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Buy the best chess tables for sale selected and recommended by interior designers. By Caroline Patterson.

A good game of chess is a great way to spend your free time during afternoon breaks or for a nightcap. What better way to engage your mind and have a fun moment with your loved one than getting chess tables for sale. Mostly made in wood and equipped with drawers, these game tables are timeless additions to your space. So if you’re looking to adding a classic interactivity in your home, here are some chess tables that could be for you.

Cantilevered Chess Table

Cantilevered Chess Table

$249.99 $245.99

Cantilevered Chess Table


$249.99 $245.99


What we like: Compact design

What we don’t like: Only one drawer

Not so good for: Traditional interiors

Perfect for: Contemporary and modern interiors

This C-shaped chess table is all you need to have a fun and intimate game night even in a small space. It is crafted in solid mango wood with a sled base in metal with a black finish. With its design, you can easily use it as an end table when you’re not playing.

One thing to note is that it only has one side that access the drawer. Its drawer height is also perfect for smaller chess pieces but might not be ideal for larger ones. Great for vacation homes and urban apartments. Just place two stools or pull up a chair and you can use it any time. No need to store.

Pedestal Chess Table

Pedestal Chess Table

Pedestal Chess Table

William Sheppee


What we like: Compact design

What we don’t like: Small space for playing

Not so good for: Large chess pieces

Perfect for: Antique-inspired chess pieces

A unique take on game tables, this round chess table has a traditional look with its carved pedestal leg and three-feet base. It is made in combination solid wood with hand-painted chess board design. And at a low price, you can get a side table and a chess set in one.

With its design, it doesn’t have a drawer where you can store your chess pieces. But no problem, as you can place a small box on top of the table to organize these small items. Pair it with a couple of armchairs and situate it in the corner of your living room or game room for an elegant and fun playing nook.

Ivory and Wood

Ivory and Wood

Ivory and Wood


What we like: Elegant inlaid details

What we don’t like: Strong glue smell

Not so good for: Modern interiors

Perfect for: Traditional and classic interiors

Add a touch of luxury to your game room with this inspired antique chess table. Crafted in Sheesham wood, it features acrylic inlays in traditional diamond, foliage, and floral motifs. Supported by four carved legs, inlaid in intricate details. Equipped with two drawers holding Indian rosewood and boxwood chess pieces.

Its classic character would look great when paired with upholstered cabriole or slat back armless chairs with patterned fabric. We recommend placing a round Persian area rug and a small round droplight on top to complete the look of your gaming nook. Comes in three table sizes.

Budget Friendly Chess Table

Budget Friendly Chess Table

Budget Friendly Chess Table

Mega Home


What we like: Affordable price

What we don’t like: Short drawer heights

Not so good for: Storing large chess pieces

Perfect for: Organizing chess pieces according to colors

Inspired by heirloom designs, this chess table with drawers has a compact square top with hand-painted details. Carved moldings on the apron and base with a baluster-style pedestal support. It is crafted in wood with a dark cherry frame finish and contrasting light tone wood for the chess board.

Underneath, the drawers are cleverly carved to look like the apron has a seamless look. While they can only accommodate chess pieces that are 4” high or shorter, there’s enough room for both chess and checker pieces especially when these are laid down. We recommend pairing these with chairs that have the same dark cherry wood frame for a coordinated look.

Chess and Card Table

Chess and Card Table

Chess and Card Table


What we like: Multi-game table

What we don’t like: Small slot for storage

Not so good for: Storing multiple items

Perfect for: Players who like to drink while playing

Made of manufactured and solid wood, this chess table for sale offers a space for two more games- backgammon and checkers. It showcases a traditional aesthetic with its detailed moldings and carvings for the table apron and legs. Just flip the tabletop and you can instantly switch from chess to cards in an instant. Comes in five finishes.

This piece is also equipped with glass slots where you can conveniently place your drinks without the need for a different table. While it doesn’t have a drawer, the openable top reveals a space underneath. It may not be that much, but you can use it to hold cards and chess pieces, placed inside small bags for better organization.

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Chess Tables For Sale

Buying Guide

Because chess has experienced continued growth in popularity throughout the world, it's no wonder homeowners are looking for chess tables for sale to incorporate these furniture pieces into their decor. In addition to these chess tables bringing an added decorative element into living rooms, dens, and other entertainment areas of your home, they are an excellent way of introducing fun into homes in a stylish manner. Because there is such a wide selection to choose from, we’re going to discuss these options to help narrow your focus as you look for chess tables for sale.

When looking for chess tables for sale, consider how they can be incorporated into your decor as multi-functioning furniture pieces. These considerations are particularly essential for those with space limitations. In addition to doubling as a standard dining table, these tabletops can also serve as a place for doing homework, working on projects, or playing other games.

While it's common to think about these pieces of furniture featuring traditional themes with ornamental carvings and dark wood finishes, this doesn't always have to be the case. You can also find chess tables featuring styles including:

  • Rustic: you may see a table repurposed from an old barrel, vintage luggage, or featuring pieces of weathered wood.
  • Modern or Contemporary: these tables are constructed from glass, lacquer, or metal and feature clean lines with minimal details.
  • Transitional: not only will you find traditional design elements in these tables in the carving and details, but it's done so in a minimalists manner in keeping with modern design.

While many chess tables serve well in the corner of a room as an additional furnishing, they also work well as a focal point. Depending on how you’ve styled the rest of the room, you may wish to consider this as an option if you don’t have any other significant furniture pieces. Because these furniture pieces could also have chunky designs, they may become the focal point without you intending for that to happen.

Chess tables are often available with small storage drawers, compartments, shelves, flipped tops, or all of these options. Not only do these options make these tables more optimal for use, but it allows you to use them to store more than one game under some circumstances. Generally, these storage areas are for the chess pieces and other items necessary for playing the game.

Depending on the style, size, and the materials from which they’re made, the cost of chess tables could range between just under $100.00 and $2,000.00. You’ll also need to budget for seating around the table, as well.

Many magical memories are created when family members or friends face off across a classic game table. With a game table in your recreation room, you always have something to do at a gathering.

Whether it's checkers, chess, Parcheesi, backgammon, or a game you and your children have made up one rainy afternoon, here are some things to think about when you're in the market for a classic game table.

Most classic game tables support one to four classic games: chess, Parcheesi, checkers, and backgammon. Often game tables have an inset on the top of the table's surface, with a checkerboard pattern on one side and a backgammon design on the other. Players flip the inset over if they want to switch games.

Primarily built with gaming in mind, these tables can multi-task - they can complement your décor and also define a recreation room. Some gaming tables are beautiful enough to be a focal point in a study, home office, or formal living room. Others are simple and modern to create a more contemporary look or be placed on the porch for an afternoon of games outdoors.

While most classic game tablesfeature a square-shaped tabletop, you can also find unusually shaped tables that cater to specific games such as poker or blackjack. You can find these tables in oblong, rectangular, and octagonal shapes.

If you select a table with a unique shape, measure the diameter of the table rather than the length and width to find the longest point. This helps you to choose a table that fits perfectly in your space.

If you're looking into a classic game table like one that supports checkers or chess, the game board will be 24 inches square. Standard game tables extend 2-6 inches beyond that as a border.

The height of a game table is approximately 60 inches, so you don't need to use specialized chairs. Dining room chairs will suffice, although living room armchairs will probably be low and won't give the players the back support they need. Alternatively, adjustable seating allows your guests to customize the height of their chairs to find the most comfortable playing position.

Most game tables are made of wood and have the game board inlaid into the top of the table.

A game table can be an incredible asset in any room, as most of them are aesthetically pleasing as well as fun. To guarantee that your table is the best quality wood, look for products made from solid timber, not a composite wood product such as MDF. The latter will not last as long and is not as high-quality.

Some woods, like oak and beech, are very light-colored and work excellently in boho-elegant styles or a cottage motíf. Darker woods, like cherry or mahogany, go well in more traditional rooms that have darker furnishings and more ornate details.

When choosing a classic game table, it's not just about space considerations or wood quality. Some additional features and factors impact your decision, including:


Lighting is essential for a classic game table so that all the players can see the board and its pieces without squinting or straining their eyes. Position your table directly under one of your ceiling lights in the brightest part of the room or place a reading lamp or other task lighting next to the table to make gameplay visible.

The Gameboard

Think about the level of versatility that you want from your game table. Some game boards are square and are used for chess and checkers. Some can be flipped to reveal a swath of green felt for card playing, and some are rectangular and inset into the tabletop to accommodate backgammon. Still, others do not have an inset at all, and the game board is permanently part of the tabletop.


A lot of game tables come with built-in storage like drawers or shelving underneath. For exceptional quality and craftsmanship, look for drawers that have smooth gliding rollers and enough space to comfortably hold a box of chess pieces, some die, and a few packs of cards.

Often, modern tables for classic games also incorporate shelving. Look for sturdy built-in shelves that can comfortably accommodate stacked board games.

Table Placement

When placing your game table, think about what's happening around the table. Some people use their tables as purely decorative pieces of furniture, but most envision utilizing the table for game nights. If this is the case, avoid putting your table in the middle of a high-traffic area. No one wants to be jostled and bumped when they're trying to checkmate their opponent.

Likewise, if your table is of outstanding quality and you don't relish the idea of sticky drinks sitting on top of its surface, situate your table so that the players' seats are close to side tables. This enables them to rest their belongings, snacks, and beverages on the side table.  Alternatively, you can purchase a table with drink holders attached as an apron around the edge of the piece.

  • Choose a table shape that specifically caters to the game you love to play, whether it is chess, checkers, or backgammon.

  • Measure the designated location of the piece and the table to ensure you have space to play.

  • Solid wood game tables are more durable and aesthetically-pleasing than MDF. However, MDF is more affordable and comes in a broader range of styles.

  • Make sure that you position your game table in an area with sufficient overhead lighting for easy visibility.

  • Classic game tables should offer storage features such as drawers or shelves for storing gaming accessories.

  • Game boards come in a range of styles from reversible to inlaid. Choose one that offers you the greatest level of versatility.

Best Ideas

Heritage Antique Pedestal Game Table

Heritage Antique Pedestal Game Table

A magnificent piece for playing chess or checkers, and for decorating your game room, den, living room, or bachelor pad. This Pedestal Game Table features a polished top with round edges and chessboard, small drawers with embellishing pulls, and marvelously carved base.

Which game is better checkers or chess

Which Game Is Better: Checkers or Chess?

26¾ inch Chess & Checker Table Set

Cleverly designed, this practical game table will work out well, while playing chess and checker. Made from bright wood, the set will bring a warm, rustic appeal to the space. Each of the items is equipped with a convenient, small drawer for storage.

Chess board tables furniture 1

A sophisticated chess table that is characterized by an elegant, decorative base carved from top quality ebony and painted in a beautiful dark color with a polished finish. The chess board top features an ivory accent, making it a high-class piece.

Chess table for sale 2

... Chess Table for Sale

34" Wingfield Multi Game Table

34" Wingfield Multi Game Table

It's round, it's stylish and it will perfectly serve its purpose for numerous games. Here it is: a stylish multi game table. An inspiration for the extraordinary design of this piece comes from the 17th century England.

Pub Chess and Checker Table

Pub Chess and Checker Table

A wonderful piece for playing chess or checkers. This Round Game Table characterizes solid Acacia wood construction, with pedestal base, 3 stylish legs, and round top with hand-painted chessboard. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Antique cherry multi game table 1

Antique Cherry Multi Game Table

28" Kase Chess & Backgammon Table

28" Kase Chess & Backgammon Table

If you are looking for a gaming table that offers excellent versatility when it comes to functionality, then this would be the perfect option. Made from sturdy wood, the table comes with incredible base support and a relatively large tabletop. The piece can be used for both chess and backgammon but if you are not in the mood for either of these games, you can just tuck them into the drawer on the sides and convert it into a traditional table.

Wooden chess tables


Chess table furniture 2

Chess Table Furniture

Heritage Cocktail Multi Game Table

Heritage Cocktail Multi Game Table

A beautiful piece for playing chess or checkers. This Multi Game Table features a black oval top, 1 slightly curved front drawer for storing chess pieces, beautifully sculpted legs with leaf design, and sturdy wood construction.

Handmade Gray Chess Board Game

Handmade Gray Chess Board Game

This handcrafted chess set features a combination of an incredibly stylish board and all the pieces. The entire unit is made from a highly durable marble right. The board also comes with an understated grey and black finish, the same color combination used in the pieces as well. The artistry in the design is breathtaking and will go a long way in adding elegance and class to your game nights.

Chess tables for sale

Comely big round table with chess complet! Such a wow! Imagine having this cool thing in your living room. If I had huge living space in loft-style interior I would die to have it. Made from dark wood and marble top.

Black Licorice Multi-Game Card Table

Black Licorice Multi-Game Card Table

Table to play chess, checkers, backgammon. The square construction is made of wood. It offers 4 cup holders. For 4 players. It includes removable tops with game boards.

Hillsdale Furniture Park View Multi Game Table

Hillsdale Furniture Park View Multi Game Table

This elegant, traditional styled round table has a stable, pedestal base and is made of wood in brown, oak finish. Its top can be convert into a game table - one side of a top is flat, second has chip trays and drink holders.

Chess coffee tables

Amazing chess table that makes every single game more refreshing and would allow you to save up plenty of space, since when you're not playing it can serve as a regular end table or an accent piece for your living room.

Chess table 11

Chess Table

4 in 1 Foldable Multi Game Table

Folding table to play. On the table top is the board for chess or checkers. 2 drawers and shelf add functionality. It saves space and is easy to clean. An interesting gadget for every home or idea as a gift.

Heritage Multi Game Table

Heritage Multi Game Table

Chess table for sale 40 00

If you're looking for a truly sublime addition to your home when it comes to style then this chess table is the way to go, providing you with both a boost of visual appeal and a nice way to gather your family and spend some time together playing.

Chess tables for sale 1

Black wooden chess table that can also be used as a table for card games. This set also includes all required game pieces. Black frame and decorative legs are able to complement any interior design without problems.

1860s english painted black wood chess table with stone

1860s English Painted Black Wood Chess Table with Stone ...

Midcentury danish rosewood chess table by mogens lund for 3

Midcentury Danish Rosewood Chess Table by Mogens Lund For ...

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