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For a stylish bit of furniture, or for the chess lover in you, you cannot go wrong with a lovely, hand-crafted chess table. These tables have additional storage for all your chess pieces, and the built in chessboard is inlay in marble, or a laquered overlay. These tables are very attractive, even if not used for chess. Your home could benefit from one.

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Heritage Antique Pedestal Game Table

Heritage Antique Pedestal Game Table
A magnificent piece for playing chess or checkers, and for decorating your game room, den, living room, or bachelor pad. This Pedestal Game Table features a polished top with round edges and chessboard, small drawers with embellishing pulls, and marvelously carved base.

34" Wingfield Multi Game Table

34" Wingfield Multi Game Table
It's round, it's stylish and it will perfectly serve its purpose for numerous games. Here it is: a stylish multi game table. An inspiration for the extraordinary design of this piece comes from the 17th century England.

Masterpiece Multi - Game Card Table

Masterpiece Multi - Game Card Table
Set this handsome game table in any room nook and enjoy its classic, architecture inspired design with spindle style legs, plus of course have a game of two with your friends. The table has a stylishly distressed chess board built in its top.

Hillsdale Furniture Park View Multi Game Table

Hillsdale Furniture Park View Multi Game Table
This elegant, traditional styled round table has a stable, pedestal base and is made of wood in brown, oak finish. Its top can be convert into a game table - one side of a top is flat, second has chip trays and drink holders.

Pub Chess and Checker Table

Pub Chess and Checker Table
A wonderful piece for playing chess or checkers. This Round Game Table characterizes solid Acacia wood construction, with pedestal base, 3 stylish legs, and round top with hand-painted chessboard. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Heritage Cocktail Multi Game Table

Heritage Cocktail Multi Game Table
A beautiful piece for playing chess or checkers. This Multi Game Table features a black oval top, 1 slightly curved front drawer for storing chess pieces, beautifully sculpted legs with leaf design, and sturdy wood construction.

Scottsdale 6 Drawer Dresser

Scottsdale 6 Drawer Dresser
It is a very solid, attractive and functional piece of furniture. This dresser includes six spacious drawers that are ideal for storage of clothes and other items. Its black color matches any type of decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

Because chess has experienced continued growth in popularity throughout the world, it's no wonder homeowners are looking for chess tables for sale to incorporate these furniture pieces into their decor. In addition to these chess tables bringing an added decorative element into living rooms, dens, and other entertainment areas of your home, they are an excellent way of introducing fun into homes in a stylish manner. Because there is such a wide selection to choose from, we’re going to discuss these options to help narrow your focus as you look for chess tables for sale.

How to fit a chess table in a small space?

When looking for chess tables for sale, consider how they can be incorporated into your decor as multi-functioning furniture pieces. These considerations are particularly essential for those with space limitations. In addition to doubling as a standard dining table, these tabletops can also serve as a place for doing homework, working on projects, or playing other games.

What styles of chess tables are there?

While it's common to think about these pieces of furniture featuring traditional themes with ornamental carvings and dark wood finishes, this doesn't always have to be the case. You can also find chess tables featuring styles including:

  • Rustic: you may see a table repurposed from an old barrel, vintage luggage, or featuring pieces of weathered wood.
  • Modern or Contemporary: these tables are constructed from glass, lacquer, or metal and feature clean lines with minimal details.
  • Transitional: not only will you find traditional design elements in these tables in the carving and details, but it's done so in a minimalists manner in keeping with modern design.

Where to place a chess table in a room?

While many chess tables serve well in the corner of a room as an additional furnishing, they also work well as a focal point. Depending on how you’ve styled the rest of the room, you may wish to consider this as an option if you don’t have any other significant furniture pieces. Because these furniture pieces could also have chunky designs, they may become the focal point without you intending for that to happen.

Do chess tables come with storage?

Chess tables are often available with small storage drawers, compartments, shelves, flipped tops, or all of these options. Not only do these options make these tables more optimal for use, but it allows you to use them to store more than one game under some circumstances. Generally, these storage areas are for the chess pieces and other items necessary for playing the game.

What's the average cost for chess tables?

Depending on the style, size, and the materials from which they’re made, the cost of chess tables could range between just under $100.00 and $2,000.00. You’ll also need to budget for seating around the table, as well.


Black Licorice Multi-Game Card Table

Black Licorice Multi-Game Card Table
Table to play chess, checkers, backgammon. The square construction is made of wood. It offers 4 cup holders. For 4 players. It includes removable tops with game boards.

Chess board tables for sale

The classic chess table made of the mahogany with the incrusted marble countertop. The real bargain for the chess playing enthusiast. If you have the spacious living room, such a piece of furniture should find its place there.

Chess board tables furniture 1

A sophisticated chess table that is characterized by an elegant, decorative base carved from top quality ebony and painted in a beautiful dark color with a polished finish. The chess board top features an ivory accent, making it a high-class piece.

26¾ inch Chess & Checker Table Set

Cleverly designed, this practical game table will work out well, while playing chess and checker. Made from bright wood, the set will bring a warm, rustic appeal to the space. Each of the items is equipped with a convenient, small drawer for storage.

Chess coffee tables

Amazing chess table that makes every single game more refreshing and would allow you to save up plenty of space, since when you're not playing it can serve as a regular end table or an accent piece for your living room.

Unique french superbly inlaid chess board table for sale 1

Unique French Superbly Inlaid Chess Board Table - For Sale

Chess tables for sale

An elegant and sturdy wooden game table. The table is made from the strongest of hardwood and is quite sturdy with a very stunning design and has an ornate pedestal at the bottom. The chess checkerboard is painted on top of the table.

Chess furniture 4


Which game is better checkers or chess

Which Game Is Better: Checkers or Chess?

Wooden chess tables


Chess tables 13

Chess Tables

Chess table 11

Chess Table

Chess table for sale 2

... Chess Table for Sale

Chess table walnut c1870

Chess Table Walnut C1870

Wood Expressions Elegant Chess Checkers And Backgammon Table

Wood Expressions Elegant Chess Checkers And Backgammon Table

Chess table is made from red onyx and coral stone

chess table is made from red onyx and coral stone and includes a set ...

Chess tables for sale

Comely big round table with chess complet! Such a wow! Imagine having this cool thing in your living room. If I had huge living space in loft-style interior I would die to have it. Made from dark wood and marble top.

Chess table furniture 2

Chess Table Furniture

Chess table 1 jpg


Fischer spassky chess table for sale

Fischer-Spassky: Chess Table for Sale

Table chess

Vintage rosewood chess table. The chess board creates the table top, but it's removable, and when removed, it reveals some storage space for cards, chess figures and game accessories. Classic games room furnishing.

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4 in 1 Foldable Multi Game Table

Folding table to play. On the table top is the board for chess or checkers. 2 drawers and shelf add functionality. It saves space and is easy to clean. An interesting gadget for every home or idea as a gift.

Black white dresser 2

Black and white dresser suitable for kids rooms. This element of design is made of durable wood and it offers practical storage space in two drawers and two compartments with doors. Straight lines of this construction match any decor.

Asian doors for sale

The antique, chinese doors that look really impressive. It's an enormous construction made of iron with wooden accents. It features mystical decorations, which is going to boost the imagination of every person who will look at it.

Antique cherry multi game table 1

Antique Cherry Multi Game Table

Heritage Multi Game Table

Heritage Multi Game Table

Chess tables

Historic Chess Set for Sale By DYLAN LOEB MCCLAIN With all the hoopla and fanfare surrounding the 1972 World Championship match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky, it would make sense that they did not play on an ordinary table. In fact, the table,

Chess table for sale 40 00

If you're looking for a truly sublime addition to your home when it comes to style then this chess table is the way to go, providing you with both a boost of visual appeal and a nice way to gather your family and spend some time together playing.

Black white dresser 1

This black and white dresser will add a gothic glamour to one's space. Its intricate surface conceals 9 drawers - 3 big ones on the front and 6 on its sides. Ornate bottom will appeal to the fans of shabby chic decor.

Chinese armoire

A beautiful example of high-quality, intricate Chinese furniture. Both its front and interiors are carved and pierced with panels enclosing figures, immortals, foliage, and phoenix. It has the dimensions of 224 cm H x 205 cm W x 233 cm D.

Sterling Home Pair of King And Queen Bookends, 9-3/4-Inch Tall

Wood Expressions Elegant Chess Checkers And Backgammon Table

Wood Expressions Elegant Chess Checkers And Backgammon Table

Chess furniture 3


Chinese opium bed

This cupboard will give you a scent of old times in China. Made of solid wood with a lot space for storage in wonderful, orient style will be perfect addition to your bedroom. Great addition for rustic decor houses.

Chinese chairs for sale

A wonderful example of a Chinese furniture that shall delight everyone who appreciates Far East cultures. A cricket cage, made from carved bamboo and ivory, used as a way of bringing good luck into the home.

Another option for the chinese art but do to large

This set includes solid, high quality attractive frames for pictures or paintings. This kind of frame is made of FSC-certified wood with solid hardwood borders and fine biscuit corners. Thanks to this construction, each frame is durable and looks very attractive.

Storage bedroom sets

If you like eclectic decors, this walk-in-closet shall appeal to you. Sleek, white surfaces, covering the whole room, conceal lots of various storage space for one's clothes, shoes and accessories.

File cabinet with wheels

File cabinet mounted on wheels for easy movement. It is made of metal and consists of 4 drawers for storing documents and others personal items. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It can bed used as nightstand.

Chess tables for sale 1

Black wooden chess table that can also be used as a table for card games. This set also includes all required game pieces. Black frame and decorative legs are able to complement any interior design without problems.

cool Chessboard pattern,classic international chess art New Ceramic Custom Mug(11 ounce)

Martini side table warm teal westelm 15 diam x 16

A side table that features a very simple, but original construction. This kind of product is made of durable materials and it provides a small top for different items like books, drinks, etc. It measures 15" diam x 16.5"h.

Hand Crafted 32 Pieces Boxwood Chess Table Game Chess Board Game Collection Set