Beach Themed Wall Decals


If you love the ocean and the look of the beach makes you happy and you want to see it more frequently, but you live too far away, we have a solution. Beach themed wall decals are a great way to have the look of your favorite place, inside your home. They are easy to apply, come off without wall damage, and we have plenty of them to choose from in this extensive collection.

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Our Picks

A lovely palm tree wall decal tropical

A lovely palm tree wall decal tropical

Wall decals with beach theme. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

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Sea turtle uber decals wall decal vinyl

Sea turtle uber decals wall decal vinyl

Japanese Ainus surrounded the tortoises with particular reverence. Believed that they were the servants of the god of the seas. Inspired by this story, a vinyl, beach themed, large wall decal was created in the form of a contoured black turtle.

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Beach wall art stickers

Beach themed home. Personally I'm positively surprised with the contemporary approach used here. I particularly like the wall - with extra large letters creating sea and beach related words. Distressed cabinet in washed blue also appeals to me.

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Throw off the bowlinesexplore dream

Throw off the bowlinesexplore dream

I always loved the marine style room decorations. If you are also the sailing enthusiast, you should choose this one. The vinyl wall decor with the motivating sentence will be a great finish of this stylization.

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May You Always Have A Shell In Your

May You Always Have A Shell In Your

Wall decal with beach theme. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. It is completely made of vinyl. Charming accent for the living room, bedroom and more.

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Kanagawa wave wall decal hokusai vinyl

Kanagawa wave wall decal hokusai vinyl

The lovely wall decal inspired with the nautical influences. Even it is just a sticker, it looks just elegant like the painted picture and perfectly fits to such a minimalistic interior like this one.

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Beach saying wall decals

The wall stickers are amazin idea to personalize your space fast and easily. It looks the best on the plain wall, but maybe it could be also look great on the patterned one. It depends only on your imagination.

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Baby room beach theme

Fish not only in the aquarium. If we are lovers of sea basins and oceans, we will put beach themed wall decal graphic blue and indigo fish on the wall in the children's room, with anchors and sea foam, so that the child will be interested in this water world.

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Beach decals

Now you can decorate your nursery with those adorable decals, made of quality white vinyl. There are sea turtles, starfish and seashells available, giving you lovely wall-embellishments that are easy to install, durable and easy to clean.

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Wall decor beach theme

SALE Compass Rose Removable Wall Decal Vinyl Dinning Room Beach Nautical Theme Living Room Removable up to 20x20 inches

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Beach Themed Wall Decals

Buying Guide

If you want the cheapest, quickest, and easiest way to dress up a space, then you need wall decals, especially ones with a beach theme. Beach themed wall decals are wall arts that have adhesives on the back, which is why their application is simple and straightforward. Quality ones won’t even peel off your wall’s paint when they are removed.

As they come in various colors, designs, sizes, and shapes, check out the tips we’ve managed to compile below as they will help you style your home using beach themed wall decals.

When choosing the right products to use, you need to ensure the ones you purchase are safe. Regardless of whether you have kids or not, it is crucial for you to double check the materials used in making decals as well as how they were made. There must be labels on the products that say they are lead-free, non-toxic, phthalate-free, and VOC-free. If you will be placing the stickers on your kid’s bedroom or on a nursery room, then they most definitely need to be safe.

More often than not, beach themed wall decals are made of vinyl as the material can easily be customized and it makes the application of the stickers easier. Ink is used in printing or designing colored vinyl.

Non-PVC wall decals are made of finely woven fabric and added with adhesive. They're available in different designs and sizes and they can even come with intricate details. The material doesn’t peel back, tear, or stretch. Unlike vinyl, it is reusable and you can reposition a fabric beach themed wall decal.

If used indoors, both types of materials will last several years.

You'll find beach themed wall decals in all sizes, so it’s better to take your space’s measurements, especially if you are planning to fill an entire wall. If your wall is empty and wide, get larger decals that will occupy the entire surface area. If you want to just stick on certain parts of it, you’ll have options as well. For small vertical spaces, pick a slim and tall wall decal. Of course, you’d need smaller wall decals if you have a smaller wall space. For horizontal spaces, get long and slim decals.

Many children love beaches so beach themed wall decals are commonly found on bedrooms of kids. For their room, it is okay if you go with bright colors. Your kid/s will certainly love a sea-inspired bedroom.

A beachy bedroom does not need over-the-top decals with obvious beach motifs. You simply need the coast’s spirit and its casual feel. Opt for worn-looking decals and cool, breezy colors. Beach-themed wall decals should have a serene vibe, especially when they're added to bedrooms.

Of course, you can’t simply order beach themed wall decals and decide where to place them only when they arrive on your doorstep. There are so many things that can go wrong; you might not get the right number of decals, the right sizes, or the right colors that match or complement the room. It is, therefore, imperative that you determine where you’ll be placing the decals.

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Beautiful motifs on the walls allow you to change the interior design, so this beautiful wall decal with the motif of the sea wave is a perfect solution for the bathroom. The whole makes a fantastic impression and makes the decor a character.

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