Large Multi Picture Frames

Make a collage of a trip, or of your kids graduation. Show off a favorite moment, or chronical your wedding in detail. Whatever you choose to put in these frames, a large multi-picture frame can handle it. They are great for any home, can be designed to suit your decorative taste, and will hold all our pictures, if you have enough of these collage sets to do so.

Best Products

Large Wooden Collage 9 Nine Photo Frame Picture Multi Wood Chic Shabby Vintage

Large Wooden Collage 9 Nine Photo Frame Picture Multi Wood Chic Shabby Vintage
This multi picture set of frames can accommodate up to 9 works. Its vibe can enchant all shabby chic and vintage lovers, adding much warmth and liveliness to the interior.

Multi 5 opening 8x10 distressed rustic

Multi 5 opening 8x10 distressed rustic
A stunning rustic picture frame with five 8x10” slots for photos in landscape position with an amazing rough finish. Perfect for anyone looking for an austere decoration for their bedroom or living room.

Large Multi Photo Frame 12pc 3d Frame 6 X4 Large Multi Picture Frame Gifts

Large Multi Photo Frame 12pc 3d Frame 6 X4 Large Multi Picture Frame Gifts
Let's turn off the computers and to change something in our lifes - let's show our favorite photos on the real wall! With lage multi picture frames. We can choose from many options - red, white, blue or black compositions of small metal decorative frames.

Intricate eclectic style mosaic mirror

Intricate eclectic style mosaic mirror
A fantastic, ceramic frame that features a vivid combination of vibrant colors and patterns. It will be an exotic accent of your space due to Asian elements. It might be a decoration itself or you can use it as a mirror frame.

Opal Innocence Love is Patient Picture Frame

Opal Innocence Love is Patient Picture Frame
This elegant table top vertical porcelain wedding frame features an inscription from 1 Corinthians 13. It is perfect for one special picture of yours sized 8" x 10". It will be protected with sturdy glass.

Jasperwear Cupid Girl Picture Frame

Jasperwear Cupid Girl Picture Frame
This lovely cupid girl square picture frame would be a perfect gift for a newborn girl's parents. Crafted from elegant pink ceramic, it features sweet, girly details. It is cute, colorful and current.

Red rose picture frame polymer clay wood

Red rose picture frame polymer clay wood
I just love the way this wonderful, very elegant and romantic picture frame looks! Made from clay, this frame is bound to look great in any living room giving it a unique, vibrant look with its colourful design.

Our advice Buying Guide

For those who love showcasing more than one picture in a frame, utilization of large multi picture frames is an excellent option in your interior spaces. Not only can you display personal photos in them, but they're optimal for showcasing postcards, small pieces of art, and mementos. Because there is a myriad of styles and finishes from which to choose, we're going to help narrow your focus.

What styles of multi picture frames are there?

Decorating with large multi picture frames is perfect for rooms where you need a focal point like over the couch, your bed, or the fireplace, for example. Here are some style considerations:

  • Traditional: simple wooden frames are the most common material in this style as they add a classic look to the decor. Another option to consider is using metallic finishes in combination with classic ornamentation.
  • Modern: thin strips of metal, or "all glass" frames whereby the photos appear to float in the frame. Black picture frames are also another good option.
  • Vintage: cherry, mahogany, maple, or ash look beautiful against vintage and classic designs.

How to measure for a large multi picture frame display?

Before deciding on which picture frames are right for your space, gather which pictures you’d like to showcase. In doing so, you’ll determine how many openings you’ll need for the picture frame and their sizes. Because some large multi picture frames come with up to twenty openings, you want to make sure you’re not picking one out that has too many or too few. Under some circumstances, the combination of one large picture frame with several other small multi-frame picture frames may also work well in the space. Measure the area, and then cut out pieces of paper in the sizes of the frames you’d like to hang. Then, tape them up in the space to see if you like the way they look. Keep changing them around until you find the desired configuration you want.

How to decorate with large multi picture frames?

Under some circumstances, large picture frames are substantial enough to place on the floor against a wall as a room’s focal point. If this is something you’d like to consider, then select pictures that add to the room’s décor in addition to having meaning to you personally. In doing so, you’ll not only be creating a piece of art for your interior space, but you’ll also be creating a conversational piece as well.

How to maintain large picture frames?

Because you’re placing items with significant meaning into these large multi picture frames, be it photographs or pieces of memorabilia, it’s critical that they don’t get wet or have direct contact with the sunlight. Routine maintenance can include wiping down the frames regularly with a soft cloth to remove dust and other debris. However, if you notice the glass is building up with contaminants, you’ll need to take the frame apart to clean and dry it gently. Never spray cleaners or water directly on to a picture frame while the frame is encasing photographs or art or else they’ll get wet. Instead, take everything apart, place all of the pieces on a dry towel, and wash each item down gently with a damp cloth.


Baby Girl Rabbit Ceramic Picture Frame

Baby Girl Rabbit Ceramic Picture Frame
If you're looking for a perfect gift for young parents and their newborn, check out this amazing picture frame! It's gonna be a perfect souvenir for every baby girl that is going to become adult one day.

Large multi picture frames 1

A wonderful multi-picture frame that will accommodate hundreds of your photos. It features a white board behind the glass with a simple black frame. It will be a beautiful decoration and a sentimental spot at your home.

Large photo frame wood photo frame white photo frame multi

large photo frame wood photo frame white photo frame multi picture ...

Photo frames ebay

A great way to create your own composition of favourite moments. This large picture frame is designed to feature multi small photos, comprising all the favourite memories in one place.

Large multi picture frames

Large multi picture frames help create a collage of one's fav pictures. Stumbled upon this rectangular white frame recently. It can acommodate up to 14 picutres of different size. Sleek enough for contemporary décor

Umbra photo frames present time photo frames authentics photo frames

Umbra Photo Frames Present Time Photo Frames Authentics Photo Frames ...

Large multi picture frames

This hanging photo collage constitutes an eye-pleasing composition, which will help you embellish your living room or hallway. Gathering all your favourite moments in one place, it will evoke positive memories.

Large multi picture frames

A unique decoration for a wall in the living room or a hallway foyer, providing a stylish vibe to its surroundings. The decoration includes a set of architectural designs put together in a photo frame made out of white-painted wood.

The range multi photo frames

Designed to comprise 15 photos, this large multi picture frame would be a romantic accent in any decor. The 3x5 composition will help you collect all your beloved memories in one place.

Picture frames on ebay

An astounding white photo collage, perfect for a modern bedroom. Hang it above your bed and fill up with your favourite photos to remind you of your most fond memories!

Large multi picture frames 2

Large Multi Picture Holder with Rustic Frame

Large multi picture frames 2

A great display area in a rustic style. It features a beautiful frame in a light blue color and subtle, curved decorations. It was created to display printed photos, which you can easily and often exchange.

Flat face 21 multi photo frame large white collage picture

Flat Face 21 Multi Photo Frame - large white collage picture frame

Large multi photo frame

Looking for some modern additions to your living room? Check out these large, multi-picture frames. They are subtle and very gentle, and will not distract your guests from the topic of the conversation.

Large multi picture photo frames wall set

A subtle and esthetic wall decoration in the form of a multi-picture frame. They are arranged like puzzles creating one, big, rectangular body. The pictures feature white background and the frames are in the color that matches the wall.

Large multi picture frames 17

Large Multi Aperture Photo Frame from

Ceramic picture frame

A clay project wall art: a ceramic picture frame with nautical motifs. Sea shells float among turquoise bubbles. Long-haired mermaid swims in aqua blue ocean. This frame is hand painted and handcrafted.

Multiple picture frame 5 4x6 5x5 or 5x7 collage multi

Multiple picture frame 5) 4x6, 5x5 or 5x7 Collage multi opening

Large multi picture frames 9

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Large multi picture photo frames

Nice idea to display your photos. These photos above dresser in large collage frame look super cool. Black and white helps it look like a nice, beautiful memory. Nice white small dresser looks also adorable.

Home furniture diy home decor photo picture frames 8

Home, Furniture & DIY > Home Decor > Photo & Picture Frames

Picture frames ebay

A beautiful collection of multicolored frames with a lovely, distressed finish. You can fill them with old-fashioned, retro pictures or drawings to get a cool, rustic wall decoration, ideal for the kitchen or a dining room.

Ceramic picture frames 2

If you're looking for an original and fun way of accentuating your interior then this picture frame is the way to go with its stunning leaves design with beautiful detailing and ceramic structure of the highest durability.

Large collage photo frames

I love photos, and I have a lot of them into frames on the walls. I really like this classic, yellow frame with wooden construction and extra large size. It is hanging on my wall in entryway space.

Large multi picture frames 13

Kids' Room Inspiration: White Walls, Statement Rugs — Renters Solutions

Adeco Walnut-Color 6 Openings Wood Hanging Picture Frame, 5 x 7-Inch

Large multi picture frames 10

Living Room with a View Frame Set - this would be fun to have in the house but i'd turn it into one of those scrambled puzzle things with one of the corner frames blank

Big frame photo

It only takes a bit of creativity and good organization of the wall space to create a beautiful personal photo gallery.Variety of large multi picture black frames, with white background - make a great decoration for black and white photos.

Sport Little Athlete Large Picture Frame

Sport Little Athlete Large Picture Frame

7 Opening Multiple Profile Collage Picture Frame

7 Opening Multiple Profile Collage Picture Frame

Ceramic picture frames

Birds as a symbol of freedom - wonderfully decorate the interior in many forms. Here their fictional images sat on a picture frame. Made of ceramic, in a shadow og grey, smoothly decorate your favorite photo.

Large white multi photo frame

Use large poster or create your own using which will allow you to upload pix, enlarge into smaller squares for framing in pdf -- free service.

Large multi picture frames 8

Deer oh deer. I need. Now.

Extra large multi photo frame

Barnwood Map Project - would love to do this for my kids so they can remember where we have been together

Large shabby chic photo frames

A Tiny & Pleasant Paris Apartment — Professional Project. Love the map divided into frames

Large cream multi photo frame

large cream multi photo frame

Ceramic picture frames 4

When you do not have enough space for planting the herbs on the window sill or your cat loves to hunt on it, the hanging garden is the only solution to have your herbs still alive. The design frame of the little pot look beautiful.

Heaven sends large cream wooden vintage style multi photograph frame

Heaven Sends Large Cream Wooden Vintage Style Multi Photograph Frame ...

Interchangeable photo frames

A fantastic wall decoration that features patterned, flowery wallpaper in the shades of green and blue. The centre of the wall is characterized by multi picture frames that depict an image of a black bird on a white background.

12-opening Wall Collage Photo Picture Frame -XSJ205 ADECO -Wall Art Home Decor , Holds Six 4-by-6-inch and Six 6-by-4-inch Photos Great Gift,Wooden,White

Picture Frame with 5 Openings

Picture Frame with 5 Openings

Make Your Own Multi-Photo Clock

A functional, attractive and original solution that decorates walls and shows current time in a very accurate manner. The face of this clock includes spaces for photos, so each user is able to personalize this product.

Large multi frames photo picture shabby wooden chic dark