Wall Hanging Collage Picture Frames

Collages are a beautiful, dynamic way of decorating your home and displaying precious memories. Using pictures from vacations, adventures, or family gatherings, you can make a heart-warming collage that lifts your mood every time you see it.

If you are thinking of decorating your home with a collage, you’ll need the perfect wall collage picture frames to organize your photos. Frames for collages can come in creative and eye-catching designs that make a big style statement in your home. 

Consider your décor style and the type of pictures you want to use to help choose a collage frame that matches your design vision. For some inspiration, here are 15 stunning picture frame wall ideas for decorating your home. 

Ladder Style Collage

Ladder Style Collage

This unique frame display is perfect for farmhouse or shabby chic homes, offering you a rustic vintage style with a twist. The pictures hang from the steps on the ladder, creating a vertical display of images that gradually get bigger the further down the ladder you look.

If you have a home with small children or pets, you’ll need to ensure that you anchor the ladder to the wall or floor to prevent toppling. 

$179.99 $223.99

Small Table Collage Frame

Small Table Collage Frame

A small collage frame is a great addition to a coffee table in your living room, an entryway console, or a bedroom vanity. This simple rectangular frame allows you to organize your pictures in whatever way you prefer. Use the space to tell a story about a recent holiday or special occasion, or fill each frame with a different loved one.

Each photo slot is designed to fit a standard small 4”x6” photo, so there is no need to trim your photos to fit.  

$14.99 $20.99

Tree Shaped Iron Collage Frame

Tree Shaped Iron Collage Frame

Most collage frames have a square or rectangular design to reflect the shape of the photos, but for a more vibrant display, why not try more interesting shapes and styles? Instead of a wooden frame, an iron collage frame can add a different vibe to your home. This specific design comes in the shape of a tree, and the pictures are placed as if they were hanging from the different branches, perfect for displaying family pictures and adding a personal touch to your home. 

Picture Frames Collage Set

Picture Frames Collage Set

Instead of purchasing a pre-made collage frame, one of the best photo frame ideas for walls is to use a set of picture frames and organize them in whatever way you prefer. You can place the picture frames very close to each other or space them out more to create a different effect. 

Using a set of frames can be useful because you can change the layout of the collage easily. Also, if you want to add new images to the wall, you can simply add an extra frame or rearrange the layout.

$117.99 $132.99

Round Collage Photo Frame Design

Round Collage Photo Frame Design

A round collage photo frame offers a sleek modern aesthetic to your room and is an eye-catching alternative to conventional square frames. Whether you are doing a family collage or putting together pictures of your latest trip, a round frame offers a distinct and unique touch.

However, you need to consider the photo’s subject matter and perspective when using round frames for photos. A round frame can make a close-up portrait shot of a person’s face appear rounder. Use this frame for displaying landscapes, pets, or long-shot images of family. 


Hanging Metal Collage Frame

Hanging Metal Collage Frame

If you are looking for photo frame hanging ideas, this is an excellent choice. This hanging metal collage frame has a modern and minimalist design. This wall piece can look good in every room of the house, and it doesn’t occupy much space. 

You can even change the angle of the mounting rod to create a more eye-catching display without changing the angle of the photo frames. 

Magnetic Collage Frame for the Refrigerator

Magnetic Collage Frame for the Refrigerator

The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of our time. It’s also the room in the house where we begin our day, have a cup of coffee, and eat breakfast. So why not display images of the people you love most where you can see them every day?

This magnetic collage frame has a strong grip, and it’s easy to place on your fridge. Pictures held by small magnets on the fridge tend to fall easily. A magnetic collage frame holds your pictures steady and stays attached to the fridge. 


Wall Hanging Wood Frames With Clips

Wall Hanging Wood Frames With Clips

Using long pieces of wood and clips to attach pictures allows you to easily change the pictures, reorganize them, or replace them with updated images. For those who like taking polaroid pictures, this type of frame works great because you can easily clip the pictures to the wall for an instant gallery wall look.

The wood pieces have high-strength adhesive stickers on the back, so you don’t have to drill holes into the wall, making it ideal for renters or dorm rooms.

$18.99 $24.99

Wall Collage Frame with Strings and Wood Clothes Pegs

Wall Collage Frame with Strings and Wood Clothes Pegs

If you are looking for a fun way to display your favorite pictures, take a look at this picture frame collage wall idea. Using two pieces of wood and some strings, you can hang your pictures in a fun and creative way by attaching the photos using clothes pegs. 

This style can look great in apartments of young couples or students and is a charming way to tell the story of a wedding day, vacation, or birthday.


Round Iron Wall Collage Frame

Round Iron Wall Collage Frame

Metallic finishes can add texture and interest to your space. This round iron wall collage frame is a stunning focal point to hang over a mantel, buffet table, or above a sofa without detracting from the beautiful photos displayed within. Look for a round iron frame with delicate scrollwork and faux gemstones that subtly highlight each image.

These frames work best on white or neutral walls as the space between the scrollwork exposes the paint, impacting your perception of the prints if it is a bold wall color. 

$45.99 $69.99

Small Wood Collage Frame

Small Wood Collage Frame

Small photo frames can still have a big impact on your décor. A light wooden frame designed just for a few photos allows you to curate a small collection of happy memories. Small frames can be displayed in almost any space, from a coffee table to above your coat rack, making them one of the most versatile wall collage options available.

Choose a frame that features a high-contrast white or black mat backing to make the colors in each image pop. 

$92.16 $108.37

Graduation Collage Frame

Graduation Collage Frame

Proudly display your or your child’s amazing achievements with a graduation wall collage frame. Perfect for placing above a home office desk or in the family room, you can highlight key moments from their graduation, from shaking hands with the Dean to waving their diploma in the air.

The four slots in this frame are square, so you may need to trim standard photos to fit. Or, if you are printing the images yourself, make sure you adjust the resolution and crop the image, so you don’t lose any picture clarity.


Heart Shaped Iron Collage Frame

Heart Shaped Iron Collage Frame

Show off pictures of the people you love the most in this whimsical heart-shaped collage frame. The design is excellent for displaying family pictures and can look great in a dining room or living room.

Since most people tend to use squared or round frames, a heart-shaped collage stands out as a different and creative design to draw the attention of guests. 

$55.99 $69.99

Rustic Style Wall Collage Frame

Rustic Style Wall Collage Frame

Adding extra elements to a collage wall frame can create a more engaging and interesting design. This rustic style distressed wood collage frame has several frames and décor accessories that you can organize to suit your style and available space. 

If you are looking for photo frame collage ideas that are different and unique, this set of rustic frames is a great choice. 

Our advice Buying Guide

Wall hanging picture frames make great centerpieces. And there are so many ways to customize them. The caveat is that it isn’t easy to get the right design. And even if you do, it’s just a lot of work to arrange a bunch of frames, no matter how easy it seems to be.

Measure the wall, measure the frames, map out a design, select the center of the wall, use a level, stick the frames and still, you could end up with a mishmash that looks out of place.

Premade collages take the guesswork out of frame arrangement and they come in a variety of eye-pleasing designs. The frames are either interconnected or come with detailed instructions that allow you to easily set it up.

Here are a few tips on how to select one for your room.

Where to best hang collage picture frames?

Contrary to popular notion, frames don’t always have to be hung on the main wall in a living room or a bedroom. You can use them to fill just about any empty space. Be it corners, the foyer, surrounding the door frame, on the wall behind the headboard or on the walls next to the stairs.

Be creative. If you are unsure whether a collage will look good on a wall, get help. Have someone hold the frames for you and take a look from a distance.

How to arrange collage picture frames on the wall?

Measure the wall where you would like to hang the collage. The thumb rule is to hang pictures at eye level at all times. But that’s not written in stone.

If you have a small apartment or one with low ceilings, then you can hang the collage picture frames a little higher than eye level. It creates an illusion of the ceilings being higher than they are.

Always ensure that there’s ample room left on the wall after hanging the collage. The idea is to create a focal point. Not to cover the entire wall with pictures.

If the wall is big, you can always space out the frames a little. And yes, it is completely okay to go asymmetrical while hanging collage picture frames.

What kind of picture frames will fit your decorating style?

It’s easy to overlook the type of frames while buying collages. But if the frames don’t match the rest of the furniture and accent pieces, then they tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Black frames, irrespective of the width, blend well with contemporary décor and modern furniture. You can either use similar-styled pictures or mix and match things up for an eclectic look.
  • Frames with a light wood finish, like ash for example, works well in homes with a vintage décor theme.
  • Darker wooden frames with a cherry or mahogany finish are better suited for homes with classic décor themes.

How to select the right size picture frames?

While selecting a hanging collage, always consider the pictures that you will be using in them. Do you have more portrait pictures than landscapes?

While a few family pictures do look good, it’s always better to mix them up with artwork to avoid monotony.

And you can use the artwork to create a sense of coherence with the rest of your décor. Match them up with the cushions on the sofa, for example.

How to hang the collage?

Fixed or connected set of frames are easy to install. They will either have a picture rail or a wire that takes just one screw.

But if the frames are not connected, don’t fret. It leaves you with all the more room for experimentation if you get bored with the arrangement. And you can easily attach the frames yourself with a simple wire if need be.


Studio wall easel

Studio wall easel
Are you looking for the stylish wall hanging collage picture frames? These have got the classic, rectangular black wooden frames with antique bronze finish. They are excellent for the bedroom or living room.

Exhibit Picture Frame

Exhibit Picture Frame
Share favorite photos or artwork by creating an eye-catching gallery wall with this suspended exhibit framing system. With its brushed metal beam providing support, arrange the various clips, brackets, and frames to showcase your selections in a non-traditional way. It is fully customizable, so you can change it up whenever you like.

Isai Decorative Iron Heart Picture Frame Collage

Isai Decorative Iron Heart Picture Frame Collage
Heartwarming in its design, this collage frame uses bronze-finished metalwork and glass to intertwine country-chic style with rustic details, creating a perfect decorative piece for your wall. Show what fills your heart by placing reminders of favorite memories within the six different sized photo holders.

10 Opening Plastic Picture Frame

10 Opening Plastic Picture Frame
Perfect for above the mantel or in your entryway, tell the story of your adventures with this charming collage frame. This decorative plastic frame is available in either Antique Gold or Black to match your decor. The various frame shapes and orientations give you the flexibility to choose your favorite pictures to display.

Gowen Cherish 7 Piece Picture Frame Set

Gowen Cherish 7 Piece Picture Frame Set
Show how much you cherish your loved ones by displaying your favorite pictures in this charming, black matte finish collage picture frame. The letters spelling out the word CHERISH encase your precious memories, and it’s easy to switch out the picture with the removable panels with sliding pins.

12 Opening Plastic Wall Hanging Photo Collage Picture Frame

12 Opening Plastic Wall Hanging Photo Collage Picture Frame
Irregular collage of photos gives an impression of playful mix that allows you to expose your darling photos. It's up to you whether you'll hang this piece in horizontal or vertical orientation. It is made of black plastic.

Eggerley Collage Hanging Picture Frame

Eggerley Collage Hanging Picture Frame
Create a collage of your favourite images with this irregular black frame that will hold up to 8 pictures of various sizes, with the biggest one in a center. You may arrange it in different ways to obtain a unique end result.

Mothers day gift idea hanging picture frames

Mother’s Day Gift Idea -Hanging Picture Frames

Wall hanging collage picture frames 3

Collect all your dearest moments in one place and simply hang some picture frames on ribbons, and then affix them to a wall-mounted rod. No need to mess around with nailing each picture to a wall - have them altogether.

Adeco 10-Opening Decorative Wood Wall Hanging Picture Frame Collage, Black

Finished in matte black, this set of 10-opening decorative wall hanging picture frames constitutes a great way to perpetuate your favourite moments. Easy to hang, with a hook on the back, it can hold up to 10 images.

Empty frame collage

The original scenery with frames with pictures make the interior gain a family and very cozy atmosphere. Hanging on the walls, photographs allow you to recall pleasant memories at any time and to present them in a phenomenal way.

How to make a multi picture frame

... frame-picture-collage-wall-amusing-images-of-picture-collage-wall

Natane collage frame traditional frames

Natane Collage Frame traditional-frames

Hanging collage picture frames

This set of picture frames will help you create a collage of your favourite family photos. Wall-hanged, it can embellish the living room or bedroom decor. Universal black finish shall smoothly fit into most of the spaces.

Adeco [PF0245] 21-Opening Black Wooden Wall Hanging Collage Photo Picture Frames - Home Decor Wall Art, Holds Twenty One 4x6 inch Photos,Great Gift

Frame collage ideas for wall

With some patience and careful planning of the space,photo gallery at home can look neat and sensational.All together black&white family photos, are a great idea. Put them itnto black frames, with white background in symmetrical tendencies and different sizes.

Cute black and white pictures of us on the wall

cute black and white pictures of us on the wall with the white frame

How to make a collage picture frame

Collage of overlapping frames. like the rustic finishes & mix of frame shapes. I saw a similar grouping of smaller framed at Hobby Lobby. I was hinking I would do one myself for my "seaside office"! (Dream On!)

10 pc family picture frame collage set wall home decor

10 PC Family Picture Frame Collage Set Wall Home Decor | eBay

How to hang picture frames in a collage

This is a beautiful take on the classic "frames running up the stairs" concept. I love how it pops off the wooden staircase, and the sconce is well placed.

Metal wall art family tree

Metal Wall Art - Family Tree

How to hang a collage of pictures

Nadia Geller's 1,000 square feet brand new storefront/ design studio in Los Angeles

Adeco [PF0206] Decorative Black Wood Wall Hanging Collage Picture Photo Frame, 12 Openings, 4x6"

Wall hanging photo frames designs

An accent wall featuring an array of photographs can be art all on it's own - but making sure the hangings are secure and symetrical can be a challenge. If you have a design in mind we can take the hassle out of this project, and you can take all the cred

Adeco 7-Divided Opening Decorative Wood Wall Hanging Picture Frame, 4 by 6-Inch, Walnut

Adeco [PF0425] Walnut Wooden Wall Hanging Collage Picture Photo Frame - Home Decor Wall Art

18 Opening Plastic Photo Collage Wall Hanging Picture Frame

18 Opening Plastic Photo Collage Wall Hanging Picture Frame

Adeco [PF0009] Decorative Black Wood Wall Hanging Collage Picture Photo Frame, Cluster, 9 Openings, Various Sizes

Family Tree Picture Frame Wall Decor

Family Tree Picture Frame Wall Decor

Cute idea maybe ill do a p with an engagement

Cute idea.. Maybe I'll do a P with an engagement photo in one frame and a wedding photo in the other?

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frame is a fun way to introduce a new element into a collage of framed ...

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