey & Black Finish is consisted of 2 interchangeable panels, offering at the same time 2 game boards. The wooden construction is reinforced by brass hardware.

Chess table and chairs 1

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this 3-piece set into the home. It includes the chess table and two chairs with elegant, walnut wooden construction.

Chess tables and chairs 1

People wanted to play chess in an elegant way forever. So we also find a Victorian chess table.With beautifully carved leg from the base, made of good quality wood.A chair of the same set, complemented by a quilted black, stylish leather.

Chess tables for sale

Interesting composition on the pedestal sculptured leg makes this chess table a real treat for lovers of beautiful furniture. The whole of the stylishly constructed sub-drawer under the table top.

Chess table and chairs

A breathtaking set of 1 chess table and 2 matching chairs, radiating with Italian craftsmanship and curvy hand-carvings. Made of hardwood, each piece comes with criss-crossed legs and lion accents, and can be easily folded for storage or transport.

Chess tables and chairs

Simple and very stylish game table is a great way to bring high-class entertainment to the interior. A chess table with chairs based on a solid wooden base in a beautiful finish is a stylish addition to the office or living room.

Chess tables and chairs

Decorative and time-absorbing, this set of 1 chess table and 2 matching chairs can be a great way to improve your game room. Designed of black walnut and beautifully curved, the set also includes a well-polished tabletop with a chessboard print, and padded seats upholstered in a wine fabric.

Chess set table

A perfect accent for a bookworm. This cool set comprises a table with complimentary two chairs, hidden under its surface and a bookcase on each of the sides. Perfect way to save space and enchant everyone entering your living room.

Table chairs and chess set

table, chairs, and chess set

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Chess table and chairs italian renaissance chess table chairs in

chess table and chairs italian renaissance chess table chairs in white ...

Chess table set 2

An extraordinary work of art - a chess table, with hand-made ceramic figurines. The white black surface is decorated with carat gold, and is supported by brown turtles legs. MacKenzie chess table set, has a 32 handcrafted playing pieces.

Antique chess table

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Table chess

3 Piece Vintage Handcrafted Douglas Fir Chess Game Table Sheepskin Chairs

Chess end table

Chess is the smartest sport. We don't burn calories, a brain becomes more efficient and in this case the interior of the house more stylish. This richly decorated chess table returns to the time of the Goths and Visigoths.Gold and green and stylized pawns.

Chess game tables 5

A chic antique wooden chess game table finished in glossy warm browns. A base is built of a twisted stem and 3 curved paw legs. A roundish top with wavy edges and a chessboard has an apron adorned with black floral motifs and hiding 4 small drawers.

Chess table furniture

Chess Table and chair Set Award Winning

Chess table 30

Chess Table

Chess chairs

Beautiful traditionally styled teak chess table with matching backless stools that are - at least for me - reminiscent of chess counters, though their tops are flat, of course. The oak finished table features two drawers.

Chairs chess table

Chairs & Chess Table

Modern chess table

Elaborate traditional chess table crafted from wood in two contrasting tones, lacquer-covered for sheen finish. Comes with chess figures. Solid wood base grabs attention with its chess-inspired design.

Antique chess tables

Inspired by proportioned 19th-century France wing chairs, this gorgeous proposition is constructed with a kiln-dried hardwood frame. It is hand-hammered exposed brads reflect artisan tailoring. It measures 28"W x 27"D x 48"H.

Chess table with chairs 6

A pretty traditional set for chess lovers. A table has a square top with a painted chessboard and gently raised edges, a storage compartment underneath, straight square legs. Chairs have simple frames, straight legs, square seats, frame-like backs.

Chess table side table small gametable

Chess Table Side Table Small GameTable

Round chess table 1

Round Chess Table

Chess table 28

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, this durable wooden table features a classic, chess board. Variously contorted legs will add a refined, designer appeal to the space.

Chess game tables and chairs

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The isabella chess table is a beautiful antique style table

The Isabella chess table is a beautiful antique style table that ...

Chess table with chairs 1

This amazing chess table with chairs offer a simple yet extremely elegant design that is just sure to let you keep the household stylish and letting you finally dine comfortably, while not taking up your floor space.

Chess tree table

Chess Tree Table

Heritage Chess and Checker Table

Heritage Chess and Checker Table

Chess table set 1

You love play chess and you don't want to spend your money to buy expensive table. You can do chess table set by your own, using tree stumps. On the top of the tree trunk, there was painted a chess board, and other stumps can be your seats.

Chess table chairs

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Chess table with chairs

Set of furniture consisting of chess table and 4 chairs. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Chairs are upholstered with soft fabric. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Chess tables

Practical table that can play the role of a chess board. Its simple wooden construction is solid and neutral, so it looks good in any room. This table features a square top with a chess board and a storage drawer with metal handle.

If i add a table like this in front of

If I add a table like this in front of the front window and some nice chairs, it fills the room.

Chess table and chairs

Ideal for a charming afternoon, this chess set enchants with the style and chic of the old, Victorian times. Hand-carved, wooden silhouettes catch the attention with their intricate, ornate accents.

202 modern chess table chairs

202: Modern Chess Table & Chairs

Chess table set 25

India is considered by the cradle of chess - but it has gained worldwide popularity, hence the various forms of chess sets. This chess table set presented here has a white trim and classic, elegant construction made in white marble.

Chess game tables 9

Made from high-quality, dark wood, this slender construction is handmade chess table. It conceals considerable functionality, offering a comfortable, extendible space for you to play.

Modern chess tables

Designer Bethany DeVore of Dwellings by DeVore created this DIY side table and checkers board for her patio makeover. She explains how she made it on The Home Depot Blog. || @dwellingsbydev

Chess set and table

Table and Chairs Makeover

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Late neoclassical directoire french empire s7hauhe

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Chess set with table

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