Metal Wall Decor Ideas

Perhaps you are sick of the traditional wall decor and you want to shake things up. Will we have exactly what you're looking for. In our extensive catalog of metal wall decor ideas, you are likely to find exactly what you desire to flip the script on your traditional decorative concepts. Our collection gives you a chance to explorer some new and exciting options.

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Metal Wall Décor

Metal Wall Décor
This geometrically shaped, abstract wall decor comprises a feasible way to enhance the ambiance. It pleases the eye with symmetrically placed round pieces filled with stained glass, that meet like sun rays in a colorful centre.

Metal Wall Décor

Metal Wall Décor
It is a beautiful and colorful metal wall décor. It looks amazing on wall in bedroom, bathroom, living room and more. You will be impressed how amazing this wall décor is. It adds style and beauty to any room.

Wonderful Wood & Metal Wall Décor

Wonderful Wood & Metal Wall Décor
Wonderful modern hanging wall decor. Its rectangular wooden frame has 2 dividers and is finished in grey with rust accents. Each part includes decorative metal scrollwork in bronze: flower-like in centre and butterfly-like on a top and a bottom.

Shadow Box (Set of 3)

Shadow Box (Set of 3)
If you are looking for some original and unique decorations for your house, why won't you just check out this amazing and stylish shadow box? It's gonna bring you a huge dose of an incredible design!

Treasure Shadow Box Picture Frame

Treasure Shadow Box Picture Frame
Deep frame, made of wood and finished with satin black. Rectangular, may be shown vertically or horizontally. Contemporary style. Perfect frame for a photo, print, picture or a shadow box project with your little treasures.

Intertwined Ovals Wall Décor

Intertwined Ovals Wall Décor
It is an intertwined ovals wall décor that is constructed of metal and is an attractive addition to any home. If you looking for amazing decoration for your home, you need to choose this one.

Metal wall decor ideas

Graceful branches and blossoms sculpted from metal and lightly gilded. Not quite realistic, but not quite stylistic, either, they strike a nice balance between following nature perfectly and idealizing it for ornamental purposes.

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What is the best way to decorate a wall with metal items?

When browsing metal wall decor ideas for your own home, keep these tips in mind. It might help to choose one dominant form of metal, to ensure that at least one hue matches among your wall of decor. You’ll also only want to select two or three types of metal, and you’ll want to stick to either warm (e.g., bronze, gold, copper) or cool (silver, platinum, iron) metals. Space out your metal pieces, and add in non-metallic trinkets for a subtle, more artsy look. Finally, if you’re having a metal art wall, make that your room’s focal point and tone down the decor in other spaces of that room.

Does metal wall decor work in a modern farmhouse?

There are plenty of metal wall decor ideas that you can use in a modern farmhouse to create a contrast between rustic and contemporary. Rather than sticking to traditional artwork or portraits on the walls, opting for metal wall decor allows you to embrace the new age style without giving up your farmhouse design’s natural elements.

You can use metal wall decor to bring nature into the home by hanging an elegant metal tree piece in the entry hallway or the kitchen. Add an ultra-modern flair with metal wall signs for different rooms featuring quotes that inspire you.

You can also blend classic with contemporary by selecting metal picture frames for photos you want to hang around the house. This keeps the decor classic and personal but with an updated twist.


Metal wall decor ideas 1

Stylized graceful branches end twigs with jeweled leaves, excellent for decorating a bare bit of wall or enlivening the back of a cabinet. The dark branches contrast nicely with the light-colored stylized leaves, round disks of different sizes.

Butterfly wall decoration ideas

Beautifully constructed metal wall décor pieces featuring a stunning black coat and beautiful detailing. The pieces aren’t that large but they are sizable enough to leave a long-lasting visual imprint on your walls. They work great on a background of white paint.

Sheet metal decor

A stunning kitchen arrangement in a farmhouse style. It's a tasteful combination of wooden and metal elements. The walls and the floor are covered with wood while the ceiling is characterized by a metal construction.

Metal wall decor ideas 4

Are you tired staring at your bare walls? Well, you can give them the ultimate transformation with these artful metal wall accents. The accents are large and will bring impeccable stylish appeal into any house. They come with incredible craftsmanship and detailing as well.

Contemporary metal wall decor

This metal wire wall decoration creates the illusion of a fence in front of winter trees. The “trees” are even positioned in such a way that there is a feeling of distance as you view it. Non-intrusive sculptural item, understated elegance.

Mesh Magazine Rack-12 Pockets-Silver (Silver) (37"H x 12 1/10" W x 4"D)

Simple and elegant magazine rack to keep your important files, magazines, papers, and brochures neatly organized. It features 12 mesh pockets and a durable silver steel mesh construction. It also comes with mounting hardware included. It’s a perfect choice for home and office use.

Gifts & Decor Ruby Blossom Tealight Candle Holder Wall Sconce Decor

This beautiful lamp on the wall is a combination of iron, glass and acrylic. The whole looks very stylish and perfectly highlights the unique style of each interior. Lovely combination of colors.

Metal wall decor images with thema

Metal Wall Decor Images With Thema

Wall decorating ideas

Wall Decorating Ideas

Contemporary metal wall decor

The contemporary metal art instalation made of binded squares in different sizes. All the parts diverged with the texture and metal colors. Such a composition requires a toned down decor of the rests its parts to allow the installation be a real star.

Corrugated iron interior walls

If you’re looking for a unique, rustic look for your bathroom, just take a look at this amazing design, made to resemble a forest cabin. Notice the cute little sink, made to resemble a simple bowl and the beautiful walls.

Bronze Family Tree Picture Frame with 6 Hanging Photo Frames

This elegant family tree picture frame holder featured six hanging photo frames already included. The piece is mastercrafted from bronze metal material and it'll prove a marvelous gift to either parents or grandparents!

Shadow box wall decor 5

Wall decor for displaying photos or pictures. It is made of wood and finished with map theme. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

Nyoka Metal and Capiz Shell Wall Décor

Nyoka Metal and Capiz Shell Wall Décor

Metal wall decor ideas 1

Metal Wall Art Large decor ideas images in Living Room Traditional ...

Metal wall decor ideas

Marvelous Metal Abstract Wall Art decor ideas pictures in Living Room ...

Gifts & Decor Modern Art Candle Holder Wall Sconce Plaque, Set of 2

Metal wall decor ideas 3

Once there was a wall vent here, and it kinda spoiled the staircase decor - covering it with a repurposed black door mat, which looks almost like an intricate wrought iron scrolls wall art, helped a lot.

Storage idea home decor ideas home design 1

Storage Idea - #home decor ideas #home design -

Shadow box wall decor 9

An ingenious and charming wall art created from an old bunch of flowers. Colourful flowers are artistically arranged and fixed to a back wall of a rectangular wooden open front box finished in mid grey.

Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor

Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor

Metal wall decor ideas 1

Wall art decoration. Is is made of triangle metal elements arranged in a shape of the circle. This decoration resemble clock or old-fashioned windmill. It will be perfect outdoor decoration, but it plays its role in spacious corridor too.

Large Decorative Tropical Fish Metal Wall Plaque

With the charming, hand painted finish and the creatively crafted metal structure this tropical metal wall plaque is a sure way of accentuating your interior and making it pop with a delicate, nautical appeal, while the design itself is just great for bathroom or patio.

Cast Iron Key Hanger / Wall Hook / Decor - Hand Crafted, Recycled, Home Organization Gift Idea

Shadow box wall decor 6

Set of wall recycled shelves. They are made of old wooden box and decorate of colorful paper and blue ribbon. You should use it in your bedroom - it will be perfect place to storage frippery and beautiful decoration too.

Decorative 16" Round Sun / Moon Metal Wall Plaque

Swing Design Chroma Shadow Box Frame, 8 by 10-Inch, Charcoal

This shadow box wall decor will accentuate your interior and help you provide a nautical theme to its with its charming, baby blue tones of the finish and beach theme. It offers the 8 by 10 inch structure to ensure a 3D feel and look to it.

Corrugated metal decor

pegboard organization -- a gallery wall with function that is easy to customize.

Gifts & Decor Dawn Lily Candle Holder Home Accent Decor Wall Sconce

This stylish wall lamp is a beautiful color and decorative accent for your interior. Beautifully made from a combination of iron, acrylic and glass is unique. Floral motif is very charming.

Family Word Home Decor Metal Wall Art

This pleasant and very charming inscription wall made of metal is a charming detail design. Warm slogan makes every interior gains a new dimension. Solid construction provides strength.

COFFEE house cup java SILHOUETTE wall art metal mug NU

Home Theater Decor Movie Reel and Film Metal Wall Art

This made on the basis of a solid metal structure home theater decor movie reel and film is a stylish solution for any interior. Changes the decor giving it an interesting character.

Corrugated metal interior walls

Wood combined with metal? This is a known connection. But seeing them on the bathroom wall is a lesser sight. You can inspire yourself with this metal wall decor ideas. Galvanized roofing was used here as paneling and tub surround in a bathroom.

Corrugated metal walls interior

Family planning center. Great idea having the slots to put all those forms the kids bring home from school. #mom #jumblzar

Shadow box wall decor 1

Wall decal with map theme. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with clear glass. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Decorative Wrought Iron Metal Wall Plaque

Composed of a charmful combination of romantic curlicues, this wall plaque may decorate a room on a special occassion or just accent the previously dull wall. It is crafted of wrought iron with bronze finish.

Metal Round Wall Decor

Metal Round Wall Decor

Shadow box wall decor 12

Wall decor with purse theme. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with clear glass. Charming accent for the living room, bedroom and more.

Umbra Wallflower Wall Décor, Set of 25

Organize It All Can Rack (1866W)

SouvNear Wall Decor - The Elephant Hook - Small Rustic Wall-Mounted Bronze Metal Sculpture of an Elephant Face with Trunk Up - A Primitive Clothes, Key, Coat Hanging Single Hook for Indoors or Outdoors - Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Patio, Garden and Y

Metallic Wall Décor

Metallic Wall Décor

Wall Magazine Rack - Mesh Basket Ladder (Silver) (37 1/4"H x 10 1/4"W x 3 1/2"D)