Iron Candelabra Centerpieces

Take the cold intensity of iron and mix it with the elegance of a candelabra and what do you have? We will tell you. Easily one of the most interesting candelabra options you can think of, that’s what. These are incredibly intricate and sturdy, come in plenty of orientations, and are designed to be rugged and refined at the same time. If you want a candelabra that is both classy and fascinating, see collection for more.

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Iron Candelabra Candle Holder

Iron Candelabra Candle Holder
It is an iron candelabra candle holder that has got a pyramid layout and holds five pillar candles. It is very stylish and if you want to have an elegant home you need to have it. You will be impressed how beautiful this candelabra is.

Vintage Ornate Wrought Iron Candelabra 5 Candle Holder 18 T Great Iron Decor

Vintage Ornate Wrought Iron Candelabra 5 Candle Holder 18 T Great Iron Decor
Made of formable and solid wrought iron, this candelabra can accommodate up to 5 candles. It enchants with the ornate curves and volutes, being a great idea for both indoor and outdoor decors.

Iron candelabra candle holder centerpiece floral vase wedding garden decor

Iron candelabra candle holder centerpiece floral vase wedding garden decor
Would not it be more pleasant to eat a dignified supper when on the salad table a stunning glass vase in an iron stand with bent legs and candles holders, where the most important are artificial fuchsia flowers - that complete this candelabra centerpiece.

Danish modern cast iron candelabrum

Danish modern cast iron candelabrum
A stunning candelabra that sports the antique look and would make for a truly beautiful and dramatic centerpiece for your living room. It is contructed of cast iron and will provide a charming way of brightening up your home.

Iron candelabra centerpieces

This amazing candle and flower stand is a beautiful combination of solid construction and attractive appearance. Glass candle holders and the possibility of placing in the center of the floral composition will be checked during parties.

Iron candle holder centerpiece

This is a tall masterpiece. It’s a candelabra centerpiece made of iron with an elegantly designed flower holder with curved metal. It has six candle holders that add both functional and aesthetic value. The stand has well-designed curves with a polished base.

1 new iron candle holder candelabra centerpiece for 3 candles

1 NEW Iron Candle Holder Candelabra Centerpiece for 3 Candles from Pier One #PierOne

Our advice Buying Guide

Does your center table look a bit too bare? An excellent way of adding flair and sophistication is through making use of an iron candelabra centerpiece. With its "old world" vibe, it will certainly catch the attention of your guests.

These days, iron candelabra centerpieces come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. Finding the right one can be challenging, especially if you don't know what to look for. Worry not as this article is going to help by providing you with a buying guide for iron candelabra centerpieces.

What's the optimal number of candles on an iron candelabra centerpiece?

One of the first things to consider when getting an iron candelabra centerpiece is the size and number of candles it can hold. Some candelabra centerpieces can hold three pieces, while others can hold up to six or ten. Also, the more candles it can accommodate, the larger it becomes.

When it comes to the size, there are no hard rules. However, the iron candelabra centerpieces should not be too small that it will be overshadowed by the table's size. Also, it shouldn't be too big that it starts consuming too much space that you can't do anything sensible while on the table.

What types of candles are there to choose from?

When buying an iron candelabra centerpiece, you obviously need candles. These days, candles come in many different shapes and sizes. The most common ones include pillar, taper, votive, tea light, and candle pot. The most important thing here is that your candle and the candle holder in the iron candelabra centerpiece should match.

What are the different styles of iron candelabra centerpieces?

Iron candelabra centerpieces also come in many different styles. When choosing the right style, you need to know a bit of interior design. While the subject of interior design can be wide and deep, but this article will keep things simple by sticking to the most prevalent ones.

  • Traditional - Iron candelabra centerpieces with a traditional style will often feature elaborate and intricate non-essential additions. Also, this style often leans towards bigger sizes as a way of impressing the onlooker.
  • Modern - You'll know that an iron candelabra centerpiece is with modern style when it features a slim and sleek profile. The non-essential additions are very minimal or even non-existent. The style often focuses on creating beauty with simplicity.
  • Contemporary - This style is usually in the middle between traditional and modern. An iron candelabra centerpiece with a contemporary style will often feature non-essential additions, but not as much when compared to the traditional style. Also, the style tries to be simple, but not as much compared to the modern.

What are the typical finishes of iron candelabra centerpieces?

Since most iron candelabra centerpieces are designed for aesthetic purposes, most will often come with a finish. The most common finish for an iron candelabra centerpiece includes antiqued, brushed, hammered, polished and satin.

  • Antiqued - A type of finish to make the iron look older through tarnishing or darkening.
  • Brushed - A finish that appears to have been smoothed using a paintbrush.
  • Hammered - A finish that appears as if the metal has been hammered.
  • Polished - A finished that will give the metal a mirror-like property.
  • Satin - A finish that is similar to brushed, but without the brushstroke marks.


Wrought iron centerpieces

Wow! The divine candelabra candle holder with the wrapping the edges pieces of wire around the base, many spirals and tree shape. It's a beautiful accent piece and idea gift for every home.

Diy candelabra wedding centerpieces

Delighting with its ornate design, this wrought iron candle holder will add a classic charm and warmth to almost any kind of space. Designed for 6 candles, it can be a perfect living or dining room illumination during any glorious occasions.

Iron candelabra

The gorgeous design of these iron candelabra centerpieces is a perfect combination of attractive style and functionality. Candles look great in this arrangement, and they look fabulous on the tables and in other places.

Wrought iron candelabra centerpieces

An eye-catching stylish candelabra hand-crafted of iron with a beautiful bronze finish. It has a sleek stem with several bulb scrolls, curved arms (in 3 tiers) with circular holders for small glass bowls, a top finial. Its foot has 4 curved arms.

Iron candelabra centerpieces

Elaborate wrought iron canelabrum designed to keep rustic theme go on or enhance traditional accents. Here this swirly candle holder serves as wedding table centerpiece and is decored with flowers arrangement.

Diy candelabra centerpieces

This iron candelabra centerpiece constitutes a gorgeous proposition for rustic or industrial interiors. It offers a 2 tiered construction, accommodating 10 candle holders and creating an inimitable illumination.

Iron candelabra centerpieces 1

These would be pretty on either side of us for the ceremony...could reuse later in the wedding and they'd be cute in the apartment somewhere later Candle Trees 43 Iron Candle Holder (2 candle trees) 2 for $58/ $29 each

Wedding table decorations candelabra

i love the feel of this outdoor space. just add a few fairy lights and it's perfection.

Candelabra centerpieces

Designed of wrought iron and covered in a glossy black finish, this candelabra can do a great job with enhancing your dining table. Its beautiful metalwork branches to four candle holders with stylish hurricanes, while holding in the center a lovely floral arrangement.

Wrought Centerpiece Iron Candelabra

Wrought Centerpiece Iron Candelabra

Decorative accessories candelabras wrought iron candelabra black

... DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES > CANDELABRAS > Wrought Iron Candelabra (Black

Tall wrought iron candelabra

Set of two candle holders stylised on little trees. This vintage, elegant decoration is made of metal. Measurement conform to the way you shape it- branches are bendable. It will play its role the best on terrace.

Candelabra wrought iron

Made from wrought iron, this candelabra enchants with its intricate form, full of smooth curves and volutes. Designed to embellish glorious occasions, such as weddings or banquets, the item accommodates 3 candles.

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Metal tree candle holder centerpiece

This wrought iron candelabra centrepiece can be smoothly used as a flower decoration stand, embellishing i.e. weddings, banquets or other glorious occasions. A solid, metal construction standing on a round base.

Decorated candelabras

A magnificent candelabrum is an exquisite table decoration. It perfectly functions as a stand for a floral composition. Made of gilded iron, the slim structure supports bright flowers creating iron candelabra floral centerpieces, perfect for a wedding.

Rustic candelabra centerpieces

Natural flowers - on the inspiring outdoor space. What can we want more? With pink flower, beige roses and lot of green leaves, inserted into an iron candelabra centerpieces on the white table. Tall candelabra was made of iron in rustical brown style.

Wrought iron candelabra 50

Stunning wrought iron candelabra, gold coloured. Fancy scrolls, swirls and leaves motifs leave nothing to wish form in terms of elaborate, sumptuous looks. A gorgeous table centerpiece, perhaps? Holds 5 candles.

Wedding candelabras with flowers

Holding five tapers and hanging weighted acrylic crystals, this crystal Candelabra on white pedestal is designed to add elegance to any table. The candleholder is made of white painted metal. Taper candles are to be bought separately.

Wedding centerpieces candelabras with flowers

My dreamy wedding flower arrangement: a subtle cascade of bright-coloured flowers (in powder pink and white) married with wrought iron rustic candelabra... Hey, everyone that likes rustic elegance, come here!

Middleton Iron Candelabra Centerpiece

Middleton Iron Candelabra Centerpiece

24 moretti gold candelabra 10 00 32 wrought iron candelabra

24 moretti gold candelabra $ 10 00 32 wrought iron candelabra $ 10 00 ...

Deer antler aluminum centerpiece candelabra candle holder sculpture

... Deer Antler Aluminum Centerpiece Candelabra Candle Holder Sculpture

Candle candelabra centerpiece

Candelabra made of wood and iron. It is finished with decorative curves. Consists of 5 candle holders. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant accent for all kinds of interiors.

Candelabra centerpiece

This impressive flower stand is an excellent way to decorate the table during weddings or other celebrations. Solid metal construction with flower composition is extremely impressive, introducing a pleasant atmosphere.

Wrought iron candelabra

Characterized by iron construction with exquisite metalwork, those candelabras are a real deal, when it comes to upgrading your home with vintage flavor. Each candelabra holds 5 candles, has a round base for stability, and a turned post for diginified appearance.

Black candelabra centerpieces

Candles have been the only source of light in the home for a long time, today are decorative items. Hence their iron candelabra holders have a decorative dimension. This freestanding centerpiece has an iron-wrapped base, analogous to the top.

Mindy rice

Mindy Rice

Zingz & Thingz 57071018 Wrought Iron Candle Centerpiece

Iron Candelabra

Iron Candelabra

Candelabra decorated with flowers

Romantic wedding reception decor- ivory and lilac roses with hanging tea lights

Rustic candelabra

With such a beautiful candelabra centerpiece your dining table will be sparkling with tasteful elegance. Designed of quality iron in a black finish, the decoration shows lovely curves, holding a stylish bouquet of silk, blooming flowers.

Tall wedding candelabra

Dripping with glittering crystals, graceful ivory curlicues create a showy support for a trio of candles. Delightfully extravagant with a touch of Old-World elegance!

Wrought iron wedding decor

centerpieces rod iron with candels

Candle hanging chandelier

A beautiful traditional table candlestick featuring a frame of thin iron rods with a black finish. It has a circular base with scrolls, 4 tall straight supports and 4 S-curved arms with oval dangling holders for spherical shades of clear glass.

Of 5 candelabras candelabras centerpieces candelabras centerpieces

... of-5 Candelabras Candelabras & Centerpieces Candelabras & Centerpieces

Candelabra flower centerpieces

Tall iron candelabra centerpieces with white roses, hydrangeas and orchids // David Michael Photography

Candleabra candle holder wrought iron holds 3 candles wedding centerpiece

Candleabra Candle Holder Wrought Iron Holds 3 Candles Wedding Centerpiece New

Wrought iron candelabra linen effects minneapolis mn table top

Wrought Iron Candelabra | Linen Effects - Minneapolis, MN | Table top ...

Cheap floor candelabra only 54 99 wedding centerpiece home decor

Cheap Floor Candelabra only $54.99 ~~~~ #wedding #centerpiece, home decor or gift idea. ~~~~

Iron Candelabra

Iron Candelabra

G7 sc lg cand 3033 5 set of 5 candelabras

G7-SC/LG/CAND/3033/5/set of 5 Candelabras & Centerpieces

Metal table centerpieces

Constructed of powder-coated wrought iron, this marvelous candelabra centerpiece is going to work wonders with your home, wedding, or anniversary. It's decorated with soft pink and purple flowers, enhanced with tasteful greenery.