Black Metal Wall Art

Here is something different for anyone with a dark interior design motif who was looking for something outside of the box for their personal art collection. Black metal wall art is a fantastic way to make a statement, but you are antagonistic to convention under the arts that is cherished by the rest of the world does nothing for you.

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Loft Anywhere Wall Décor

Loft Anywhere Wall Décor
Understated flair with these metal posies, perfect for that bachelor(ette) pad or first apartment of your own. Even useable in the family home, perhaps as kitchen décor or in a teen’s bedroom. The delicate black wires are an elegant understatement.

Telecaster style guitar with music and

Telecaster style guitar with music and
An eye-catching modern wall decor crafted of quality black-coated stainless steel. It has the form of a vertically arranged electric guitar against an S-curved tapering stave with quavers and treble clefs.

Bird Cage Wall Art Tea Light Candle Holder Black Metal Unusual Wall Hanging

Bird Cage Wall Art Tea Light Candle Holder Black Metal Unusual Wall Hanging
Add style and beauty to your apartment with the bird cage wall art. It's a tea light candle holder with black metal construction, which looks adorable on any wall. Excellent for bedroom or drawing room.

Castle Key Wall Décor

Castle Key Wall Décor
Attractive contemporary wall decor in a form of an antique key. It's very large for a key and is crafted of antique bronze-finished metal. It has a showy bow with decorative scrolls, curvings and a ring finial, a long shank and cutout key wards.

Desford Leaf Wall Décor

Desford Leaf Wall Décor
Add some sophisticated, artistic feel to your interior with this leaf wall decor. It features three stems and thinner branches with beautiful shiny brown and blue leaves along their lengths and at the tips. This piece looks delicate, but is very solid.

Rings Wall Décor

Rings Wall Décor
It is a rings wall décor that has got an iron construction, modern design and antiqued bronze finish with black rub. This wall décor fits to contemporary style and décor and is great for any home.

Chrysalis Wall Décor

Chrysalis Wall Décor
Amazing contemporary self-adhesive wall decors in a form of 3D size-varied butterflies of various species. They're made of semi-transparent plastic and features a very realistic look and wing fluttering in the breeze.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to match black metal wall art with other decor?

If you're wondering how to match black metal wall art with other decor, you're not alone. Black metal art is bold and stands out, so it is ideal for creating a centerpiece in any room of the home.

Black metal wall art looks great on colored and textured backdrops. The lighter the color, the more the metal art is accentuated.

It is also not uncommon to see lots of homemakers pairing black metal art with colorful wall art to create a fun filled atmosphere in the room.

However, thanks to the versatility of black metal art, you can use it to create a light ambiance or a sophisticated and classy look in any room.

Mix and match black metal art with other colorful room decors for a child's bedroom or pair it with silver or gold accented decor for an adult's bedroom.

What size to choose for a black metal wall art?

Choose the right size black metal wall art in relation to your wall and main furniture pieces.

The trick is to look for art that’s between two-thirds or three-fourths of your available space, staying on the small side if it’s going to be paired up with other decorative items and going the opposite way if it’s meant to be the main focal element.

However, should your black metal wall art be placed right above a piece of furniture, measure its top surface and apply the ‘two-thirds/three-fourths’ rule to that number.

How do you hang metal art on the wall?

To hang your black metal wall art, you need a hanger, wood screws or nails, a screwdriver or drill, a leveler, a tape measure, a stud finder, and a pencil.

Next, find a stud in your wall using your stud finder. Using your pencil, you’ll then need to mark the spot where you want to hang up your metal wall art. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to determine the placement of the hanger. Mark the exact hanging spot, using the leveler to ensure it is straight. Place the hanger on the stud. Then hang your black metal wall art on the hanger.


Papa Buffalo Wall Décor

Papa Buffalo Wall Décor
Is it a modern style statement or a Wild West inspired rancho accent? Can be both, maybe! This minimalist wall decor is made of iron wires with blackpowder coating. It depicts a trophy head of a buffalo.

Small mason jar wall sconce mason jar

Small mason jar wall sconce mason jar
An old but stylish vintage jar could be easily re-used as a spice receptacle, but here's another interesting idea: a clear glass jar (tinted blue) serves as a shade for a 1 light iron pipe wall sconce.

Watsons Aztec Art Candle Holder Indoor Outdoor Wall Black Metal Zga17377

Watsons Aztec Art Candle Holder Indoor Outdoor Wall Black Metal Zga17377
Apart from being a great wall decoration, this complex metal construction serve the role of an ornamental candle holder. Good also for outdoor usage, it is designed for 8 glass cups ideal for tealights or votive candles. Measures 42h x 57w x 11.5d cm.

Black metal wall art 1

Abstract black metal art construct can do a good job of creating decorative interest against a white wall, or even against a colored wall. Dark curves, layered over each other provide visually soothing combinations of lines. Useful in any location.

Black metal wall art 4

At first sight, one might think this is a drawing but this masterpiece is made of metal and painted black matte. This wall art is so realistic with the attention to details like the curves of the eyelashes, eyebrows, and the brilliant touch of white specs on the eyeballs.

Black metal wall art 2

This wall art is made of metal and is painted with a thoughtful hue of black. It depicts a musical scale with notes and octaves, and it has curved horizontal lines on which the notes are masterfully arranged. This work of art will make for a wonderful home, studio, or even office decoration.

Circle wall art 9

Circles are symbols of repetition, infinity. There are also infinite ways to use them, such as black metal, silver art wheels, of various shapes, combined into a wall composition.They resemble the Olympic wheels, replacing wall paintings.

20 boho black metal wire zinnia flower wall decor

20" "Boho" Black Metal Wire Zinnia Flower Wall Decor

Hobby lobby wall art

This photos composition was tied together with black wall decor abounding with fancy scroll motifs. It's been cast from genuine iron. The decoration features also some decorative plates hang on bottom.

Gold and black wall art

A wonderful butterfly installation made by an artist Paul Villinski. It's difficult to believe but this stunning piece of wall art is made of old beer and soda cans, which the artist collects on his own on the streets of New York.

Black iron wall decor 1

Wall decor with butterfly theme. It is completely made of iron. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior. Simple form and elegant design.

Black metal wall art

Wrought Iron Wall Decor/ Metal Wall Hanging/ Indoor/ Outdoor Metal Wall Art/ Patio/ Fleur De Lis/ Garden Decor on Etsy, $39.95

Black iron wall decor 5

The floral presentation basing on the cardboard elements. The cut-out has been hold down on the wrought frame. It is a perfect decoration for your bedroom. This accessory will look great in the contemporary room.

Black metal wall art

Black Metal Wall Art

Flaska metal wall art

Flaska Metal Wall Art

"Trifecta" Metal Wall Art, Metal Wall Sculpture by Jon Allen

Cool metal wall art

This 3D wall art is durable and cute, and it can be a wonderful decoration for cat-loving homes. It's consisted of 3 metal wall plaques with each designed of premium metal and adorned with a pretty black cat's face.

Metal wall art metal wall art poppy flower bunch black

... Metal Wall Art ›› Metal Wall Art Poppy Flower Bunch Black Stems

White metal wall art 6

The beautiful metal construction of this phenomenal wall art in black and white makes the decor take on the character. Beautiful waves of interspersed colors captivate and make the interior delight.

Live laugh love metal wall art

A wonderful set of decorative wall hangings. They are made of metal and were hand curved. They feature beautiful flowery patterns in earthy colors and subtly gloss finish. They will give your wall a truly impressive look.

Love Metal Wall Decor

Love Metal Wall Decor

Metal wall art branches

DIY Gold Leaf Ceiling

Wall mounted hanging rack

This attractive place to hang clothes is the perfect solution for different interiors. Pure iron black tube design is functional and will work well on a daily basis. The whole thing is easy mounting to the wall in any configuration.

Metal bird wall art

Add a touch of glam and fab look into your home, with the butterfly wall decor. It is made of old beer cans! Impressive, right? The black, simple butterflies with different sizes are great for drawing room.

Metal scroll wall decor

A fantastic wall art that will move your entryway into an era of vintage masterpieces. Designed of black-finished iron, this impressive panel has a beautifully arched top, and a distinctive center with a decorative medallion in the middle.

Black metal wall art

Is it real? It is real wall art - in a form of black metal decor. uturistic, exotic at the same time decorated in a brick-and-bronze color. Playing circles, strips and spirals- on modular copper wall sculpture.They scatter the wall like majestic snakes.

Price 44 95 ea on sale 34 00 ea 1

Price - $44.95/ea. - ON SALE $34.00/EA.

Black metal wall art 2

Metal Wall Decor / Wrought Iron / Fleur de lis by Theshabbyshak, $34.00 - pair it up with my New Orleans painting of the French Quarter for the dining room

Home cabin decor wall decor you are here black bear

... Home & Cabin Decor Wall Decor You are Here: Black Bear Metal Wall Art

Sunburst black set of 3 metal wall art

Sunburst Black Set Of 3 Metal Wall Art

Shapes decorative wall pieces black music scale metal wall decor

... Shapes & Decorative Wall Pieces | Black Music Scale Metal Wall Decor

Black metal wall art a large and funky metal wall

Black Metal Wall Art A large and funky metal wall

Decor art words phrases signs wall decor black family metal

... Decor & Art | Words, Phrases & Signs Wall Decor | Black Family Metal

Black metal wall art 1

Dragon Candle Holder - wall mounted Hand Forged by a Blacksmith

Black iron wall decor

To add a modern touch to your bedroom - but not exaggerate, you can choose a black iron bed frame. Simplistic yet elegant has a sleek black finish, very simple lines that won't bother your romantic soul.

Friends Word Home Decor Metal Wall Art

Black metal wall art


Moose family metal wall art

Moose Family Metal Wall Art

Cast Iron Wall Mount Grizzly Bear Teeth Bite Bottle Opener

Bottle opener with design resembling head of Grizzly bear. It's made of cast iron, which makes it very durable and long-lasting construction. It's perfect for opening bottles of soda or beer. The item is also a great gadget.

Bear metal wall decor black forest

Bear Metal Wall Decor Black Forest

Black metal wall art

Gold Arrow Set Print - Arrows - Metallic Gold Look - Gold & Black - Boho Art - Wall Art

Black metal wall art 1

These antique shadowboxes are the perfect vintage inspired touch for any decor! A fine art look for a fraction of the price, they feature a variety of antiqued copper cast metal 3-D keys and locks mounted on a natural burlap background and surrounded by a

Sera Wall Décor

Sera Wall Décor