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Perhaps you are sick of the traditional wall decor and you want to shake things up. Will we have exactly what you're looking for. In our extensive catalog of metal wall decor ideas, you are likely to find exactly what you desire to flip the script on your traditional decorative concepts. Our collection gives you a chance to explorer some new and exciting options.

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Updated 21/12/2022
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Woven Texture Metal Plate Wall Decor

Woven Texture Metal Plate Wall Decor

This all-metal wall accent feels like a textured and layered collage. It features solid metal circles in brown, green and whitewash with an overlay of open metal circles . It has a D-ring built in to make it very easy to hang on the wall. Each wall accent is handmade and handpainted. This is the perfect striking wall accent for any modern home.

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Flocking Birds Wall Accent

Flocking Birds Wall Accent

Highland Dunes

What we like: Eye-catching 3D design

What we don’t like: Tricky to hang

Not so great for: Small rooms

Perfect for: Coastal-inspired interiors

This stunning piece of metal artwork perfectly encapsulates the feeling of freedom and fresh air you can only find on the beach. Made from metal, and available in a choice of five finishes to suit your color scheme, this sculptural art piece is the perfect way to bring that breezy coastal feeling into your home.

This beautiful wall accent is ideal for use in hallways, above console tables, in the dining room, over the bed, or placing on any other large wall that needs a focal point. Because of its 3D design, it will cast beautiful shadows on the wall is a light source is placed below!

$117.99 $225.5

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Colorful Metal Wall Décor Idea

Colorful Metal Wall Décor Idea

Winston Porter

Approved for both indoor and outdoor use, this wall décor is full of industrial flair. Made with iron tiles in mixed hues, including brown and gray, it measures 32 inches tall and wide. The abstract design is inspired by sunbursts.

Designer Advice:

The bold look of this metal wall décor will make a statement by itself, so we recommend placing it against a neutral wall. Stick to cream, white, or taupe, or opt for a light rust brown if you want to bring out the darker shades. Brighter colors will overwhelm the room and prevent your art piece from looking its best.

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Gold Rectangular Metal Wall Decor Set

Gold Rectangular Metal Wall Decor Set

Everly Quinn

This wall accent is made of three rectangular pieces designed to be hung together. The frames are metal with a weathered wood background inset. And on each panel sits a different leaf shape in shiny gold. Accents that include items from nature, like leaves, are some of the most versatile accesories because they  play nicely with all types of home furnishing styles.

$156.99 $285

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Abstract Wall Metal Decoration

Abstract Wall Metal Decoration

Everly Quinn

Featuring a sophisticated and contemporary design, this metal décor piece has a wire metal frame in a sunburst style. Plus, it has beveled glass in the center, which can double up as a mirror. It is available in gold or black.

$35.99 $85.99

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Rustic 4 Piece Wall Accent Set

Rustic 4 Piece Wall Accent Set

Andover Mills™

What we like: This charming wall accent set is perfect for adding character and personality to your home.

What we don’t like: It can be tricky to line up all four pieces perfectly when hanging

Not so great for: Modern homes

Perfect for: Cozy farmhouse-inspired interiors

With its unique botanical design and intricate metalwork, this charming four-piece wall accent set is perfect for adding architectural interest to the walls of your home. Each piece features its own unique design, finished in a lightly distressed black and brown finish for an authentic rustic look.

Since it comes as a set of four, they can be hung in a variety of ways including in a square formation, in a line, or even used separately around your room. This wall accent set is made from solid iron, with built-in hardware on the back for easy hanging.

$66.99 $111

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Stars Wall Accent Set

Stars Wall Accent Set

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan

What we like: Trendy modern design

What we don’t like: Quite small

Not so great for: Larger walls

Perfect for: Using as part of a gallery wall, or as an accent on a smaller wall

These starburst wall accents are perfect for adding interest and texture to the walls in your home. Available in a choice of three metallic finishes—gold, silver, and copper—these wall accents will work well with most modern decor styles.

The 3D design will help to add another dimension to your space, although try not to use them at a lower level in hallways—the rods jut out at the front and can easily get caught on clothing! These are the perfect addition to a gallery wall, or for using as an accent above a small console table or bookshelf.

$31.49 $74

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Musical Wall Metal Art

Musical Wall Metal Art

Winston Porter

Whether you’re tone deaf or can play piano perfectly, this wall metal art in the shape of music notes is stylish and chic. Crafted from 100% iron in a classic black finish, it measures 21 inches tall and 49 inches wide.

$44.99 $66

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Sun Wall Metal Decoration Ideas

Sun Wall Metal Decoration Ideas

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan

Bring sunshine into your home 24/7 with this wall metal decoration. You can pick from a gold or silver finish, both of which feature three separate pieces in the shape of the sun. The biggest piece measures 11 inches tall, and the smallest 6 inches.

$29.71 $52.5

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Plant Metal Decoration

Plant Metal Decoration

Lark Manor™

Measuring 22 inches tall and 22.5 inches wide, this decoration piece is handmade. The plant pot design has a brown and green color scheme and features a subtly distressed finish. It is also conveniently safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Designer Advice:

Bring an element of whimsy into your home with this gorgeous wall art. The green and brown color scheme is perfect for farmhouse décor schemes and will infuse a down-to-earth vibe into any space. Hang it on a cream wall to in-keep with the farmhouse theme and allow the green leaves to pop by adding green accessories elsewhere in the room.

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Metal Wall Décor Product Ideas

Buying Guide

Wall accents are the finishing touch to your décor. Decorating your walls is a way of putting your own stamp on your interior design. You can express your personality, your sense of style, even your outlook on life.

As you can imagine, there are countless options. We will help you narrow down the choices by suggesting wall accents according to their size, the theme of the room and the function of the room. 

Wall accents are most often chosen based on the theme or style of the room. It allows you to quickly eliminate what does not work. For instance, you know right off the bat that a large abstract painting does not belong in a rustic kitchen or a Victorian-themed sitting room. So decorating by theme narrows down your choices, but you still have plenty to consider.


Whether your room is decorated with cherished family heirlooms or treasures found in shops scattered along winding country roads, it has an emotional appeal in its reverence for the past, whether or not we know the stories that the furnishings could tell.

Suggestion: A gallery wall of black & white family photos in a charming variety of frame styles and sizes. Color photos can be easily printed out in black & white, by a professional or on your computer.


Country décor pays homage to nature with raw or unrefined materials, weathered finishes and earth tones. It is old-fashioned, warm and welcoming.

Suggestions: Metal flowers, prints of country life or handcrafted wood signs.

Art Deco

The Roaring Twenties were bold and flashy, daring and elegant, as represented in the artistic, lavish, colorful Art Deco décor. It is fun and extravagant, but with a nod to the venerable history of that time.

Suggestions: Bold, geometric paintings or metal sculptures that pick up the dominant color in the room or a sophisticated copper and brass geometrically designed mirror. 


We usually find an industrial décor in an urban setting - a loft or a converted warehouse. Architectural details are exposed, such as bare bricks, timbers and steel. Furnishings are dark and heavy and often created from salvaged and recycled materials or bought second-hand.

Suggestions: Ultra-modern sculpture of a cityscape, colorful geometrical abstract, or an antique world map.


For the home overlooking the sea or a beach cottage, walls are light or bright and often made from distressed wood. The color blue predominates, echoing the ocean waters. Lightweight curtains sway in the sea breeze. Furnishings may be nautical themed.

Suggestions: Driftwood art, whether real or manufactured; a wooden anchor or antique compass; a stained-glass mosaic turtle or other sea creature.


Your room is carefree organized chaos, a mixture of metal and natural materials, with beaded and whimsical accessories.

Suggestions: A Cubist print, a vertical garden or a wall-mounted chess board - that you can actually play chess on!


Can be a fusion of Asian designs or Japanese minimalist with earth tones or Chinese lavish with golds, reds and jade. It is an exotic décor regardless. It is also the easiest of the themes for choosing wall art. We all recognize Asian designs.

Suggestions: a metal sculpture of tree branches, lacy porcelain or a sunburst mirror.

It's the room that everybody in the house shares and where you entertain guests. The wall accents should reflect the interests of the residents while being welcoming. The wall above the sofa cries out for decoration! The width of the decoration should be no longer than two-thirds the length of the sofa, and it should be hung between 8-10 inches (20-25 centimeters) above the sofa.

Metal sculpture circles are stylish and the more intriguing the more you look at them. They come in many styles, lengths and widths, so you can find one that is perfect for your décor. You might want to try an irregular arrangement of glass bowls and plates in colors that pick up those used throughout the room.

Your dining room may be the least-used room in your house if you save it for special occasions. Why not decorate the walls in ways that will encourage the family and/or guests to visit it more often?

Firstly, hang a beautiful chandelier that will beguilingly reflect candlelight. Then make an arrangement of wall-mounted candle holders with flameless candles in varying heights and thicknesses. You may also add mirrors that will add glamour and make the candlelight and the chandelier light play with each other.

Your bedroom should be your space. Choose wall art that you love and that excite and/or inspire you. That will be soft colors for some, bright colors for others. The general rule of thumb is, however, that bedroom decor should promote relaxation, so using disturbing wall accents that may negatively impact your subconscious mind or glaring colors that may stir your emotions is advised against.

Over the bed is the usual spot for wall accents, such as a large painting in "your" colors of a meaningful subject or an abstract that enthralls you. Make sure the painting is not wider than the bed and is roughly one-quarter of the distance between the highest part of the headboard and the ceiling.

You may also want to highlight another item of furniture, perhaps a dresser or nightstand. Place an eye-catching wall accent over it, such as a resin sculpture finished in faux bronze that represents the intertwining of hearts, bodies and minds.

For greeting your guests dramatically, place a large painting or decorative element right where they see it first. If you have a large space available, a three-piece panel, somewhat like a small divider screen, with intricate carvings will draw the eyes and stun with its subtle beauty.

For a quieter introduction to your home but a very personal one, you might hang embroidery hoops of different sizes with fabric of complementary colors and patterns.

Size really does matter when you are choosing wall accents. You need to know the measurements of the space and how to use the various sizes to their best advantage.


An oversized accent is at least 40 inches (100 centimeters) long and acts as a focal point in the room. It draws attention as soon as someone enters the room, and so must be used wisely. Make sure the wall, and the room, is large enough to handle it and the rest of your room decor is kept to a minimum.

Suggestions: Wall tapestry or exotic doors.


A large accent measures from 33 to 40 inches (84 to 100 centimeters) and are often used as a centerpiece with small or mini items on each side. Hang above furniture, such as a sofa, but to give it its due, let it stand alone.

Suggestions: Metal wall art with an Asian influence, with or without corresponding (but not matching) side accents.


A medium-sized wall accent measures 25-32 inches (64-80 centimeters) and can stand alone on smaller walls, but works best when as a focal point of a gallery wall or when in groups of two, maybe three. Stylish when hung at the far end of sofa or arranged in line with the middle of a headboard.

Suggestions: A European medallion that brings Old World charm or stylized representations of your favorite animal in burnished wood - cats are especially sleek.


A small accent measures 18-24 inches (46-60 centimeters) and is ideally hung in multiples of three to six (for some reason, the human eye likes odd numbers). Use on smaller walls, above shelving or in a hallway.

Suggestions: Metal scrolls in distressed wooden frames with a Gothic charm or a variety of found objects (shells, leaves, stones) in shadowbox frames.


A mini measures 10-17 inches (25-42 centimeters) and works well in clusters or alone in a small personal space, such as a bathroom or home office.

Suggestions: Framed family photos, self-adhesive 3D transparent plastic butterflies or musical notes. 

When browsing metal wall decor ideas for your own home, keep these tips in mind. It might help to choose one dominant form of metal, to ensure that at least one hue matches among your wall of decor. You’ll also only want to select two or three types of metal, and you’ll want to stick to either warm (e.g., bronze, gold, copper) or cool (silver, platinum, iron) metals. Space out your metal pieces, and add in non-metallic trinkets for a subtle, more artsy look. Finally, if you’re having a metal art wall, make that your room’s focal point and tone down the decor in other spaces of that room.

There are plenty of metal wall decor ideas that you can use in a modern farmhouse to create a contrast between rustic and contemporary. Rather than sticking to traditional artwork or portraits on the walls, opting for metal wall decor allows you to embrace the new age style without giving up your farmhouse design’s natural elements.

You can use metal wall decor to bring nature into the home by hanging an elegant metal tree piece in the entry hallway or the kitchen. Add an ultra-modern flair with metal wall signs for different rooms featuring quotes that inspire you.

You can also blend classic with contemporary by selecting metal picture frames for photos you want to hang around the house. This keeps the decor classic and personal but with an updated twist.

Best Ideas

Nyoka Metal and Capiz Shell Wall Décor

Nyoka Metal and Capiz Shell Wall Décor

Contemporary metal wall decor

The contemporary metal art instalation made of binded squares in different sizes. All the parts diverged with the texture and metal colors. Such a composition requires a toned down decor of the rests its parts to allow the installation be a real star.

Metal Wall Décor

Metal Wall Décor

This geometrically shaped, abstract wall decor comprises a feasible way to enhance the ambiance. It pleases the eye with symmetrically placed round pieces filled with stained glass, that meet like sun rays in a colorful centre.

Metal Wall Décor

Metal Wall Décor

It is a beautiful and colorful metal wall décor. It looks amazing on wall in bedroom, bathroom, living room and more. You will be impressed how amazing this wall décor is. It adds style and beauty to any room.

Metal wall decor ideas

Graceful branches and blossoms sculpted from metal and lightly gilded. Not quite realistic, but not quite stylistic, either, they strike a nice balance between following nature perfectly and idealizing it for ornamental purposes.

Wonderful Wood & Metal Wall Décor

Wonderful Wood & Metal Wall Décor

Wonderful modern hanging wall decor. Its rectangular wooden frame has 2 dividers and is finished in grey with rust accents. Each part includes decorative metal scrollwork in bronze: flower-like in centre and butterfly-like on a top and a bottom.

Metal wall decor ideas 1

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Metal wall decor ideas 1

Stylized graceful branches end twigs with jeweled leaves, excellent for decorating a bare bit of wall or enlivening the back of a cabinet. The dark branches contrast nicely with the light-colored stylized leaves, round disks of different sizes.

Intertwined Ovals Wall Décor

Intertwined Ovals Wall Décor

It is an intertwined ovals wall décor that is constructed of metal and is an attractive addition to any home. If you looking for amazing decoration for your home, you need to choose this one.

Gifts & Decor Ruby Blossom Tealight Candle Holder Wall Sconce Decor

This beautiful lamp on the wall is a combination of iron, glass and acrylic. The whole looks very stylish and perfectly highlights the unique style of each interior. Lovely combination of colors.

Shadow box wall decor 5

Wall decor for displaying photos or pictures. It is made of wood and finished with map theme. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

Gifts & Decor Modern Art Candle Holder Wall Sconce Plaque, Set of 2

Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor

Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor

Metal wall decor ideas 1

Wall art decoration. Is is made of triangle metal elements arranged in a shape of the circle. This decoration resemble clock or old-fashioned windmill. It will be perfect outdoor decoration, but it plays its role in spacious corridor too.

Gifts & Decor Dawn Lily Candle Holder Home Accent Decor Wall Sconce

This stylish wall lamp is a beautiful color and decorative accent for your interior. Beautifully made from a combination of iron, acrylic and glass is unique. Floral motif is very charming.

Family Word Home Decor Metal Wall Art

This pleasant and very charming inscription wall made of metal is a charming detail design. Warm slogan makes every interior gains a new dimension. Solid construction provides strength.

COFFEE house cup java SILHOUETTE wall art metal mug NU

Home Theater Decor Movie Reel and Film Metal Wall Art

This made on the basis of a solid metal structure home theater decor movie reel and film is a stylish solution for any interior. Changes the decor giving it an interesting character.

Metal Round Wall Decor

Metal Round Wall Decor

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Medallion distressed cream embossed metal tile wall art

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