Triple 8x10 Picture Frame

In your home, photos capture the magic of a life well lived. And for you home, these triple 8x10 picture frames will display that life in a wonderful and attractive medium. Showcase your favorite wedding shots, your kids milestones in school, or another significant time in the lives of your nearest and dearest. For you, for your family, take a look at our collection of frames.

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Triple Picture Frame

Triple Picture Frame
This frame will accommodate 3 pictures of equal size, in a vertical or horizontal row. The frame is made from reclaimed wood and individually crafted by hand. The manufacturing process makes each frame look unique.

8 x 10 triple picture frame country

8 x 10 triple picture frame country
A simple country style frame for pictures or photos. It's handmade of wood with a bit distressed white finish. It has 3 equal recessed panels with 2 dividers. As it's rectangular it can be arranged vertically or horizontally.

Triple 8x10 picture frame distressed

Triple 8x10 picture frame distressed
This beautiful distressed wood photo frame is a wonderful combination of style and functionality. Classic form with space for three pictures, pictures or diplomas beautifully expose them in the interior.

Longwood Picture Frame

Longwood Picture Frame
Beautiful and very stylish frame for pictures. It includes a place for three pictures. It is styled on the old, sawn frame. It was made of wood. It is extremely warm and friendly. Even encouraged to look at the pictures.

Triple 8x10 rustic reclaimed weathered

Triple 8x10 rustic reclaimed weathered
Add a rustic touch to your apartment with the rustic triple picture frame, which is made of reclaimed wood. It measures 8 by 10 inches. It fits to beige color palette and classic style in the interior.

Triple 8x10 distressed picture frame

Triple 8x10 distressed picture frame
Triple picture frame, to create beautiful, continuous combinations. It accommodates 8x10 pictures. Beautiful decorations in the corners of this picture frame add to the one-of-a-kind appeal of this frame.

Hinged Triple Picture Frame

Hinged Triple Picture Frame
This curiously constructed triple hinged picture frame is a great decorative accent to your home. Favorite pictures can easily insert into the frame and enjoy them on a daily basis. Well suited to be laid on the shelf.

Our advice Buying Guide

You can't honestly call a property a home unless you have framed pictures of loved ones in it. While the market has plenty of choices, why don’t you go big with a triple 8x10 picture frame? Framesets are not only stylish, but they also highlight the pictures in a way that they draw everyone's attention.

Keep in mind that a triple 8x10 picture frame comes in many different forms. So, it's easy to get confused on what to get. This will serve as a buying guide for a triple 8x10 picture frameset to help you choose the right one for you.

What are the best picture frame materials?

Materials used for triple 8x10 picture framesets are wood, metal, and plastic. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons.

  • Wood is an easy material to work with as a picture frame, and that's why you will often find intricate designs with it. Another advantage of a wood picture frameset is that it comes with a luxurious and classy look. It's a good option if you are going for that chic theme. Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of wood is its cost. It's expensive especially if you are choosing one that is made of solid wood. Of course, there are cheaper options like plywood or fiberwood. However, it won't have a classy and luxurious appeal.
  • For picture frames, metal often comes in the form of aluminum. The advantages of metal picture frames are low-maintenance and durability. A metal set offers good value for your money because it lasts a very long time. The downside with metal is it's a material that is not easy to manipulate. Hence, your style and design options are not as varied compared to wooden picture frames.
  • Plastic is easy to work with, thus your style options are plentiful. It's also an inexpensive material which makes it a good choice if the budget is a bit tight. The downside with plastic material is it's not as durable compared to metal, and it's frequently a lot less stylish compared to wood.

What are the types of picture frame orientation?

Since you are purchasing a triple 8x10 picture frameset, you also need to consider the orientation. There are basically three types of orientation.

There's the vertical, horizontal, and free-floating.

  • Vertical orientation means the pictures are arranged in a side by side fashion. It's a good option if you have a lot of wall space to work with.
  • Horizontal orientation means the pictures are arranged from top to bottom. This type of orientation is suitable if you don’t have a lot of space.
  • Free-floating often means that the three picture frames are not joined together in a fixed position. It's a good option if you want to have flexibility in the way your pictures are hanged.

What are the rules for picking picture frame colors?

When it comes to the color of the picture frames, you have two options. You can either take cue from the photo itself or stick to the color theme of the room. If you want the frame to match the photo, then you'll need to determine the dominant color in the picture. With the help of a color wheel, choose a color that is close to the dominant color, and don't go for something on the opposite side.


Triple 8x10 Distressed Picture Frame

Triple 8x10 Distressed Picture Frame
A swell decoration for every interior that lacks a proper wall improvement. The triple 8x10 picture frame is crafted of sturdy wood in a distressed finish, with three red painted frames and eye-catching white pattern.

Linear Picture Frame II

Linear Picture Frame II
This stylish and very tasteful photo frame is an interesting detail any interior decor.It brings out your favorite memories or loved ones. Universal style makes it ideal for any decor.

Tuscan Alton Triple Picture Frame

Tuscan Alton Triple Picture Frame
Picture frame which can display up to three 8 by 10 inches photographs. The frame features Alton frame, classic-tuscan finish and original classic design, which fits majority of decors and furniture.

Triple 8x10 picture frame 1

Large triple picture photo frame for three 8x10 photos, a frame that sports rustic black finish and is recommended for horizontally oriented hanging, but vertical orientation is possible too. The frame has a stand on the back.

1 picture in 3 frames

This triple 8 x 10 picture frame will be a great base for your photos, creating a nice triptych collection of your memories. Ideal to mount in a bedroom or living room.

Triple 8x10 picture frame 2

Fetco Home Décor Alton Triple Frame, Bronze

8x10 Rustic Vertical 3 Opening Picture Frame - Holds 3 Photos or Prints

3 8x10 picture frame

Designed to comprise a collection of 3 photos, this wooden triple picture frame can be a great way i.e. to document your child's development or present all your family members. Measures 8 x 10 inches.

Triple picture frame

Isn't this collage adorable? With such a beauty, you can easily spice up your nursery room, bedroom, or office. It uses three 8x10 picture frames, all merged into one large decoration with a black-finished wood frame.

Triple photo frame 13

If you’re looking for a creative and unique way to display your photos in your living room, take a look at this interesting idea – a triple photo frame made out of polished branch wood, giving the piece a rustic look.

Fetco home decor tuscan collington triple picture frame features

Fetco Home Decor Tuscan Collington Triple Picture Frame Features ...

Reclaimed barn wood rustic triple 8x10 photo picture frame many

Reclaimed Barn Wood Rustic Triple 8x10 Photo Picture Frame (Many Colors!) #RusticPrimitiveCountry #madeintheusa

Multi photo frame to hold 3 8 x 10 photos

Multi-photo frame to hold 3 8" x 10" photos (rectangles)

Fetco Home Décor Alton Triple Frame, Bronze

Triple photo frame in with classic Tuscan bronze metal finish, embellished with wrought curly details. It features a stand, so it may be set on a table or hanged on a wall. Additional hooks allow to hang it vertically.

nexxt Triple Panel Standing Floor Screen/Frame, 33 by 64.5-Inch, Chestnut

Need some privacy in your master bedroom? This triple panel standing screen will, definitely, help you with that. Crafted of walnut-finished, sturdy wood, the screen is decorated with picture frames that you can accommodate according to your preferences.

Triple picture frames

... Frames 8x10 Rustic Reclaimed Wood Vertical Triple Opening Frame

Fetco Home Decor Longwood Triple Frame, Rustic Black

This product is a triple opening 8 by 10 photo frame finished in rustic black color. This modern style will fit really well with artful pictures, or sepia photographs. Make sure to embezzle your memories with this fitting, well thought-out frame.

8x10 picture frame distressed wood double mats holds 3 8x10

8x10 Picture Frame - Distressed Wood - Double Mats - Holds 3-8x10 ...

Triple picture frames

triple picture frames

Wooden Oak Curved Triple front Picture Photo Frame - 3 Photos of 3 x 3 inches ( 8 x 8 cm).

8x10 inch picture frame

Designed to commemorate your favourite moments, this triple picture frame for photos (each 8 x 10) will add help you create a charming ambience. It will work out well in living rooms as well as bedrooms.

Manhattan 3-Opening Picture Frame

Manhattan 3-Opening Picture Frame

Lawrence Frames 510780T Silver Plated Double Bead Hinged Triple Picture Frame, 8 by 10-Inch

This 8'' by 10'' triple picture frame is a lovely mix of silver plated and double bead design able to compliment any décor. It's made of heavy weight metal with dark navy velvet backing. Easy to clean with dry cloth.

3 opening picture frame 5x7

If you have some spare room on your living room wall, why not decorate it with some nice, elegant collage set of your family photos? These connected picture frames are bound to spice up your home with their distinct look.

Brushed silver 8x10 wall frame in frames ledges

Brushed Silver 8x10 Wall Frame in Frames, Ledges

Miniature cottage picture frames and mirrors dollhouse miniatures

Miniature Cottage : Picture Frames and Mirrors - dollhouse miniatures ...

Thin picture frames 23

Subtle & ethereal staircase wall art composition with delicate thin gold colored pictured frames scattered all over the adjacent walls. The frames are too big for the small pictures inside - probably to emphasize the airy feel all the more.

Lawrence Frames 11580T Brushed Pewter Bead Hinged Triple Picture Frame, 8 by 10-Inch

Triple photo frame

The triple picture frames set is an excellent way to showcase our beloved ones or memories. The whole of the brushed pewter looks stylish and beautifully presented in every modern living room or office setting.

Triple 8x10 rustic reclaimed weathered barn wood multi picture frame

Triple 8x10 Rustic Reclaimed Weathered Barn Wood Multi Picture Frame

Thin picture frames

A mix of old picture frames proved to be enough for an artful, asymmetrical wall installation. Each frame was painted, mostly with gold spray paint. The composition and final shape was a matter of artistic expression.

Thin wood picture frames

It you don't have any idea how to decorate your living room 's walls , you can use the floating shelves with the photo frames. Preparing such a personalized accessories brings some love to the emotionally neutral space.

3 Opening 5" x 7" Picture Frame

3 Opening 5" x 7" Picture Frame

Fetco home decor arts and crafts wiggins triple picture frame

Fetco Home Decor Arts and Crafts Wiggins Triple Picture Frame

Home picture frames triple picture frames black triple frame in

Home Picture Frames Triple Picture Frames Black Triple Frame in ...

Three photo frame

This beautifully decorated three picture frame is a great way to decorate your walls in any interior design. Universal colors in chocolate brown and light beige blend nicely with different types of interiors.

Lawrence Frames Antique Gold Wood Triple 5x7 Picture Frame - Classic Design

A set of triple picture frames in a classic design. The frames feature a universal, golden color which will ideally suit both modern and traditional interiors. You can nicely display your favourite photos in them.

Thin picture frames 1

Decorative and supportive elements for pictures and drawings. These thin frames include some small decorative accents. They are finished in gold and other colors, so they increase aesthetic value of any interior design.

Thin picture frames 1

A wonderful arrangement of a hallway that is decorated with plenty of pictures. All of them feature a photo in a mini size in a wide, white frame and a slim, black frame. The space is lighted with a simple bulb dangling from the ceiling.

Triple 5x7 frame 16

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Thin picture frames

Old rustic square frames - they are characterized by a rugged, natural oak wooden finish. Family photos will be honored in the company of such beautiful wooden thin picture frames. Photos look good on a beige delicate base, inside.

Life's Great Moments 3 Opening Collage Picture Frame

Life's Great Moments 3 Opening Collage Picture Frame

Oversized wall pictures 6

Photography easily transmits what cannot be described in words. Pictures in black square oversized wall thin picture frames, in black and white with a white background is a classic, wonderfully presented on a narrow wall, in the passage between the stairs.