Ceramic Flower Wall Art

Timeless and charming, ceramic flower wall decor is the perfect choice to bring nature inside the home even once the blooming season is over or to complement it on your patio.

Flower decor can be used in lots of different ways, either as a standalone piece or part of a set.

To find the right color for you, we recommend considering both your wall and the rest of the palette.

If you relied on the most popular wall color (white), then a brighter decoration in a different hue will help it stand out. If, on the other hand, your walls are in another color, you can either consider white or a shade that will create a pleasant contrast. Patterned wallpaper? Stick to monochrome pieces to avoid a busy feel.

Ceramic flower wall decor in a monochrome accent color

Ceramic flower wall decor in a monochrome accent color

Monochrome ceramic flower wall decor is the most versatile option.

For a cohesive result, consider choosing one in the same accent color already part of your palette, whether through your throw pillows or other wall decorations. It will really help you tie the room together delightfully!


Versatile white flower wall decor

Versatile white flower wall decor

While they would end up disappearing against a wall in the same color, white flower decorations can add an elegant touch to backgrounds in different hues.

You could even place them next to other wall decor elements (such as prints or canvases) that also include white elements as well as other colors.


Primrose wall decor

Primrose wall decor

Ceramic flower wall decor is a large umbrella term that could be all you need if you’re simply looking for some generic floral inspiration.

However, if you have a favorite flower, you could also scout for a wall decoration that represents it! For example, how beautiful is this primrose piece?

$27.48 $30

Elegant and traditional ceramic flower wall decor

Elegant and traditional ceramic flower wall decor

Ceramic flower wall decor doesn’t necessarily need to be in the shape of a flower: you could also opt for an artwork-style ceramic piece that depicts a floral composition.

This is especially handy if you’re looking to add to the cozy feel of your traditional interiors.

Colorful focal point

Colorful focal point

If your white wall looks a bit bare, your new ceramic wall decor can be your chance to liven it up and introduce some color.

Instead of monochrome pieces, you could experiment with brighter designs including a celebration of different hues. Perfect to create an unmissable focal point!

Three ceramic flower wall decor pieces together

Three ceramic flower wall decor pieces together

You might be thinking that you have to choose between a standalone ceramic flower wall decoration and a set. Not necessarily!

If you’d prefer a balanced compromise between the two (perhaps because you haven’t got a lot of available wall space to play with?), you can also find some bolder decorations including two or more flowers together.

Cohesive set of ceramic flower wall decorations

Cohesive set of ceramic flower wall decorations

Have you got a large portion of wall that you can’t wait to decorate? Do you like having the freedom of placing different items to create the perfect composition for your style?

Then a set of multiple ceramic flower wall decorations in the same color but different sizes is the best option for you!

Set of three different ceramic flower wall decorations

Set of three different ceramic flower wall decorations

If you like the idea of a set but aren’t a fan of monochrome options, break the rules consciously: choose a set that includes different ceramic flower wall decorations and get creative placing them.

While the flowers will be different, we still recommend choosing them from the same set to maintain a cohesive element.


Combine ceramic flower wall decor with other shapes

Combine ceramic flower wall decor with other shapes

To showcase your creativity and not settle for more obvious choices, you can always maintain your original ceramic flower wall decor idea but mix it up with other designs.

For example, how about a piece depicting other elements but surrounded by petals?

$64.99 $67.99

Ceramic wall decor with actual flowers

Ceramic wall decor with actual flowers

Why not think outside the box with some ceramic wall decor that allows you to showcase actual flowers?

You can find pot-style pieces that are meant to be hung and then fill them with your favorite fresh flowers every few weeks. For a powerful floral combo, look for a model that includes flowery decorations on the actual pot, too.


Our advice Buying Guide

Ceramic art should not be confined to the tabletop. It works better when hung on the wall. If you are interested in extending your taste for ceramic art to the wall, your best choice is a breathtaking piece of ceramic flower wall art. You can’t go wrong with this form of wall art.

These artful wall decorations feature beautiful ceramic flowers complete with intricately crafted petals and green leaves or natural looking pouches. They are intricate decorative accessories that give your rooms a distinctive style and brighten up plain walls with renewed freshness.

Here are few important factors to consider when shopping for the best ceramic flower wall art.

What are ceramic flower wall art pieces made of?

Ceramic flower wall art pieces are usually made of polymer clay or porcelain. Look for stunning flower art wall plaques that are sturdy enough to hang safely on your wall. You need flowery patterned pieces that will add a visual appeal and charm to your living room, hallway, or even kitchen walls without disintegrating within a short time. They should ideally have a durable construction.

The best porcelain or polymer clay flower wall art is usually handmade by a skilled artist or sculptor with a keen eye for detail. Avoid factory made pieces that are usually mass produced with a great room for error. Handmade pieces may come at a higher cost but you are assured of quality and durability.

How to coordinate ceramic flower wall art with room decor?

Your ceramic flowery decorations should blend perfectly with your décor. Buy pieces that subtly contrast with your color scheme to be visible without screaming for attention. There are numerous designs, styles, and colors of these beautiful wall decorations to suit every type of home décor.

Your choice of the best ceramic flower wall art will also depend on where exactly you want to hang it, the available wall space, and the style of floral pattern that most appeals to you. If you have wide wall spaces, you could go for several pieces of matching ceramic lower wall art pieces but if you have limited wall space, get single pieces that won’t look like clutter on your neat walls.

How to hang ceramic flower wall art?

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying delicate ceramic flower wall art pieces. Many of these cute ceramic flower pieces hang on the wall using copper wire attachments. You can also hang the decorations on your wall using wood, metal, or even Perspex support fixtures. Small-scale ceramic wallflowers can be hung n the wall securely using ceramic lugs and wire but make sure you understand how the pieces will stay intact on the wall due to their fragile nature. You can always enlist the help of a skilled builder or carpenter if you can’t figure out how to hang the pieces but always ask in advance.


Aquatic Three-Piece Ceramic Wall Flowers Set

Aquatic Three-Piece Ceramic Wall Flowers Set
These three premium-quality ceramic flowers are sure to give your home a truly unusual and interesting aura with their one of a kind design. While you may think that most ceramic décor elements are made in either white or cream color, this one will surely surprise you. This set of three wall décor flowers is made in a turquoise color with veins painted onto it, resembling a medusa or other mysterious inhabitants of the ocean.

Large 13” Ceramic Wall Flower Décor

Large 13” Ceramic Wall Flower Décor
Whether you are looking for a finishing spot to place on the wall of your entryway, so the guests can notice your fine taste in decorations, or whether you simply need another cute detail in your living room, this large wall décor in a shape of a flower is sure to provide you exactly with what you desire. It is made out of 100% ceramic in a subtle, cream color, and has a finely-crafted shape that will nicely fit any arrangements.

White Blossoming Flower Spring Wall Décor

White Blossoming Flower Spring Wall Décor
If you are looking for something more sophisticated and luxurious to decorate your living room with, this wall décor flower might be just what you want. Fit it into a cozy, traditional dining room by placing it on a table, which is a good replacement for a vase of real flowers. You can also place on the coffee table in the living room, in front of the TV, right in the middle with some candles to create a nice, symmetrical display.

Large Magnolia Flower Wall Decor

Large Magnolia Flower Wall Decor
Fit your home with a unique, vintage style with this sizable wall décor, made to resemble a magnolia flower. A handcrafted design of the sculpture ensured a good quality, as even tiny indents on the leaves of the flower are visible on it. The magnolia shape itself gives the flower sculpture a sophisticated appearance. This set also includes a few smaller pieces, which are separate from the large flower, creating a wonderful display when put together on a wall.

Futuristic Wall Décor Hanging Planters

Futuristic Wall Décor Hanging Planters
Most of the wall décor elements you can find out there are taking inspirations from traditional furniture, using floral designs painted with distressed pastel shades. This one, instead, is dedicated to more contemporary interior designs with a unique, geometric shape, highlighting its modern vibe. The small size of this wall décor planter makes it easy to fit, and the different dimensions of each of the three pieces creates a beautiful display.

Rustic Distressed Florette Wall Décor

Rustic Distressed Florette Wall Décor
If you have some empty space above a fireplace in the living room or somewhere near the changing mirror in the entryway, why not think about placing some of these gorgeous flower wall sculptures, made in an old-fashioned, shabby style. These are crafted out of high-quality magnesia, which makes them quite heavy-duty and resistant to damage, guaranteeing they will serve for years to come.

Flower garden wall hanging ceramic

Flower garden wall hanging ceramic
This wall are includes three attractive ceramic flowers finished in white color. Their neutral finish is suitable for different interior styles. These flowers include some decorative carvings and they are resistant to damage.

Hanging envelope vase

Hanging envelope vase
Wall vase in the shape of envelope. It is made of high quality porcelain. Designed for small and medium sized floral arrangements. Adds freshness and modernity to each place. It is very well appreciated by customers.

No 8 dahlia wall sculpture

No 8 dahlia wall sculpture
Ceramic figurines are items that can be collected. A spread ceramic white lotus flower reveals its ceramic layers - leading us to its perfect symmetrical center. It can be used as a decoration wall art, or in the middle of a coffee table - or anywhere else.

Hang vaasje

Hang vaasje
Hanging plants on variously coloured strings to make a living wall of tiny plants not only brings nature but also vibrancy and liveliness to your indoors. An inexpensive way to bring in a bit of joyfulness.

"Flowers and Ceramic Plate (1911)" Canvas Wall Art by Henri Matisse

"Flowers and Ceramic Plate (1911)" Canvas Wall Art by Henri Matisse
This Canvas Wall Art is characterized by 100% anti-shrink pine wood bars construction and Epson anti-fade ultra chrome inks. The whole is entirely handmade, with a square canvas designed of 100% cotton.

Ceramic wall plaques uk

Original wall art that decorates different indoors. This ceramic element of design is not only attractive, but also resistant to many different forms of wear and damage. It includes a red and green floral theme.

Ceramic flower wall decor

These made from polymer clay wall arts are a beautiful way to decorate the original interior. The beautiful form of flowers delights and makes the design will gain a note of romance and subtlety.

Ceramic flower wall art

I want to create this wall in my bedroom, drawing room or kitchen maybe! And it will be cool on the outside wall. These flowerpots have different shapes, like the heart or oval and interesting pattern. They are hand made, which is the most important value for me.

Ceramic flower wall art

The artist dips doilies into liquid porcelain, dries over a bowl and fires in a kiln; the fibers burn away leaving the lacy porcelain behind...gorgeous! Maybe try with a slip like material?

Ceramic flowers

Artful ceramic wall decoration: flowers with intricately detailed petals, each of them being handmade. Porcelain flowers take their inspiration from nature. Finished white, they neutrally complement all coloring schemes.

Ceramic wall hanging designs

Ceramic Flower Bloom jewelry holder, floral sculpture , ceramic flower art, decorative jewelry tray, OOAK dressing table tray

Grace porcelain wall sculpture

Grace: porcelain wall sculpture

I think this is a monochrome painted collage but would

... I think this is a monochrome painted collage but would make a beautiful embroidery design.

Ceramic wall decor flower

Those beautiful pieces of art can be a great addition for decorating your garden, backyard, or front of the house. Each of these beauties is made of clay, with a gorgeous, floral imprint in it. They might be used as dazzling, small stepping stones.

Ceramic art ideas

No interior decor could be whole without these beautiful magnolias, which you can use as unique decorations for any room in your house. Designed of ceramic, with attention to every detail, the set is very beneficial visually, but not too good, when it comes to cleaning it.

Clay art flowers

With such an extravagant decoration your living room is going to shine like never before. Those small beauties are designed in the shape of 1500 ceramic flowers, you can easily attach to the wall, creating a ceramic meadow on your own wall.

Ceramic flower wall art

Add these stunning wall plaques to your interior to make it stand out a little more with visual appeal and charm. They sport the flowery pattern and are simply great for your kitchen or hallway, making for a beautiful accent.

Flower clay sculpture

If you are looking for a quality wall decoration for your home or office, you should take a peek at this lovely flower. Created of clay and covered in a white finish, the decoration is easy to install, and it presents itself on a wall, simply, beautiful.

Ceramic art wall tiles

Poppies: Amy Meya: Ceramic Wall Art | Artful Home

How to make ceramic clay flowers

A very attractive piece of art for use on walls. Its brown wooden frame perfectly matches different kinds of interior design. Its pattern includes multi-color flowers, so this mosaic features an aesthetic role.

Ceramic wall sculpture art

Butterfly and flowers - Shirley Vauvelle

Hanging ceramic art

Unique and unusual take on a contemporary wall art, made out of white ceramic. The wall art is made to resemble a floral arrangement and is fitted with multiple lights inside of it, creating a unique and bright display.

Clay wall art

Wall vase in the Art Deco style. It is made of high quality ceramic and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Designed for small and medium sized floral arrangements.

Dawson morgan has unique pieces for your home

Dawson Morgan has unique pieces for your home!

Floral metal wall art

Flowers, straight from the field-turned into ceramic ornaments,hand-painted in subdued colors.Later took the form of wall decoration, surrounded by wooden, dark frames, rectangular, narrow form.You will find such inspirations in Mediterranean country homes.

Ceramic wall flower decor

Kontur Vase White by Normann Copenhagen

Metal flower wall hanging

An attractive ingenious hanging planter created of an old metal letterbox in grey shades. It has a quadrangular body, gently flared at the top, featuring beautiful floral patterns embossed on the whole surface.

Ceramic wall plaques

Flower Garden Wall Hanging, ceramic wildflower, blackberry, camelia, and daisy wall sculptures, flower art, floral art, spring, summer

Ceramic flower on wood wall decor

Ceramic Flower on Wood Wall Décor

Umbra white wall flowers art decoration x 25

Umbra White Wall Flowers Art Decoration X 25

3d wall art flowers

Flower Wall Hanging, ceramic wildflower, camelia, and daisy wall sculptures, flower art, ceramic Blooms, floral sculpture, Floral Mural

Pottery wall art

Flower Garden Wall Hanging, ceramic wildflower, blackberry, camelia, and daisy sculptures, flower art.

Porcelain wall plaques

Delicately Sculpted Busts by Gosia

Scroll wall art 1

If you don't want have dull, ugly walls in your rooms (especially bedroom), you should use this incredible wall sticker with fancy pattern. It is grey and it looks very natural, kind of it is painted on the wall.

Metal flower wall hanging 8

A wonderful hanging holder for casual rectangular plastic plant pots. It's created from an old antique gate of black-coated iron. It features a beautifully arched top, showy scrolls, twisted rods, a bulgy bottom part of curved convex slats.

Ceramic flower wall decor porcelain blossom tile white

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Ceramic wall art flowers mod flowers ceramic wall

Ceramic Wall Art Flowers-Mod Flowers-Ceramic Wall

Dahlia and succulent ceramic wall art ceramic wall

dahlia and succulent ceramic wall art | Ceramic wall ...

Uttermost abella ceramic wall decor s 3 in 2020 plate

Uttermost Abella Ceramic Wall Decor S/3 in 2020 | Plate ...

Isabella ceramic flower blossom wall art

Isabella Ceramic Flower Blossom Wall Art

Ceramic wall flowers ceramic wall art antique farmhouse

Ceramic Wall Flowers | Ceramic Wall Art Antique Farmhouse

Handmade 3d ceramic flower wall art

Handmade 3D ceramic flower wall art

Ceramic flower blossom wall art ceramic flowers flower

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