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Your game room will be the go-to heaven for all your gamer buddies when you add some of these awesome game room decorations. From the classics like Pac Man to the more modern game offerings, these decorations will give your game room a personal touch that will tell everyone who visits, that you are a hardcore gamer, not to be denied the glory of digital combat.

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Updated 07/10/2022
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Marquee Gamer Room Decor Directional Sign

Marquee Gamer Room Decor Directional Sign

Crystal Art Gallery

Hang this game room decor outside the door of your game room to direct traffic and warn those entering to do so at their own risk. Bright colors give a retro feel with modern upgrades like LED lights and cordless operation.


Designer Advice:

Light-up signs make a fun decor piece. For example, soft lighting can serve as a nightlight for dark hallways. And it can be a directional way to lead people to the right room so no lost stragglers end up in the wrong room. It also sets the mood, getting you pumped up for game time before you cross the threshold.

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Colorful Canvas Print Game Room Rules

Colorful Canvas Print Game Room Rules

Stupell Industries

Game room decorations on a canvas frame offer fun versatility for all interior designs and color palettes with five frame color choices and several sizes. Laying down the laws of video game play reduces fighting and is a stylish decoration.

$34.99 $44.99

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Distressed Game Room Decor Sign

Distressed Game Room Decor Sign


Use this retro tin sign as wall gaming room decor for all ages and game room types, whether the game is a pool, darts, or video games. The distressed black background and faded orange font offer neutrality and visual interest. 

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Vibrant Neon Power Piece

Vibrant Neon Power Piece

Stupell Industries

Although this framed canvas has a simple design of a power button and a single phrase, it’s a major power statement when hung on the wall in game rooms. The glowing effect and black background add a layer of dimension.

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3 Piece Modern Gamer Quotes

3 Piece Modern Gamer Quotes

This three-piece video game decor displays common gamer quotes on a bold black background with white and blue fonts and video game icons. The modern palette will add a contrasting touch against neutral walls.

Designer Advice:

Buying game room accessories in a set is an excellent way to ensure a cohesive design throughout your room. It’s also an easy and smart way to decorate, as you won’t need to buy as many extra pieces. In addition, when picking a set of game room decor, limiting your choices to neutral colors makes blending into other design pieces easier. 

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Vintage Textural Game Room Wall Art

Vintage Textural Game Room Wall Art


This vintage black-wrapped canvas frame sports a retro font in yellow and white, defining the game room as a place to spend with friends. The neutral versatility will look home in billiard rooms or video arcade game rooms.

$41.99 $67.99

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Minimalistic Street Sign Wall Decor

Minimalistic Street Sign Wall Decor


This novelty street sign designates the space as an unofficial road for a fun decor that appeals to all ages. The understated white font on a shiny green base looks at home on walls of any space and color.

$14.22 $15.83

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Colorful Canvas Print Gamer Motto

Colorful Canvas Print Gamer Motto

The bright neon colors over a black painted 12” wide x 18” tall canvas draw the eye and boost self-confidence for gamers of all ages. In addition, the large game controller makes this picture perfect for video game room decor. 

Designer Advice:

Bright colors and graphics often appeal to the younger gamer crowd, making for easy decorating choices. But the imagery can also serve as modern art deco that attracts the appreciation of older players. When playing with art that has a loud impression, be careful not to go overboard. Too many bright, bold colors can make a clashing design look like a messy mess.  

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Game Room Decorations

Buying Guide

When it comes to setting up a game room using game room decorations, there isn’t any rule that’s absolute or hard-and-fast as different people have varying needs and tastes. However, there are basic foundations that require your consideration for the ultimate game room and they are as follows:

In a game room, most especially if it revolves around video games, it is likely that you will be seated more often than not. It is, therefore, extremely important that your priority is comfort while you’re seated. So, make sure that any décor you get won’t cause any distraction and discomfort, may it be from its size, color or heat production, during your many playing sessions.

To achieve a comfortable and functional game room, you would need décor that will increase the storage space in the room. Consider getting decorative additions that won’t just beautify the space, but also offer storage or else your game room will be a confusing mess.

This part is not fun for some, but it is most definitely important! Skipping it will only lead to a ton of headaches and frustrations. When identifying the right accessories and décor pieces to buy for your game room, you first need to measure the limits of the space. If you have a shelf that you want to fill, see how tall your new game room décor can be. Identify the approximate width as well.

We usually advise people to write down measurements on a notebook or keep notes on their iPhones so as not to make the one common mistake of homeowners when buying game room décor: getting pieces that are either too wide or too tall.

Never break the bank when getting game room decorations! We rarely splurge on expensive décor accessories as we are confident that we can find items that get our attention for a very low price. What's great about getting game room décor online is your luck increases as you have thousands of items to choose from. This means you can easily find the best decorative pieces that will not just fit your design goals but your budget as well.

The best rooms are those that tell stories. So, don’t just get any décor that catches your eye. Instead, purchase things that you think will let you stick to your game room’s theme regardless of what it is. A professionally styled shelf, for example, will tell a story about your passion for a certain game. Try incorporating the items into your game room that revolve around your favorite sport, computer game, or adventure.

Also, only get what you’re absolutely obsessed with most especially if you’ll be splurging on game room décor. Don't just buy just because you want to buy, which is most likely the case when you are tired and you want to get the job over and done as quickly as possible. Spend time browsing the available pieces online instead of buying the first thing that you see.

Best Ideas

Gaming decor

Bring the 90s golden age of gaming back to life in your gaming room with these amazing decorations. Designed with an arcade look and a combination of bold colors, the decorations are great for walls but can also be hung directly from the ceiling.

Video game bedroom ideas

Unique idea for decorating a wall in the gaming room while soundproofing it at the same time. The walls of the room have been fitted with a special surface with sticking hexagonal foams in different colors which stop sounds.

A Childrens Bookcase Cabinet With A Wii

A Childrens Bookcase Cabinet With A Wii

A simple cabinet with an extraordinary front that looks like a remote control. It will be a perfect accessory for an entertainment or game room. The piece is tall and narrow so it doesn't need much space.

Gamer decor

A perfect addition to your game room - this rug sports the theme of one of the most popular games created and offers a nice boost of color with its red accents on the contrasting black background, making it really stand out.

Game room decorations 1

Why simply get rid of the old controllers that don't work anymore, if you can just display them for the perfect use of your "man cave"? These make for a stunning and really original accent piece that will catch everyone's eye.

Gaming room decor

A great proposition for all geeks or video games' fans. This themed roller blind features a yellow pattern on a black background. It depicts the most popular devices forming together the famous Pacman.

Game room decorations

Welcome to the Nerd home - if you want to entrance you have to pass a game wiper. Standard rectangular color and grey materials, resistant to the dirtiest shoes. However, the game's inspiration of joystick is unique.

Vintage game room decor

Pacman bulletin boards. This would be awesome for the game room. <3 it.

Gaming room accessories

baseball room - could easily be done with plastic bats and spraypaint. Love this! Perfect for Nate's room!!

Gamer house decorations

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