Beveled Mirror Picture Frames


Beveled mirrors picture frames will add a touch of class and swagger to those pictures lining your halls. They resemble silver frames from Tiffany's, are polished to perfection, and come in all the sizes you need for your treasure trove of photos. Take a walk through this collection and see if a few of these beveled mirror picture frames can enhance your home.

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Our Picks

Picture frames mirror

This bevelled mirror picture frame constitutes a stylish way to add your interiors a sleek contemporary character. Its silver surface provides a fresh, minimalistic appeal, yet being very solid at the same time.

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Mirror picture frame

Photos of our loved ones or our own deserve a nice setting. Such can be a glamor frame, made of silver. It will enhance the photo and the place where it will be left. Impressive is that the frame is albo a mirror. So we can see not only our friends on photos!

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Melange Montage Dresser Mirror

Melange Montage Dresser Mirror

Mirror designed to hang on the wall. Rounded edges for decoration. Carefully constructed frame adds an elegant touch to any interior.

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Mirrored picture frames

The impressive mirror image and frame of images are an excellent way to glamor decor. Beautiful details and interesting composition create a unique combination in the dressing room or another interior.

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Beveled frame mirror 8

Beveled glass and resin with silver and gold finish. Wonderfully composed of one whole and made a copy of a wonderful mirror, with a great tradition. You can hang them vertically or horizontally - even the luminaire is partially filled with mirror material.

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Emberlynn Wall Mirror

Emberlynn Wall Mirror

It is very elegant and extremely stylish mirror. It is surrounded by a silver frame which blends as if in a mirror forming a whole with it. It is very nice, delicate, elegant. It is not only practical but also decorative.

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Beveled mirror picture frames

Attractive picture frames that not only provide support to pictures, but they also decorate indoors thanks to their mirrorglass construction. Simple rectangular shapes perfectly match any wall decorations.

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Malden Bevel Mirror Picture Frame, 8-Inch by 10-Inch

Recommended for 8 x 10 inches images, this small beveled mirror picture frame will help you expose your memorable moments with style. Embodying the contemporary chic, this gorgeous-looking item measures 8.4 x 11.8 x 0.8 inches.

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Beveled mirror picture frames

A lovely decoration for modern homes and offices, this set of beautiful mirrors boasts of elegant charm and striking appearance. Each square mirror is embedded in a mirrored frame, visually enhancing the whole interior.

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Kensington Mirror

Kensington Mirror

A simple shape and functionality - thanks to these advantages, this mirror meets very strict quality requirements. This thick-plated mirror is framed in solid but not so heavy aluminum so it is durable and attractive.

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Beveled Mirror Picture Frames

Buying Guide

Picture frames are an easy way to create a focal point in any room and put an unused wall to work. After all, what better than your favorite memories to catch some eyeballs? Having said that, it’s easy to go overboard with frames, especially in compact spaces which tend to look stuffy and cramped if overdone.

Beveled mirror picture frames are just what you need for your small apartment. The mirror finish reflects light making the space appear bigger and brighter. And the slant edge on the bevel really adds the ‘pop out’ effect to the pictures. Win-Win! Beveled mirror picture frames are available in a gamut of configurations. Here are a few tips to make your shopping decision easier.

Glass is the unanimous first choice when it comes to a mirror finish. It offers a superior quality, unblemished mirror surface. The light reflection is top notch. And let’s face it. Glass is ethereal. Some frames have layered edges alternating between a mirrored finish and antique stained glass.

But glass is delicate. It is prone to surface scratches and finger smudges. Not to mention that an accidental bump will send it crashing. Definitely not ideal for a busy household or one with kids.

Metal is a much safer bet. It is durable, can be polished to achieve the same finish as glass and is easier to clean.

Silver, for example is a great choice for a beveled mirror picture frame. It is elegant and timeless. So is stainless steel. The caveat is that it can be heavy and exposure to moisture can wreak havoc with the finish in little time.

Wood is not commonly used in beveled mirror frames. But there’s no reason why you can’t bend the rules. A wooden frame makes for a sturdy and durable base. You can add a beveled metallic edge to it to create a great contrast.

Hang it at eye level, not more than four feet above the ground. This maximizes reflection and creates the illusion of a bigger space. Always measure the wall, the size of the frames and the distance of the hanging cord or hook from the top of the frame to ensure that you position it evenly on the wall.

The photograph in a beveled frame can be swapped for a mirror too. Take your dressing table mirror for example. Add a beveled edge to it to turn it into a functional conversation piece.

The frame can be a wall-mounted one or a freestanding one. Freestanding ones are ideal for use in side tables or center tables in a living room. A wall mounted installation will be a more permanent fixture. So ensure that you narrow down on a good place before hammering those nails in the wall.

Best Ideas

Beveled Mirror

Beveled Mirror

NIce to the eye contemporary mirror of quality beveled glass. It has a rectangular frame manufactured of resistant light brownish resin with silvery accents. It can be mounted on walls in both directions.

Warhol Beveled Vanity Mirror

Warhol Beveled Vanity Mirror

This Vanity Mirror in Black Finish is constructed of beveled glass and wooden frame. The mirror offers a rectangular shape, and silver leaf layer with gray glaze, and mounting hardware. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

Revere Vanity Mirror

Revere Vanity Mirror

A mirror mounted on a solid wooden frame with 2 drawers for storage of personal items. Can be placed on a table or hang on the wall. Functional and aesthetic addition to any interior.

Classic Beveled Glass Framed Mirror

Classic Beveled Glass Framed Mirror

Pretty-looking traditional mirror of quality beveled glass suitable for halls, bedrooms or bathrooms. It has a rectangular frame of gold roughed plastic. It can be mounted on walls both vertically and horizontally.

Large bevelled mirror picture frames

A wonderful decoration for contemporary homes, that will effectively improve the visual aspects of your bedroom. Each of those fine pieces sits inside of a beveled mirror frame, boasting of pure elegance and modern aesthetics.

Reflections beveled mirror photo frame

Reflections Beveled Mirror Photo Frame

Mirror picture frames

Glimmer is a synonymous with the chick.Shiny glass-made two square but beveled mirrors are both useful and decorative.What is great you can use them also as a picture frames.Use it in your entryroom and you will recive depth and roominess of your interior.

Room enhance your new or existing mirror with beveled mirror

... room. Enhance your new or existing mirror with beveled mirror strips

Beveled mirror picture frames 1

This set of nine picture frames with beveled mirrored finish, is a beautiful gift idea for birthday and other special occasions. The picture spaces measure 4 by 6 inches.

Photo frame with beveled mirror edge

Photo Frame with Beveled Mirror Edge

Mirrored glass picture frames

A fantaastic accessory for modern dining rooms, that will be serving you well for many years. Constructed of cherry hardwood and bathed in an espresso finish, the table includes a large rectangle top and tapered legs.

Login 23 design space 1

login 23 design space

Large mirrored photo frames

Photographs add a personal touch to any room. This beveled-edge mirror frame allows you to reflect on six special moments in time. It's versatile and works with any style of decor, so the only challenge may be in choosing your favorite subjects.

Mirrored glass photo frames

Emanating with glamorous elegance and luxurious flair, this gorgeous piece is adorned with a mirrored frame and geometric design. The mirror is wall-mounted, easy to clean, and excellent for emphasizing modern bathrooms.