Decorative Ceramic Wall Plates

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Ceramic wall plates have been a staple of the decorative scheme of many homes for decades. From your standard China wall plates to commemorative plates for special events in history, having decorative ceramic wall plates tells people exactly what you love in the world. Be it Elvis, NASCAR, or just really pretty birds, we have plenty of decorative ceramic wall plates for your viewing pleasure in this collection.

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Updated 16/11/2022
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Classic Blue and White Floral Motif Ceramic Wall Plates

Classic Blue and White Floral Motif Ceramic Wall Plates

World Menagerie

This 14” in diameter Chinese-inspired ceramic plate wall decor fits all fashions. The traditional flower and vine motif is a vintage blue ink on antiquated white ice crackle glazed porcelain.


Designer Advice:

Vintage Chinese decorative wall plates are popular for modern, art deco, and mid-century themes. The traditional blue dye contrasts starkly against the bright white glazed porcelain that stands out as wall art. And the floral motif is a timeless look that never goes out of style.

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Coastal Inspired Glossy Teal Fish Plate

Coastal Inspired Glossy Teal Fish Plate

Add this 13” tall by 8” wide glossy ceramic fish plate for fun coastal art in your space. The blue porcelain plate has ivory and aqua accents for more neutral realism. It’s a fun touch for kitchens and bathrooms.

Designer Advice:

Whimsical-shaped decorative wall plates add an extra layer of depth to the traditional use of decorative ceramic plates as wall art. Multi-tonal colors add realism and a glossy finish reflects light for interesting visual effects. For minimalistic neutral styles, you can use coastal art for modern, vintage, mid-century, or as a touch of color.

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Glamorous Metal and Glass Mosaic Wall Plate

Glamorous Metal and Glass Mosaic Wall Plate

This 18” round glass plate comes with a minimalistic matte gold metal frame. The green base has a glamorous mosaic pattern in earthy elemental shades of brown, mottled green, and turquoise.

Designer Advice:

Mosaic patterned decorative ceramic plates for the wall can add dimension and contrast to your space. But too many different patterns and colors can create a too-busy scene. Instead, look for mosaic plate designs with a subtle, neutral base. Neutral earthy-toned accents add color and visual interest without being too distracting or clashing with your home decor.

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Sea Urchin Inspired Textured Ceramic Plate

Sea Urchin Inspired Textured Ceramic Plate

Use these textured matte white ceramic decorative wall plates as subtle yet interesting decor with pre-drilled holes for an easy installation. The width and depth come in three sizes, making them easily visible as wall art. Use different sizes for extra appeal.

Designer Advice:

When decorating with neutral shades like white, it’s easy to lose the ability to stand out and get noticed. Picking plates with texture, such as the dozens of patterned bumps, is an excellent and simple way to make a plain piece more interesting. But the upside of neutrals is that you can pair them with any color palette without ruining the aesthetic. 

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Antique Three Plate with Vertical Wall Rack

Antique Three Plate with Vertical Wall Rack

Winston Porter

This set of three 5” wide ceramic plates have cursive religious inscriptions with vintage circular borders in a neutral beige palette. They hang on an 18” tall x 5” wide black metal rack with swoop curves.


Designer Advice:

Decorative plates with inscriptions are fantastic for chic barnyards, farmhouses, country cottages, and old-world European interior decor themes. The included metal rack makes it easy to display your neutral patterned worded plates on the wall and protects them from damage. And it offers an understated elegance for an old-world feel. The decorative swirls and curves complete the design and make it more versatile.

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Decorative Ceramic Wall Plates

Buying Guide

Decorative ceramic wall plates are some of the things homeowners love to use when decorating massive empty walls. They’re extremely versatile, so they can enhance any home style or theme from contemporary to traditional and everything that’s in between.

Hanging decorative ceramic wall plates is also easy if you know how to do it properly and securely. Don't worry as we’ll tackle everything you need to know about these incredible wall décor pieces below.

  • Dining Room - The dining room is obviously the best place to showcase your expensive dinnerware. If you have a wall in this room of the house that needs filling, we suggest you let your family's collection of dinnerware inspire the design or aesthetics of your space. You can use some of the china you have in creating a focal point to achieve the most impact.
  • Small Sliver - Almost every room in a home has a sliver of wall that is seemingly useless. Dress this small section with art. You can line the decorative plates on the wall to add both pattern and color to an otherwise dead space.
  • Above a Door - A great but unusual placement for a decorative wall plate is above a door. If carefully chosen, the wall decor will echo the colors in your room. A piece that's installed high up will also draw your eyes to the ceiling, making your entire space feel larger.
  • Gallery Wall - A gallery wall is a fun way to make use of a lot of beautiful ceramic wall plates that are in small sizes to make a massive impact. Round wall plates can be used if you need help in breaking up the angled look of rooms and bring more movement to a space.
  • Over a Bed - Who knew decorative plates also belong in bedrooms? If you have twin beds in your guest room, use two groups of dinnerware in echoing your bedding's color palette.
  • On a Backsplash - Because they’re available in small size, wall plates can be tucked into the narrow spaces in your kitchen like your backsplash. It's the easiest way for you to add color to your space, especially if it is in need of a bit of edge.

Hang your decorative ceramic wall plates at the same exact level across your wall if you want to make your narrow space appear wider. If you want to balance a wall that has a low ceiling, just flip this technique. You can hang several plates vertically above one another to give the illusion of having a much taller wall, as well as a higher ceiling. If you want your plates to seem in proportion to the available wall space, create a gallery wall full of wall plates. But, it’s entire size should take around two-thirds of your furniture piece's size.

Decorative ceramic wall plates come in all shapes and designs. Choose the ones that match or complement the room’s focal point, which may be a centerpiece vase or the sofa.

Best Ideas

Vintage moroccan ceramic plate or bowl

Vintage moroccan ceramic plate or bowl

Add this sublime Moroccan ceramic plate or bowl to your interior and enjoy the two-tone finish of blue and white and the classic patterns that bring to mind the traditional style instantly and will let you make the best out of the original look for years to come.

Decorative ceramic wall plates

Decorating the walls with the pottery is very popular in south Europe and also in northern Africa. The blue pigment connected with the ceramic white hanging on the wall add the folk accent to the interior.

Decorative ceramic wall plates

This Moroccan style ceramic plates constitute a beautiful example of bowl wall art. Fund yourself a bit of exoticism on daily basis and enhance uniquely your kitchen space. It is more than sure that you won't be able to draw your attention away from these breathtaking colors.

Moroccan wall plates

This beautifully finished decorative ceramic wall plates, bowls and mugs are super artistic. Sharpie design along with soft lines are a great home decor idea. For anyone who loves art and designers ceramic work.

Decorative ceramic wall plates

Decorate your walls with this unique set of Mexican pottery plates. The plates come in a combination of blue and orange pigment for a more colorful theme. They have an easy to hand fixture attached to the back. They are purely for decorative not eating purpose.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 7

These aesthetic wall plates help to beautify the walls of your living room or bedroom effortlessly. The designs painted on the wall plates ranges from flowers to abstract shapes. The plates are made from fire-glazed ceramics and have a glossy finish. These wall plates will bring life to your house walls.

Ceramic wall plate

Give your cake for your guests in this lovely plate to impress them on every occasion. White with beautiful designs can be cleaned in dishwasher. It can be also used in microwave to warm up your cakes.

Decorative china

Old and new decorative ceramic wall plates. All different sizes. All shades of blue and white with different patterns on them look brilliant against the dark wall. Some of plates have cool, marine style pattern.

Ceramic wall plates

Beautiful traditional plates with subtly waved edges. They're intended for decoration kitchen walls or cabinets. Plates are crafted of quality white ceramic hand painted in eye-catching vivid colourful floral and geometric patterns.

Molly hatch uses ceramic plates to create an unusual canvas

Molly Hatch uses ceramic plates to create an unusual canvas

Decorative ceramic wall plates 6

I love the Yarmouth Blue wall color from Benjamin Moore paints. #HC-150. Soft and clean.

Hand made turkish ceramic plate wall decor iznik by turqu50

Hand Made Turkish Ceramic Plate / Wall Decor / iznik by Turqu50

Decorative ceramic wall plates 5

plates on the wall as decor

Ceramic decorative plates

Wonderful, highly decorative plates in a rustic design. They are made of top quality porcelain and when hanged on the wall, they will be a beautiful decoration of your space. They are ornamented with nature-inspired motifs.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 1

modern blue and white china -- I've collected blue and white china for years from all over on my travels.

Blue and white plates to hang on wall

These decorative ceramic wall plates distinguish themselves with beautiful, intriguing patterns. Intricately textured surfaces are glazed and mixed with the beautiful natural markings from pit firing. They can be changed both vertical and horizontal.

Decorative ceramic wall plates

Ideas, : Fascinating Wall Decoration With Porcelain Decorative Plates ...

Decorative ceramic wall plates

"Swirled Symmetry" from Anthropologie // All of my favourite colours in such a pretty design. These would look great mixed with white plates and blue and white plates.

Decorative ceramic wall plates

i will own this one day. it is too quirky for me not to! ;) Natural World Dessert Plates #anthropologie

Terrazzo dessert plate anthropologie i want to find dishes that

Terrazzo Dessert Plate #anthropologie. I want to find dishes that look like Mexican pottery.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 1

I want plates and bowls just like this!! I will hunt for them when I register for gifts!

Greek ceramic plate decorative plate ceramic wall hanging

Greek Ceramic Plate Decorative Plate Ceramic Wall Hanging

Natures beauty decorative ceramic plate set ceramic decor

Natures Beauty Decorative Ceramic Plate Set | Ceramic decor

Hand made decorative ceramic wall plate casa king

Hand Made Decorative Ceramic Wall Plate - Casa King