Stained Glass Window Panels

In this collection you will find many different stained glass window panels. You can see how nice and colorful they are so now you have a rare chance to choose from among so many inspiring designs. There are really a lot of possibilities to pick and nobody is in a rush.

Stained glass window flowing tree yellow

Stained Glass Window Flowing Tree Yellow
Delightful and striking, must have a similar one... A round stained glass window panel in beautiful tones of blue and turquoise... With a tree motif in the centre, plus yellow sun (or moon, maybe?). Gorgeous, this or that way.

Warm waves stained glass window panel signed and dated 1

Warm Waves Stained Glass Window Panel Signed And Dated
A nice piece of decoration for anyone who loves multi-color elements. This window panel features an original, beautiful and of course very solid glass construction. Its warm colors match different designs.

With vivid intensity stained glass window panel signed and dated

With Vivid Intensity Stained Glass Window Panel Signed And Dated
Panel stained glass window mounted on adjustable chain. Frame is made of metal and covered with colorful glass. Elegant accent for each room according to taste and need.

Stained glass window panel moonlit tree

Stained Glass Window Panel Moonlit Tree
Stained glass window panel in ink blue, gold and copper, depicting a windblown branching black tree soaking in moonlight. This charming modern ornamental design immediately boosts the interior's ambiance.

Cobalt blue star burst stained glass window panel with bevels

Cobalt Blue Star Burst Stained Glass Window Panel With Bevels 2
An attractive modern window panel of stained glass tiles with bevelled edges. A rectangular blue frame surrounds a narrower frame of clear glass tiles. The centre of the latter is filled with a clear glass star burst motif surrounded by blue tiles.

Tiffany Roses / Butterflies Design Window Panel

Tiffany Roses / Butterflies Design Window Panel

Stained glass window panels 1

Stained Glass WIndow Crystal Mountains by stainedglassfusion, $599.00

Brandi Stained Glass Window/Wall Panel in Amber

Brandi Stained Glass Window/Wall Panel in Amber
Bring more extravagance and sophistication to your home with this exquisite Stained Glass Window. The piece consists of 206 hand-cut glass pieces and 35 cabochons. A good protection against the natural light.

Coloured glass windows panels

Fall Floating Leaves Stained Glass Window Panel Brass by rneely, $139.00

Stained glass window panels 3

Stained and leaded glass window panel for a family room with fireplace ...

Original stained glass window panels

Original Stained Glass Window Panels
Unique customised window panels handmade of lead, copper foil, stained glass in blue, green, amber yellow and brownish tones. They have multiple-arched top and bottom edges. Frame corners and panel centres are adorned with bluish faceted jewells.

Coloured glass windows

Stained glass window panel with agates

Quilted sampler stained glass window

Quilted Sampler Stained Glass Window
Are you searching for sophisticated quilted sampler stained glass window panel? Try this one! Colorful and contemporary. For me, it reminds of a window in temple.

River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel

River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel
Beautiful stained glass panel featuring gorgeous avian inspired motif depicting various birds sporting vividly colored feathers while sitting on a bar. This decorative item comes with iron chain to enable easier set-up.

Stained glass pictures for sale

The vibrant stain glass panel placed in the front door. The abstract geometric pattern will be decorating not only the door but also the hall's floor when the light will catch the proper angle of incidence.

Stained glass window panels

Beautiful stained glass window patterns a great way to delight and brings to the decor an exciting atmosphere. Delicious elements make the decor change and get cozy. The whole creates a unique composition.

Custom made traditional stained glass window panel 1

Custom Made Traditional Stained Glass Window/Panel

17 34 round iridescent handmade stained

17 34 Round Iridescent Handmade Stained
A magnificent decoration for indoors that will transform your window in a blink of an eye. The window panel features a powder-coated metal frame with small pieces of stained glass embedded in it.

Custom made original stained glass window panels custom designed

Custom Made Original Stained Glass Window Panels/ Custom Designed

Abstract stained glass windows

Very vibrant multi color stained glass window using 56 bevels in the design accenting 25 different colors and textures of multi colored glass. (I'd like purple gold magenta pumpkin and olive.) It is gorgeous with the light dancing off all of the bevels. T

Stained glass sunflowers

Rainbow stained glass window panel. Reminds me of the "pane of colored glass" in the chocolate colored house from the Betsy-Tacy books by Maude Hart-Lovelace

Coloured glass window panels

Bumble Bee & Sunflower Stained Glass Window Panel

Flowing tree in moonlight stained glass

Flowing Tree In Moonlight Stained Glass
A beautiful unique contemporary handmade stained glass window. It has a frame of solder and inner framing of copper foil, bevelled and stained glass. Its interior is showing a flowing tree in moonlight in prevalent green, blue, beige and purple hues.

Violet butterfly wisteria stained glass window panel

Violet Butterfly Wisteria Stained Glass Window Panel
It is not surprising that butterflies are found among colorful flowers, it draws to its own - also in a retained glass in the form of a colorful window panel made of stained glass, with decorative butterflies and purple lilacs.

Stained glass window panels 4

Stained & Leaded Glass

Tulip design stained glass window panel

Tulip Design Stained Glass Window Panel
Constructred from the stained glass window panel and featuring over 150 pieces of hand cut art glass this beautiful piece will prove to be a perfect decoration for any interior, adding plenty of colors and light to your setting.

Abstract stained glass panels

Traditional Stained Glass Window Panel with Beveled Stained Glass

Stained glass window panel 5

Stained glass Window Panel

Celtic stained glass designs

Floral Splendor Stained Glass Window Panel

Stained glass window panel metropolis

Stained Glass Window Panel Metropolis
Gorgeous multicolor stained glass window panel with abstract pattern comprised of rectangles, squares, ovals and curves. Hang it in front of a window to enjoy the dramatic spectacle of sparkling light shining through.

Coloured glass panel

stained glass bathroom window in flower design Some of the flowers in this bathroom window next to the master bedroom match the flowers in the bedroom decorating scheme. Since this bathroom window is directly across from the neighbor's window, it also pr

Ginkgo Stained Glass Window

Ginkgo Stained Glass Window
It is a very beautiful and extremely decorative stained glass. Very impressive and extremely beautifully presented. It is very decorative element. Stained glass is in the form of the window. Shining light through it very interesting highlights images of stained glass.

Request a custom order and have something made just for

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Stained glass window panels 1

Handmade Teal STAINED GLASS Panel the perfect addition to your home or cottage....

Fish Stained Glass Window Film - 36" wide x 28" long: Sold in one continuous roll, by the pattern.

Tiffany Magnolia Stained Glass Window

Tiffany Magnolia Stained Glass Window
This stained glass window features a handcrafted design consisted of 337 pieces of stained art glass sitting inside of an antiqued brass frame. The window is resistant to fade, and includes screws, hanging chains and mounting brackets. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Glass window panel

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Celtic stained glass window panel large jpg


A fine feathered collection stained glass window panel signed and

A Fine Feathered Collection Stained Glass Window Panel Signed And Dated
The decorative panel with stained glass in beautiful colors is a perfect combination that captivates. The ideal solution for window decorations creates a unique effect in the decor. The palette of rainbow colors impresses.

Art glass window panel 1


Stained glass window panels 1

designed and made by David Kennedy

Celtic stained glass panels

Stained Glass Window Panel - Pale Moon Abstract Stained Glass

Kendall Manor Stained Glass Window

Kendall Manor Stained Glass Window

Stained glass window panels

Art: Beveled Stained Glass Window Panel by Artist Phil Petersen

Windows 38


Stained glass window panels 3

Stained Glass Window Panels

Large tiffany stained glass window panel image 9

Large Tiffany Stained Glass Window Panel image 9

Tulip and Fleurs Stained Glass Window

Tulip and Fleurs Stained Glass Window

Stained glass window panels 3

Leaded Glass Beveled Window

The Peacock's Garden Stained Glass Window

The Peacock's Garden Stained Glass Window