Metal Scroll Wall Decor


With sweeping, looping designs, a metal wall scroll will fill your wall space with artistic flair. If you're looking for something different than traditional wall art, wrought iron can add a cool touch of strength to the room. Add that bit of rustic charm to your home today. Look through this collection and pick a few pieces to dress up your bare walls.

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Our Picks

Decorative rustic wall art

Decorative rustic wall art

The gorgeous metal scroll wall decor on a wooden base is the perfect way to have a beautiful rustic interior design. The whole beautifully decorated is impressive and simple in shape. The perfect solution for any interior.

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American Mercantile Decorative Metal Wall Scroll, 60-Inch, Black

You do not need so much to feel like a lavender village in France. It is there that the domain of interiors is such wrought iron metal scroll wall decor, flourishes, as a decoration on the wall or a headboard element from the bed.

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Iron Scroll Metal Wire Wall Medallion Hanging Art Decor

Iron Scroll Metal Wire Wall Medallion Hanging Art Decor

Solid and attractive wall decoration with a durable metal construction. Scroll pattern includes many elements that decorate indoor. Traditional color looks perfectly in any room. This wall medallion perfectly uses free wall space.

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Metal wall art hobby lobby

Beautiful metal scroll wall decor is the perfect solution for a stylish interior. The beautiful composition captivates with details and interesting finishes, presenting itself nicely on the wall in every interior.

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Meridian Metal Scroll Wall Décor

Meridian Metal Scroll Wall Décor

This handmade wall decor has been created of a perfect composition of wood and metal. It features an antique distressed green finish on wood and a rustic finish on metal. A very interesting piece to enrich your home's space.

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Hobby lobby metal decor

A truly capticating decoration for indoors, that boasts of gorgeous scrollwork and long-lasting construction. Made of durable wrought iron, the grille is wall-mounted, easy to maintain, and embedded in a rectangle frame.

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Metal scroll wall decor

A fantastic wall art that will move your entryway into an era of vintage masterpieces. Designed of black-finished iron, this impressive panel has a beautifully arched top, and a distinctive center with a decorative medallion in the middle.

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Metal scroll picture frames

Esschert Design USA AM02 Aged Metal Wall Planter Esschert Design

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Metal wall grilles decor

Whether your décor is vintage chic or a fabulous farmhouse, this Adelaide Wall Plaque Set will add color and detail. Each plaque features a unique metal pattern for your decorating delight. #kirklands #SpringisintheAir

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Scrolled Metal Wall Medallion - Oblong

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Metal Scroll Wall Decor

Buying Guide

If your wall is looking a bit bare, then perhaps it's time to hang a metal scroll wall decor. These types of wall decor are not your usual, which makes them eye-catching. Furthermore, such kind of decor is easy to maintain.

Since there are plenty of metal scroll wall decors, you'll need to know how to choose the right one for you. If you think this is a daunting task, worry not as this article is going to be a metal scroll wall decor buying guide.

Metal scroll wall decor comes in many different metal types. It's critical that you know the pros and cons of the most common metals used to create such kind of decor, so you'll know what's best for your situation.

  • Iron - For metal scroll wall decors, iron is perhaps the most prevalent material used. There are basically two types of iron to create a metal scroll wall decor. There's the cast iron, and the wrought iron. Iron has the advantage of being durable, and it gives off an "old world" charm. On the downside, it's susceptible to rust.
  • Brass - This is a popular metal as it looks similar to gold, but a lot more economical. It's also easy to maintain. However, solid brass is still relatively expensive. Thankfully, you can go for brass-plated if the budget is a bit tight.
  • Copper - This metal has the advantage of being very economical. It features a unique reddish-brown color, which ages beautifully. On the downside, copper has the tendency to produce a greenish-blue substance due to oxidation. You can counteract this through an application of beeswax, carnauba wax or lacquer.
  • Stainless Steel - This metal has the advantage of being resistant to rust and oxidation. Also, it doesn't require a lot of maintenance, and it's durable. On the downside, it's not the cheapest metal around.
  • Aluminum - This metal has the advantage of being very economical. It's also lightweight, making it portable. However, it's susceptible to nicks and scratches. Also, durability is not that high.

When it comes to metal scroll wall decor, there are two major types of finishes. It's either being painted, or the metal itself is finished. Since the painted finish is self-explanatory, this article will cover some of the most common metal finish.

  • Brushed - A kind of finish that produces a smooth look but with a texture that seems to be created by a paintbrush.
  • Satin - A finish that looks similar to brushed, but without the marks of the brushstrokes.
  • Polished - a type of finish that creates a reflective surface. Its mirror-like property is what makes it appealing.
  • Hammered - A type of finish that adds texture to the metal. As the name suggests, the texture seems as if the metal has been hammered.
  • Antiqued - A type of finish that typically makes use of tarnishing and darkening. This finish makes the metal appear as if it has stood the test of time.

The key points mentioned above are far from being comprehensive. However, they should help you get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Best Ideas

Iron gate wall decor

Wall decor in elegant form. It is mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with metal supports. It consists of decoratively curved wires. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Family initial monogram antique look any

Family initial monogram antique look any

Phenomenal wall decor made of sheet metal and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Hobby lobby wall decor

It's spring time!Made of wood frame and metal ornaments which create hearts with twisted elements-scroll wall decor.They are accompanied by pots,which together will create a beautiful floral composition.Kirklands are great idea to feel warm spring atmosphere!

Scroll decor

This metal scroll wall with a floral centre constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who love lush, intricate design. Ultra durable construction, will maintain its natural beauty for years.

Metal scroll wall decor 2

Flowery Door Topper - Metal Wall Art Scroll [NFHK1107]

Metal scroll wall art 2

An elegant and traditional scroll wall art that can be used outdoors. It's made of high quality, durable metal that will last for years. It goes together with a small lamp that gives a glimpse of the old world.

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Decorative pineapple metal scroll work wall art sculpture

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Rectangular wood and metal scroll wall decor

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