Stained Glass Panels For Windows

Does your window area look a bit bare? Secretly hoping to have the prettiest house in the neighborhood? Adding some stained-glass panels for windows will make them look delightfully eye-catching both from the inside and outside!

Plus, they’ll help you gain a bit more privacy without having to block the sunlight by closing your curtains.

You can find stained glass panels in all sorts of shapes and sizes, perfect to match both standard windows and more horizontal or taller vertical models.

From simpler designs to those that are so full of details that they look like they were stolen from an art gallery, you’re guaranteed to find the right stained-glass ideas for your preferences.

Fan style Tiffany stained glass panels

Fan style Tiffany stained glass panels

We weren’t lying when we said that stained glass panels are available in any shape.

For example, you could consider a fan design: as well as matching sections in the same shape, it’s also ideal to create the illusion of a fanlight above a more traditional-looking window.

Extremely colorful stained glass art for windows

Extremely colorful stained glass art for windows

There are two main ideas when choosing stained glass art for windows: stick to a hot/cold palette or mix them.

While the former is usually considered the safest choice, you can definitely achieve excellent and unmatched results when opting for the latter… as long as you do so consciously (don’t get crazy putting too many contrasting colors together!).

Horizontal stained glass ideas for windows

Horizontal stained glass ideas for windows

Rectangular stained-glass panels consisting of a longer horizontal shape are more versatile than you’d think.

You could use them to complement a small window in the same shape, create an illusion of space by placing them against a glass panel of the same length but taller, or introduce a focal point in front of a much larger window. 

Floral stained glass windows decorations

Floral stained glass windows decorations

Stained glass window panels don’t necessarily need to involve abstract decorations and shapes: they can represent a specific item or design, too.

For example, how about some flowers? This colorful type of stained-glass window decorations will allow you to bring nature inside your home… even when your hay fever is at its worst.

$137.99 $189.33

Vertical stained glass window panels

Vertical stained glass window panels

Long rectangular models can work vertically, too. Slim window on which you thought nothing would fit? As long as you measure it first, it won’t be hard to find a stained-glass window panel that fits it like a glove.

At the same time, you can place these vertical designs on windows in other shapes, too. And why not pair two of them next to each other?

Elegant stained glass window hangings

Elegant stained glass window hangings

Looking to add a touch of sophistication to your room? You really can’t go wrong with Tiffany stained-glass window hangings.

Inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s late 19th century designs, these colorful panels full of bold geometric shapes and lines will immediately catch your guests’ attention at your next dinner party.

Choosing an animal as a stained glass panel

Choosing an animal as a stained glass panel

Have you got a favorite animal? Perhaps one that’s already present elsewhere in your decor, whether that’s through your cushions or a figurine? Then pick a stained-glass panel that homages it.

Some of them can also help you reinforce a specific interior style, such as sea life for coastal rooms and countryside animals for rustic decors.

Stained glass window panels that mirror your palette

Stained glass window panels that mirror your palette

If the three core colors in your palette are more than enough for you, play it safe by choosing some stained-glass window panels that match them. For the best results, consider focusing on hues that will contrast against their surroundings (in this case, your walls and window features).

A yellow design next to some yellow walls would end up being a bit too much. A blue panel mirroring the same hue that’s present elsewhere in the room but surrounded by white? Now we’re talking.

Corner stained glass window hangings

Corner stained glass window hangings

Think beyond the middle of your window when choosing the right stained-glass panels for it. In fact, how about adding them to its corner?

You could aim for a visually interesting asymmetrical effect by only having one or complement it with an additional one on the opposite side.

If your window is extremely big, then go on and add them to all four corners!

Add a touch of Zen with unique stained glass patterns

Add a touch of Zen with unique stained glass patterns

Did you draw inspiration from Asian Zen decors and mindsets when furnishing your home? Then don’t forget that your new stained-glass panels can add to them.

As well as reinforcing the sense of peace that you get when sticking to relaxing palettes, they can include iconic patterns like these balanced stones.

Contemporary stained glass window panels

Contemporary stained glass window panels

Your new stained glass window panels could even become a new piece of artwork. The only difference is that, instead of being on the wall, they’re against a glass pane. Easy.

To achieve this effect, look for a frame-like design and pick a pattern that you can’t see yourself getting tired of gazing at.

Simpler lines and geometric shapes are especially perfect for contemporary settings. 

Most decorative stained glass for windows

Most decorative stained glass for windows

If that side of the room just feels too bare for your taste, that’s ok: you can go overboard with the most highly decorative stained-glass decorations.

From intricate shapes to vivid colors, your room will end up looking as magical as an old cathedral. And wait until you see the sunlight filtering through those hues!

Accent stained glass decorations

Accent stained glass decorations

Not a fan of stained-glass panels that take up almost your entire window? You don’t have to compromise if that’s not your thing. Instead, why not choose a smaller but more meaningful design?

This choice is especially effective when you pair it up with some other decorative elements next to the window or on its sill, like a pot of fresh flowers. 


Creative ways to hang stained glass: seasonal decorations

Creative ways to hang stained glass: seasonal decorations

Intrigued by the idea of introducing some stained-glass panels for windows but not ready to commit to them 365 days a year? We have a solution: how about using them as seasonal decorations?

Whether that’s for Christmas, Halloween, or to represent a specific season, you can easily find a design to hang up for a few weeks or months only.


Stained glass window panels depicting a peaceful scenery

Stained glass window panels depicting a peaceful scenery

If the view outside your window isn’t the most appealing, create a new one!

Your stained-glass window pane could depict a relaxing maritime setting, a forest, a field full of flowers… or whatever you wish you had on the other side of your main glass.


Our advice Buying Guide

Stained glass panels for windows can create beautiful room effects. They can be inserted as window panes, or they can be hung over the window as sun catchers. They can be a lovely pick-me-up to go with breakfast or they can serve and an addendum to evening meditations. One thing is for sure, a beautiful cut-glass panel can add that extra little something to a room.

What styles and designs of stained glass panels are there?

Stained glass comes in an amazing array of designs from saints, angels and avatar, to stars, candles and abstract designs. The colors can be brilliant, contrasting pieces or they can be subtle shadings of one color. No matter what design you choose or where you place it, stained glass is one way to let your light shine and to share it with the world. When lit up from the other side, they look incredible!

How to incorporate stained glass panels in your home?

Full Pane Panels

A stained-glass panel can be a lovely way to let in light while keeping out the eyes of curious passers-by. If you have a bathroom window that seems to open straight onto a neighbor’s window or onto a busy alley, stained glass can allow light to enter while obstructing the view from outside.

Add Interest to a Patio Door

Add color and light to a patio door by hanging one of these on the inside frame. Or you could even add a small panel of stained glass using suction cups. This not only creates a beautiful conversation piece, it helps to remind people that there is a pane of glass in that location, cutting down on the chance that someone or something might try to walk or fly through it. Even small pieces can add color to your room when the morning sun shines through them.

Wall Mounted Light Panel

Don’t have enough windows to display your beautiful stained-glass panels? Construct a simple light box using a lamp kit from your hardware store and hang your stained-glass art over it. This can help avoid having your beautiful artwork subjected to the normal wear and tear of a door or window. A light box is a way to share your beautiful piece and protect it at the same time.

Decorative Cupboard Door

Stained glass panels can make beautiful cupboard doors. Just fit the glass into the usual panel that is intended for glass or wood paneling. For extra effect, mount a refrigerator or candle lamp inside the cabinet. You can use it as a night light that is protected from pets or children.


Magnificent peacock 17x37 stained glass window panel

Magnificent peacock 17x37 stained glass window panel
Thanks to those colorful window blinds, you privacy will be properly secured. The 17x37 blinds are designed of stained glass in the shape of a gorgeous peacock that is sitting on a blooming tree branch.

Glimmering stained glass panel a

Glimmering stained glass panel a
Stained-glass windows are associated with the Art Nouveau style. Most often seen in churches or Tiffany lamps-they have a different purpose. Purely decorative as longitudinal narrow works of art, which based on a window sill obtain an extraordinary appearance.

Stained Glass Window Hanging

Stained Glass Window Hanging
When you take care about the details, you should think over putting it into your front door. Looks lovely, deliver enough light, but protect you also against the nosy neirbourghs, because it is not fully transparent.

Stained glass panel decorative

Stained glass panel decorative
Handmade with attention to every detail, this "Tree of Life" panel boats of bold appearance and beautiful colors. It contains over 175 glass nuggets in 5 different shades of green, embedded in a solid oak frame.

River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel

River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel
Beautiful stained glass panel featuring gorgeous avian inspired motif depicting various birds sporting vividly colored feathers while sitting on a bar. This decorative item comes with iron chain to enable easier set-up.

Vintage Crystal Plate Panel

Vintage Crystal Plate Panel
Elegant stained glass window panel finished with sophisticated ornamentation. It is mounted on copper frame and covered with glass. Received many positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Stained glass ash tree wall hanging use

Stained glass ash tree wall hanging use
If you’re looking for a unique and classy decoration to your home, take a look at this one. This wall-hanging wooden frame with a stained glass decal resembling dead trees provides an unusual touch to any room.

Celtic irish knot stained glass window

Celtic irish knot stained glass window
Decorative and practical suncatcher. This window panel is made of stained glass finished in different colors. It decorates different types of windows. It is also resistant to excessive wear and different forms of damage.

Stained glass panels for windows

If you think your window is boring, you can always use those colorful birds to decorate it. Each bird is different, and created of stained glass, sitting on a black branch that can be easily attached to the window.

Stained glass panels for windows

This Meramid glass panel is a very attractive window decoration with different colors. It looks very original among different elements of equipment or decor. This glass construction is also long-lasting.

Stained glass transom patterns

If you trying to find the perfect panel for windows, you have to choose this one. It so beautiful, made of stained glass with colorful finish and iron gate. Everyone will tell you how fab it looks in your home.

Stained glass quilt patterns dragonfly

If you want to embellish your window with something truly amazing and colorful, you may want to check this stained glass panel. Designed in slightest details, this decoration is embedded in the steel black frame, and can be easily hanged using a convenient chain attached to the upper part.

Stained glass mermaid patterns

Decor your windows or walls with the panel, which is made of stained glass from wine bottles. It features the many shades of green, with black frame and white details. The sophisticated addition to any home.

Stained glass hanging panels for windows

Add beauty and style to your home and decor your wall with glass wall art in wooden distressed white finish. They are excellent as a gift for birthday and other special occasions.

Stained glass waves

I don't have an outdoor space and garden with flowers or trees, so I've got the bright floral mosaic, which looks so adorable on my wall. My guests are always delighted how beautiful this product is.

Colored window panes

This product is a very solid item used with windows. It features a decorative character thanks to its blue and other colors. Its sea and mountains stylization looks very good anywhere. Glass construction of this decoration is also aesthetic and durable.

Stained glass window quilt pattern

If you want to create a unique space divider, this stained glass composition for interior door shall play this role perfectly. It depicts a rose, rustling as the wind blows.

Stained glass panels for windows

This project embodies what's best in modern design. Ideal for people, who like to distinguish their houses. Stained glass window using Pantone palette adds unique brightness and colorfulness.

Transom stained glass patterns

This glass window panel is durable and attractive. It includes a multi-color pattern that shows flowers, plants and butterflies. The frame of this window panel is very solid and resistant to many factors.

Stained glass window above door

A colorful decoration for doors or larger windows, which you can hang in a blink of an eye. The entire piece is made of stained glass that forms a spectacular effect of blooming flowers. All pieces of glass are embedded in a metal frame.

Transom window stained glass patterns

Stained glass panel with wave theme. Frame is made of metal and covered with colorful glass. Stylish addition for any interior according to taste.

Stained glass panels for windows 1

Beautiful glass art ::Mama would have loved this stained glass window...Fall was her favorite season and her colors....for so many things.

Arts and crafts style stained glass gingko leaf panel

Arts and Crafts Style Stained Glass Gingko Leaf Panel

Family tree stained glass window panel heirloom wedding anniversary free

Family Tree Stained Glass Window Panel heirloom wedding anniversary Free Shipping for a limited time on Etsy, $329.00

Nautilus shell stained glass panel

Nautilus Shell Stained Glass Panel

Celtic stained glass panels

Stained glass panel designed for window. It is mounted on metal frame and covered with colorful glass. Adds freshness and elegance to each place.

Stained glass valances

Unique design for a decorative piece for a bathroom – a stained glass panel made of colorful and vibrant pieces. The glass panel is made to resemble two mermaids in water with reflecting scales on their tails.

Stained glass panels for window 1

stained glass panels for window

Lovely clear beveled textured victorian stained glass window 18 x

Lovely Clear Beveled & Textured Victorian Stained Glass Window 18"x 26""

Stained glass panels for windows 2

Windows to flank fireplace

Stained glass above door

This picture shows solid wooden doors finished in white color. They include functional and decorative glass panels with colorful patterns. They decorate indoors and they also hide the room hidden behind doors.

Shamrock stained glass pattern

Lynns Blue Iris Stained Glass Panel

Bottle bottom glass window

stained glass patterns for beginners | Dragonfly Paradise Stained Glass Quilt Pattern by Three Swans Studios

Stained glass patterns victorian

Depicting a characteristic, Victorian house, this stained glass panel can be a great addition to one's kitchen decor. It will allow some additional light into the pantry and help to show off your collection of dinnerware or herbs and spices.

MI Hummel/Glassmasters 9-1/4 by 13-1/4-Inch Tree of Life Stained Glass Panel

Seaside abstract ocean stained glass window panel small transom or

SEASIDE - Abstract Ocean Stained Glass Window Panel, Small Transom or Sidelight with Blues & Greens on Etsy, $72.00

Tiffany Stained Glass Transom Window Panel Fleur De Lis 32" x 16"

Stained glass panel made with vintage plates from barbarasstainedglass on

Stained Glass PANEL made with vintage plates from Barbarasstainedglass on Etsy

Panel is a 9 x 21 stained glass panel that

... panel is a 9 x 21 stained glass panel that will grace any window in

Wine stained glass

If I had this as a stainglass I'd totally have it in my window.

Floral Parker Poppy Stained Glass Window

Floral Parker Poppy Stained Glass Window

Original jpg 148


River of goods southwest sunburst tiffany style stained

River of Goods Southwest Sunburst Tiffany Style Stained ...

Corrista tiffany style stained glass window panel

Corrista Tiffany - style Stained Glass Window Panel ...

Southwest sunset tiffany style stained glass window panel

Southwest Sunset Tiffany Style Stained Glass Window Panel ...

The elegant hermosa leaded stained and beveled glass

The Elegant" Hermosa" Leaded Stained And Beveled Glass ...

River of goods amber stained glass brandis window panel

River of Goods Amber Stained Glass Brandi's Window Panel ...

River of goods northern star tiffany style stained glass

River of Goods Northern Star Tiffany Style Stained Glass ...

20 x 34 large tiffany style stained glass window panel

20" x 34" Large Tiffany Style stained glass window panel ...

River of goods swallowtail butterfly tiffany style stained

River of Goods Swallowtail Butterfly Tiffany Style Stained ...