Arched Wall Mirrors


For a lovely group of arched wall mirrors, look no further than this collection. These are an extremely attractive lot that will go well in every home and will fit with every style. They are very well made. And if you are looking for a new accent piece for your wall this might be exactly what you are looking for. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Shaw Floor Mirror

Shaw Floor Mirror

Amazing floor mirror designed utilizing finest materials - quality wood and durable mirrored glass. Beautifully finished in antique gold and brown, this fantastic item offers sturdy construction and elegant style.

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Amoroso Design Contemporary Living Room San Francisco

Amoroso Design Contemporary Living Room San Francisco

This eclectic living room distinguishes itself with style and prestige. The arch wall mirror compliments greatly the olive grey wall paint and beige furntiure upholstery. A very fancy-looking, sophisticated comination.

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Dawson Mirror

Dawson Mirror

Comely arched mirror shaped like an old distillery window is designed to draw attention. Its tall, narrow shape is divided by decorative mullions and the distressed finish on the frame enhances the aged look. Mounting hardware included.

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Venetian Wall Mirror

Venetian Wall Mirror

This amazing wall mirror is romantic and glamorous at once. It has mirror frame with white floral appliques, and a decorative crown top. It is quite large, so it provides function and decorous accent in one.

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A pattern of beveled, antiqued mirrors lends jewel-like sparkle to a wall niche. Cool idea of how to decorate your wall, totally antique style. Nice idea for this crashed angled mirror. Beautiful pattern around its frame looks cool.

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Import Collection 22-354 Large Arch Mirror

Make a spectacular statement with a large wall mirror characterized by bold arch design. Twenty mirror panels are craftfully integrated with iron and wood frame to obtain medieval style inspired inspired arch shape.

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Arched wall mirrors

The beautiful cream frame arch mirror. With a striking design reminiscent of cathedral windows, this distressed arch mirror will leave your guests reflecting on your good taste. Maybe it is not the most useful accessory, but the appearance recompense it.

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Arched walls

These arched wall mirrors, being a glamorous example of vintage design, can be a great embellishment to your house. If you like big windows, evoking associations with villas and courts, creates a magnificent decor.

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Aged metal arched wall mirror

Aged Metal Arched Wall Mirror

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Arch wall mirror 5

Extraordinary arch design wall mirror in light turquoise wooden frame - the color helps it escape a look that would otherwise be too serious perhaps. The frame is slightly distressed. Comes ready for wall mounting.

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Arched Wall Mirrors

Buying Guide

There are several important factors to consider when you’re hanging arched wall mirrors. If you want to create a natural ambiance in a room, try to position the mirror so that it’s near, or opposite, a window. If you’d prefer the mirror to produce a warm, glowing vibe, place it near an artificial fireplace or lamp.

To hang the arched wall mirror safely, you must attach each D-ring on the back of the object to a hook on the wall screwed to wall studs. Do not use string or wire to hang the mirror by one central hook in the middle of your wall because it cannot support the mirror adequately.

To hang the mirror correctly, hold the piece in the desired position and draw a line across the top, marking the wall. Measure the back of the mirror to each D-ring center and mark these measurements on the line. Measure the distance between the top of the mirror frame to the D-ring, and use the wall markings as a guide to find the ideal position for the drywall screw or wall anchor. Pre-drill the holes with a power drill and place the heavy-duty screws in the wall. Mount your mirror using the D-rings on the screws.

This method is also suitable for floor-length arched wall mirrors.

Arched wall mirrors are beautiful decor pieces that, if positioned correctly, can create the illusion of a bigger room. These stunning, elegant mirrors are often large and can provide a visual extension of the existing space when you look into them.

For maximum effect, position the mirror opposite the room’s most important feature. For example, in a bedroom, you can elongate the space by reflecting the bed and surrounding area. If you want to increase the amount of light in a room, you can hang the mirror opposite or adjacent to a window. In rooms with no windows, arched wall mirrors can act as a stand-in to brighten the space.

As a general rule, mirrors should be hung at eye level, approximately 60 to 65” from the floor. This height is also the perfect position for allowing artwork and decorative household items to reflect through mirrors. Arched wall mirrors, depending on the size, look fabulous hung above sideboards and mantelpieces, as their straight edge at the bottom complements the edging of these furniture pieces.

When hanging your arched wall mirror, position it close to light sources, such as table lamps, hanging light fixtures, or windows. This ensures that there is ample light reflected around your room, brightening the space.

Best Ideas

Arch wall mirror 2

Tasteful chair mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with crossed supports. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Extra Large FULL LENGTH Palladian Arch Wall Mirror Long Palais Arched Window Design

A stately, arched mirror that features an aged black metal frame with light rust distressing and makes for a really nice choice for your household, letting you add some needed functionality coming from its wide frame and long structure.

Arched wall mirrors 1

This lovely, Venetian arch mirror delights with its intricate design, combined smoothly with modern finishing. Such combination makes it a versatile proposition, which shall find its place both in traditional, as well as modern interiors.

Arch wall mirror

Vintage arch wall mirror. This double mirror is composed of wooden frame and eighteen little pieces of mirror glass. It is inserted in rock wall and stylised on old-fashioned window, but it isn't transparent.

Creative Co-Op Metal Arch Mirror with Doors, Rust

Now you can easily add another window to your interior and enjoy a visible boost of elegance and charm coming from its rust finish and metal arch structure. It will make any setting pop with class and sophistication instantly.

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SEI 3-Piece Windowpane Mirror Set

Arched wall mirrors 4

Love the antiqued glass.

82" Antiqued WINDOW Arch MIRROR Wall or Floor Leaner XL

Arched wall mirror

A stunning arched mirror which will be a wonderful accent of your entry hall or bathroom. It features a slim, black frame that makes a beautiful contrast with a beige background. It will be nicely displayed over a classy console table.

Arched wall mirrors 1

Arched Wall Mirror-original_aged-metal-arched-wall-mirror

Arch wall mirror 4

This window mirror will work in practically any part of your household, adding more light and space to it, while its distressed, off-white finish make it truly pop with charm and create a vintage vibe.

Arched wall mirrors 3

Update your wall decor with this arch framed mirror. This mirror has a beautiful hand forged metal frame finished in plated antiqued gold

Wall leaning mirror

This large and truly lavish mirror is a stunning option for your bedroom or living room, allowing you for a significant boost of functional use and ensuring that the interior not only looks bigger but has a touch of vintage appeal to it.