Large Flameless Candles

Love the look and natural soft, romantic feel of candlelight, but don't wan't to risk the fire hazard, well you can have it all with these flameless candles! Lighting up a varitety of shapes and sizes, and some colors too, there are so many wonderful options to set out alone or add to your existing candle holders that you won't be able to choose just one. Fill your home with light and turn on the romance bellow.

Best Ideas

Flameless Candle

Flameless Candle
These LED light, flameless, wax candles guarantee a classy candlelight without the danger that open flame might cause. They will create a warm and romantic atmosphere being safe for small children or kids.

Flameless Candle

Flameless Candle
Gorgeous decorative item shaped after candle, featuring remote controlled light, unique design combining modern technology with traditional looks, and versatile frame offering both functionality and decorative qualities.

3 Piece LED Flameless Candle Set

3 Piece LED Flameless Candle Set
Very original set of three LED candles. The candles can be controlled with a controller, which makes it very convenient. Additionally, The candles can be used outside and they are dripless as well as flameless.

2 Piece Set CandleTEK Sitting Elves Flameless Candles

2 Piece Set CandleTEK Sitting Elves Flameless Candles
It is a 2-piece set that includes sitting elves flameless candles. They are a perfect decoration for your home and you need to have this set. Everyone will be impressed how adorable these candles are.

Large flameless candles 3

Enjoy the ambiance of a fat candle without worry about an open flame or the smoke and odor from burning wick and wax. This flameless, battery-operated “candle” is safe for use in locations where an open flame would be a problem.

Large flameless candles 2

18-Piece flameless candle collection is sipmly astonishing. These candles offer the convenience and safety of LED mood lighting but don't lose the romance of authenticity. A wax pillar candle in soft ivory with a classic, antiqued outer texture.

Large flameless candles 2

Enjoy all the advantages of a flameless candle with one added perk: operation by remote. Not only is it a good choice for situations that require flameless illumination, it would be highly convenient, almost magical in some situations.

Inch flameless pillar candle 1

Inch Flameless Pillar Candle

Large flameless candles 1

This plain, extra large flameless candle with remote is such a cool idea for romantic souls who are also a little bit lazy. This huge candle never burns a real fire, so you don't need to worry to swich it off quickly! Oh wait, you have the remote!

Qvc flameless candles

Illuminate your interior or garden path leading to your home - thanks to its large wooden flameless latern. It was laced with moss that kept the candles warm and stable. Robust glass and carved cover - add an elegant yet still rural style.

Flameless outdoor candle 3

Flameless Outdoor Candle

Set of 3 Distressed Tall Melted Edge Ivory Flameless Wax Battery Operated LED Pillar Candles with Remote Control and Six Hour Auto Timer

Mr. Light Extra Large 7.5in Diameter Pillar Real Wax Candle with Flickering LED

A large flameless candle with a 3.75-inch radius. It’s an aesthetic piece that can fit nicely on your display shelves in the living room – or any other home space. The body has a plain milky white color and a flickering LED adorns the center.

Large flameless candles 16

Love the look of candlelight but hate the mess? Live in an area where candles are not allowed? You can have your candlelight without the mess or the flame with this softly glowing electrical candlelight. Use anywhere candlelight is desired.

Home bar accessories round flameless candle set

Home / Bar accessories / Round Flameless candle set

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Home office decor candles and lanterns flameless led wax candles

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Large battery operated candles

A set of three charming lanterns in various sizes. They are made of clear, transparent glass with a black, metal frame in an old-fashioned style. They've got useful hangers at the top. Fill them with candles and get a wonderful indoor or outdoor decoration.

Large led flameless candle tk maxx

Large LED Flameless Candle - TK Maxx

Mystique Flameless Candle

Mystique Flameless Candle

Large fake candles

This is a safe and no-smoke solution for everybody who likes the candle light! This large flameless candle shell - will light up your home in more ways than one. Roller shape and its simplicity are a great solution to get a hygge atmosphere with candlelight.

Large flameless candles

A stunning collection of lanterns in a contemporary form. They feature a transparent glass structure in a metal frame. With candles inside they will create a beautiful decoration. You can place them on the floor or hang them due to simple handles.

Large battery candles

something like this as centerpieces for somewhere with a candle policy - flameless candles.

Petaluma lantern

Petaluma Lantern

Large indoor outdoor flameless candle with programmable timer by candle

Large Indoor Outdoor Flameless Candle with programmable Timer by Candle Impressions

Large flameless candles 13

Malta Lantern - Silver Finish | Pottery Barn

Extra large flameless candle shell 3

Extra Large Flameless Candle Shell

Home kitchen home decor candles holders candles

home kitchen home décor candles holders candles

Flameless candles 11

Flameless Candles

Soft and slow flickering light mimics real candle on off

... . Soft and slow flickering light mimics real candle. On/Off switch

Colored flameless candles 4

What a cute DIY project to do in your spare time! A glitter, gold patterns on candles make them look so much better! Easy, cheap and takes only about five minutes to do. There are no downsides – if you have candles, do it!

Large flameless candles 23

Filigree Punched Ceramic Pumpkins, Ivory or Orange

Large flameless candle

whimsical paper lantern, easy to DIY, perfect for the holiday season!

Large flameless candles 4

Remote Ready Amazing Flameless Candle Heavy Drip 4x8 Triple Timer

Large flameless candles 17

Rustic Red Metal Lanterns from Pier 1 Imports -- Got 8 of the small ones @ $15 a piece

Colored flameless candles 3

Why bother with real candles that create a mess, are expensive and require swapping out every so often, when you can get a set of beautiful artificial candles with LED lights that can swap colours whenever you want!

Mr. Light Extra Large 6.5in Square Pillar Real Wax LED Candle with Flickering LED

DFL 3*4 Inch Blue crack patten Mosaic Glass with Flameless Led Candle with Timer,work with 2 AA battery

Table lamp with a crack mosaic glass pattern in nice blue finish. It features an energy saving LED light that assures good illumination of tables, desks and other small areas. This practical lamp also improves aesthetics.

Colored flameless candles 23

Very interesting element of home decor. This candle is colored with salt. This flameless candle can decorate different indoors. It can be decorated with salt in different colors, so it will meet different requirements of its users.

Large flameless candles 20

flameless candles | Flameless LED Candles (4" wide by 8.5", 10" and/or 12" Tall)

Large outdoor candles

A vinatge console table made of an old wooden trunk. It features a stark, natural character with a distressed and weathered finish. The display from votives and candles gives it a magical and romantic appearance.

Unscented Flameless Candle

Unscented Flameless Candle

Large flameless candles 5

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Large flameless candles 4

Lining the hallway with lanterns and battery operated candles would be beautiful for the holidays; esp. Christmas. I would also add a touch of greenery and red bows tied to the top of the lanterns.

Large flameless candles with remote

Beautiful, large flameless candles. They are a must-have if you’re planning to throw a party in your garden, or even hold a wedding. There is also no danger of starting a fire with them, so what’s not to like?

Large flameless candles with timer

Brighten up an entryway table with large glass vases displaying candles and greenery.

Extra large wax pillar candle flameless flickering flame

extra large Wax Pillar Candle Flameless & Flickering Flame

Large flameless candles 3

Use Candle Impressions Flameless Candles to recreate this winter-white wedding the safe way-- your guests will thank you!

Candles vibeke design


Large flameless candles 12

Large lanterns, burlap, fresh and faux greens, pine cones and pops of red and the plaid ribbon make a warm statement especially with a flameless flickering candle