Iron Scroll Wall Art

Fill a portico, apply them outside your door windows, or just hang them on the wall. You will love looking at them, and they will last a lifetime. These iron scroll wall art pieces are very attractive, ornate, and will fit into any decor. They do have some heft to them, so if hanging them on a wall, secure to a stud. Take a walk through this collection and see if one, or more, is right for your home.

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The combination of beige and wrought iron constitutes a stylish way to add soft-toned, elegant appeal to one's living room. The side table enchants with the ornate silhouette and glass top.

Rustic Wrought Iron Hanging Tuscan Wall Decor Metal Swirls Scrolls Art Grill

Rustic Wrought Iron Hanging Tuscan Wall Decor Metal Swirls Scrolls Art Grill
If you rustic or industrial decorations, this wrought iron wall art shall appeal to you. Artistic curves and swirls emphasize its charming, glamorous character. Handcrafted, measures 12 x 12 inches.

Metro Veritical Wall Décor

Metro Veritical Wall Décor
It is an metro vertical wall décor that is constructed of metal and is an attractive addition to any home. If you looking for amazing decoration for your home, you need to choose this one.

82 Spanish Colonial Revival Mexican Hacienda Iron Scroll Wall Mantle Mirror

82 Spanish Colonial Revival Mexican Hacienda Iron Scroll Wall Mantle Mirror
This 82'' wall mirror is not just a mirror, but also a breathtaking work of vintage art. Its rectangle shape features an incredibly-looking frame, designed of durable iron with intricate pattern and great attention to slightest details.

Crown Iron Scroll Wall Décor

Crown Iron Scroll Wall Décor
Exquisite, beautifully adorned crown iron scroll wall decor that enhances the luxurious appeal of any space. It is crafted of sturdy rust free premium grade metal alloy in elegant grey. It can be placed at a height on the wall that is most complimentary.

Iron scroll wall decor

Add an unique look to your wall in indoor or outdoor space with this Tuscan wrought iron grille set. The cocoa brown finish and scrolling hand forged details create the interesting accent pieces.

Decorative wrought iron wall panels

Made of wrought iron wall art with a beautiful pattern is an excellent way to bring a unique atmosphere to the decor. It fits in perfectly with the similar in style sink and candle holder and mirror frame to form a perfect whole.

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Indoor metals have become a key trend this year, from metal kitchen fixtures to iron art pieces. There are many options to choose from when deciding on a metal wall art element for your home. From standard filigree patterns to more abstract designs, you are sure to find iron scroll wall art that reflects the mood and desired design statement. Whether pat or one-of-a-kind, your design choices are endless and pieces are available everywhere.

What's the history of iron scroll wall art?

From its American roots in New Orleans' French Quarter, iron scroll art has gone from the elegant filigree designs of New Orleans balconies to an affordable and versatile design element for any stylish home. Once manufactured only by talented smiths from France and Spain, the beauty and elegance of iron scroll art has ultimately become a mass-produced style element that is both affordable and makes a lasting impression in any home motif. What was once largely found in outdoor spaces, like in fences and mounted candle sconces, nowadays iron scroll wall art has been brought indoors to add both style and class to your home decor. Whether you want to make a bold statement or a quiet accent, your options are never few and far between.

How much is iron scroll wall art?

The mass production of iron scroll wall art has benefited the consumer in that you can buy a large piece to cover a large wall area, and ultimately spend only $100. More affordability also means more choices and competitive pricing. As this art can be found from many merchants, each merchant attempts to gain your business. So a wise shopper will shop for deals because with these pieces not only trending but being widely available, the options are endless. Go for broke and get several small pieces to make a small statement in several different rooms, or buy one or two larger pieces to make a bolder statement as a single piece that serves as the focal point of a room.

How to personalize iron scroll wall art?

For an extra special touch, go personal. Have a special phrase or even your family name be the focal point of your iron scroll wall art. One Google search will provide you with several merchants from which to choose. For a small surcharge, you can get the height of sophistication by choosing personalization.

Be trendy and jump on the iron scroll art bandwagon and take advantage of great deals at the same time.


Iron scroll wall art 1

Tuscan exuberance is embodied in this iron wall art with scrolls, swirls, acanthus leaves and mandala motifs (yes, that's a lot of ornament). Of course, these pieces may be hanged both horizontally and vertically.

Tuscan Large Scrolling Wrought Iron Wall Grille Set

Kitchen window covering idea tuscany iron work

Kitchen window covering idea - Tuscany Iron Work

Wrought iron decorative wall panels

The laser cut Ornate Damask wall art decor with the wooden construction adds an elegance and attractive style into any home. It's wonderful original piece to hang in my bedroom.

Visually enhance any wall space of your choosing with this

Visually enhance any wall space of your choosing with this Black Metal Scroll Wall Decor. Crafted completely out of metal and iron, the scroll wall decor is finished in black with hints of red color. Fleur-De-Lis embellishments are featured on both ends.

Tuscan metal wall art

A gorgeous gate panel with a wood frame, excellent to decorate the front gate of your house or garden. Inside the frame is an embedded iron panel with lovely scrollwork to complement even more the whole piece.

Decorative wrought iron wall hangings

Go for a nice composition for your walls with this stunning peacock sketch that is made from the high quality, wrought iron and offers a scrolled structure of utmost charm and visual appeal, working well in any vintage styled home.

Iron hanging tuscan wall decor metal swirl scroll art grill

... Iron Hanging Tuscan Wall Decor Metal Swirl Scroll Art Grill Heart

Iron scroll wall art 2

An amazing scrollwork made of wrought iron. The solid, metal panels, table, and frames will give your wall a unique look. The material is hard, but the deatils are decorative and subtle. Perfect for both modern and traditional spaces.

Wall art iron scroll lg


Metal wall grilles

Why not opt for this stunning wall art that is constructed solely out of wrought iron and offers the charming curves and well-sculpted, adorable patterns, all completing the look of your home entirely.

Tuscan wrought iron wall decor

wood and iron - wall art, maybe this would work sideways and without the door handles

Wood and iron with a fancy scroll

Wood and iron with a fancy scroll

Wrought iron wall grilles

Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Wall grilles decor

I know this home very well. It is the Inspired Living Stores designer show house. To view more photos visit

Iron works wall decor

A gorgeous traditional wall-hanging decoration crafted of black-finished iron. It's composed of showy intricate scrolls encompassing outwards facing thin pointy arrows and a flower-like medallion in the centre.

Scrolled wall lamp tucked out of the way and the

Scrolled Wall Lamp, tucked out of the way and the cord doesn't show.

The scrolling gate via searching hearts

The Scrolling Gate via Searching Hearts

Wall art sm iron scroll


Sepia scroll metal wall art kirklands use as headboards mounted

Sepia Scroll Metal Wall Art | Kirkland's - use as headboards mounted on wall behind beds

Scrolling gate wall art pottery barn

Scrolling Gate Wall Art | Pottery Barn

Iron scroll wall art

This beautiful scroll metal window mirror is a beautiful way to decorate the interior. The mirror like-window scheme adds to interior space and brightens the decor. Beautiful shutters were beautifully decorated giving all the excellent character.

Scroll artwork

This untypical wall decor is an excellent combination of wrought iron construction and beautiful design. Openwork motifs beautifully presented in any interior, giving it a bit oriental, exotic character.

L1000 jpg 359


Scroll wall art

Wonderful large screen doors to a living room. They have hinged frames entirely manufactured of black-finished iron. Doors feature beautiful delicate scrollwork with some floral accents over glass.

Wrought iron wall panel

Two plaques inspired by the grape growing are made of iron and create a unique decoration for the outer walls of the house. Elegant finish, cut out subtle floristic patterns in a brown shade - this is an interesting example of iron scroll wall art.

Elk rod iron wall decor view more metal wall art

elk rod iron wall decor | view more metal wall art welcome signs metal wall art

Cristy wall art wall art home accents home decor

Cristy Wall Art - Wall Art - Home Accents - Home Decor |

Tuscan scroll wrought iron wall grille a stunning wall grill

tuscan scroll wrought iron wall grille a stunning wall grill ...

Mexican wrought iron wall art

Tuscan brown intricate scroll iron city gate hanging panel wall

... Tuscan-Brown-Intricate-Scroll-Iron-City-Gate-Hanging-Panel-Wall-Decor

Tuscan wall decor metal

Wrought Iron Fleur De Lis Stencil 10 Wall by oklahomastencil, $8.95

Mat into faux wrought iron wall art why didnt i

... mat into faux wrought iron wall art - why didn't I think of that

Square Wrought Iron Scroll Wall Décor (Set of 5)

Square Wrought Iron Scroll Wall Décor (Set of 5)

Wrought iron wall decorative metal scroll leaf arch


Artisan scroll wrought iron wall grilles set of 4

Artisan Scroll Wrought Iron Wall Grilles Set of 4

Wrought iron monogram wall decor

The iron scroll wall art with the patchwork glass base. The mix of colors and irregular curvature of the metal lines makes it looking very elegant. It is a great decoration of the modern living room or antechamber.

Tuscan wrought iron wall decor

Tuscan Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Arte de mexico architectural elements wrought iron gates

Arte de Mexico Architectural Elements-wrought iron gates

Metal wall grilles decor

Art Deco interior - Combined doorway and staircase ledge make a beautiful design

Tuscan wrought iron wall art

wrought iron pattern - could do this on the walls in an either slightly lighter/darker shade or a different finish

Wrought iron scroll wall decor home decoration

Wrought Iron Scroll Wall Decor - Home Decoration : ...

Old world tuscan iron st 2 rustic wall art scroll

Old World Tuscan Iron St/2 Rustic Wall Art Scroll Fleur De Lis & Leaf ...